Meeting Mike and Jane


This is the fourth story in the series of Jeff and Debbie’s sexual adventures.


A few days after we had first met Mike and his girlfriend in the sauna, I rang him and told him we would like to accept his invitation for a drink together,

Debbie told me which evening she would be able to get out, and here we were in Mike’s apartment above the gymnasium.

We more or less had to re-introduce ourselves again, Mike made the old joke about not recognising us with our clothes on, and Debbie and I laughed politely. but soon we were chatting amicably.

Jane was slightly younger than Debbie, I guessed in her early thirties. She wore a tight fitting black mini dress thigh high black stockings and high heeled shoes, She was tall and slim with shoulder length blonde hair, She looked stunning, with a beautiful face.

Mike was tall and handsome and had a reputation as a ladies man, He was the manager of the gymnasium below us and he was keeping us amused with stories of some of the goings on between male and female members. Then out of the blue he said, “I expect you will be surprised to learn that Jane used to be a lap dancer!”

“A LAP DANCER!” Debbie and I chorused.

“Yes I did it for about ten years, but when I reached thirty It was time to retire,” said Jane with a rye smile.

“Didn’t it embarrass you to dance naked for men?” Debbie asked her.

“Oh no not really,” Jane replied, “I got well used to it, and in any case I didn’t always get completely naked unless I did a private dance for a customer in one of the private rooms, and that person wasn’t always a man.”

Again we were surprised, “You mean you danced for women in private?” I asked her.

“Yes lots of women go to the clubs and often one of them will request a private dance, usually paid for by the man they are with. It was something I always enjoyed doing,” she finished mysteriously.

“Do a dance for us now Janey!” exclaimed Mike,

“I only dance for money?” Jane said with a laugh.

“Well, I will reward you later,” said Mike with a wicked grin.

He got up and placed a CD in his player.

As the music filled the room, Jane began gyrating around, She had a lovely rhythmical movement and we were entranced by her dance.

Debbie had her hand round my shoulders and slowly caressed my neck and the back of my head, I gently ran my hand along her inner thigh, but not quite reaching the top, My left hand gripped around her waist.

Jane wasn’t dressed the way she would be If she was dancing in the club, but her black dress quickly came off, and after she reached round to unhook her lacy bra, her lovely breasts tumbled izmir escort free.

My heart pounded and I was getting an erection with the pure sexiness of the situation, and Debbie increased the pressure on my neck when Jane slipped off her wispy thong.

As the music ended she threw her arms above her head and posed before us, completely naked.

There was silence for a few seconds as we gazed enthralled at her nude body, It had been a thrilling dance, and I was open mouthed in admiration.

Debbie was the first to speak.

“That was lovely Jane, and I see that you are shaved around your vagina, Is that because you were a dancer?”

“Yes,” Jane replied while looking intently at Debbie, “The management told all the girls to shave there because it makes that area less obvious to the audience in the subdued lighting in the clubs, But I love it shaved anyway so I keep it this way, Here feel how smooth it is.”

Jane stood close to Debbie and she ran her fingers over Jane’s pussy, I swear the sight of Debbie touching the pussy lips of another woman almost made me cum in my pants, It was so erotic.

“Yes,” she was saying “It is very smooth.”

The girls were looking into each others eyes, and Jane said, “You should shave yours Debbie, you will love it.”

“Maybe I will,” Debbie said, clearly impressed.

“I’ll shave yours for you Deb,” I volunteered and I ducked just in time as she tried to clip me round my head.

Then Jane spoke,”OK, now why am I the only one undressed, I’m feeling exposed here.”

Debbie and I stood up and looked at each other, “Are you game for this?” I asked grinning.

“If you are I am,” She said boldly, and both of us quickly undressed.

Mike had also stripped and he and I gulped with pleasure at seeing Debbie’s naked body. I was already more than familiar with it, and it thrilled me to see that her body compared very well with Jane’s.

Jane obviously thought so too the way she ignored Mike and me and stared at Debbie.

The semi erection I had during Jane’s dance had now become full length hard and thick, and it was trapped between our soft bellies when I pulled Debbie to me, and kissed her with all the passion I could muster.

Her hands were down my front cupping my balls, and my hand went round her back to feel the crack of her arse.

My fingers pushed between Debbie’s legs and into her warm and wet pussy hole, She gasped and moaned in pleasure and clamped my fingers inside her.

We sank to the carpet and I pushed her legs wide apart burying my face in her open and inviting cunt, I slid my tongue between her slick pussy lips to lick her clitoris, sucking her fleshy inner lips fully into my mouth.

I had forgotten all about Mike and Jane until they joined us on the carpet, Mike began by kissing my Debbie’s mouth and Jane licked and sucked Debbie’s nipples.

Debbie’s body slowly built to a frenzy of ecstasy and passion, she reached down for Mikes hard cock which he brought up to her mouth, and slipped it between her lips.

As she sucked hungrily on his cock, so Jane’s mouth engulfed Debbie’s nipple and finally, I slid my own cock into Debbie’s slavering hole.

Debbie writhed and bucked and lifted her hips as I barged into her, Mike was pumping his cock into Debbie’s mouth, and she gripped his balls with one hand and one of Jane’s tits with the other. I could see Mike’s eyes rolling and his head was lolling back and he was about to cum.

At the same time the tingling in my cock was getting stronger, and, as Mike stood rigid and poured his cum into Debbie’s mouth, I spurted my hot thick sperm into her cunt.

Debbie lifted her hips to meet my frantic thrusts, and tried to cope with a mouthful of Mikes cum which she swallowed bravely.

I was over come by a tremendous feeling of weakness and rolled off Debbie to lie gasping on the carpet. Mike, his cock now limp, sat panting with his back to the wall.

I watched in fascination as Jane pressed her mouth to Debbie’s, tasting what was left of Mikes cum.

Jane moved her hand down Debbie’s body and slipped two fingers between Debbie’s still open legs, and inside the outer and inner lips of her pussy amongst my sperm lingering there. She moved her fingers in and out of Debbie’s pussy, finger fucking her, Debbie responded to Jane by feeling under her bottom to search out the opening to her cunt, and slipped two fingers well inside her.

After a few minutes Jane moved down Debbie’s body and closed her mouth over Debbie’s sex and sucked noisily on her clit,

Debbie moaned and writhed under Jane and was ready to explode, As I looked on I saw Jane’s exposed ass-hole and perfect slit of her cunt as she knelt licking and tonguing Debbie’s pussy. The sight was too much to ignore and my faithful cock sprang to life.

I plunged him far into Jane’s open hole and, holding on to her hips, I slammed my eager cock frantically in and out of her body.

Mike could only look on as I fucked his girlfriend, and she in turn sucked on my girls clit.

Jane brought Debbie to a shuddering climax and Debbie’s juices squirted over Jane’s face.

The slap of my belly and thighs striking Jane’s arse cheeks, and the thrusts of my hands on her hips, forcing my cock in and out of her sex signalled her own violent orgasm.

How I held on to two women as they heaved and thrashed under me I will never know, but I stayed long enough to spurt my second load of the night deep into Jane’s lovely body.

We broke apart and I reached for Debbie.

The intensity of our lovemaking had taken us all by surprise and not what we had expected when we arrived, but when we did talk about it, we all agreed it had been memorable.

We were all still naked but no-one cared.

Debbie and I went together to the bathroom to clean up, She sat on the loo to wee, and I put my hands between her legs to feel her pussy lips as her wee ran through my fingers, mmmmmm that was sexy and we both laughed.

We came out of the bathroom and Mike poured us drinks, He and I watched as Jane stood with Debbie in the middle of the room, arms round each other, breast to breast, belly to belly and pussy to pussy.

I ogled the delightful curve of their feminine backs, and then the outward slope of their delicious smooth, plump bums.

Both women kissed each other passionately, and I could see their tongues in one anothers mouths.

Jane’s hand disappeared between Debbie’s legs and it was clear her fingers were inside Debbie’s pussy hole.

Then Jane stopped, turned to us and said “Sorry boys, this is between Debs and me,” and both girls walked, arms around each other, to the bedroom, firmly shutting the door behind them.

Mike and I shrugged our shoulders and got dressed.

He found some beers and we settled down to wait.

It was an hour before Debbie and Jane emerged.

Both women came through the bedroom door still naked, and still with arms around each other, both smiling broadly.

“Well?” I asked.

“Well what?” said Debbie.

“Are you going to tell us what you’ve been up to?”

“Certainly not, what went on in the bedroom is just between Jane and me,” Debbie told me with a twinkle in her eye, “But it was fantastic, and all I can say is you had better polish up your lovemaking skills,” “Jane sure knows how to please a woman.” she finished with a smile, which Jane joined in.

“I’ve got to get home now,” Debbie continued, “But Jane and I have arranged to see each other again. You and Mike are invited,” she added, almost as an afterthought.

“Thank you very much,” I said grumpily “Right are you ready? lets go.”

We said our goodbyes to Mike and Jane and I drove Debbie home.

“That was a great night out Jeff,” Debbie said.

I glanced at her and she was lying back against the car seat with a self satisfied look on her face.

“I’ve had some wonderful new experiences tonight, and I want them again.”

“You will Debs,” I promised, “you will.”

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