Note: This is an introduction to a group of people who have found a very friendly way to live. They have traveled many different roads to arrive at this point in their lives. If there is enough response, I have written about some of those past routes. However, since some of them take place quite a bit earlier in the protagonist’s lives, they would not be suitable for Literotica. If you want to read them write to me and I’ll tell you where you can find those. My intention is to make each story stand alone but lead each of the friends to the point at which we meet them here. Some of the past is mentioned here. Let me know what you think.


My face was buried between the thighs of Cheryl Findley. Her shaven labia (and, consequently, my face) were coated with my saliva, her juices, and the semen of my neighbor, Bob. The taste was exquisite. When I felt the hand on my shoulder I ignored it at first.

Then the hand squeezed harder and a voice came from behind me. “May I cut in?” I lifted my head and turned to find my brother in law, Harry, smiling down at me.

“Which of us would you like to join?” I asked, “Cheryl or me?”

“Well, I was kind of hoping you would both stick around,” Harry said, taking the hand I extended to him. Cheryl reached up as well and captured his erection in her hand, pulling him to the mattress beside us. On his knees, Harry’s prick was at the perfect height for Cheryl to suck him when she sat up, which she proceeded to do. I watched for a few seconds. I stroked Harry’s hairy ass and letting my fingers slide between its fleshy halves.

I let my gaze wander. There were twelve of us. As my hand continued to probe between Harry’s cheeks my eye found my wife, Gilda. She was busy with Fred and Hank, handling one at each end. Hank, Cheryl’s husband, was just reaching his climax in my wife’s mouth. Fred had his cock balls deep inside her juicy pussy.

In various other combinations, our six other friends and relatives were similarly enjoying themselves around the basement rec room of our hosts, Bob and Penny Wilson. Their kids had been farmed out to the grandparents for the night and the house was ours.

Our block “meetings” had turned into orgies over a period of three years. Gilda and I had moved here at the recommendation of her brother, Harry. The neighborhood was an upper middle class suburb of Portland, Oregon. We visited, decided we liked it, and ended up buying the house between Hank and Cheryl Findley and that of the Burbach’s, Harry and Samantha — Sam for short.

(Originally, we started getting together with property owners from other parts of the neighborhood to mount a protest against putting a mall just down the road. We hired an attorney and filed a class action suit to block construction. We successfully demonstrated how, in similar situations, property values had declined when such an operation came into the area. The plans for the mall moved elsewhere.)

After the hearing we had a huge victory party. A couple of weeks later, Gilda and I invited just the people on our block and those from across the street to a barbecue at our house. About once a month after that we took turns being the host. When the barbecues got boring we switched to “ethnic dinners”. Mindy Coombs called Gilda one day to explain her idea.

“I decided on Mexican for this first one,” she said. “After dinner, we’ll have two drawings. The first one will be for the type of food for the next dinner. The second will be to see who gets to be the host the next time. My ex-husband and I were in a group like this one, years ago. It’s really fun!” Over the next year or so we had Chinese, German, Italian, Thai, Indian and even good old American.

After a while that got kind of old, though. Then we took up games. Canasta, Poker, Bridge and Gin Rummy all trotted by. One night we all got pretty trashed and played strip poker. I guess that was really what started things in the direction we finally took, though there was no overt sex that night. From conversations with the other guys later I learned that everybody else got just as hot as Gilda and I had that night. We’d gone home around 11:00 and fucked our brains out until 2AM.

Board games came next. Scrabble and Monopoly tourneys were fun for a while. Then one night we were all at Bob and Penny’s house again. Bob suggested strip poker again. The women pretended to be reluctant but they played anyway. Once we were almost all naked, Bob brought out a little different kind of game. I don’t recall the name of it but it was something like a combination of Trivial Pursuit and the old favorite, Truth or Dare.

There were cards, and a pair of dice. The game, designed for two players, called for alternating turns. A player rolled the dice. Even numbers meant drawing from the “truth” deck; odd numbers meant the “dare” cards. Well, Bob modified the game. Each player was assigned a number (twelve people, twelve possible rolls…hmm…) and the dice were rolled. The person with that number drew a card from either deck, read it aloud and then had to gaziantep escort ilanları do whatever it said with or to his/her partner. If it was a truth card, well, you get the idea.

It turned out to be an interesting night. We had all been close friends for a long time by then. With pool parties and shore excursions we had all become used to being nearly naked with each other. After the two strip poker games and real nudity, there were no surprises there. The game that night went beyond mere nudity, however.

Bob suggested we sit across the circle from our partner. Everybody rolled one of the dice to see who went first. The lowest numbers rolled again until it was down to two. The loser of that round went first, took the turn and then rolled the dice to see who was next. My sister Lisa ended up going first.

She drew a Truth card. “When and where did you lose your virginity?” she read. She smirked with obvious relief. “Whew! Ahem…I lost my virginity at the age of fifteen to Billy Simmons in the playhouse in our back yard.” She replaced the card on the bottom of the pile.

“Big deal,” I said, “I already knew that. In fact, I watched you.” Lisa grinned at me.

“It wasn’t that time that you caught us, little brother,” she said. I was surprised. I didn’t think she knew. “That was the third time we did it. I saw you peeking. It turned me on so I performed a little for you.” I felt my cheeks redden, in spite of the fact that I was sitting there bare-ass. Mine wasn’t the only cock that had begun to inflate.

(Gilda and I had been dating for about three months — having sex for two — when she confessed. Growing up with two brothers, she found that she was attracted to Harry. Her brother Jimmy was the oldest by several years. He was in college by the time Gilda entered puberty. Harry was just two years older than Gilda. They began experimenting with sex when Gilda was thirteen. They knew it was “wrong”, but it was also a lot of fun.

The night Gilda told me all this we had just finished fucking in my dormitory room at college. We were in love and felt very adult about our relationship. Our sex life, while not too kinky, had a quality of abandon and trust that let us both know we could trust the other. Gilda’s revelation surprised me, but it didn’t shock me. I’d grown up with an older sister so I knew about adolescent attractions. Unfortunately for me (and Lisa) we hadn’t had the guts to experiment the way Gilda and Harry had done. In the end, it was fine with me that my girlfriend and her brother had bestowed their virginity on one another.)

Next it was Bob’s turn. He drew a Dare card. He read it to himself and then grinned at Penny. His eyes went back to the card. He read it out loud. “Kiss your partner where he/she most likes to be kissed.” He dropped the card and crawled across the carpet, being careful to avoid the cards. I looked at Penny and my mouth dropped open when I saw her roll to her back and lift her spreading legs into the air. The women giggled and the men were silent as we all watched Bob plant a sloppy wet kiss on her pussy. He added a good lick to the action and stood up. He did a little victory dance back across the circle, his cock fully erect — just as every other penis in the room was.

After that things get kind of mixed up in my mind. We had to drink more to fortify ourselves for the game. We all took turns watching our neighbors and relatives doing the most intimate things to their spouses. We heard secrets that we never would have learned otherwise. As we got looser, the truths became more intimate. When the cards ran out we were well into the spirit. After that we just substituted our own questions and tasks.

When it was Penny’s turn, she rolled Fred’s number. She asked him if he’d ever done anything sexual with another man. He astounded us all (except his wife, Mindy) when he admitted that he had — several times.

In his turn he rolled Harry’ number and asked him the same question. Harry gave Gilda a quick glance before he reddened. Gilda had an eyebrow raised in challenge. He had to clear his throat before he admitted that he and his friend in high school had sucked each other off. “I was getting ready to call bullshit on you Harry,” Gilda said later.

“I know. That’s why I confessed,” he said. After Fred had admitted it, though, it wasn’t so hard.”

“Oh, I think everything is pretty hard by now,” she laughed.

Those were the two biggest surprises of the game. After several rounds of confessions and of cocks being sucked, pussies being licked and asses kissed the party disintegrated. Bob and Penny were the first to just forget the game and go off to the couch to fuck. The rest of us watched for only a few seconds before joining in with our partners at some level or other. That night we all stayed with our spouses.

The following month Bob brought the game to our house. He also brought the spinner from a Twister game. He had modified it. Instead of the four familiar colors he had placed the numbers 1 through 12 around the center. “I had the idea after our last party,” he explained. “If everybody isn’t okay with it, we don’t have to use this. But I thought that tonight would just be a repetition of last month otherwise — not that it wasn’t fun, mind you. My idea is that, after the dice roll and the card is drawn, we spin to see who our ‘partner’ will be.”

We all looked at each other in silence. I know that Gilda and I had had a discussion about the others. We had remarked on certain attributes of our friends after seeing them at their most intimate. We had also discussed the possibility of bringing others into our personal sex life.

Samantha raised what should have been immediately obvious to all of us. I know it would have come out soon anyway. “Wait a second. Didn’t it occur to you that there are several people here who are related?” The light bulb went on in my head. Besides Lisa and me, and Gilda and Harry, Sam and Cheryl were siblings. Then there were Hank and Penny as well as Tom and Fred, who are two pairs of cousins, respectively. Bob Wilson was a cousin to Sam and Cheryl.

Bob shrugged. “Well, how does everybody feel about that?” He looked at Penny and then at Hank, who both gave him the nod. “I can tell you that Penny and Hank have had sex. They’re cousins. We’re all okay with that.” I looked at Lisa who smiled back at me. I looked at Gilda who was grinning, her eyes catching the look that passed between me and my sister. Lisa made a little kissing moue at me and wiggled her eyebrows up and down lewdly. Then she did something only she and I understood. She picked her panties off the chair behind her and sucked at the crotch, looking straight at me. I felt my cheeks get hot. My dick started to rise.

Besides the obvious incestuous possibilities, it was mentioned that there was a gender question, as well. The spinner couldn’t discriminate by gender. It seemed that we were moving headlong into a bisexual orgy. Finally we decided that if anything was asked of someone that he (or she) just couldn’t bring himself to do, that the penalty would be to perform with a person of the performer’s choice. We seated ourselves the same way as before.

Once again we began with the cards. It turned out that the gender issue wasn’t such an issue after all. As it turned out, most of us had experimented with same sex activities at least once in our past. (Yes, including me. I had actually fibbed the last time about losing my virginity. Instead of Susie Brown in high school, it had been with my friend Jack, and at a much younger age. We had sucked each other and had anal sex when we were in junior high school. Fortunately, I hadn’t been asked the question so it was my secret. Well, Gilda knew.)

It made everybody more comfortable with the incest question when Gilda–on her turn– gladly walked over to her brother and sucked his erection into her mouth. He leaned back on his hands and raised his hips to meet her halfway, watching the rapt expressions on the rest of us. She didn’t bring him off, however, since it was early in the evening.

Partners swapped regularly after that. The first male/male act was between Hank and Bob. The card was a dare, naturally. It required a French kiss. It was that simple. Both of them seemed reluctant, but Bob finally said, “Aw, hell, it’s just a kiss.” He crawled across to Hank (a submissive act that somehow heightened the eroticism) and leaned in. Hank bravely kissed his golf buddy. They tried just the lips at first, but group pressure soon had their mouths open. They both already sported erections so that was no clue as to how they really felt. They both stayed hard, though, so maybe that says something.

That night the orgy stayed at our house. When the game went by the boards, we all paired off with whomever we ended up with. Again, through the course of the evening, swaps were made. Harry and Fred had the first man on man sex. They went into a 69 and sucked each other to orgasm. Since we were all going all out by then, there were always some people sitting and watching the rest. I found that my recovery time was shortened by the action going on around me.

That was it. After that we got together for group sex once a month. There was no game, just sex. In between, though, there were a lot of activities going on aside from the main event. Threesomes and foursomes met and enjoyed each other. One night Harry and Sam came to our house for dinner. The kids were sleeping over with friends (no doubt sowing the seeds of their own ‘dirty little secrets’) so they just stripped when they came in. We had drinks before dinner. After we ate we all relaxed a while. Then Harry asked Gilda to dance. Sam came and sat next to me on the couch. She sat with her knees against the back of the couch so we were facing. She leaned to me and we kissed. Sam is an excellent kisser. I fondled her breasts and she had my cock in her hand. Over her shoulder I watched my brother in law squeezing his sister’s ass. Before that night was over Harry and I had fucked each other’s wife. I had also given– and received — my first adult homosexual blow job.)

Cheryl plopped Harry’s dick out of her mouth and announced, “I need to be fucked!” I rose out of her crotch and yielded the court to Harry. He smiled and assumed the position. I helped by holding his dick and sliding it up and down Cheryl’s slick entrance while they let their tongues dance together. When I got him started I excused myself.

“I’ll be back,” I said, in a poor imitation of the new California governor in his previous incarnation. I stood up and went to the bathroom to empty my bladder.

I finished peeing just as Mindy Coombs came into the bathroom. As usual, she had gotten drunk (It was her husband Fred who had been fucking my wife when I left the rec room.). “Oops!” she mumbled. “I thought I should take a shower.”

“Okay with me,” I told her. Mindy is older than the other women in the group, and most of the men. The rest of us are mostly between thirty and fifty. Mindy, if I recall, had celebrated the “big 55” the month before. Fred was 49.

Mindy reached in and turned on the water. Meanwhile, she eyed my groin. I liked her, but I felt bad for her. I didn’t think she was really happy, but I didn’t know why. She was enthusiastic when we had sex but it always seemed like she was pretending somehow.

I flushed the toilet and reached in to feel the water. I adjusted the temperature and held her elbow to help her into the shower. I stepped in behind her. “Oh! Are you gonna wash my back?” she asked.

“Among other things,” I said, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her into a kiss. Her large breasts pressed tightly to my chest and I tasted rum as we kissed. My hand slid down to pinch her abundant ass cheek. I didn’t think my absence would be much noticed by Cheryl and Harry.

Mindy relaxed and enjoyed my lathering of her hair, back and ass. I sat down in the steamy cubicle, spreading my legs around her feet so I could wash her legs. She groaned as I washed between her toes, sliding my fingers slowly between each one and its neighbor. She hung on to the soap dish on the wall as I lifted first one, then the other foot up to clean them. I knew Mindy had a thing about her feet.

I let go of her foot and slapped her ass. “Turn around, Mindy,” I said, standing up again. She seemed a little steadier as she rotated. Since I’d done her legs already I started on her face. This time she held on to my stiff prick for balance. I used the washcloth to rinse the soap from her pretty features, and then let it glide down between her breasts. I let the cloth plop to the shower floor and took a tit in each hand.

Mindy had gone with the other women at Christmas to get pierced. I hadn’t been surprised to learn that Lisa had gotten her nipple rings in college. She convinced everybody else that it made them more sensitive. Still, none of the others had the guts to go get it done. Lisa suggested to me that we men make it a Christmas gift to our wives. It worked.

In fact, Gilda had proven to me that it added so much to her pleasure that I went and got one of mine done for a Valentine’s Day gift to us both. I already knew how I liked my nipples pinched and nibbled. It always gave me a hard on if I was soft or made me orgasm if I was already hard.

Gilda sat and held my hand as the “tattooist” punctured my sensitive flesh with the needle. The pain was exquisite — and gave me a hard on that didn’t go down until we got home and Gilda sucked me off.

I gave Mindy’s rings little tugs as she stood under the warm spray. I moved on then. Her attention to my dick was making me eager to get the show on the road. I used the shrinking bar of soap on her pussy, followed by my hands. I was careful not to get any soap inside her. I dislike the taste of soap when I go down on a woman. We rinsed off and toweled each other dry, kissing and fondling as we went.

We rejoined the party then. Things had reached a plateau, it seemed. Of the other ten only Lisa’s husband, Tom, and Sam were still going at it. Everybody else was just lounging around, laughing, talking and relaxing. “Hey, Min,” Fred called as we emerged from the bathroom, “Want another rum and coke?”

Mindy didn’t hesitate. “No thanks Honey. I think I’ll just have some water for now.” That made me happy. The shower had sobered her and I didn’t want to watch her get sloppy drunk the way she’d done the last time.

I walked over and got myself a drink and then stood watching Gilda and Lisa playing pool. The Wilson rec room is nice. Of the places we get together, it’s my favorite. Besides the wet bar and the pool table, there’s a big screen TV with both a DVD and a VCR hooked up. A lot of times Bob plays porn tapes or disks while we all fuck.

It isn’t a lifestyle for everyone. It suits us, though. Gilda and I are closer than we ever were before. As for the rest of us, I think we all feel like a kind of lewd extended family. Other than the sexual aspect, we all care for one another more than most relatives. Of course we have arguments, just as any other people do. Still, there is nothing that lasts very long. I think it’s because we all have seen what is inside (in most cases, literally!) everyone else. Incredibly, especially with a group this large, there hasn’t been even a hint of jealousy.

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