Manipulating Jenny Ch. 08


In this chapter: The sexy 18 year-old office flirt is groped to orgasm while helpless in a packed railway carriage en route to work via the underground tube and later, at the end of a provocative up close and personal fashion parade she confesses to her father, among other surprises, that it was a big carrot dipped in baby oil that initiated her into vaginal orgasms long before any penis did the trick.


Picture perfect Jenny, randy Raymond’s saucy 18 year-old personal secretary with the Playboy body, is going to make the most of what is typically a mad Monday. She has every reason to feel in a sexy mood as she heads to the underground tube with good news to tell her boss of her success in negotiating skills at the weekend.

She wants so much to impress her boss that she is not just a pretty face with a hot body, that she can out-negotiate a wily old bastard in a deal that Raymond couldn’t get without her help. Today she will gloat over that and she dresses to make him drool for her so she can deny him for a change.

She looks like something better than a centrefold in her five-inch high platform shoes, plunging neckline in half cup lace trim bra clutching her firm 38-inch puffy pointer breasts under a translucent satin blouse but as usual, her coup de gras outfit is her never-ending choice of sensationally sexy micro mini skirts.

This one is so short it only just comes to the bottom of her buttocks when standing normal. It is a form hugging satin material design that advertises her tight but upright fleshy butt and at the back zips undone from the hemline up to the waist. And that is a very short distance for a zipper to be zipped.

She knows she will sit in his office at one stage, no doubt to go over upcoming matters of the week, and she always likes to cross her legs several times and fidget so he gets an exciting look between her shapely tanned thighs. For this reason she has put on her most provocative yet g-string. The panties you wear when you are not really wearing anything.

She buys them by mail order from Germany where hot swimwear products have taken on a new meaning for exhibitionists like her. It is in the shape of a narrow tree leaf designed to merely go across the crack of a woman’s pussy, leaving bare the smooth outer labia. This will send her boss frothing if she can flash a few glimpses as she sits in his office. He always positions the visitor’s chair the right distance and spot so he gets to look up her skirt every time.

She knows if Raymond sees this he will want to bring forward his jet trip to the capital and the swish penthouse hotel business life style she thinks she can handle as good as Julia Roberts did in the movie Pretty Woman. Jenny never travels to work by rail but her car is being serviced today so she is roughing it with the swollen tide of commuters and the usual underground riff-raff of pick pocket thieves and other undesirables she shudders to think about.

She rushes to board the carriage in its usual peak hour crush and is lucky to even get on board it is so jam-packed with human cargo. This annoys her as she is must stretch high to grab an overhead passenger hand strap with both hands to keep her balance in her very high heels. Her carriage is packed like a can of sardines and she can’t move.

She curses under her breath as bodies are literally pressing into each other and her perfectly ironed white blouse is bound to be all crinkled up and she fears her new micro mini will look like she’s been through the mill as the railway carriage sways about around the bends and pitches everybody almost off their feet when it comes to another station.

She hates the underground tube and prefers to be spoilt rather than mix with this rough and tumble lot and its proliferation of foreigners who mostly chatter in languages she can’t even understand. Someone has rap music blaring. She struggles to keep her balance and is almost on tiptoes to reach with both hands the overhead strap.

She knows her skirt is riding up above the tops of her thighs the way she is hanging on but is helpless to do anything about it. The only good thing about being packed in so tight is that nobody can see her plight. She thinks.

It is a 40-minute trip and the carriage pitches about and she wonders if her blouse will make the distance the way bodies keep bumping against others, going this way one moment and that way the next. Suddenly her worst fears come to haunt her: the lights go out and it’s pitch-black darkness but at least the air conditioning is still working. The intercom crackles to life and a weak apology is offered from the transit system for temporary inconvenience. Yes, the lights should be restored again within 10 minutes.

Jenny can’t believe this is happening. Here she is, on one of her most look forward to days at the office and she’s stuck right in the middle of a packed subway carriage in pitch dark. The rap music continues to blare out its monotonous beat, voices are louder and more agitated and she is struggling siirt escort to hold on to the overhead strap. Never again, never again she vows after this humiliating experience. What a far cry she thinks from Saturday night when she was the centre of attention in her stunning evening gown at the plush six-star Ritz Hotel winning admiring glances from all directions. The foyer was the size of a football field and she seemed to be centre stage but now on Mad Monday she is just another sardine squeezed into a railway carriage with no room to move.

Her thoughts about her sexy Saturday night suddenly are interrupted with a strange sensation that something is moving under her skirt. There it is again. She feels a warm hand creeping ever so softly all over her bare arse. My God, she thinks, someone has unzipped her from the back, but who? She can’t even turn around she is pinned in so tight and if she lets go the overhead strap in the dark she may not even find it again or someone else will take it. She must hang on.

“Who is that? What are you doing? She whispers aloud hoping whoever it is will stop groping her. Instead all she hears is the rap music and My God, the hand is sliding under her arse right between her legs. Suddenly she hears the voice coming from behind her but it could be from three different places. She can’t turn around and is now scared.

Suddenly a croaky voice whispers crudely in her ear. “Hey slut, if you don’t open those pretty legs of yours for me your sexy little skirt won’t be any use to you again. Now do it!” For the first time in her life, the exhibitionist is genuinely frightened and does what he says. The crude voice is back again. “Hey slut, don’t even think about turning around or your skirt won’t be worth wearing again”

She now feels two hands. Is there one person or two? One hand comes around from the right hand side of her and slides under her leaf shaped and leaf sized panty and in one quick jerking movement snaps it off her body, falling somewhere to the darkened floor. Fingers are sliding into her crack, probing for her clitoris. He’s at her ear again: “Bet you’d fuck a tramp if you could, you hot bitch.”

His fingers play triumphantly around her upstanding clit, forcing her to take more and more deep breaths. Another hoarse whisper: “Do ya like this ya hot tart? Good isn’t it? I know because your cunt is wet and shows you want it?” She shivers as the voice is up to her ear: “Nice cunt you’ve got, no hair there eh? You’re wet down there you prick-teasing harlot. This why you wear your skirts so short you bitch so you can advertise your hot box?”

Jenny is barely able to hang on to the overhead strap to stay on her feet. He has one hand working her clit and the other hand roaming over her bare arse, between the cheeks and pushing up into her anus in quick jabs Jenny likes to dominate a man in playtimes but is now seriously subservient not knowing if he has a knife and will jab her.

The sexual tension builds in her loins from this pitch-dark assault. Why doesn’tshe call out for help, she demands to know of herself, only to be answered by her better judgement that it’s safer to succumb and let him have his filthy crude way with her rather than risk being injured by fighting. Safety first, not pride. She can imagine her clothes being torn off her and that would be a fate worse than him fingering her in the dark. She has no choice but to let him have his way with her and hope for the best.

“Come on bitch, I can feel you shaking, you like my fingers in your cunt don’t you,” he whispers loudly at her to get around the noise of the rap music. “Tell me slut, tell me!” Jenny is almost collapsing from exhaustion by trying to hold herself upright, her mini skirt is bunched up above her hips and she can’t resist the eroticism now gaining control of her, overriding her earlier fear and now victim to the power of human lust. She can hear him again but can’t tell which person it is. He moves from one ear to the other. Everything is either shadows or a blur, but not the experienced hand under her skirt, finding all the crevices of her dripping vagina. He jerks her pony tail back.

“Can’t hear you? Tell me you like my fingers in your cunt ” She leans back hoping he can hear and whimpers “Yes. I like your fingers in my cunt…. ohhh, ohhh, ohhh.” Jenny is climaxing and he puts a hand over her mouth to muffle her emotional cries.

She can hardly stay on her feet and she is still trembling, partly from the orgasm and partly from fright. But suddenly it is over. His fingers are gone. His hands are gone. His voice is gone. He is gone. Who was it? She shudders to think what will happen when the lights come on. She is sexually assaulted in the pitch dark, her g-string is ripped off her body, someone fondles all over her arse, between her legs and all over her genitals, gives her an orgasm and completely disappears in less than 10 minutes. She will never ever travel by the train again.

She wants to cry but suddenly sinop escort the lights are back on and the train is pulling into a station. She looks anxiously around to see who it might have been. That man with the briefcase? That man with the backpack? The man in overalls? The man in the tracksuit? The priest looking at her? She tries to match that voice to these faces and clothes but it doesn’t make sense.

People are getting off the train and she hurriedly remembers to pull her skirt down and zip it up again. She finds her g-string on the floor. Trodden on. The crumpled bit of narrow leaf shaped opaque flimsy piece of material looks like a leaf fallen from a tree. She now feels like a fallen leaf. She scoops up the shorter piece of the g-string band where he snapped it off her body, hoping she may yet be able to repair it.

Ten minutes later she is off the train and heading for the office in a complete fluster — without any pants under her micro mini. Jenny knows she must be careful until she can get some pants back on but decides she won’t tell her boss or anyone what happened as they will be sure to say it’s her fault and she had it coming for being a prick teaser and dressing so provocatively. She doesn’t need a lecture now.

She heads up the long ramp from the platform and heads to the two levels of escalators to reach street. From there is a three- city block walk to where she works. The naked cheeks of her bum are easy to see by anyone behind her who cares to notice. When she reaches the escalators she notices about six young men with mobile phones standing around and they get on the up travel steps behind her. Some seem to be going in the same direction because she glances over her shoulder twice after moving to the second up travel escalator to reach the street and on the walk to the street they are still behind her. She realises they are taking pictures up her skirt but is powerless to do anything about it.

She arrives before the staff as usual and luckily, Raymond is already there so she can get the news to him about her success on Saturday night with the fake business magnate Mr Wilson. She will then feign illness like he did at the hotel, leaving her on her own to negotiate such important business, and she will go home. She planned on Sunday to once and for all seduce her stepfather into having sex with her after her many years yeaning for his love. But he is so naïve for such a handsome 50 year-old man she must now use more womanly guile. For teenager Jenny, it is a challenge to conquer any man by her rules and the crude attack in the darkened railway carriage upsets her confidence no end.

The boss is glad to see her looking so spunky on a Monday morning and unknown to Jenny, his golfing buddy “Mr Wilson” has already told him that their hotel dinner charade worked. Raymond got the $10,000, his golfing sidekick got Jenny into bed for no less than five fucks, one body massage and the countless mini perversions he enjoyed while she was in deep sleep from the drink between 2am and 7am. Jenny, unaware of the real deal, got a signature not worth as cracker on a fake document that earlier seemed so important to her boss.

She would be furious and no doubt in tears if she knew she was used as a tool for his devious dalliance because underneath her coy behaviour and well rehearsed lustful ways, the perfect body beautiful could easily fall in love with her boss. He seems to have a sexual appetite that works in well with hers. He is handsome and very wealthy.

“Sir, I got it, I got it, he signed the papers you wanted, but it wasn’t easy….”

“Jenny that’s fantastic, I knew you would come good for me.” He uses his words with real deliberation. Jenny did come good, and often, and he must not let her know he is aware of it. “You certainly proved after all that you have what it takes my girl.” She immediately relates to how Julia Roberts in her favourite movie Pretty Woman successfully won over Mr Cool Businessman Richard Gere in the swish hotel scenes. Her boss Raymond is thinking of her sexuality and some of the things his buddy told him they did in the Platinum Suite of the six-star Ritz Hotel on Saturday night.

“Oh sir, he was playing hard ball with me but I think I had him by the balls in the end — I mean not literally of course but you know how I can win them over with my seductive eyes and charm. These older men are so weak when it comes to flashing just a bit of breast at them.”

“Is that all you had to do?”

“Yes sir,” Jenny lies. “He has a stepdaughter with tits like mine but he has never seen them so I said if I gave him just a peek of mine and since they are similar to his stepdaughter he’s so besotted over, it would be like seeing her breasts.”

“Jenny, you slay me and I can imagine how you got on top of him in that negotiation. It is correct to say you got on top of him, and by that I mean you had the upper hand in the end.”

“Oh yes sir, I got on top of him all right, but only in a manner of şırnak escort speaking of course.”

“Yes, of course Jenny. I am proud of you. I am so sorry about me getting sick at the last minute and not being there on Saturday night to negotiate the deal myself but you certainly knew how to handle him pretty well without me, eh? I wish I were there to see how you handled that cagey old mongrel.”

“Yes sir, you would have been quite surprised how good I was.”

“Well thanks for getting this document signed and I can get the legalities under way now. You certainly have earned your BMW sports car already. Now take a seat while I go through these papers for our business trip to the capital on Friday.”

Jenny is so smitten by impressing him with that news she completely forgets she isn’t wearing her leaf crack cover panties and leans back in his visitor’s chair with her skirt riding seductively to the top of her shapely thighs. As she sits down he sees everything, but says nothing. He thinks she is doing this deliberately to make sure he takes her on the business trip.

“Put in your diary please we will be catching the 3.30pm flight out on Friday for the capital and make sure you get your gear, whatever you want to take, in plenty of time,” he says. This suits Jenny as she has a new special order of hot lingerie she buys by mail order from Germany and is picking up a package today with another on its way. Just in time.

She always like to flaunt herself in front of her boss as he makes it up to her with great gifts and anyway, she gets a kick flashing in front of even older strangers — just enough to make them want to remember her face every time they feel randy. Jenny feigns feeling sick and asks can she go home immediately before the staff arrives. He lets her go, after feigning illness himself on the previous Saturday and leaving her in the clutches of his golfing cohort posing as businessman Mr Wilson at the Ritz Hotel.

She catches a taxi to the car dealership to collect her Beamer and almost gives the cabbie a heart attack when she jumps in and can’t pull her skirt down past the tops of her thighs, giving the black man the best upskirt he has seen for years — and he’s seen many. Even with her legs held close together the top of her bare pussy is evident. At the BMW dealership it is more of the same. As Jenny is a popular client because of her beauty, the service supervisor opens the driver’s door for her to get behind the wheel and can’t believe his eyes as her legs are spread momentarily and even when seated, her pussy is in full view. Her skirt rides even higher and into her abdomen in the moulded bucket seat as she wriggles to adjust the driving position. This time her whole pussy is open for inspection, if only for a brief moment. As she drives off the service supervisor tells the customer relations manager what he saw and they hope she books in again soon.

On the way home Jenny is working out in her mind how she will go about seducing her handsome stepfather. The one man whom she admires more than any other and to whom she will give herself willingly but he is so naïve and totally unaware of how she feels about him. Worse, he doesn’t seem to take her hints. Jenny thrives on challenge and won’t be satisfied until she can seduce him once and for all.

She arrives at the adult store that receives her mail orders from Germany and while there she purchases a very gimmicky pussy stimulant in the shape of a long string of oversize pearl beads that fit to a thong-type lace waist band and loop between the legs, allowing the pearls to snuggle into her vagina so that as she walks, sits or moves about the pearls — similar in action to those used in vibrators — will give her sexual stimulation. Something nice to wear away on her business trip and squirm on while on board the jet. The eternal aphrodisiac. This is Jenny. Liberated and in love with pleasure.

She buys a super hot micro bikini to play out her real life fantasies but especially to take away on Friday’s business trip with her boss Raymond and to wear in front of her stepfather as often as possible. She can always say she is wearing clothes even though he won’t miss a thing because the hot range of micro bikinis and thongs are designed for one purpose — to promote the shape and bare appearance of the female genitals. Her thoughts are swimming about this man who took over raising her from an eight year-old after her mother died in an accident. He is 50, tall and well-built, muscular and very fit for his age and another reason why Jenny finds him so attractive.

She can only imagine what’s inside his pants because the closest she ever came to seeing him naked were the times she used to sneak down the hallway to her mother’s bedroom and in her early curiosity listen to them making love and sneaking a peek at their silhouettes in the dark and trying to imagine what was actually happening.

Love, she then decides, has something to do with a man going harder and deeper -. whatever that means – to make his wife happy. But at what? In the dark and trembling in fear of being caught out, she could only wonder. The only clue was the words she never forgot on one of those sneaky trips to her parent’s bedroom door when he said quite loudly in the dark for her mother to open her legs wider.

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