Moving to Utah Ch. 05


About the time I was getting ready to move to Utah I had picked up the guitar and was teaching myself to play. I had learned a few chords living in Florida in my early 20’s. I was working at a club as a DJ and had my days free. The guy I was living with had a guitar and country music television, he taught me a few chords and I taught myself the rest. Now in my 30’s I had been playing for a while. When I left California I had just started to get out and perform I public. I’m pretty sure my guitar saved my life during this period. I was depressed and despondent and was grateful to have something to keep my mind busy. Between girls it seems all I did was play guitar. I taught myself to sing but seemed disappointed that there was nowhere to play live in my home county. I was a true porch picker with no one to pick with. So I took to going to the big city, either Provo or Salt Lake to play, but the drive was too damn far to play for only 15-30 minutes. Then I heard about a little town 70 miles to the south east. It seemed the local dentist also owned a restaurant and had a weekly Saturday night jam & open mic. I called and got directions and headed out. I didn’t bring my guitar the first night I really just wanted to check it out but the dentist offered me his instrument and I sang a few songs. Apparently I was better then I thought and more then good enough for them as they extended an invitation to come out and play anytime I wanted. I was in heaven and I made sure drop in with my guitar just about every weekend. I then got asked to play a few of the other restaurants in town and before you know it I was getting pretty good. I had a bout 2 hours worth of material but when you do restaurant work you have to play about 4-5 hours. So I played everything I knew real slow and hope the dinner crowd turned over before I finished all my songs.

One night I was introduced to Debbie, a local resident in town, who was out having dinner with her male friend and listening to music. There always seem to be hand instruments floating around and she and her friend grabbed a couple and played along. Her and her date were friends but were not involved. It seems she was bored and didn’t want to eat alone. Let me tell you a little about Debbie. She was much older then the girls I had been fucking in my county, maybe early 50’s. She had a great smile & a vivacious personality. She’s about 5’4″ and weighed about 160 pounds or so but what rally caught me eye where her tremendous breast. They stood out so far and her nipples seem to the largest I have ever seen. It looked like someone had put a couple of really large marbles in the front of her bra. I later found out she was 44 G. The one thing that made very attractive, besides her tits was her out look on life. She mentioned that she was in an accident a while back, and when she got healthy the things that mattered before didn’t now. She sold her house in the city and had bought an Adobe hut on about 5 acres at the end of town. I asked if she was Native American, as she seemed to have those type features, but she stated that she was outdoors a lot and it was probably her tan.

I was intrigues by the description of her HUT and she asked if I would like to take a look. I was shocked by her boldness, mostly because she was on a date and I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Her date spoke up and said he had things to do when they got back and that I should take her up on her offer. Besides they weren’t on a date so much as just friends having dinner. She seemed excited when I told I was intrigued by her house and would follow home. In her excitement her tits were swaying like 2 large puppies trying to break free. I did my best to look her n the eyes and not her tits but I’m pretty sure she was shaking them for me. I couldn’t believe my luck and being in the country I learned not to count my chicken till they hatched.

On the drive out to her place we passed some of the prettiest country GOD ever created. Big cliffs and red rock, it looked the place where every Western Film was ever made. This was definitely Butch Cassidy country. We must have driven for about a half hour and then we turned on to this smallest dirt road you’ve ever seen. In fact, if you weren’t looking for it you’d pass it right by. And it was the ruttiest road I had ever been on. We drove about another ½ mile and ten, in the clearing was the hut as she described, only it looked better then her description. She quickly got out of her car and said good bye to her friend. I’m pretty sure she told in the car to get lost as soon as possible. He shook my hand as he left giving me a knowing look and told me good luck. In no time at all he was hauling ass on the dirt to the main highway.

When I walked into her HUT I couldn’t believe how small the place was. It was probably 23 feet around and everything was in one room. Talk about downsizing your life. The bathroom was partitioned out off with a small red rock wall and the shower poured right to the floor next to the toilet. It gave new meaning to the term shit & a shave. There was a fireplace in the middle room which easily heated the whole place. Along the wall was small camping fridge, a kitchen sink, and a place for a microwave. Under the counter was everything else she could fit. Right past that was about 3 feet of counter with a TV & radio and then a sort of loft bed, about 4 feet off of the ground. Under the bed was her closet & dresser. Obviously the place was sparsely decorated but you could tell that the things she had collected in her life were very precious. She offered me a drink and we started talking and we didn’t finish until very late when the bottle was finally empty. She tried to talk me into playing her a few more tunes on guitar but I told I had to get. You know the 70 mile drive was no big deal but it was through the mountains and the deer were always thick at night. I had heard horror stories about people hitting deer and that was one experience I didn’t want to have. But before I left she made me promise to come back and visit and please not to forget my guitar. I told her I was playing pretty regular at the restaurant were we met and told her I hoped she would come out again. She promised not to bring a date the next time. She gave a very sexy kiss goodbye and really firm hug, rubbing her tits in me the whole time. I knew for sure I would be back to her place after playing.

I could hardly wait for the week to end and when Friday rolled around it seemed I covered that 70 miles in no time. I was a little disappointed she wasn’t at the restaurant when I arrived but about 3 songs into my first set there she was, looking as radiant as I remember. She took a seat in the back and had her dinner while I tried my best to not rush through my set, but it was hard and so was I. I played my heart out and did my best but I became very flustered when I looked up and she was looking at me. To ay the least I had a difficult time playing that night. I was missing chord and forgetting lyrics but she didn’t care. Actually nobody noticed I messed up but me. After my first set I really had to use the restroom and told her so I as I went past her table. In the head I bumped into the owner and he told me to watch out. She was a real man-eater and I could be in trouble if I wasn’t careful. He seemed kind of angry or jealous or something as he spoke. I got the impression he was full of shit but took his advice and quickly hurried back. From my conversation with her back at her table I felt that was far from the truth and then she said that he was probably mad because he had tried to ask her out a few times to get into her top but she stopped him cold and sent him home. We only chatted for a few minutes because I had to get back to play but she said she would hang around and we could go back to her place when I was finished.

Once back at her place I pulled out my guitar and some weed, and she pulled out a bottle and we drank and sang and smoke and talked till it was late. I was starting to think nothing would happen when she started telling me about her love life. It seemed after her accident, her boyfriend was not interested in sticking around and helping her get back on her feet. Part of the reason for her move was to get out of that situation. The accident had left her disabled and although she was able to take care of herself she got tired quick. She said she had a few more visits to the doctor and then she was going back to work and off of disability. She also mentioned that after leaving her boyfriend about 3 years prior, she hadn’t been involved with anyone and that she had been celibate for about a year or 2 before her accident, which means she hadn’t had any sexual relations in about 5 years. When she met me she felt her juice flowing but was scared about moving forward and getting involved with anyone, especially someone much younger then her. It seems that during her accident she had gained a little weight and wasn’t sure if any man would find her attractive. She said the only saving grace about her weight gain was that she had grown in the chest department. She said it was gradual but it seems like she woke up one morning and realized she went from a healthy 38C to her present G cup. She said she did her best to try and hide them because it seemed that that was all the guys ever wanted out of her. I tried to act cool and not let her know that I had the same thing in mind.

She started to tell that when we met I seemed respectful and that I looked her in the eyes when we spoke. I told her I did my best but like most guys was absolutely taken in by her large breast and stole a few glances when I thought she wasn’t looking. She said she knew I was a breast man cause she caught me looking a few times but found it exciting and not crude like the other guys. In fact she mentioned d that she was glad I was checking her out, it made her feel like a woman again. After I left that fist night she got to thinking about things and felt she might be ready to let someone enjoy all of her. Then she asked what I thought about her tits. I told her they look fabulous in her top and I had come by her house for her company but also just to see her boobs one more time, up close & personal. Maybe it was the alcohol talking but I then got bold and asked if I could see them in all their glory. She wasted no time in removing her shirt and making these bad boys sway. Her bra was working overtime to hold back all of that tit flesh. In a short, I was hypnotized.

She then got up to use the restroom, never really stopping our conversation as the bathroom wall didn’t go to the ceiling nor did it have a door. All of a sudden I heard the shower running so I played a few more tunes trying to act cool. But all I could think about was her soaping up her big ol titties. I heard call my name and she said that if I wanted to enjoy her tonight I would have to be clean. She told me she had an extra towel under her bed & asked me to bring her one as well. I was out of my chair so fast and was naked before I came around that little wall. When I stepped into her very small shower she had her back to me but you could see just how big she was cause even with back turned there was so much tit it looked like it was coming out from under her arms. I mean these were the biggest, fullest, meatiest tits I had ever had the privileged to see and I hadn’t seen nothing yet.

I put the towel s down and stepped into the warm water and when she turned around I about fell over. They were beautiful, just like I pictured in my mind. Her nipples were so hard and so-o-o big. Her areolas were like saucers but were proportional to the size of her tits. Of course I was hard before I got in the shower but it was everything I could do to keep from coming right there. She handed me the soap and stuck her chest way out and asked to get it nice & clean. My hand was trembling as I massaged and kneaded her breast. Her nipples felt like rocks in my hand. My dick was poking her in the stomach and across her wet puss and it seemed like I didn’t have enough soap. Apparently this was making her hot because she reached down and grabbed hold of my dick telling she needed something to steady her. When she grabbed my dick she seemed very surprised at the length and thickness. I’m not sure if it was the fact that she hadn’t had any dick in quiet a while or just that I’m a pretty big boy, but at that point I didn’t really care. She took the soap from my hand and proceeded to wash my dick, balls and ass like they had never been washed before. GOD I love older women, they really know how to treat a mans dick and I was in heaven. When she turned around to put the soap down I stepped up behind her and tried to wedge my dick in her ass crack and slide in behind her but she jumped and became startled by my advances. She said since it had been a while, she hoped we could start things off in her bed. As horny as I was, I agreed and grabbed the towels to dry us off. But she had other ideas and asked if she could dry me. After that soaping how could I argue? With the fireplace going I was dry pretty quick but she took her time and really mad sure by dick was dry & hard. I just stood there with my hands out of the way and let her have her fun.

We moved over to her bed and climbed up. The anticipation was incredible. I was twitching the whole time by her touch. She was in control, it was her night and all I did was lay there and let her play. She was excited that I would let her get reacquainted with the male body, and her touch was fire. She rubbed every part of my body kissing her way from top to bottom. My dick was standing straight up and if the sun was shining you would have been able to tell time. I was in heaven and then she grabbed my dick with both hand s and started to blow on the tip. I gripped the sheets and held on then she started licking me, man her breath was hot. Like a riding a bike, she knew exactly what to do or at least what she liked to do. She proceeded to give me the best head I had had to date. She made love to my cock and caressed my balls like they were a fragile piece of glass. Her tongue was long and she used it like a pro. I was think about everything but what she was doing to keep from cumming but I couldn’t hold out to long and she knew that. I asked her to stop because I wanted to fuck her good but she said I was her toy and she was going to suck me till I plastered her tonsils with my sperm. I’m pretty sure though I would have stayed hard right after cumming. She licked up one side and down the other and then licked my balls putting one in her mouth then the other. While doing this she started playing with my ass and all I could do was moan. She had me and she knew it. Then, without warning she wrapped her big old tits around my dick and swallowed me to the base. I was out of control and I flooded her mouth, pumping gallons of sperm down her throat. Not one drop spilled and she sucked me my till I stopped throbbing. When my dick slipped from her mouth all she could say was thank you. You could see the fire in her eyes.

Then she lay on her back said it was my turn. I reached out to stroke her pussy and she was dripping wet. I mean like someone left a faucet on dripping wet. Obviously it had been a while since she had this much fun and that wetness was probably the damn busting. She grabbed me by the back of my neck, raised her legs in the air and pulled me to that hairy wet snatch. I didn’t really need to be guided but she wanted to be eaten and I wanted to eat her. I licked her good, just like she licked me. From the top of her clit to the cute little brown eye that was her ass. She came the minute my tongue touched her lips. Her hips were bucking and her ass was off the bed and she was screaming someone’s name. Who’s I didn’t care because I was the one making her scream. When I though she had enough I latched on to her clit and started humming. All she could do was go stuff and squeeze my head in her thighs. She panting and hyperventilating and coming about every third or fourth lick. She finally pulled me by my ears up to her face to give me the wettest most passionate kiss I had ever had in all my love making years.

She licked up all the juices on my face and wrapped her legs around my back. I was hard as a rock and easily found her opening with my dick. Like a divining rod finds water. Now most girls are pretty tight the first time you fuck them and after 5 years of no dick I could only imagine how tight she’d be. But I slid in in one fantastic stroke and she was thrashing around like she had been shot. She held me tight and told me not to move till she could adjust to my size. While she held me she started cumming again and moaning about how filled up she was. She said my dick was the perfect size because it hit bottom but wasn’t painful. I had to hold real still myself cause I could feel my load building.

After about 5 minutes she started moving her hips and her cunt was gripping my dick like a velvet vise. She was feeding me them big ol tits and shoving her nipples own my throat. From my previous stories you know that I was getting laid pretty regular so I had learned to hold my cum while giving a girl a good fucking, but this time I was about 5-6 strokes in I let loose with such a yell and she started cumming again saying she could feel my hot load way up inside her. I was a little embarrassed that I had cum so quickly but she laughed and said she was embarrassed that she had cum so much. The bed was wet from our juices and we took a minute to catch our breath. For me, being with a new woman is the best. You’re always trying to impress them and you have to make sure they get there’s. This time was no different cause after I shot the mother of all loads I was still hard and she was pleased.

I was on my back and she was on her side playing with the matted hairs on my chest and running her fingers across my dick. She touched me & I twitched again and she got a good hold and started stoking me like she was going to jack me off. My dick was sensitive and then she leaned over and stuck it in her mouth. She gave it a few good licks to make sure I was hard (like I wouldn’t be) and then swung her leg over me and put my dick right at her entrance. Of course after the first round she was sopping wet and she slid right down to the bottom making the cutest little squeaking sound. In a flash she was riding that horse bare back as I held on to her big ol tits. I actually had to because if I hadn’t they would have knocked me out. She started out slow and them picked up the pace. She was on fire and seemed to having one long orgasm. I tried to hold her and slow down so I would shot so fast but she was having none of that and she brought me to orgasm so fast I thought my guts were coming out the head of my dick. And just as I started cumming she had her biggest orgasm yet. She was loud and then she just collapsed on my chest, squashing those big hard nipples into me as she tried to catch her breath.

It took her a minute then she rolled of me. I really needed a glass of water and while I was in the kitchen I got a wet rag so she could kind of clean herself up. She looked at me like I was a fool. She said she hadn’t cum that much in all her life and she was going to wallow in the mess. She seemed rather proud of the mess we made. She then closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep. I have to admit I was pretty fulfilled myself and curled up next to her and passed out. About 3 in the morning I really had to go the bathroom and on my way back to bed she was headed where I came from. As she was tinkling I just laid there playing the last part of the evening in my head and I was hard in no time. It was dark when she came back to bed and she spooned up to me, her ass in my crotch. When she got close she could feel my dick rubbing her ass and she reached for my hands and brought them to her tits. Her nipples where as hard as my dick and I knew I was in for round 2 or was it 3. She rolled up on her stomach and put her ass in the air and asked if I still wanted to take her from behind. I though to myself, “Are the Kennedy Gun shy”, hell yes I wanted to take her from behind. Before I got there she made sure to tell me I could play with her ass but putting my dick there was too much. She felt I was a little too big to be sticking her there, so I slid in to her vagina and she took all I had to give. Fuck for an old girl she hot and very wet and before you know I was grabbing her hips and hitting it hard. I mean I was driving in her, her head banging the head board and all she did was grunt and moan and was cumming everywhere. In want to tell we fucked like that for hours but I was so turned on and I came with lightening speed. The next thing I remember it was light out and when I looked over she was fast asleep with her ass still in the air.

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