My Master Whores Me Out, Part I


*Warning: Contains graphic sexual violence. Doing anything to another without consent is not only wrong, it is evil. But as adults, we should realize that there is a difference between fantasy rape and real rape. Below is one of my fantasies.

I am a university professor and am neither young nor thin. A short time ago I was a star in the academic world, but now my life is no longer my own. I ran afoul of an unscrupulous man. How it happened doesn’t really matter? I have to do what he says, or he’ll ruin my life. One day I might tell you how he forces me to obey. Then again, I might not. I don’t know his real name. He makes me call him Master. I’ve heard others refer to him as Pinkman. I’ve never met him in person, but he forces me to answer Skype calls in which he has me take off my clothes and perform for him. These performances usually involve pain and always humiliation. I thought this was bad enough, but yesterday he raised the stakes higher.

My Master leered at me with the glint in his eye he has when I am in pain. He talked to my tits, as he always did. “You fucking whore, hit your tits harder,” he never calls me Lilith, but then I doubt I’d like to hear my name from his lips.

I whacked my left tip with the wooden spoon again.

“I said harder, you filthy slut and right on the nipple, or I’ll make you regret it.”

I smacked my nipple and cried out at the pain.

“Again, and keep it up until I tell you to stop, and no complaining either.”

I hit again and again. Tears streamed down my cheeks as pain built. “Oh, Master, please it hurts. Please, no more.” As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I’d made a terrible mistake. I hit my nipple harder, hoping that might undo my mistake.

My Master smiled at me, and I’d learned to fear his smiles. “You don’t seem to hear very well, my fucking whore slave. I told you no complaining. It seems you need to be taught a lesson. You can stop with the spoon now.”

“No, please,” I breathed, assuming he’d make me attach the clamps to my already throbbing nipples. Sitting down the wooden spoon, I glanced toward the clamps connected by a chain that he’d had me place in front of my knees.

His smile broadened. “No, slut, you’re not getting off that easy this time. I’m going to teach you who you belong to once and for all. Pinch both of your nipples while I tell you what’s coming to you.”

Trembling, I sought out my nipples with both hands and squeezed them hard.

“Good, whore, you’re learning, but this afternoon’s lesson is going to be a little harder. In half an hour, Phi Omega Delta will show up at your front door.” Phi Omega Delta was a small fraternity on the campus where I taught. It was one of the few interracial fraternities in this backward portion of the Escort Ankara South. “They’re expecting a good time. You will suck the cock of every single one of them, and if I don’t hear what a good time you showed every last one of them, I’ll make you pay.

Not believing he meant it, I stared at him.” You wouldn’t involve other people. You couldn’t.”

He chuckled. “There are few things I wouldn’t do to you, you stupid fucking cunt. Let go of your nipples, and you might want to warm that jaw up because it’s going to be busy.”

He hung up, and I released my aching nipples and cupped my tits. “He’s not serious,” I whispered. “He can’t be.”

But no more than ten minutes later while I still lay on my sofa, soothing my sore tits, my front door banged open. I didn’t have my front door locked, and the young men who poured into my house hadn’t bothered to knock. They were about evenly mixed between black and white, but I’m not sure how many of them there were because the way they used me never really gave me the chance to count. It seemed like there were at least a dozen of them. None of them ever gave their names. A young black man who seemed to be their leader, probably the president of the fraternity, pulled me off the sofa and squeezed my sore tits hard. I was in too shocked to resist. “Pinkman sent us,” he said.

“Ouch, please, leave me alone,” I said, but no one listened. Soon there were hands everywhere: fondling my tits, my ass, my cunt. Fingers were shoved up my cunt and in my ass. Oh my god, I was never sure how many of them had their hands on me at the same time or how long this went on. It may only have been a few minutes, but it seemed endless, that is until what came next lasted so much longer.

At some point I found myself down on my knees with the president’s crotch right in my face, his erection bulging against his jeans. “Pinkman told us that you’re a cock sucking whore with a special fondness for young cock. Now, slut you are going to suck my cock, and then you’ll suck the cock of every one of my brothers. You will swallow every drop of cum. If you let even a drop spill from your mouth, whore, after we’re through with you, we’ll load your stinky worthless cunt in our van and take your naked dirty ass to the boys at Alpha Epsilon Pi. I think there’s about a hundred of them, aren’t there boys?”

The young men gathered around me laughed. From the look on the president’s face, I could tell he was serious and that if I didn’t please them, that is exactly what they’d do to me.

“Please, I—”

He slapped me hard across the face. “I have no fucking interest in anything coming out of your mouth, only what was going in it. Now unzip me, free my throbbing cock, and get to work.”

Too scared to do anything Ankara Escort else, I unzipped him, stuck his cock in my mouth, and started sucking until I felt his load shoot into the back of my throat. I swallowed frantically, desperate to make sure that I didn’t let any dribble out of my mouth. It was so disgusting I almost vomited. I hated swallowing cum. My Master knew this, which is surely why he told them to demand I do it. After that, it was just one cock after another pounding my throat as I struggled against my gag reflex. I don’t know how many cocks I sucked, but there were so many that some of them had to have taken more than one turn.

When my throat was raw from being pounded and my jaw in agony from being stretched to accommodate one seemingly huge cock after another, the president took another turn. But this time instead of coming in my mouth, he withdrew and shot his cum all over my face; at the same time a load of warm cum hit my back. Cum then started shooting at me from all directions. They coated my face, my tits, my hair, my back, my stomach, my ass. Oh my god, I was covered in it.

I closed my eyes and wanted to die. Eventually, the cum stopped hitting me, and I could hear them leaving. I keep my eyes closed until I thought I was finally alone again. But when I opened them, the president was sitting on the sofa, smiling at me. “You’ve been a good filthy whore, so I couldn’t leave you to clean up such a fucking mess all by yourself.”

I hurt too much and was too shocked to resist when he took my hand and led me to the shower. He put me under the warm water and then stripped and got in with me. He rubbed his hands all over me, washing away the cum. When I was finally clean, he pushed me against the shower wall, lifted one of my legs, and began fucking me in the cunt. I was a virgin when I married my husband until the president entered me, I had never had any other cock inside me, so I never had a basis of comparison before. While he was fucking me, I discovered that either my husband’s cock is extremely small or the fraternity president’s was huge. He pounded me hard, and it felt like he was ripping my cunt apart. Losing my virginity hadn’t hurt nearly as badly.

“Please, it hurts. Your cock’s too big!” I begged.

He put his hand over my mouth and fucked harder. “Professor Whore’s never been fucked by a real man, have you? Now shut up, and enjoy it!”

Good god, it hurt so badly. I sobbed and moaned, but he kept his hand over my mouth and continued pounding me. My husband never lasted anywhere near as long as the president fucked me. When I was certain my cunt would be permanently damaged, he moaned, and his cum shot into me.

He turned off the water after that, got a towel, and dried me off. “Like that, Ankara Escort Bayan didn’t you, whore?”

I sobbed and looked away. His fingers closed on my left nipple. He pinched down hard, twisting and stretching. I screamed at the pain. He loosened his grip slightly, but he didn’t let go. “I said, you liked that, didn’t you, whore?”

“Yes, I liked it. I liked it a lot.”

He let go of my nipple and squeezed my tit. “That’s a good whore. Now it’s bed time.”

I thought he was finally through with me and would then leave, but he took my hand and led me to my bedroom where to my horror I found another fraternity brother lying naked on my bed—this one was white and huge at least 6’ 2” 180lbs of pure muscle. He had an enormous erection. The president forced me to lay face down on the bed, with my knees up under me, and my ass stuck high in the air. He fondled my ass. “Pinkman told us that you’re a stupid fucking cunt, and you can’t even do a decent job of fucking your own ass with a dildo. James and I are going to show you how it’s done. Pinkman chose James because he has the biggest cock in the fraternity. Hell, James’s cock is so big it might even be the largest in fraternity history.” The two men chuckled at the joke.

“Please, don’t. I begged. You’ve hurt me enough. Please leave me alone.”

The president slapped my ass hard. “Shut up, you stupid slut. James, do something useful and find a pair of her used panties in the laundry basket and shove them in her mouth. I hate a whiny whore.”

“No! No!” I begged, but it was only a moment before James shoved something in my mouth. He either did it deliberately, or it was an unlikely accident, but the panty’s crotch ended up against my tongue, and I could taste myself.

The president yanked my legs farther apart and dripped some cool lube on my asshole. Thank god he used lube, I don’t think I could have survived if he’d entered my ass dry. Nothing I have ever experienced before has hurt as badly as it did when he slammed his cock into my virgin asshole. He pulled mostly out and then thrust in even harder. While I writhed and screamed into the gag, he pounded me ripping my asshole apart. He must have set some kind of record for stamina because he lasted in my ass even longer than he had in my cunt. I blacked out briefly from the pain, and the next thing I knew my asshole was being stretched even wider as James buried his monster cock in it. The only thing that saved me was that James didn’t last anywhere near as long as the president had.

After they both finished fucking me, the president grabbed my ass. “We’ll tell Pinkman what a good sweet fuck you were.”

They left, and I collapsed on the bed. My throat was raw, my cunt was on fire, and my ass felt like it had been shredded.

Later that night, I received a message from my Master reminded me that there were thirty-six fraternities on campus.

Master reminded me that there were thirty-six fraternities on campus.

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