101 Reasons Not to Become a OBGYN


101 Reasons Why Not to Become a Gynecologist…

(…And the gruesome, grotesque, and sometimes funny stories behind the scenes!)

By: Stephen M. Brown

Inspired By: Erin Marie Rizor


The Following Story is completely and totally fictional. All of the characters are completely fictional with a true 100% real fact at the beginning of each chapter… If you are offended by certain sexual thoughts, facts, or stories, please stop reading now. Of Course, if you are curious about ANYTHING you think you are about to read, enjoy the story!

At one point in everyone’s life the ridiculous gets a try. No matter what it is, we all do something dumb to our bodies. Or there is always the more upsetting side of the world around us, and that happens to be diseases. Some of which we can help, and some of which we can’t, but as far as I’m concerned, a condom is the best remedy next to pure abstinence to solve 95% of the problems that we may run into…

So, now that is out of the way, and I have done my job as a Licensed Obstetrician and Gynecologist, I think I would like to get on to the real story…

Abigail Natasha Henderson, MD, OBGYN, is my full name and title, and you best bet I am proud of every letter that follows my name after all of the schooling that I had to endure in order to get them.

I have a fifteen member practice that I co-own with another doctor, and I think I rather enjoy my life. My job has its perks and its grief though. I’ve gone on a couple of dates with a few patients when I was still exploring with females before I got married to my wonderful husband and I had my two beautiful twin daughters. But I can’t always say that I love my job because I have also had my few run-ins with some terrible things.

My patients like to come to my office in emergency situations verses going to the hospital emergency room. Not only because I have been known to be cheaper; but also because in certain situations a doc at the emergency room may be a male, or may be a lot more interested in the patients misfortune then in correcting the situation. I know you are totally lost, but I will explain soon enough.

Marquise Matthew Kelly is my male counterpart in the doctor’s office. He may or may share a few of his situations in the exam room, but I just wanted to introduce him just incase. He has also had his share of fun and interesting adventures so as a matter of fact, I will introduce him, and he will share at least one of his run-ins. So sit back and enjoy… and try not to throw up…

I. My Job.

An obstetrician is a physician who has successfully completed specialized education and training in the management of pregnancy, labor, and pueperium (the time-period directly following childbirth).

A gynecologist is a physician who has a successfully completed specialized education and training in the health of the female reproductive system, including the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases.


As an Obstetrician/ Gyno, I of course examine the female body. I prep ladies for pregnancy, I have delivered countless babies, am a professional at administering PAP smears/ mammograms, have given good and bad news about diseases, cancers, and the hole nine yards. I have a library of over 400 patients and I could name seventy-five percent of them by first glance.

I also respond to an internet blog called “Ask Abby” (no relationship to Dear Abby…) that I check twice weekly. I have also appeared on Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Maury’s talk shows on more than one occasion. For the most part, I have a decent practice. I make great money, but I am in no way wealthy.

Marc has been a friend of mine for a few years, and we went to school together. So when we graduated, we got a loan from the bank and opened a practice and before either one of us new it, we were hiring more and more people to keep up with demand. He is married to a beautiful Arabian woman that I lusted after so hard that I begged Marc to hire her as my personal assistant. (No I haven’t slept with her, she is married to my partner and I am married too, but it is nice to stare at her and its wonderful giving her check-ups!)

But enough blubbering, onto the story, or shall I say stories. Here are a few instances that I ran into and had to think twice about the end result. I changed the names to protect the innocent, but I think you will get the point.

II. Puberty (the perfect place to start)

Puberty is a transitional stage between childhood and adulthood when secondary sexual changes occur, fertility is achieved and skeletal growth is completed

Breast development, public and auxiliary hair, increase in body fat mass, development of the labia, vagina, uterus and breast ducts, penis, and stimulation of skeletal growth are all signs and symptoms of puberty. Different gaziantep escortlar girls go through this stage at different points in their life.

This brings me to my first story. Funny? I thought so but of course I didn’t laugh in the face of my patient but in the private quarters of my office, I’m allowed aren’t I?

I met Kaitlyn through a family acquaintance and when she was of age, she came to my practice. Since our first meeting, she had gotten a few years older, and was now nineteen, but I still think she was quite silly to go through this and actually have this happen.

Kate and her then boyfriend were engaging in sexual acts, (as much as you can at, 19) and decided to play with food. (***This brings me to my next Doc’s Note, FOOD BELONGS IN THE KITCHEN and your mouth only! Yeah, we like to play with chocolate sauce, and we buy edible paints, and edible panties, and such, but I think we need to be more careful with our clean up practices ladies!)

Yeah, I have gotten different teens in with pieces of cucumber, banana, hot dogs, kielbasa, carrots, and even celery stuck in their private places, but this one took the cake! (Not literally…)

Lets Talk Fruit, but first, let’s talk smells… (Yeah more literature…)

It is normal for every woman’s vagina to have a unique smell. Becoming familiar with the healthy smell of your vagina can help you determine when there is a problem. Changes in vaginal smell occur throughout the menstrual cycle but can also result from yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections.

With that said, now, let’s talk Cling Peaches!!!

Kat and her boyfriend decided to eat and stick canned cling peaches up her pretty little young vagina. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Loads of fun… until Kat stuck well let’s say four and a half pieces up her hole and only returned on four of them. If that’s not bad enough, she didn’t know that it was up there, (believe it or not) and when she went to have sex about a week later, dear sweet boyfriend wouldn’t enter into the joy of Kat’s world because of the foul stench that emanated from it!

Two days later when I had an open spot to accept Kate into my office, laid back on the exam table with her feet in the stirrups, I proceeded to examine the stench pervading from her pretty pink hot box. Upon sticking my fingers up inside her warm (but quite smelly) vagina, I pulled out a piece of a peach and Kate’s face immediately turned red.

“Well Kaitlyn, the next time you decide to play with your food, either douche thoroughly or make sure you get all of it from inside the folds of your flower.” I said throwing the nasty piece of fruit into the garbage.

Straightening out her denim jean skirt and pulling up her HelloKitty™ panties, Kaitlyn kissed my cheek and thanked me and left the exam room.

~Needless to say, to this day, I still don’t know how she did that, and I still refuse to eat cling peaches!!! (And so does Kat from what I understand!)

III. Masturbation

And two-thirds of women admit to pleasuring themselves three times a week, with women in London finding the time for four sessions every seven days. (And funny, but the ratio of women to men that masturbate with inanimate objects is far greater than you would expect! Partially because we as women have a hole to pleasure when men have a pole that they can play with, and it is sometimes harder to pleasure ourselves as women because of the nerve endings in the vagina.)

With men, of course you know that the ratio and percentile are much, much higher… all the men I know believe in the tacky saying; ‘Once a day keeps the doctor away.’ (Facts and findings prove otherwise but who’s to stop them from pleasuring themselves??)

As a doctor I’ve heard and seen a lot from women as I stated. From hot dogs, to electric toothbrushes, to glass bottles that created too much suction… Some guys do the same; (but for some reason they don’t get as many things stuck…) golf balls, vibrating eggs, and much of the same thing when it comes to sticking things in their asses so they can stimulate the prostate to create a better orgasm. But again, girls, and even grown women though, are none other than relentless! I even had a girl go as far as coming into my office all bruised up because she got off when someone kicked her vagina. (Don’t ask! To each her own…) But none of my patients stick out quite like Chloe when it comes to masturbation.

Chloe was a squirter. For those of you that are clueless, here is a little background info on the female ejaculation.

A woman’s ejaculate is expelled from the urethra, the same place where urine comes out from. Studies have found that the clear liquid is not urine at all, the fluid doesn’t look like urine, doesn’t smell like urine, and it has been proven in many chemical analyses that it is not urine. These women produce a small amount of clear fluid which has only trace amounts of uric acid; this indicates the fluid comes through the urethra, but does not come from the bladder.

In essence, the fluid that is expelled from the vagina during an orgasm is the female equivalent to sperm and for those of you that can vouch, it feels SO DAMN GOOD! Although every female has the capability to squirt, not all females master the power to harness this talent and therefore never feel the joy of having an ejaculate orgasm. Sorry ladies! Moving On!

So back to Chloe… the nurse practitioner took Chloe into the exam room and instructed her to do all of the necessary steps to prep her for my entre. She was just here for a routine check up. And at 23, and a single mother to the world’s cutest baby girl, Chloe was normally a healthy girl.

RN Calmer finished taking Chloe’s vitals and asking questions, and left the room for me to take over. I normally pride myself on being rather prompt about getting into the next room because I have a lot of patients that come through my office daily. The patient before Chloe was Autumn, a 7month pregnant and lactating mother-to-be so she had a little extra attention from me. She was normally seen by Dr. Kelly, but he was off on vacation that particular week.

No problem for Chloe though. She was already completely nude under the smock, and her pussy was dripping wet with the anticipation of the awaiting cock that was promised to her after she left the doctors office. She had just finished text messaging her ex-boyfriend Timmy who was just getting out of work and was hot and horny.

Sitting back on the exam table and placing her feet in the stirrups, Clo moved the smock to the side and started rubbing her now swollen pussy lips to try to relieve the sexual tension. Her hard clit was poking its head from the sleeve and making its presence known. A gasp escaped her lips as she took her free hand to her pert breasts as her tiny nipple pointed to the ceiling. She pinched her hard nipples and now frigged her hard clit as she felt the strong orgasm building deep down in the pit of her stomach.

By this time I had finished with Autumn, who was also a struggling 23 year old who hadn’t had sex since she conceived her child because her boyfriend refused to touch her. ‘Pregnant women are fat and disgusting,’ were his words exactly, so Autumn was having a really hard time with her pregnancy and her self image since she was originally 120 pounds and five foot two inches tall and had gained a whopping forty pounds in her pregnancy. I switched paperwork and headed towards the exam room that housed the now sexually frustrated and almost ready to burst Chloe.


I knocked on the door lightly and proceeded in. Just barely and in the knick of time, Chloe covered herself back up with the paper smock, but as a female, I know the distinct smell of an aroused pussy, and she also gave herself away by wiping her fingers that were glistening with pussy juice on the gown. (Not to mention the sweat beads that lined her forehead.)

“I hope I didn’t interrupt anything Clo. But how are you doing ma’am?”

“Fine, Dr. H, how are you?” she huffed out trying to catch her breath.

“I’m well. Would you like to remove the gown completely today or would you just like me to give you your exam around it.” I asked as Chloe’s flushed pale face lost all pigment all together.

“Whatever you’d like Doc.” She managed to choke out.

I gave her a second to calm down and I started by examining her breasts for lumps after I lifted the gown completely over Chloe’s head. I managed to sneak a peak towards her lower abdomen and bright pink pussy lips awaited my touch and I could see the juices that escaped her precious hole. The paper on the exam table was also completely saturated and small streams of juice also glistened on the inside of her thighs.

As I rubbed my gloved hands over Chloe’s breast and groped her furiously, I accidently brushed her left nipple and she inhaled sharply. A sinister idea appeared in my head and I decided to act on it.

Chloe’s precious stomach was rising and falling as she took and expelled breath. Hard nipples sat atop of their mountainous peaks and a very hot, very wet sexy and aroused Chloe was raring and ready to go. I took the exam glove off of my right hand and gently touched her stomach. I slowly ran my hand down her beautiful body and to her dripping pussy. I could feel the steam rising from her body and I couldn’t help but to rub the tiny tuft of red hair that she had carved out in a beautiful landing strip leading to the sweet cherry pie she just had her fingers in. “Please Dr Abby, Make me cum!” she whispered.

Now completely aroused myself; that was all I had to hear to take things to the next level. I had made a promise to Dr. Kelly and myself that I would never have sex at work, and I wasn’t about to break that pact now, (even though Kelly broke it to me, but I digress…) but I never said I couldn’t get anyone else off.

I rubbed Chloe’s bright red hair and stroked around her clit with my fingertips and played with her beautiful nipple with my left hand. “aw… Abby…” she gasped, “oh my god.”

My pussy was getting wetter by the second and I so wished I didn’t have a patient waiting on me in the next room.

“Abby, please, make me cum… I’m so ready.”

Her juices were already starting to flow back down her legs as her hot pussy self lubricated over and over again. I walked my fingertips down her pussy lips and inserted two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. A chill ran through her body and her back arched to meet the thrust of my fingers. “yes, Abby. Fuck me.” She whispered. “Please fuck me.”

I took my left hand and parted her wet pink pussy lips and dug my right hand in her box over and over. My fingers were so slick with pussy juice and slipping out so I added a third finger. ‘Aah,’ she gasped. “make me cum, make me cum, make me cum!” she demanded.

As fast as my arm could go, I finger fucked Chloe’s tight pink pussy. Sloppy clear juices splashed up my arm and on my Lab Coat, and all over the exam table. “Doctor Abby, oh my god!”

Her body was bucking back and forth on the table, beautiful chest was rising and falling as breath rushed in and out of her lungs. Heart racing at the speed of light, and her eyes were almost glued shut, as she pressed them together.

With tight gripped hands full of the exam paper that lined the padded table, Chloe let it all go. “STOP! Oh my god Stop!”

With tightened stomach muscles and everything she had built up in one massive push, Chloe drenched the exam room. Squirt after beautiful squirt, stream after stream she sprayed lady cum all over the place and shivered in a body numbing orgasm.

I know the patient in the next room heard her if no one else did, because she squealed as her body locked up and she expelled all of her energy in the orgasm that rocked her body.


I stroked Chloe’s forehead and wiped the sweat from her forehead as she calmed down from the riotous orgasm that had just ravaged her body so fiercely and fanned air across her body to cool her off.

Once we had cleaned up all of the visible puddles of Chloe Juice and she had gotten dressed, Chloe left the office and honestly to this day she has never mentioned that day or the events of it. I don’t think it’s shame since I am her doctor and she has been coming to the office on a regular basis, but I can wager to guess it was just the awkwardness of a her doctor getting her off…


In all fairness, I think I am done with my part of this story. I have given you my reasons to keep as far away from this profession as you can, and now I think its Kelly’s turn. Until next time, (and there will be a follow up visit to this Doctor’s Appointment…) Keep all of your sexual escapades safe and clean.

_A.N.H. –

…Now without further ado, Obstetrician, Dr. Marquise M. Kelly, MD.

IV. Pregnancy (by Dr. M.M. Kelly)

Thanks Abby that was a very touching cum evoking story, and now it’s my turn I guess.

I’ll keep it short and sweet, let’s talk about pregnancy. We are all well versed about the penis and the vagina and the horizontal mambo aren’t we? We’re all adults and we all know what happens? Right?

Well here is the definition that the Doctor can give you…

Pregnancy is the carrying of one or more offspring, known as a fetus or embryo, inside the uterus of a female. In a pregnancy, there can be multiple gestations (the process in which one carries more than one offspring), as in the case of twins or triplets.

…Now that we have that covered, let’s go back to my patient, Autumn.

I know that Dr. A. told you about Autumn briefly because she had to give her a six month check up. Auto is, as Dr. A described, about 5’2″ and 124lbs prior to pregnancy. She is a dirty blonde 23year old (now) mother of Nathanial Jackson who was a healthy 6lbs- 4oz, 21″ long. But here in lies our problem and the reason I became a Gynecologist and an Obstetrician! (Just joking)

Autumn came in after she found out she was pregnant for about her 4month check up. She was doing fine and she was showing quite a lot for her size and frame. She was actually looking very healthy and had that motherly glow that all pregnant women seem to have. She was naturally beautiful without a lot of make up, and had a great smile.

When she came in that day, she had just been coming for a scheduled check up. I checked her vitals, made sure she was alright, and regular. I checked the baby’s pulse and movement via a sonogram. And the whole nine yards. It seemed like it was going to be a regular visit until such time as it was for her to leave.

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