My Buddy’s Brother


I had to pee so bad! I stumbled in to the hallway in the dark trying to find the bathroom. I’ve stayed at Scott’s many times before, but tonight I was so tired. Scott and I have stayed up playing video games for so long we lost track of time and, but around 2AM it was time to go to bed. Which was fine as his parents were on vacation to Florida so we had the place to ourselves.

Scott’s older brother, Ben, was home from college for the summer but I was under the impression he was out with friends still so I didn’t put my shorts back on — I just wandered out in my briefs and t shirt. Ben was well over six feet tall with dark blonde hair, green eyes and appeared to be hairier than most guys his age of 22. I enjoyed watching him troll around the house during the summer in his shorts and t shirt, with thick hairy legs made my insides tingle. I never really thought about ‘why’ that happened. I suppose I knew but never wanted to entertain the idea of me being in to guys.

I walked past Ben’s room and didn’t notice anything different. I went to the bathroom, washed my hands, and headed back to Scott’s room. Secretly, I wished Ben was home. On the way back, I noticed light coming from Ben’s room that I didn’t see prior. As I walked down the hallway, I swore I heard noises from Ben’s room. His door wasn’t shut entirely so I stopped and looked in the crack.

I could see Ben sitting in his chair looking at porn on his computer. While that wouldn’t have been odd for a horny 22 year old college guy, it was the type of porn he was looking at. It was gay porn! I think I stopped breathing! Was Ben gay, bi, curious…? My mind raced with questions and then with questions on why I would care.

I pushed my face in closer and when I did, I somehow hit the door and it opened with a creak. Ben spun around in his chair and I wasn’t fast enough. Busted! Still, I pulled my head back and tried to quickly and quietly get back to Scott’s room. I got halfway down the hallway when Ben’s door swung open.

“Hey!” I heard Ben’s voice hiss behind me.

I stopped and spun around.

“Hey. Sorry. I didn’t know you were home…” I stammered.

“What kırşehir escort the fuck are you doing spying on me, you little ass?” he said as he approached me rather quickly.

“I wasn’t. I swear!” I said quickly. He just looked at me with a combination of fear and anger. While Ben wasn’t too much bigger than me, his intense stare was intimidating. I had a rush of initial fear then realized I wasn’t the one that got ‘caught’ here.

“Hey man, it’s not that big of a deal” I said as I puffed out my chest a bit. “I’m not gonna’ say anything to anyone. I don’t care what you watch man!”

He just stared at me, then looked down and noticed no only what I was wearing but that I was hard.

“Looks like you liked what you saw” he said reaching down and flicking my hard dick. He smiled and walked away towards his room. He stopped, turned and looked at me. The light coming out of his room highlighted his body and I noticed I wasn’t the only one that was hard. He smiled and me again, then beckoned me to his room.

Being 19, I was just as horny as Ben if not more. And while I’ve had sex with my girlfriends in high school, they seemed to enjoy it more than me, but I ignored the reason why that was. Like in a trance, I walked back down the hallway and in to his room. He closed the door behind me and made the ‘shhh’ motion with his fingers on his lips and walked to his computer desk, opened his laptop and started the porn again.

“Wanna watch with me?” he asked.

I sat down on the edge of the bed. He sat down beside me. As we watched the porn, it didn’t do much for me. It made me question why it had no effect on me. That’s when Ben reached over and grabbed my half hard dick. While the porn didn’t do anything for me, his hand on me did. My dick plumped out quicker than I imagined. He took off my shirt.

“Well, look at that. My baby brother’s bud likes to have his dick touched!” he said. In hindsight what 19 year old doesn’t? He pushed me back on the bed and pulled my briefs off. My hard cock escaped from its confines like a scared rabbit. Ben smiled.

“Mikey had a big dick — who knew?” he said in a hushed tone. He bent down and took me in his mouth. I’ve had BJs before but, as I started to learn, girls may age (the few that gave BJs) weren’t as good at it as this guy was. Maybe it was all guys on just him I didn’t know nor care.

As he worked on my dick, I closed my eyes trying not to think of the feeling this guy was giving me. Why was I resisting? My mind stopped thinking as I felt his big strong hands on my stomach running up to my chest. He felt so good.

In only a couple of minutes I could fell that I was close to busting. I didn’t know what to say or do so I just exploded in his mouth. It took him by surprise as he jerked off me allowing me to shoot my seed in to the air in long arcs. I clenched my teeth trying not to make any noises that would wake up Scott.

After I finished I opened my eyes to see Ben standing in front of me, the light of the computer behind him. I couldn’t see him in detail so I turned myself to get a better view. He was stunning. He was hairy and it turned me on. I sat up and reached out and grabbed his hard dick. I’ve never held another man’s cock, but it felt natural. I stroked it gently feeling his heart beat though the veins that ran the length of his shaft.

He moaned with delight. I cupped his hairy balls with my other hand. They hung like massive weights. While his dick was large his balls were more impressive. They seemed like they were full of something and needed released.

As I stroked his dick, it started to leak pre-cum. Now this is something I’m familiar with as I use my leaking as natural lube. I know how good that feels so I did the same to him. But he leaked a lot more than me and in seconds me stroking his dick was making loud, wet noises.

Something about this action ignited a fire within me and I pulled myself closer to his big dick, my own cum slowly running down my torso. I pulled his hairy balls down as much as I could as I picked up the speed on his cock. I placed my head on the side of his hairy thigh to get as close to his crotch as possible. I still remember his smell.

He moaned and groaned and used his right hand to hold my head tight against his thigh. I could feel his hair tickling my nose as I watched his dick twitch. I could hear my hand sliding along his wet dick. I felt his balls draw up tight to his body and didn’t know what to do. Luckily, he did.

He pushed me off of him and held my head still as he pointed his big mushroom head at my face. He allowed me to keep jerking him for a few more seconds until he blasted his seed on my face. With each jet he cried out through pursed lips.

His jizz hit my face with such force it caused me to skip a breath. I jacked off on myself all the time but Ben’s cum felt so much hotter than mine. And the volume! I’ve never produced that much myself. Shot as shot hit my face. I think I counted seven full force volleys hitting my face. I felt his dick twitch a microsecond before each shot. I could feel his initial cum jet dripped down on my stomach as he continued to blast my face. Somehow I never closed my eyes.

After the seventh shot, he kept cumming but with less and less force even though I continued jerking him. When he was finished he pulled his shrinking dick out of my hand. I was covered in cum from both of us but didn’t notice, until he mentioned, that I was still hard!

He bent down and took me back in his mouth. It was the most intense feeling I’ve had to date. Then something happened that’s never happened before: I came again. But this time, it seemed like it was more. Maybe that was because, this time, Ben didn’t pull off. Like a trooper, he stayed on my cock and took every last drop. My body vibrated like a struck bell. His hot mouth on my hard dick and his hot cum cooling and running down my face and stomach.

After I caught my breath, I looked up to see Ben standing there, dick still plump and white jizz in the corner of his mouth. He made the ‘shhh’ motion as he walked out the room in to, I assume, the bathroom. He brought back a towel and tossed it to me.

“Time to clean up little man” he said. And I did. I put my shirt back on, pulled up my briefs and headed out of the room. As I got to the doorway, I heard him call me name.

“Mikey! Not a word!” he commanded.

I shook my head ‘yes’ and headed back to Scott’s room more confused, yet satisfied, than ever.

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