Miss Boman Ch. 03


A couple of weeks after the amazing weekend when Miss Boman so thoroughly and lovely taught me about the facts of life mother’s friend Mrs. Lundin came to stay a couple of days. She had visited mother regularly every summer although I hadn’t seen her for a couple of years.

She came in her own car just before lunch. She was very elegant, tall and slender and smartly dressed, in expensive clothes mother said. She was very sophisticated. I watched her with great interest. She might be the friend mother had mentioned in her talk with Miss Boman.

After lunch we went to the lake to swim. I was very curious to get a good look of her body.

Mrs. Lundin wore a thin, one piece simple swim suit that clung to her body. To my surprise it revealed that her breasts very bigger than her dress had shown and very shapely. She carried them proudly, always pushing them forward. Another interesting part of her body was the mons. It was well rounded and stood out. I wondered if she had put padding in her swim suit.

She was a talkative woman and chatted a lot, mostly with mother of course but she also asked me a lot of questions. When we swam she commented on how much I had grown and wanted to test my muscles. She told me to flex my biceps and she felt and squeezed them telling how big they were and how strong I had become. She also stroked over my chest. She had always done that sort of thing as women often do with children. Well, I was proud of my body and liked her praise.

After a couple of hours mother excused herself to go home. She always seemed to have things to do. Mrs. Lundin and I stayed. She chatted on and her questions got more personal asking what I liked to do, what I liked best in school and jokingly about girls.

Eventually it was time to go home. Mrs. Lundin rose and I followed.

“Eric, be a gentleman and turn around. I want to change,” she said. Of course I did. I heard how she wriggled out of her swim suit, and then it got quiet.

“Eric,” she called.

I turned around. There she was, standing erect, stark naked. In a flash I took her whole body in.

“No, Eric, no. I didn’t mean that you should turn around. I wanted you to hand me my bag over there,” she said hastily. But she didn’t try to cover herself. She stood proudly, hands on hips, showing off. She shifted her legs a little nervously though.

She had a shapely body I had to admit. Her ample breasts were very shapely and astonishingly firm. She carried them proudly keeping her shoulders back. The nipples were hard and stood out. Her very long legs ended in a thick and very protruding mons. There had been no padding after all. And god, she was hairy. The maidenhair was a thick mass of brown hair that stretched wide and slightly down her inner thighs. Above that a nicely rounded belly, flat for being her age I thought. Her smiling face and fair hair completed it. Yes, I certainly would like to fuck her if being invited.

“Eric, please give me my bag,” she called again. I woke up and turned to get her bag. When I turned back she was still standing there but had moved her feet slightly apart. I saw her pussy slit glisten.

“Thank you, well you saw it all but no harm done,” she said calmly and put first a bra on, then her panties before she pulled a dress over her head. “Ready to go?”

After breakfast the next morning she asked me secretly to come to her room. She wanted to talk to me, she said

Mother had put her in the cabin, a small house which could only be used in summertime. It was roomy and had its own facilities although primitive. The shower and wash stand was outdoors but shielded and with a simple roof. Very nice though in warm weather.

I came to her cabin as requested. She sat in a chair with crossed legs. Her robe parted well above the knee.

“Sit down Eric. I want to have a serious talk with you about delicate matters.” She stopped and hesitated for a while, looking nervously at me. “Well, I want to talk about sex. I think that you liked to see me in the nude yesterday, didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes you looked marvelous,” I stammered.

“Oh, thank you. Well, your mother thinks it’s about time that you learn about the facts of life, about women and sex and she has asked me to teach you. Would you like that, would you like me to be your teacher? It means that you have to touch me and . . . uh, well . . . do other things of that kind.” She stopped again a bit embarrassed.

“But yes, of course. I would like it very much,” I said. “I am sure that you can teach me a lot.”

“Excellent. Shall we begin right away? You have time now?” Mrs. Lundin said, relieved and nervous at the same time.

“Nature’s ultimate meaning with sex is to create life, to create new babies,” she began. It sounded like a well rehearsed lesson. “But nature is clever. To make sure that people want to make new babies nature has made the procedure very pleasurable, if you know how to do it, mind you. But man is as clever as nature and has found out that the pleasure can be had without it resulting in babies. Man is about the only animal Uzun porno on earth that wants to make it all the time. I intend to teach you how to make the act a pleasurable one.” Mrs. Lundin became silent. What a speech I thought.

“I think we should start to make you familiar with the female body, and how it functions and why.” She resumed and looked at me to see if I followed her. I just nodded. “Well, I think I have better undress so I can show you on my own body.” She rose and let her robe slide down to the floor. She again stood before me stark naked. Her impressive mons was at my eye level. Her narrow hips and vast, fluffy pubic bush made it look even bigger. “And yes, I think it’s best to lie down.” Mrs. Lundin stretched out on her bed.

“Come and sit by my side. Well I think you too should get undressed. You don’t mind, do you? Good, I hoped that you wouldn’t. It’s of course only to make the teaching easier. Shall we begin then?” She got silent for a while, collecting her thoughts.

“I will now tell you about the pleasure zones of the female body. I will guide your hand to the places I tell you about. OK? Good.”

“This is the very center of everything,” Mrs. Lundin said and placed my hand over her hairy mons. It felt meaty and springy and when I pressed down she shivered. “Inside me, underneath your hand is the vagina that leads to the womb where the baby grows. The vagina makes sure that the penis is in the right position to deposit the sperm. But the vagina and its outer parts is also the center of pleasure. We will talk about that in a while.”

“Now, even if the vagina is the center there are many other places on the body that gives a woman pleasure if caressed in the right way. I will show them to you today and in the days to come you will get lots of opportunities to practice on them. So let’s go through them briefly.”

What a thorough lesson I thought but not at all unpleasant. She had promised more action later on so I had just to be patient. It seemed that she had it all well planned.

She began telling me of sensitive spots on the female body starting with the head. Lips, eyes, hair, earlobes were quickly covered. She guided my hand to caress what she described.

“Now, let’s talk about the breasts,” she said and moved my hand to cover her left breast. “Except for the pubic area this is a woman’s most sensitive part. It holds so many possibilities for pleasure. You can fondle, squeeze, kiss and lick, cup it and play with the nipples and much more. Now try it.” Mrs. Lundin made me fondle her breasts and nipples for a while. Her eyes were closed and suddenly she moaned slightly.

“Well, maybe we should move on,” she said with a sigh. “The belly is nice to have caressed as is the backside but they hold no specific zones. But the mons and buttocks certainly does.” She placed my hand over her mons, spreading my fingers wide. “It’s like the breast. A woman likes to have it fondled in different ways, try it.” She made me caress it, sift through her rich pussy hair, grab her fleshy mons and rock it for quite a while. She moaned again.

“Well, enough of that, for the time being anyway. The mons sort of guards the entrance to the vagina. A valley leads down into it. Let your finger trace it. Can you feel the depression where it starts? Good, now slide down. Oh yes, yes that’s the clitoris. It’s the very center of pleasure. It has no other function than to give pleasure to the woman. It should always be given much attention and be handled with care and caution. Ah yes, yes do that again, yes just like that. Oh, well done, now move on to the entrance to the pleasure zone. Do you see and feel those lips. They are called the labia.” Mrs. Lundin spread her legs and pulled my head down to take a good look. Her lips very puffy and moist.

“Now, press your finger in between the lips, Yes, that’s right. Do you feel the smooth wetness? A woman that is ready for sex gets like that. Nature makes sure it’s easy to put the penis inside to deposit the sperm in the womb. Try to put the finger inside. Found the opening? Yes, yes, that’s it. Push inside. Yes, that’s right. Now feel all around the vagina. Oh yes . . . yes . . . yes, just like that, oh my god, go on. . . . Oh yes. . . Feel how tight I can make the vagina. Now put a finger over my clitoris and feel how big it has become. That shows that it wants to be gently massaged. Yes, just like that. You should use both fingers simultaneously. A little more to the left in the vagina. Yes you are doing fine,” Mrs. Lundin was panting hard while giving her directions. Her buttocks bounced slightly up and down.

“Yes, excellent, yes, a little in and out now will be just fine. And the clit as well. Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh my goodness . . . Oh yes.” Her back arched and she lifted her pelvis off the bed. She had put her hand over her mouth and muffled her sounds.

Mrs. Lundin sank back on the bed and tried to regain her composure. She was panting hard.

“Well, I just showed you what happens when you caress a woman on the right spots. She likes it very Öğrenci porno much and gets carried away. Her pleasure can be great. Well, I was of course teaching and did this just to show you. But you did it quite well.” She chatted on to get time to calm down.

“Well, I think we have had enough of theory for today. Time for learning by doing, to let you get the feeling of the real thing. Now I want you to put your penis in my vagina. Don’t be afraid. I will guide and help. You can take your finger out now.” I had had my finger in her all the time moving it slightly around. In fact she had kept it there with her hand covering mine and closed her pussy tight around it.

“Well, to be able to get the penis into the vagina the penis has to be erect and hard. Let’s see, oh my goodness, you are rather hard already. Fine, but I think I have to help you to get it even harder. That’s a woman’s task, we are good at it. Later on I will show you many ways to do it. But I think this will be enough just now. Yes, now the penis is nicely stiff.” She jacked my cock while talking although it had been very hard already from the beginning.

“Now, to be able to put the penis in my vagina you have to come up on the bed. Kneel between my legs. Yes, we have to be very intimate at this point, I know, but it’s the way it has to be done. Come on now, yes that’s right, come to me, wait I will guide you.” I had moved up on the bed and in between her legs. She had raised her knees and spread her thighs. I knelt for a minute upright looking at her; maybe she thought that I hesitated. Mrs. Lundin grabbed my ass and pulled me down over her. My cock probed at wrong places and she put it at her entrance.

“Now push, push hard to get the penis into my vagina.” Mrs. Lundin wriggled her ass to help me slide in. But it was easy once in place at her entrance. She was dripping wet and her pussy almost sucked me in.

“Oh yes. That’s right. Oh my god, you are there, you are all the way in. Are you all right? It wasn’t so bad, was it? Now move in and out and feel how smooth the vagina is.” Mrs. Lundin lay back on the bed. She raised her pelvis, lifting me up, her meaty mons pressed hard against me. It felt very nice, like a soft springy cushion in between us. I started to fuck slowly.

“Yes, yes, you are doing fine. You should push all the way in; your testes should touch my bottom. You can go faster if you want to. . . Yes, yes, yes, very good . . . go on like that, yes . . . don’t stop. . . Are you ready to deposit? Yes, you are, your penis swells. Yes, do it, deposit your seed in my vagina, yes . . . yes . . . yes . . . uhmff.” Mrs. Lundin panted very hard but struggled to keep up her cool teaching. In the end when I came she gave up and muffled her sounds with both hands. Her back arched and her springy mons grinded hard at me.

She sank back and relaxed on the bed. I tried to roll off her but she kept me on top of her by putting her legs around my thighs. Well, I was comfortable on top of her. Her breasts were pleasant against my chest. I had had a good time in her pussy and felt at ease. Eventually she rolled me off her. She turned on her side and looked at me.

“Did you like to do the deposit? Nature has made it very pleasant, don’t you think? Pleasant both for the man and the woman. You are a man now, and a good one I must say. Well, time to end today’s lesson isn’t it? Shall we have another tomorrow after breakfast? Good, I am looking forward to it.”

She rose from the bed and went to the bathroom. I quickly dressed and sneaked away.

In the afternoon we went to the lake to swim. As the day before mother left after an hour or two, always busy. Mrs. Lundin sighed.

“Eric, shall we use the time and practice what you learnt this morning? Practice makes perfect you know.” Mrs. Lundin didn’t wait for an answer before she got out of her swim suit. She cupped her breasts fondling them. She sighed of relief. She lay down.

“Eric, come, I want you to show me what you remember from this morning about caressing a woman. But take your trunks off and make us even.”

Well, why not, I thought. It certainly was pleasant. Besides, I had no real option with Mrs. Lundin already lying there stark naked legs slightly apart. She looked smashing with the round firm breasts and the protruding mons covered with the thick bush. I got hard.

So I went to work starting at her head caressing and pinching her ear lobes. I spent a lot of time fondling her breasts. Mrs. Lundin moaned and squirmed. She got even more restless when I caressed her mons and pubic hair. She spread her legs and cried out when I gently massaged her protruding clit on the way down. Her pussy was all wet and slightly open. When I inserted a finger like she had taught me in the morning she jumped. When I inserted another and finger fucked her she clamped both hands over her mouth. Her ass bounced up and down wildly and suddenly her back arched. Muffled sounds escaped through her hands. Her body was tense for a while until she relaxed.

“Very well done, Eric. You remembered it all. It makes me so happy that I have taught you so well,” Mrs. Lundin said panting hard.

“Mrs. Lundin, may I ask something,” I said.

“But yes of course Eric. Anything. That’s what learning is all about. Be curious and ask questions. What do you want to know?”

“Well yes, this morning you said that when the vagina gets wet it’s nature’s way to make it ready to take a deposit. Well . . . uh . . . I wonder . . . well, your vagina is wet now, I wonder if you are ready to take a deposit,” I said being very bold.

“Yes Eric, you got it all correct. My vagina is ready and yes, I will be happy to take a deposit if you want to make one. Let’s see if you are ready?” Mrs. Lundin grabbed my cock that was very hard. “Yes, I think you are ready to deposit. Remember how it should be done? Wait a second.” Mrs. Lundin got a cushion and put it under her ass. She spread her legs and with a big, lusty smile on her face waited for me to get in position.

I knelt between her raised legs and put my cock at her pussy entrance. She wriggled her hips to get my cock in position, grabbed my ass and pulled me in. She was very wet and easy to enter. With two thrust I was all inside and my third thrust made me bottom out. She cried out when I did and heaved under me.

I began to thrust into her slowly. It felt so nice and sweet in her pussy; I wanted it to last long. Mrs. Lundin suddenly cried out.

“Yes, fuck . . . me. . . Put your . . . fucking cock in . . . my fucking cunt . . . and fuck. . . Fuck my fucking cunt. . . Fuck, for heaven’s sake, fuck” A stream of dirty words flowed from her mouth in staccato interspersed with moans and cries. She again heaved, lifting me up on her springy mons. Her body started to tremble and a deep sound came from deep inside her. The sound changed into a scream when she arched her back strongly and tensed. Her pussy rippled along my cock.

I had got very surprised when she started talking like that. Miss Boman certainly had been talkative but not like that and not when we fucked. I had stopped thrusting into Mrs. Lundin and just pressed myself deep inside. She had done the fucking almost on her own.

Mrs. Lundin sank back down on the cushion but was still highly aroused.

“You haven’t come, I know you haven’t. Get going, fuck my cunt you fucking bastard. Fuck for heaven’s sake. Bang your fucking cock in my cunt. Ah yes . . . yes . . . yes.” Mrs. Lundin was wild and her shouting changed to cries when I started to fuck her again. I banged her fiercely I thought but she wanted more. Her legs were high up in the air and she started to hammer on my back with her feet. She shouted obscenities and cried out constantly.

Her talk didn’t scare me any more and I enjoyed her pussy. It was narrow and slick and engulfed my cock pleasantly. Now and then her pussy narrowed. The tingling in my loins started and a few strokes later I started to spurt. When she felt my come rush into her she put her legs around my waist pressing us hard together. And she screamed, a very relieved and happy scream it was.

She held me in place with her legs for a long time slowly grinding her pussy against me. Eventually she relaxed and pushed me off her. She lay looking up in the sky for quite a while. Then she rose on an elbow and looked at me.

“Eric, I am sorry. I think I got a little carried away. It happens to me now and then. Did I scare you? You did so well in my vagina and gave me so much pleasure, just like nature meant it. Was your deposition pleasurable?” Mrs. Lundin had a deep concern in her voice.

“Yes it was very pleasurable in your vagina. It really kept my penis in a very good position to deposit. No, you didn’t scare me, not at all. But I wonder about a few words I don’t know about. Like ‘cunt’, what is that?”

“Oh, did I really use that nasty word. Oh my goodness. Well, it’s a very crude word for vagina. You should never use it. If you want another word for vagina you may call it ‘pussy’ and you may call your penis a ‘dick or a ‘cock’. Now let’s take a swim and cool down.” Mrs. Lundin was embarrassed but came out of it by teaching.

She rose and walked slowly to climb down the ladder. In my opinion she wriggled her ass more than was natural. It was the first time I got a good look of her from behind. Her well filled ass had the shape of a pear with well muscled cheeks that moved nicely in half circles.

We swam, the water was nicely warm. Mrs. Lundin swam very ladylike with her head kept high not to get her hair wet. After a while she climbed out of the water and went out of my sight. I stayed in the water not knowing really what to do.

Mrs. Lundin came forward standing above the ladder looking down at me. She looked very impressive, statuesque and ladylike although in the nude. From my angle her legs looked very long and above the legs came her great bush. She must have paid attention to it because it was very fluffy and the sun filtered through it and made the silky hair to glisten. Above that came her high breasts. She cupped them and massaged them slightly. She moved a little and parted her feet showing her smiling lower lips. I understood that she really wanted to be looked at and admired and kept staring at her. A smile of delight came on her face when she noticed it.

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