I’m a Bi Girl Now!


I’ve had a guy friend, Brian, that has been a fighter pilot for a long time. When we met I was 22 and he was 36. He lived in California and I was in Michigan. He was a family friend and the hottest thing that I had seen in a long time, even though he was my parents’ friend. He was totally built with a six pack and a certain arrogance about him. I was an innocent little girl, and very, very shy.

My family and I were out of town in Arizona for the weekend and met him and some of the guys for dinner. I ended up driving to dinner with Brian that night. Turns out that neither of us wanted to go to dinner, we would have rather been back at the hotel. I got a little flustered when he told me that. I knew it would lead to trouble.

That night he asked me for my phone number. It was my cell so my parents would never find out. I gave it to him. I was traveling too, so I was in a hotel room a lot. He started talking about himself getting hard. I had never had phone sex before, so it was very embarrassing for me. He was very understanding, and went slowly. Eventually I was able to come every phone call, if not 3 times.

Brian got a little more intimate with his phone calls…he would talk on the phone about me having sex with him and another woman. I was very apprehensive, since I was so new to all of this, but I was a trooper and talked him through it not letting him know that it wasn’t what I wanted at the time. Girls really made me horny, but I wasn’t about to have sex with one like he was insinuating!

One Christmas about 3 years ago I was going to visit some family in Los Angeles and I planned on staying with him for the first weekend I was there. I had a friend that sold sex toys so I sent him a box a week before and told him Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort he couldn’t open it until I got there. Just knowing that a box full of sex toys was sitting in front of him and he couldn’t open it or know what was in it…that turned him on to no end!

He told me he had a surprise for me. I wasn’t sure what it was until he picked me up at the airport in Los Angeles – he had invited two girlfriends and one of the girls had a guy friend that she invited!

I didn’t know what to think. I had told him that I thought that girls were hot for so many years (really I did but never expected to act on it!) Now I was in a situation that I could either back out of and look silly or go forward full speed ahead. Honestly, I was ready for it.

We met the rest of the group at a bar. When Brian and I walked in, the three of them were already there. Dee, Sheri, and Josh. When Brian introduced us all Dee came up to me and told me how beautiful I was. Sheri and Josh had a huge smile on their faces. We all ordered drinks.

Brian lived in a condo and didn’t want his neighbors hearing what he had going on over there. We ended up getting a hotel that night. His three friends were happy to accept our invitation.

I wasn’t going to start anything, so I sat on the bed. Dee and Sheri did a strip tease for all of us, then Dee grabbed my hand and had me stand up. She kissed me so gently, I got chills down my spine. It wasn’t long before everyone had their clothes off. It was a free for all. One of my fantasies was to have a dick in my mouth and one in my slit, so that was the first thing that I asked for. Turns out that Josh has a tree trunk for a dick. All three of us girls mentioned it that night as we took it into our hole or ass or mouth. It was at least 2 inches wide, and average in length. Brian was much longer, but average in width. A perfect combination of the two turn-ons.

I had never had sex with more than one person, so it was crazy for me to feel all of the sensations…Dee sucking one of my nipples…Sheri sucking the other one, one mouth on my clit…a penis inside me…my mouth on a dick. Unbelievable. My body was going crazy with desire.

Eventually we all got off and went to sleep. Just so you know, the words you have already read have been the preceding to this story!!!

Sooooo….my little box of goodies that I sent to Brian. It was a double-ended dildo, some sex creams for lubrication, what I call “Judy the extra booty” (a pocket pussy) for him, the “Oh My God” (the Cadillac of all vibrators) for me, and some other fun vibrators for us to enjoy.

That night only Josh left. Brian was left with the three girls. Poor Brian! Actually Brian had to wake up early for work and went to sleep, and Sheri ended up passing out. By now it was 4:00 a.m.. Dee and I made the most of his spare bedroom and were all over each other. We used the double ended dildo and rammed it into each others pussies. We both had it in ours and were positioned on our backs opposite each other with our pussies touching each other. We were both masturbating too. Oh My God it felt so awesome. After we both came we made out some more and played with each others nipples and fingered each other. I love making out with a girl. Their lips are so soft and kissable and I love it when our nipples rub together while we are making out.

The next morning I woke up and went downstairs to find that everyone else was already awake. Brian had Dee bent over the chair and was fucking her. Sheri was sitting in the chair and playing with Dee’s nipples and also had my vibrator up inside her. Sheri has this little naughty giggle that she gets and you know she is up to no good. She looked over at me and I knew what she wanted. I bent down and got between her legs. I pulled out the vibrator and started licking her and fingering her at the same time. I also got my finger wet and started massaging her asshole. She screamed with pleasure as she came all over my mouth and finger. Brian licked the juices off of my finger for me.

Brian then sat all 3 of us girls down on the black leather couch. He started fucking Sheri and she played with herself while Dee sucked on her nipples. It was minutes before she came. Brian had other plans, though. With his dick still hard he took it out of Sheri and stuck it in Dee. She was in the middle of the three of us, so both Sheri and I sucked on her nipples while she masturbated and got fucked. It didn’t take her long to come either! Next it was my turn. I was the luckiest of the three because I got both of their juices on Brian’s dick! I have come since then just thinking about it. He stuck it in me and it was my turn to come. I had the most incredible orgasm ever.

Brian took his dick out of me and the three of us sat on the couch while he stood there in all his glory jacking off looking at his three little girls on the couch. When he came he made sure that he squirted it all over our chests so we could rub it all in to make our boobs slippery and lick it off of each other.

Unfortunately I had to go see my family. Too bad when they asked me if I had a good weekend I couldn’t tell them the truth – that I’m now a bi girl and loving it!

Brian and I are still phone sex partners – 10 years after we first met – and still have little rendezvous with Dee and Sheri.

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