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A note of appreciation to Bad_Hobbit for his patience in editing my writing and working with me to develop my piece.

~ ~~ ~

I woke to her smooth skin pressed against me, my arms slung around her waist and my lips pressed softly against her shoulder as I kissed her skin. She stirred, and I felt my morning wood twitch against her bare ass as she shifted around to face me, memories of the night before flicking through my mind. Her hole tightening around me as she came, her moans as I fucked her into the mattress and the heavenly feeling of emptying myself deep inside her.

She noticed my dazed look, and she took the opportunity to trail her fingers up my abs, skipping up over my chest to cup my chin before slowly leaning in to kiss the side of my mouth. She smirked at me before speaking, voice scratchy from misuse.

“I wouldn’t want to ruin your morning with my breath.”

I laughed, taking the opportunity to slide my hand slowly up her thigh.

“I can think of other places your mouth can go where morning breath isn’t an issue.”

Her eyes darkened as my fingers drifted ever so slowly up, bypassing her mound. I was surprised at how quickly she was melting in my arms, and couldn’t resist sliding back down to drag my fingernails softly over her stomach. I slid my fingers down slowly along her folds and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath as her hips automatically pushed up against my hand. I looked at her, unable to resist smirking.

“Is someone a little excited?”

Her eyes narrowed at my teasing, removing my fingers from between her legs before sliding a leg over my toned stomach. She slowly lowered herself down against my straining shaft, and I watched the smile grow on her face as my hands automatically settled on her waist to tug her down more firmly against me. She resisted, leaning down to brush her lips along my jaw.

Her lips were gentle as she trailed kisses down my neck, nipping my skin lightly as I tried to speak. My would-be words turned into a groan as she shifted her hips against me, settling my straining cock between the folds of her pussy. My fingers tightened on her waist as she started to rock her hips back and forth, grinding down on me slowly.

“Stop teasing.”

My words came out almost as a growl, and I felt her squirm slightly above me in response to my tone. Her whole body tensed as I rolled my hips up hard, not allowing her to escape as I pressed her down hard against my thrusts. I could tell she was trying to resist showing me how much I affected her, and I grinned as her eyes fell shut and she bit her lip as the hardness of my shaft slid against her. Another sharp roll of my hips and she let go, not bothering to quiet her moans, my rhythm faltering in response to the noise. She reached down to pry my hands away from her hips before I could distract her again, kissing and nipping my skin as she worked her way down my body. She traced her fingertips down my hips; she had always loved them, before settling herself between my legs and looking up at me. She was quick to smile cockily at me, and I could only imagine how I looked, half panting and watching her carefully as she leaned down to kiss my cock gently, mouthing his shaft. She laughed slightly as my cock twitched up against her lips just as my fingers moved down to tangle in her hair.

“My god you’re so sexy.”

I watched as she leaned in leisurely, her gorgeous brown eyes peering up at me as her tongue flicked against my tip, just barely brushing it before she shifted to slide her lips down the side of my cock. Her fingers were wrapped around me, squeezing softly, and I had to keep my breath steady as she finally starting sliding her hand up and down my aching shaft. She smiled up at me.

“I know. And someone’s a bit worked up.”

I tightened my fingers in her hair, thrusting my hips up slightly.

“I wonder whose fault that is.”

The words came out breathless as her thumb slipped over the tip, spreading my precum before wrapping her lips around the head of my cock, sucking softly. I couldn’t help the groan that escaped, feeling her tongue swirling around me and dipping in my slit as she strained to taste me, before sucking harder and sliding her fingers up and down faster. I reflexively pushed her head down, and was surprised when she obliged, quickly sliding her lips down before pausing at about an inch from the base. I could feel her throat involuntarily clenching around the tip of my cock, and was about to pull her back up when her throat relaxed and I slid completely into her mouth. My fingers reflexively gripped her hair harder, and I couldn’t resist groaning in response to her hot mouth.

My cock was pulsing by this point, aching for a faster and harder pace, and I was about to start fucking her mouth when she pulled off me completely. There was a smirk playing around her lips as she crawled up my body, letting her tits brush against my chest. I assumed she was going to position her pussy above my cock, but she continued otele gelen escort further up my body until her folds were directly above my mouth. I could feel my cock twitching in my desire to taste her, her folds glistening with how wet she was as she spread them for me to see her quivering hole. I reached up to tug her hips down, and was surprised when she refused, opting to slide a finger inside of herself slowly. I could see how tight her pussy was, gripping and clenching around the digit, and I couldn’t resist a smart ass comment.

“Someone is a bit worked up.”

She laughed, rubbing her clit faster, and I had to consciously refrain from leaning up to taste her.

“It’s not my fault that sucking your perfect cock makes my pussy drip.”

I squirmed slightly in response to her words, the way the dirty language dripped off her tongue feeling almost like a second hand squeezing my throbbing member.

“Are you going to let me taste you?”

Her fingers paused, before dipping down once more to spread her wetness over her swollen lips.

“I don’t think so. Maybe I should just let you watch me playing with myself, soaking my fingers, cumming all over my hand.”

I grinned to myself; for all that I loved her, she was a massive fucking tease. I quickly lifted a hand to her pussy, skimming my fingers over her wet folds before bringing them down to my mouth, tasting them before she could stop me. Her fingers slowly traced her opening, right where mine had been seconds before.

“How do I taste?”

I ran my hands up her thighs, rubbing my thumbs next to her pussy and squeezing the skin there softly.

“Fucking delicious,” I growled back, and I spoke the truth. Her juices were subtly sweet, and so incredibly addictive; the musk of her pussy had been tempting me for too long now for me to play around. I knew she loved it when I was demanding, and I could see the physical effects of my words as she tensed above me, her thighs quivering slightly in self-restraint. Her fingers automatically started circling her little bud, and I watched them carefully as she played with herself. She was no longer teasing, and I could tell she was intent on making herself cum as she quickly slid two fingers into her tight little hole only to bring them back to her clit, the wetness allowing her to increase her pace. I was wary, knowing how quickly she could cum especially when she was this turned on. By the way her hips were now unable to keep still, I knew she was close.

I allowed her to play with herself for a few seconds longer before I darted my hands up to encircle her wrists, pulling them away from her pussy and denying her an orgasm. I couldn’t help grinning as she swore above me, fighting my grip. I waited for her little pussy to stop clenching before speaking.

“When I let go of your hands, spread your pussy for me nice and wide.”

When I did finally let go of her wrists, I could feel her hesitating in giving me control, but she must have been too horny to resist as she slowly slid her fingers back down to her pussy and spread her lips wide. I couldn’t help groaning at how pretty her pussy was, and I could almost hear the smirk on her face as she rubbed her folds before spreading them wider. I couldn’t resist any longer, curling my hands up around her thighs and pulling her pussy roughly to my mouth. I didn’t hesitate to dart my tongue into her tiny hole, pulling her against me harder in an effort to slide my tongue further into her channel. Above me, I could tell she was trying her hardest not to respond, her body stiff with tension.

There’s an easy fix for that.

I slowly ran my tongue up from her hole to her clit, sucking on it hard before grazing my teeth over the nub. She was now whimpering above me, trying to grind down on my face, and I let her only slightly as I flicked her clit quickly back and forth with my tongue. Her juices were soaking my face now, and I couldn’t help groaning in response to the moans she was releasing above me. My cock by this point was leaking onto my stomach, and in an effort to make her cum I sucked hard on her little nub.

She threaded her fingers through my hair, pressing her soaking pussy down hard on my lips as she went silent, tugging on my hair as she came, shivering and shuddering above me. As the tension seeped out of her body, I slid my tongue back down to her hole, swirling my tongue around her entrance as I tasted her wetness. She tried to pull off me, and whimpered when I pulled her back down hard against my mouth.

“Fuck Jay, stop, I’m too sensitive.”

I ignored her, sliding my lips back up to her clit, pressing against it hard with my tongue before grazing it with my teeth. She jerked above me, crying out as I started softly kissing the little nub, her thighs squeezing around me as she realized I had no intention of stopping. I had no difficulty keeping her hips still, easily pulling her thighs down hard so her pendik escort pussy couldn’t escape my mouth, sucking on her folds in an effort to pick up every drop of her cum. I looked up at her as I slid my tongue back into her soaking wet hole, taking in her glazed eyes and parted lips, and I knew I had to make her cum again. I started slowly fucking my tongue in and out of her, feeling her walls fluttering and clenching around it as I took my time. I pulled away just long enough to speak.

“Play with your clit for me.”

She shuddered in response to the demand, and I groaned as she leaned back to make room for her fingers, hesitantly playing with her clit as I slid my tongue back into her dripping hole. Her whimpering egged me on, and I couldn’t resist squeezing her soft legs hard to remind her of her helplessness in the situation, grinning against her pussy, my pussy, I thought, proprietarily, as her fingers quickened. I let my hands run hard up her body, reaching her chest and not hesitating to pinch her perked nipples viciously, twisting even as she tried to squirm away from my touch. Her hands automatically reached for the headboard as she tilted her body forward, and I was faintly aware of her white knuckles gripping the wood as I took the opportunity to replace her fingers with my tongue. I slowed my pace, leisurely sucking on her clit as she freely used my lips and tongue for her pleasure.

I smirked at her noise of discontent at my relaxed pace, gently massaging her breasts as my tongue slid up her folds to slowly circle her clit. When she swore quietly above me, I dropped my hands back to her hips and pulled her down hard against me without warning, nuzzling my mouth into her swollen pussy as she cried out above me, unable to resist trying to grind down against my tongue. I tightened my grip on her further, using her pussy for my own pleasure at this point, enjoying teasing her little hole even as I knew she was probably desperate to cum again. I let my tongue swirl around inside her before edging back up to her swollen clit, trying not to smile as I went to suck on it softly. I stayed there even as she tried to pull away from my mouth at the no-doubt over whelming sensations, pulling the nub between my lips as I suckled increasingly harder, forcing her towards the edge of orgasm. At this point she was straining up and away from my mouth, her body shuddering as she got closer and closer to cumming all over my mouth again. She twitched before freezing, and I squeezed her thighs hard to keep her pressed against my mouth as she came, her clit throbbing against my lip as she shivered above me.

Slowly, I released her hips, but didn’t stop licking her pussy until she squirmed away; this time, I let her. When she moved to climb off, however, I stopped her and instead brought her hips back down to settle on top of my cock. I was beyond hard now, and couldn’t help automatically rolling my hips up against hers in an attempt to lessen the incessant aching and throbbing in my shaft.

Above me, she was still catching her breath, and I was pleased to see her nipples still slightly pink and hard in response to my earlier pinching. I couldn’t resist sitting up to get close to her, pulling her hot body hard against mine and leaning down slightly to run my tongue over her abused nipples. She moaned softly in response, shifting on my cock before bringing her fingers up to my chin, tilting my face up for her to kiss me. I was surprised to see that her kisses were still hard and needy, doing little to help my situation as she kept me hard and horny.

She bit my lip softly as she pushed me back down to lie on the bed, bringing my hands to her ass before placing hers on either side of my head. She started kissing me deeper, sliding her tongue into my mouth as I squeezed her ass hard, pulling her pussy down against my cock. I automatically raised my head up with her as she pulled her lips away, then fell back onto the cushions as I realized her lips were going for my neck. She was now slowly rubbing her soaking pussy all over my cock, drenching it, whilst she marked my collarbone. The feeling of her lips against my hot skin was incredible, and I found myself tilting my head to the side to allow more access. When she was satisfied, she pulled away to stare at me, running her thumb up my now-marked neck to pass over my lips.

“This mouth just abused my pussy.”

I grinned up at her, flicking my tongue out to brush her fingertip just as I had done against her clit minutes ago.


She shook her head, arching her back as she leaned over me so that her pebbled nipples brushed against my chest.

“You made me cum so hard. Your tongue feels so good sliding up my folds, fucking into my tight little hole.”

She paused to kiss me hard for a split second before pulling away and continuing.

“My pussy is absolutely aching, throbbing for me to suck your cock. Christ I want you so bad.”

She rus escort was now kissing down my chest slowly, taking her time. I squeezed her ass hard, pushing my hips up so my cock slid between her silky folds in desperation.

“Fucking hell Lilian, please.”

Her eyes sought mine, and she smiled up at me.

“What’s wrong? Is someone throbbing for me? Do you want to fuck my mouth, shut me up? Have me swallowing your cum?”

I groaned at her words, and I knew she’d be able to feel my cock twitching against her pussy in response to the teasing.

“If you’re not careful, you’ll end up on your knees.”

Her eyes darkened in arousal, and I watched in surprise as she slid off me onto the floor, dropping to her knees.

“Like this?”

I slowly followed her off the bed, standing before her with precum beading in the slit of my cock. I started stroking myself, and bit my lip as I felt how hard she had made me. I watched as she settled herself down, smiling up at me saucily as she slid her tongue out and opened her mouth for me. Her eyes remained on mine, almost begging me to push my member between her lips. Instead, I let just the tip make contact with her tongue, so she could taste the precum before letting her close her mouth and swallow. She was quick to part her lips again, and this time I couldn’t resist sliding my cock into her perfect mouth.

She didn’t hesitate to press her tongue up against the underside of my cock, leisurely suckling as she waited for me to push deeper. Realizing she was still expecting me to fuck her mouth, I smirked at her cheekiness before obliging. Threading my fingers through her soft hair, I held her head in place before thrusting my hips forward, cursing when my cock hit the back of her throat with no resistance.

From there, I was gone; the flat of her tongue pressed hard against my shaft as she took my cock, her eyes closing as she moaned around me before opening again to stare up at me. I pulled her off my cock, both allowing her to take a breath and also to take in her perfectly-toned nude body on her knees for me. I grinned as an idea popped into my head.

Cupping her chin, I demanded.

“Spread your legs.”

She looked at me, apparently confused, before obliging, her slim body shifting to do as I asked, widening the gap between her knees.


Understanding dawned in her eyes as she realized where I was going with this, and she spread them slowly whilst she watched me stroking my cock slowly, gripping the base as it throbbed in my own palm. Trying to keep my voice steady, I spoke once more.

“Play with your clit; I’m not going to stop fucking your mouth until you’re moaning and cumming all over your fingers like a good girl.”

She looked up at me, clearly surprised, before dipping her fingers to spread her pussy and start circling her clit, wincing at how sore and oversensitive the little bud was. I almost expected her to complain, but she refrained, only once more opening her mouth for me.

I was surprised at how submissive she was being, but my cock was aching too much to think about that at that point of time. Instead, I slipped my cock between her soft lips, and I didn’t need to fuck her mouth; she seemed intent on making me cum hard and fast as she started swallowing my cock, bobbing her head quickly, fiercely. I most certainly wasn’t complaining; her mouth was so hot and wet and her eagerness only added to the pleasure. I couldn’t help watching her touch herself, the sight of her so turned on whilst she was sucking me off pushing me to the edge.

I stood by my statement, however, and held off my orgasm; beneath me, she was whimpering around my cock, and the vibrations were only adding to the amazing sensation of her mouth. Without warning her mouth slowed down as she started moaning louder around me, and I realized she must be fucking herself with her fingers in order to cum again. She was now shuddering, and I didn’t hesitate to force her to resume her actions by roughly winding my fingers through her hair, using her little mouth for my pleasure. My eyes fluttered shut as she swallowed reflexively around my cock, and I found myself holding out for as long as possible before cumming down her throat, trying to give her time to recover from her orgasm before dealing with mine. But she didn’t struggle at all, sucking me harder as I came, not missing a drop as I pulsed in her mouth.

I slowly untangled my fingers from her hair, trying to keep myself upright as she continued tonguing and cleaning my cock, before slowly pulling away and standing close to me. I couldn’t help squeezing her close, kissing her, ignoring the taste of myself on her tongue; holding her felt too good to resist. She started smirking against my lips, and I pulled away as I realized her fingers were travelling back towards my softening cock. I slapped her hand away, shaking my head as she grinned at me before speaking against her lips.

“Hell no. I won’t survive another round that quickly.”

She batted her lashes at me, winding her arms around my neck and pecked me on the lips.

“What, so you can make me cum as many times as you want, but I can’t do the same to you?”

I grinned at her, slapping her ass lightly before gripping it and pulling her harder against me, relishing seeing her eyes flutter shut in response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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