New Horizons Ch. 02


I apologize for making everyone wait this long. Separation and divorce can do that to you. I hope you enjoy the second part of New Horizons and beg for the next part, which is written and waiting for your pleas.


As instructed in the letter I had received after the orientation, I had dialed the number for someone named Melissa almost immediately.


“Is there a Melissa Phelps there, please?

“This is she, can I ask who’s calling, please?”

“Melissa, hi, this is Samantha. I was told to contact you”

“Oh yes,” she replied, her voice warming and almost sensual. “How are you Samantha?”

“Still in shock I think,” I relied, “and you?”

“I’m doing fine,” she replied. “I’m sure you’re still getting over the session. It takes a few days before it really soaks in. My purpose in contacting you is to try to set up a meeting where wecan review your orientation. Explain more about our organization, show you the benefits of being a member, and answer any questions you may have, and I’m sure you’ve thought of many of those.

“I’m still trying to believe I did it,” I replied. “I’m usually a shy, and somewhat private person, yet I allowed several women to have their way with my body in ways I would never have dreamt possible.”

“Let me ask you this, Samantha. Do you regret your decision to participate?”

“No, not in the least, it’s just…I don’t know…so not me, if you know what I mean.”

“I certainly do, Samantha, and I think if you were to talk to other members, you’d find that most of them went through the same self analysis you’re going through. Have you given any thought to continuing in your growth?”

“I’d be lying if I said no,” I replied, “but there is so much I don’t understand and I don’t know much about the group at all.”

“That’s exactly why I’m calling you. Is there a possibility that we could get together this coming Tuesday, say about seven?”

I hesitated for a few seconds but I really did have a lot of questions, and it would be nice to have someone I could discuss them with, one-on-one, before I made any decisions. To be honest though, my body had almost vibrated for days afterwards and I wouldn’t mind a little more of that level of satisfaction. “I think I can arrange that. Where would you like to meet?”

“I’ll give you the address,” she replied. “It’s a favorite restaurant of mine.”

The restaurant where we met was in a very upscale part of town. As soon as I stepped into the room, I was pleased by the hushed ambiance. Dimly lit, with soft music and widely spaced booths and tables, it was ideal for intimate conversations. The hostess asked my name, then directed me to the lounge. “Your party will meet you there,” she said. As I walked to the lounge, I glanced around the restaurant. Across the ends of the room were several larger booths. In the back, rich ivory and gold drapes, tied back with ivory ties, marked the entrances to still larger areas.

I’d dressed conservatively in a business suit with a white silk blouse to make the right impression and I noticed that several pairs of eyes followed me as I stepped into the lounge. As I waited, the cute little bartender served me a cola, æcompliments of the house’, she said. I had no way to know to know what Melissa looked like, so I studied each and every woman as they entered. I had asked Melissa what she looked like, she’d told me simply, “I’ll find you, Samantha.” As I sat there, I wondered if Melissa had been one of the women who had so deliciously possessed me just a few days earlier, although it seemed to be weeks. I casually scanned the others that were seated in the lounge. Was I being watched? Was Melissa already in the room and just taking stock of me?

As each customer entered the restaurant, I watched them as they moved to their tables or booths. A young woman wearing a soft pink sweater over a black skirt entered the restaurant, stepping to the hostess’s desk. She whispered something to the hostess that made her smile, then returned the smile when the hostess whispered her reply. She turned and headed for the lounge, walking past as a delicate fragrance wafted over the room. Taking a seat at the far end of the bar, she chatted with the bartender, her back to me. Deciding that was not Melissa. I turned back to study the other new arrivals.

“Hello, Samantha,” I heard and turned to see the woman I’d decided was not Melissa was indeed the woman I was supposed to meet.

She smiled and I smiled back, liking what I saw so far.

“Hello Melissa. You had me fooled. I saw you come in but was pretty sure it wasn’t you.”

“That’s exactly what I was hoping for,” Melissa replied. For a while, we exchanged the usual small talk about work, weather and clothes, then she Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort reached over to take my hand in hers. “Shall we move to a table?”

As we approached the hostess stand, I saw the smile and wink the woman gave Melissa as we were ushered to a table at the rear of the room. I wondered if the hostess was yet another member, but kept my thoughts to myself. Sitting at the table, I swept me eyes around the area, taking in the other diners, noting that no one was in our area, and in fact, only a table of three women was anywhere close to us at all. .

A bottle of white wine was brought to the table along with a tray of appetizers and loaves of fragrant hot bread. As we sampled the bread and appetizers, I studied my host. Long brown hair draped smoothly over very feminine shoulders, blue eyes as deep as the sky, tempting lips and a smooth neck led to the hint of cleavage at the top of her low necked shirt.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Melissa offered, “but I ordered a small chef’s salad to save us some time.”

“Not at all, that’s fine,” I replied.

The salads arrived seconds later and as we ate, Melissa studied retrieved a gray folder from her bag. Placing it in front of me, she asked me to read it’s contents. Opening the folder, I found pink stationery. As I read, Melissa leaned back studying my reactions. Even in the dim light of the candles, it was soon apparent that she was seeing the reaction she had expected.

“Hello, Samantha,” it said, “and once again, my thanks for your trust. This group was formed for the specific purpose of providing women of the lesbian lifestyle a safe and pleasant way to to gather for pleasure. Since its inception, we have grown in number and activities. The fact that you chose not to use your safe word was a signal to us that you were open to more than just the usual sexual situations. A major test for you was the anal penetration which you passed with flying colors, although I’m told by the group leader that she had a feeling that it was the first time you had allowed it to happen.”

I paused in my reading for a minute, remembering some of the things I’d experienced as my panties got wetter and wetter. The second page went on to describe in somewhat explicit detail the tenure of some of the other sessions and my body began to smoulder with a desire I couldn’t control. I knew that my face had become flushed and my breathing was getting more deliberate as I fought to maintain control of my emotions. When I was done, I put the letter back in the folder and passed it over to Melissa. I was in no condition to protest as she slipped her panty hose clothed foot between my legs and moved it slowly upward. There was no hesitation as I spread my legs wide to receive it..

When her foot moved over my panty clad pussy, I gasped and dug my fingers into the table to keep from crying out. She was very skilled in the use of the toes and it was all she needed to know exactly how desperate I was becoming for release.

“Please remove your panties, Samantha,” she requested

Quickly scanning the area, I discretely moved my hands under the table to lift my skirt up. Acting as though I was speaking to Melissa, my fingers moved under the waist band of my panties, sliding them down and over my hips.. Sitting back down, I worked them over my calves, then kicked them off to let them fall to the floor. She carefully picked them up and put them in her purse. “I hope you don’t mind.” she said. “I’d like to keep them for souvenirs.”

Hoping that the cushion of the chair was protected against moisture and stains, I sat with my ass half on and half off the seat, and exhaled softly. Her foot continued to move over my thighs and into my wet sex. When I could barely stand it any more, I tried to move back but the foot followed.

“Are you close?” she asked, her toes moving in and out of my very needy pussy. . I could only nod, aware of the fact that we were sitting in a public area. “Are you close?,” she asked again.

“Oh god yes,”I mumbled, fighting off the urge to come right there in front of everyone in the restaurant. When she slid down in her chair to ram her toes into me, I no longer had any control. Wrapping my legs around hers, I rammed my body into her toes as the orgasm moved over me. I closed my eyes and took a firm grip on the table, and bit my lip as I rode it out, finally exhaling loudly. My hands were shaking as I glanced over to see the smile on Melissa’s face, forcing myself to smile back.

“Is this how you answer questions?” I asked. She smiled and motioned for the waitress.

“She’s ready, Pam.” Melissa whispered to the waitress. With a slight motion of her hand, the hostess led us to one of the areas in the back. She closed the drapes and a drape at the rear of the room was opened to reveal a small love seat. Pam motioned for me to move over next to it, and once I was there, she gently kissed me as Melissa removed my skirt. Both women then continued kissing me and the kisses became more passionate and more demanding..

“Please place one foot up on the love seat,” Pam requested, which I did without hesitation. .

“You may lean into me if you wish.” Melissa advised.

I heard myself moan as Pam’s finger moved up my thigh, quickly sliding past my wet lips to penetrate into my hot, waiting pussy. The finger was removed and Pam sucked my juices from it. “You were right, Melissa,” she said, “she does taste divine.” I now knew that Melissa, at least, had been one of the women at the session. Pam moved under me to dip her tongue into the my juicy slit as I groaned and went limp with pleasure. Melissa’s strong arm was the only thing that kept me from dropping to the love seat, as my pussy was being licked and teased without mercy.

“Oh god, I need to cum.” I begged. “Please.” My plea was ignored as it seemed that Pam was in no hurry. When Pam stopped, I cried out but moaned loudly when she returned to lick more and begin sucking on the swollen lips that guarded the entrance “Please” I begged, “suck my clit, please.”

“In due time,” Pam replied, between licks. She buried her tongue into my throbbing pussy to get as much juice as possible, swallowed some, then licked over my clit to keep me on the very edge. She stood and cupped my face in her hands with both hands, pushing my fluids into my mouth with her tongue. Gazing into my eyes, I felt Melissa’s hand tighten on my arm as Pam lowered her hand and began stroking over my already engorged clit, sending me hurtling over the edge. “Oh my god,” I cried. “Oh shit yes, oh god , oh god, please” Even as I begged for mercy, the orgasm took me away, sweeping wildly through my body. Sweat began to bead on my face and neck as it took control. My legs began to quiver and spasm as yet another swept over me in reply to Pam’s continuous probing. She pulled her fingers from me and slipped under me again to suck away the constant flow of cum seeping down my legs.

Melissa finally lowered me to the love seat so Pam could clean off every drop of my juices. I had to close my eyes and fight to keep breathing.

The two women watched me as I began to calm, smiling because they knew they had me hooked.. As Pam bent to lick away the last few drops, I forced my eyes open, although they seemed to be covered by some kind of film. Pam got up, thanking me for granting her such a privilege and Melissa bent to kiss away the sweat from my face, waiting for me to recover.

When I was feeling stronger, Melissa helped me to my feet and handed my skirt to me. As I dressed, she explained that my first orientation session was to discover if I would willingly accept the invitation, see if I would follow through, and finally learn if I was accepting enough to tolerate the orientation, including anal penetration.

“Do many of the women use their safety word at some point?” I asked, straightening my blouse and tucking it into the skirt before putting my jacket on.

“About half at one point or another, usually when we attempt anal penetration. Some come back later to complete the session, some don’t.” She patted the love seat and motioned for me to be seated.

“Who is Pam, and how is it that she was the one chosen to continue my indoctrination?”

“Pam is a long standing member whose job it is to complete the initiation process if a prospect reacted positively to the initial session. The restaurant atmosphere was chosen to lend reality to the groups activities and to see how a prospect would react to sexual activities in a public place.

“I guess that explains a lot of things,” I replied, sipping on the bottle of water she offered.

“Do you remember reading in the folder of the different membership options? That you could choose to participate or be a spectator at the sessions?”

“Yes,” I replied “but I’m not sure which I’d want to be at this point.”

“As a full member, you must be a spectator at two sessions. You watch the orientation from behind the glass wall so you don’t disturb the session. As a spectator you can wear whatever you choose, but as a participant, you are expected to be completely nude. As a spectator, you can interact with other willing spectators if you wish, though you are under no obligation to permit their advances.. There are no restriction on those activities. As a participant, you would be one of three or more women to have their way with a prospective member. You are free to join any chapter that is open to new members.

After you have attended two sessions as a spectator, you are free to switch roles. There is an orientation session at least once a month, sometimes more, hosted by different chapters, who may, if they choose, vary the actual orientation test if it is approved by the board. The individual chapters also host events for their members only. Am I answering most of your questions?”

“I was interested in just how far these activities go and if I have the right to refuse to participate in any I find offensive or frightening.”

“Each chapter sets their own agenda,” she explained. “When you choose a chapter, make your choice partly based on their interests, which are plainly stated in the chapter listings. You always have the right to refuse to participate in any activity you don’t feel comfortable with and to stop your participation if it becomes uncomfortable as it continues.”

Checking to make sure the drape was still drawn, I decided to do some testing of my own.

“Would you refuse this?”I asked, reaching up to fondle her breasts through the soft pink fabric of her sweater, then leaning in to kiss her.

“No,”‘ she whispered, then gave me a hot, passionate kiss in return. I pulled away in surprise and tried to appear calm as the drape was pulled open and our hostess entered the area. “I have a few minutes to spend with our new member.” Melissa smiled and nodded.

Extending her hand, the hostess pulled me to my feet. “Please remove your jacket,” she requested. My blouse was quickly unbuttoned and opened to reveal the white bra which she lifted to reveal my soft globes. She wrapped her warm fingers around them and kneaded them, molding them as I tried not to lose control again.

“Theresa is a breast lover,” Melissa advised.

She sucked my nipple into her hot lips as the she pulled on the other one, twisting it somewhat painfully. I could feel my breasts swell in anticipation of more. I began wondering just how much I could handle in such a short period of time. Theresa then stopped and slipped my bra down to encompass my swollen breasts, then undid her own shirt and lifted her bra, inviting me to return the favor, which I was more than glad to do. Though lovers had kissed and mangled my breasts, I delighted in the feel and taste of Theresa’s firm tits. Her nipples were erect and quite hard, and the soft globes molded themselves to my exploring fingers. She suddenly pulled away and put her clothes back in order.

“If I let you continue, I won’t be able to go back to work,” she advised.”I already regret the fact that I have to.” She took my face in her hands to kiss me with an open mouth kiss which was repeated several times. As she left, I noted that Melissa had lifted her skirt and was plunging her fingers into her panties to attack her pussy with a vengeance.

“Let me finish that,” I asked. She lay down on the love seat, lifting one leg over the top, and dropping the other to the floor. Slipping under her left leg, I began eating hungrily at her wet pussy, knowing that she was so close it wouldn’t take long. She was so hot and ready that she came hard, filling my mouth with cum in just a few minutes before collapsing back into the love seat.

As we left the restaurant, Theresa thanked me her and invited me to return often. Pam rose from her station and came over to kiss me, plunging her tongue deep into my throat. “Come back soon, and cum often,” she whispered. I knew I would. As we approached the exit, Melissa passed me another of the pink envelopes. “Read this when you get home,” she said.

Within minutes after locking my apartment door behind me, I ripped open the envelope.

“Dear Samantha,” it read. “Having passed this point in your membership, you are now ready to become a member of one of our chapters. To assist you in this decision, the groups that are now accepting new members are listed below. If the chapter has a certain focus, such as bondage, etc, it is noted next to the chapter number. The chapters are listed in order of their chapter number but you are free to choose any you wish. The chapter that hosted your orientation is noted by a star next to their number, however, at this time they are not accepting new members as they are at their charter limit.

I advise you to make your choice, and email the leader and the members, requesting a meeting at their earliest convenience. You must attend one meeting with that chapter. If you choose to stay with them, you must stay for ninety days before requesting a new chapter.”

Retrieving the white wine from the kitchen, I poured it slowly into a glass while I contemplated the letters instructions. Going in to sit on the couch, I put the wine on the table and sat down, leaning back to close my eyes as I reviewed the days activities. I wound up by being naked on the couch, imitating Melissa’s position by placing one leg on the back of the couch and one on the floor as my fingers drove me to a mind blowing orgasm.

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