Mark’s Mistake


“What part of don’t drink this did you not understand?” Allen yelled at Mark.

“It just smelled SO good and then I tasted it and I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Well, I hope you really liked it because now you will have to drink more. You realize that this messes the whole schedule. You will have to be taken out of circulation until punishment is over. That means the rest of us have to pick up your slack.” Allen’s face was getting redder with each moment.

“Wait here and I’ll find out how long you will be out of commission.” Allen turned and briskly walked out of the room.

Mark laid down on the bunk with a sigh. He felt a warmth inside of him that felt wonderful. He just felt bubbly if that was possible. It was great. He felt bad that Allen was so mad at him but he felt SO wonderful that it didn’t matter.

Almost an hour later Allen entered the room again. “Follow me.”, he said brusquely.

Mark sat up. He could feel the warmth radiating from him. He followed Allen through the building. Allen led him into a room the size of an airplane hanger.

“Put this on your dick. It will make things easier at the end of your punishment.” Allen handed him a long clear tube. He placed his penis into the tube and felt a strong vacuum suction pulling him in deeper. It was a strong enough suction to hold the tube on him without being enough to stimulate him.

“Stand over here and place this tube in your mouth.” Allen motioned him to a fenced off area. Mark walked to the middle of the enclosure and picked up the tube and placed in between his lips. Allen picked the other end of the tube and walked up a staircase attached the the fence.

Allen connected the tube to a large tank located at the top of the stairs and turned a valve. It was filled half full of the same liquid Mark had swallowed earlier. Dark liquid entered the tube and began moving its way to Mark’s awaiting mouth. The liquid hit his mouth in a symphony of flavors. He was sucking on the tube greedily as Allen approached him.

“You are being punished for disregarding explicit instructions. You will serve a year and a half of confinement. During that time you will serve as a fermentation vat. If you do not follow instructions again you will receive a longer sentence.” Allen turned and walked out leaving Mark to begin his sentence.

Mark could have cared less about what Allen had been saying. He continued to drink the fantastic liquid. He took his hand and repositioned the tube to allow more of the slow moving liquid to enter his mouth. He noticed after a few minutes that his stomach was bulging slightly from the liquid he was drinking.

I should probably stop drinking for awhile, he thought. Mark tried to pull the tube out of his mouth and found he could not. The tube was wedged in his mouth. He started to panic and tried to yank it out with both hand but it would not budge. As he moved he could feel the liquid in his stomach foam. He had to calm down if he was going to do something. Then he saw the stairway. If he could just get up the stairs to turn the valve off then it would stop the liquid.

Mark walked over to the gate in front of the stairs. He reached out to open it and felt a jolt of electricity surge through him and it threw him back into the center of the enclosure. He landed on his back with a hard thud. The force of the impact released a burp out of Mark. The air moved quickly up the tube and into the tank. As the bubble broke the surface in the tank the flow of liquid increase slightly. Mark was becoming a little uncomfortable. His stomach was full beyond capacity and was still expanding. Looking at the level in the tank he was no where near to being done.

He looked for another way to get to the stairway and with every attempt he was thrown back into the enclosure and received a painful electrical shock. Each time he landed a burp made its way out of him and into the tank increasing the flow of liquid. Seven tries later Mark decided that there was not going to be a way to turn off the valve. He would just have to take all of the liquid into him.

He laid Avrupalı porno on his back and massaged his stomach. He was feeling a lot of pressure from the fluid. The skin on his stomach stretched tightly under his fingers. Mark decided the best way forward was to help his body acclimate to its new form. He pressed on his stomach helping several burps exit. Mark groaned as the weight and pressure increased within him.

He stomach was getting huge. It was so large that he could barely see his feet when he raised his legs up in the air. He continued to massage what parts of his stomach he could reach. Every so often he would belch into the tube temporarily increasing the flow.

Mark watched as the tank emptied the last of the liquid emptied into him. He choked a little as the fluid finished draining into him. His body heaved as it tried to expel it from his body. Every heave sent waves through his belly. It wobbled painfully. He reached his hand up and thankfully was able to pull the tube from between his aching jaws. The largest belch he had ever had erupted from him. He felt like he would explode with the force of it. His belly wobbled violently. Every belch sent another wave through his engorged stomach. He winced in pain.

After several minutes he began to try to sit up. He was able to roll on his side and pushed himself in sort of a seated position. His arms had to support him as he could not fully sit up. His enormous belly stretched out before him making it impossible for him to move to a more comfortable seated position. He kept burping as he moved and it did seem to release the pressure inside of him. Mark heard footsteps behind him but was unable to turn to see who was there.

“You will have to deal with a lot more pressure before you are done.” Allen said. “That liquid is going to ferment for a year and half inside of you. You will continue to increase in size to accommodate the fermentation. When you have finished your sentence the liquid will be pumped out of you through the tube on your dick. Someone will check on your progress everyday to make sure there is not too much gas build-up.” Allen made his way over to Mark and began to probe his stomach. With each poke Mark belched.

“When you get too big to move on your own you will be rolled to help release the gas. Until then you will want to walk around to help yourself burp. If the gas fails to be released your body will not be able to handle all of that pressure and it will end badly for you.” Allen left the room.

Mark let out a groan that turned into a burp as Allen left. He was already feeling the discomfort of the gas inside of him. Mark used the tube that was hanging from the tank to pull himself awkwardly to his feet. Each movement produced a small burp. He swayed and almost fell over. His center of gravity had changed and the weight of his belly pulled him forward. Slowly Mark regained his confidence in his stance and took a step forward. He held his stomach has he paced the area. He belched as he moved around the room.

Every day that passed Mark grew in size. At first it was small enough that he wasn’t sure if it was really happening. Part of the issue was that the liquid seemed to be redistributing. Instead of the liquid being all on the front of Mark it was ballooning around him. He looked like a pear. To make matters stranger he had noticed that his skin was changing color as well. His skin was darker in color and more metallic. Looking down the length of his body he looked like he had gotten a deep golden tan.

Every day that passed his skin darkened. At the end of the first week Mark was sure that he was darker than the mahogany liquid he had ingested. He looked like he was as black as tar and just as shiny by the end of the month.

It was also proving harder to move around. His body was swelling up from the fermentation. He now was not only belching but farting as he moved. He could feel the bubbles inside of him. His whole engorged body tingled from the inside.

The attendant came daily to check on Mark. They would wrap a band around Video porno what used to be his waist and violently squeeze him to release a massive belch and fart that reverberated throughout the room. Each bit of gas released would help the enormous pressure inside of him. It was painful when the attendants squeezed him but he always felt better after.

Two months into his sentence Mark had grown to large proportions. He hardly had any control over his movements. It took all of his strength to move his feet underneath his expanding for. Then it happened. Mark burped and felt himself wobble a bit. It must have been just enough because Mark was thrown onto his back. He tried desperately to get back on his feet but each time he rocked back and forth he would barely touch the floor with his foot. Regaining his footing was impossible without help. The next day when the attendant came he looked over Mark and then started to push him around the room. He rolled Mark all over the enclosure pushing deeply into Mark with each roll to produce belches and farts.

The attendant’s schedule increased in frequency. Mark now was rolled several times a day. He continued to expand. He now could no longer tell where his arms were. All that remained visible were his hands. He felt like a strange balloon. He was completely round except where his feet, hands, and head were. His now dwarfed dick still had the vacuum tube on it. It was connected to a tube in the center or the room. They would roll balloon Mark around with his ‘string’ trailing behind him.

Time ceased to exist for Mark. The only thing that crossed his mind was trying to regulate the pressure inside his body. He would try and push with what little control he had and force gas out of his abused body. He no longer could tell how large he was getting. His form was large enough that he could no longer see the changes in his size. The only change he seemed to notice was his coloring. It had gone from a black tar color to a deep charcoal black. It wasn’t long after this realization that Allen visited Mark again.

“I see you are coming along nicely. I hope you are learning your lesson about following instructions.” Allen pressed just below Mark’s chin. A belch emerged long and slow from him. Allen smiled.

“There is only one month left on your sentence. It’s time for the final phase.” Allen held up something with straps on it. He started to unbuckle it. Just as Mark was asking about what that was Allen shoved part of it into his open mouth. He quickly buckled it around Mark’s head. As this was happening Mark felt an object being suddenly shoved up his asshole. Mark let out a muffled cry.

“The liquid you are carrying is a very rare alcohol. One of its key characteristics is its bubbles. It is similar to champagne in that respect. To obtain the amount of carbonation needed it must be under pressure. That means in the last month of fermentation we trap the gas inside.” Allen chuckled.

“We’ve plugged any release valves you have and now you only have the one in the gag that we control.” Allen demonstrated by pressing on Mark again. This time there was no release to the gas he felt wanting to escape.

Smiling Allen then turned a valve that now stuck out of Mark’s mouth. Mark began to belch. Allen closed the valve and Mark felt the belch stopping painfully.

“You will almost double in size before you are done if you survive. When your sentence is up you will be drained while still being gagged. When you are empty the gag and plug will be removed. Enjoy your last month of confinement. It’s a great time to reflect on past mistakes.” Allen patted Mark’s cheek and turned to leave.

?Mark seethed. Any sympathy or friendship Mark had about Allen was completely gone now. He was angered by how horrible Allen had treated him.

Mark’s attendants still came to roll him around. Instead of relief he only felt his discomfort grow along with his body. He was massive. Each day brought increased pressure. His Skin was now lightening. He was once a dark tar color and now lightened into a reddish ebony. His skin stretched thinner and thinner each day. Mark felt like he was truly going to pop. He could feel the liquid inside of him sloshing around with every movement.

Finally to his surprise relief came. They had rolled around that morning but before leaving they flipped a switch. Suddenly the light vacuum on his dick increased. Barely perceptible at first Mark felt drops of liquid dripping from his cock. Within a few minutes those drops had increased into a torrent. Liquid spewed from his pressurized body. An attendant came over to his face and opened the valve a little bit. He belched and almost teared up at finally having some relief.

It took two days for them to fully drain Mark. Every hour or so they would release a little of the gas inside of him so that they could keep the flow of liquid moving. The feeling of the pressure being released was orgasmic. Mark came a few times but only more liquid shot out of his body.

At the end of the second day the liquid had slowed from a trickle to a full stop. Mark was still quite large but he could stand on his feet at least. The tank that once held that delicious liquid was now full to the brim with a liquid gold bubbly alcohol. Mark marveled at how much fluid had been inside of him.

“I see you’ve finished your sentence.” Allen said from behind him.

?Mark turned around to face him.

“Well I guess it’s time for you to rejoin the group.” Allen said and motioned for an attendant.

The attendant bend down and Mark felt the vacuum tube release his dick. Mark went to reach up and remove the gag. Allen pushed his ballooned arm down.

“We’ll remove that in a moment. For now let’s get you back to the barracks.” Allen turned and left the room.

Mark waddled after him followed by two attendants. By the time they reached the barracks Mark was exhausted from over a year of inactivity. Allen motioned for him to the center of the barracks where a mat laid on the floor. Mark laid on the mat. The attendants cuffed his puffy form to one side of the floor and his feet to the same. Mark just wanted to sleep but apparently he wasn’t finished with his punishment quite yet. A bell sounded and all of the others from his unit filed into the barracks. They gathered around the spectacle in the center of the room.

“You have a comfortable life here. We ask very little of you. When we do ask something we expect that request to be followed. You have all been attendants to Mark and have seen what happens when you do not follow requests. To make sure that none of you repeat Mark’s selfish act you will witness the last of his punishment.” Allen held up his hand and signaled the two attendants.

In unison the attendants unbuckled the gag and pulled both it and the plug from his ass. His body was no longer blocked from expelling the gas inside of him. To Mark’s horror gas erupted from both ends for two minutes. It sounded like a fog horn had exploded inside of him. Then as the gas started to ease fluid gushed out of his ass. Deep golden liquid poured out of him as gas sent droplets of it flying everywhere. He belched one after another. An hour passed like this before the others were allowed to move on for the night.

Some stayed behind and poked his swollen body. They laughed as he moaned and fluid burst out of his ass. Allen left him there for three days. Three days where he did nothing but belch, fart, and leak. His body deflated. Allen came and the attendants released him from his shackles.

?Mark stood. His body was almost back to normal. His belly was still large and hung out in front of him like a pregnant woman. His skin was still a dark golden color.

“I trust we will have no more issues with you Mark. You caused quite the upset but I hope you learned your lesson.” Allen said to him coolly.

“I learned my lesson.” He said in a hoarse whisper. It was the first time in a month he had spoken. His whole body ached.

“Get back to your bunk.” Allen said as he left.

Mark shuffled over to his bunk and for the first time in a year and a half slept comfortably. It would be another two months before his body was back to normal. Even then his skin stayed an unnaturally darker gold color. Not long after it proved that Mark had not learned his lesson and once again faced punishment of a different sort.

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