Life on the Farm


The Carruthers, 30-year-old Jake, 52-year-old Allen and his mother, 51-year-old Allie sat at the kitchen table drinking Allie’s ice cold lemonade. Outside shimmering waves of heat rose from the plowed fields. Even their old mule retired to the coolness of the barn after drinking from the water trough.

Allen wore faded almost white Oshkosh blue jean bib overalls with no shirt. A forest of grey chest hair sprouted from the top and sides of the coveralls. A matching grey monk’s cap of hair circled his head, leaving his sweaty bronze pate bald and gleaming. A grey grizzled two-day old beard covered his meaty mahogany face. His scuffed high-top Brogan’s show the signs of arduous work.

He was a stolid man, not given to long conversations or deep thoughts. He rose before sunrise. With a brief break for dinner at noon, he stayed in the fields until dark. Then he ate his supper and retired for the night to repeat the cycle six days a week. Sunday, he rose early for church. He spent the remainder of Sunday preparing for the next week’s cycle.

Allison, “Allie” Carruthers, Jake’s mother, was bare leg wearing cloth slippers., She wore a button up the front faded print dress that was at least a size too small. Her 40E breasts sat on her chest like twin mountain ridges with cleavage that rivaled the Grand Canyon in its depth. Because of the oppressive heat and high humidity, she wore no bra or panties.

Her perspiration caused her dress to cling to her body, molding it to her ass and breasts. The clinging dress emphasized her outsized breasts. It clung to her crotch creating a vee that was only broken by her hairy Mons. Perspiration added a sheen to her blemish free mocha skin.

Allie was an elemental woman. Her passions were family, home and church. She gave herself fully to each in its time.

They were poorly educated farm people. When they were coming up in the war years, field hands were more important than book learning. They learn to read and write and very little else. It was their pride that their son was the first one in the family not only to graduate high school but also graduate college.

Jake wore rumpled tan Carhartt’s. Perspiration stains marked the back, chest and made a semi circle under his arms. He took a long gulp of the lemonade. He was clean shaven with close cropped black hair. The top two buttons of his shirt were undone, revealing a forest of dark chest hair.

“Boy, I’m glad you got down to see us. It’s been a while.”

“I know dad. But with my job up in Capital City, June being pregnant, our two kids and my brother Caleb, it’s hard for me to get away except when my job brings me here.”

Allison stood leaning against the sink just behind her husband listening to he and his son discuss the farm. Jake was a 30-year-old version of his father. His education made him more vocal, more urbane. However, his massive chest and thick thighs were those of a body made for hard work. He was built like a plow horse but college gave him thoroughbred thoughts.

She leaned her head back and took a long gulp of the lemonade. Her mid-thigh dress rode up in front and the buttons stretched. The spaces between the buttons on her dress exposed her substantial cleavage. Some of the liquid spilled from her mouth, moistening her threadbare cotton dress. She smiled when she saw her son staring at her chest.

Jake noted her large nipples making impressions in the overly tight dress. He glanced down at her full firm thighs made muscular by arduous farm work. He felt a stirring in his pants and quickly looked away.

“It’s been two weeks since you was here last,” She said as she walked past Allen and stood next to her son seated at the kitchen table. Her mature hips brushed his shoulder. She rested her hand on his back just below his neck and made slow circles with her fingers. She was close enough to smell the acrid odor of his sweat and his male scent. A tremor shook her body.

“How’s Caleb doing? I really miss him.”

“He’s is doing just fine, mom. He’s doing well in school and gets along well with his two cousins.”

Caleb was 8 years old. It took some doing. However, Jake convinced his parents that the school system in Capital City offered more opportunity for a bright child like Caleb. He spent the school year with Jake and his summers and holidays on the farm.

Allen stood. “I got to get back out in the fields. Them no account help I hired will sit on their ass if I don’t watch them.”

Jake stood and awkwardly embraced his father. Allen was not given to open displays of affection. “I’ll be gone when you get back. But I’ll be back in about another two weeks when school is out. I may bring my boys with me when I bring Caleb home. Maybe we can get some fishing in.”

Jake worked for the State Farm Bureau. He travelled the state assessing the quality of the land, water, and crop yields. Approximately every two weeks his job brought him to his Escort bayan parent’s small farm.

“I’d like that! You and me ain’t been fishing in years. And you right for bringing your boys. They could use some of this fresh country air.”

The two men clumsily broke their embrace. Allen patted his son on the shoulder with one gnarled hand. He nodded at Allie and lumbered out the door They both heard him start the old tractor and head toward his crops.

“So, when is my new grandbaby due?”

Allison leaned over to pick up her husband’s dirty glass. The top of her dress fell open. For a moment, Jake stared at his mother’s large bare bosom. Her breasts hung swinging in tune with her body as she dabbed with a dish towel at the wet spot left by the glass. He looked up to see her smiling at him.

Allie turned, walked to the sink, turned on the tap and rinsed it out. She folded the damp dish towel and draped it over the edge of the porcelain sink. Out of the window, over the sink, she could see her husband on his tractor moving toward their fields.

“She’s 28 weeks along. The baby is due in about two months.” Jake stood and walked behind his mother.

“I always wanted a passel of babies. I wanted so many they’d be under foot like a herd of rabbits.”

Jake could hear the sorrow in her voice at having only two children. He knew it was the one disappointment in her life.

Aware of their frustration, he suggested his parents to have a fertility test. He was 18 at the time and heard about this type of testing in school. His father fought against it. He said if they kept “doing it” Allie would get pregnant. Eventually, Jake and Allie convinced him. The results showed he had a low sperm count. The news devastated Allie. Allen never accepted the result.

When she ultimately did get pregnant, the doctors thought Allie’s pregnancy was a minor miracle. They could not explain it. Allen actually smiled. It confirmed his manhood.

Jake wrapped his arms around Allie’s waist and cupped her large tits. She sat the glass in the sink, leaned her head against her son’s chest and covered his hands with hers.

“Baby, she said quietly, “your momma has REALLY missed you.”

Still embracing her from behind, Jake simultaneously ground his hardening cock into her substantial butt while undoing the buttons on her dress. He pushed the dress aside and caressed her body, running one hand over her belly pooch and up to her breasts. He cupped them at the base and slowly drew the hand up the soft flesh to her rigidly hard nipples. The other hand slid down to her hairy bush. His index finger sank into her moist birth canal.

Allison took a long sibilant breath. Her plump hips pumped against her son’s finger. Almost involuntarily her ass began grinding against his tumescent tool.

“I miss you too, momma.” Jake nuzzled her ear, nipping lightly on her sensitive earlobe.

“We can’t fuck here in the kitchen, baby. I can see your daddy on his tractor in the distance.”

“You know you love the excitement of doing it here.”

“Baby, I love doing it with you anywhere. But sometimes I get scared we might get caught.”

Having sex with her son awakened a fire in Allie. Sex with Allen was always pleasurable and she looked forward to it. However, her son stirred a dormant volcano of lust she never knew existed. Her juices flowed from her like molten lava. Jake had her doing things she never dreamed of doing.

She and her husband were virgins when they married at 17. Until she started having sex with her son, all Allie knew was missionary and the occasional spoon fashion.

The nascent Internet of the late 1990s and a few promiscuous high school girlfriends provided depth and breadth to Jake’s sex education. By the time he seduced his mother at 18, he was still a relative novice. However, compared to his mother, he was worldly.

As his caressed his mother’s breasts and ran his finger through her pulsating slit, he looked out the window at the old barn. Their first time was right out there. It was a sultry hot August day just like today.

Allie wore a house dress like the one she wore now. They were taking a break before finishing their chores. They were sitting on hay bales in the relative cool of the barn, dipping freshly pumped cool water from a galvanized pail.

Allie stood and brushed the hay from her dress. “Come on, son! We still got chores to do.”

When Jake brought the dipper to his mouth for a last drink, Allie playfully pushed the dipper up, spilling the water over him. He leapt to his feet coughing.

“Mom!” He refilled the dipper from the pail and doused his mother. The water soaked her threadbare print cotton dress, making it translucent. He could see her dark nipples, hardened by the cold water, pressing against the dress. For a moment, the eroticism of seeing his mother’s tits transfixed him.

“You little Bayan escort dickens! You can’t do that to your mother!”

Allie took advantage of his hesitation to pick up the pail and throw the rest of the cold water on her son. Laughing, she ran across the barn with Jake in hot pursuit. He caught her and they fell on the bales of hay. Jake began tickling her as they tussled on the hay bales.

“Douse me with water will you,” Jake laughed as he mercilessly tickled his mother.

They were never sure what happened then. At some point Allie’s dress rode up. Jake, sweating heavily, saw the glistening wetness of her hairy thatch. He saw her dark rigid areola tenting her drenched dress. He sat straddling her. He reached out and touched her hard nipple.

She lay on her back trying to catch her breath. Allie shivered when his hands touched her breasts. She felt strange but was not afraid of his touch. When he unbuttoned the dress, Allie felt a tremor in her abdomen. She knew she should stop him. She never understood why she did not.

When he leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth, she held his head to her breast letting him suckle. She recalled the intimacy of breastfeeding him as a newborn. Back then, she loved the intimacy of nourishing the life she had just produced.

She knew this was different. This intimacy was forbidden. Even though it grew from the same maternal intimacy, society said it was a step too far.

Jake sucked hungrily on his mother’s pinky sized nipple. His hands explored her large mature body, sliding over her belly pooch and through the forest of her pubic hair.

Allie was a big woman, almost Amazonian in girth and stature. Hard farm labor kept her body tight.

His mother’s lush body entranced Jake. It was different from the farm girls he had in the back of his father’s pickup truck. Those girls were smaller after the modern fashion. His mother’s body was lusher. Her reaction to his lovemaking surer. There were no pseudo protestations. She knew what he was going to do.

Allie’s hand covered her son’s. She never knew if she meant to pull his hand away or if she intended to push his index finger into her hole. She did know that she thrust up against it, pumping her hips.

“No, baby! No! We mustn’t.” Even as she protested, she held his hand tight against her pussy, thrusting against his finger. There was a delicious wantonness to letting her son finger her. Other than Allen, and occasionally her own, Jake’s were the first fingers in her hole.

“Please momma! Please!” Jake was not sure what he was asking for as he lay partially on her body drop humping her thigh. He crushed her lips with his. Allie turned to face him. They ground against each other. Their breathing was harsh. Their hands roamed each other’s bodies, touching sensitive spots, drawing moans and sighs

Even as she protested, Allie pulled the straps of Jake’s bib overalls down and pushed them below his waist. It was she who pulled him on top of her. It was she who took his cock in her hand and positioned it her hole.

They both groaned in wide eyed surprise as he slowly slid in her. He felt his cockhead penetrate her labia, parting them as it entered her sheath. Though more sexually experienced than his mother, he knew this was different. There was at once a familiarity and a sense of forbidden fruit.

Allie felt the pressure as he slipped the first inches in her hole. It felt strange to have another man’s cock in her pussy, a pussy only her husband had entered. It felt even stranger that the cock was her son’s.

She felt the helmet of his cockhead slide between her engorged swollen labia. He was only a little larger but incredibly hard, harder than her husband had been in years. It slid effortlessly through her sheath, filling her, sending thrills through her body. After her initial protest, she was silent. She stared wide eyed into her son’s lustful face as he paused with his cock filling her pussy.

“We shouldn’t do this, baby!” She felt she had to say this, to acknowledge the sinfulness of what they were doing. Even as she mouthed her feeble protest, she felt his balls slap against her ass. He was only slightly larger than his father. However, his cock was more rigid, more vital. Her hands stopped pushing at his chest. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her large firm thighs encircled his back.

For a moment, they lay joined like that. They could feel the heat of the summer day wafting in through the open barn door. In the distance, they heard the growl of Allen’s tractor. The world seemed the same. However, they knew it was changing. The aroma of their arousal mixed with the scent of the fresh hay.

It was Allie who began to pump up, relishing the feel of her son’s cock sliding through her love hole. It was she who flexed her muscular thighs around his back drawing him deeper.

“OHHHH MOM! You feel so good!”

“SOOO Escort WRONG! SOOO WRONG!” Even as she acknowledged the wrongness of fucking her son, she thrust against him. A low keening sound issued from her throat as he began to match her thrusts. The sounds of flesh slapping flesh, the sloshing of hard cock in wet pussy resounded in the cavernous barn. Sweat streamed form their bodies as mother and son rutted. In his stall, the old mule snorted as the scent of their lust filled the barn. He was the only witness to their incestuous act.

She felt no guilt at having sex with a man other than her husband. This was not the sexual act of a man claiming a woman. This was different. Fucking her son did not break her marriage vows. It was an extension of a mother’s love for her son and his for her.

Sweat streamed off them that long-ago summer day as they rutted. They were no sweet words of love, just the animalistic grunting of their coupling. Allie reveled in the sensations of her son’s cock plunging in and out of her pussy. Jake marveled at the sensuality of his tool buried deep in his mother’s spasming hole.

Her pussy contracted as though she where giving birth, clamping down on her son’s cock. The spasms in her pussy permeated her body. Allie came with a violence she had not felt in years. It was as though she were having a seizure. Her eyes were wide and fixed. Her mouth gaped open saliva ran from the corners, her head whipped from side to side. Her arms and legs thrashed about uncontrollably. The violence of her orgasm frightened her. She felt as though she were dying, like her last breath were being snatched from her.

She screamed when she felt her son swell in her. Then she felt the molten heat of his sperm as he flooded her sheath. She felt it splash against the walls of her vagina. It washed up against her cervix with the force of a tidal wave, flooding her pussy.

“Oh Momma! Momma! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

“I feel you, baby! I feel you! Fill your momma up!”

Mother and son thrust hard against each other. Allie drove her hips up to meet her son’s downward thrust. Their nostrils flared as the scent of their lust wafted through the barn. In that moment, they lost all sensibility. Animalistic lust ruled them.

They came down slowly. Their frantic dance of incest slowing as their passions cooled. Breathing heavily, Jake lay on his mother with his head next to hers. He could feel the heat of her body under him. He felt the slow heaving of her body as she came down from her orgasmic peak. His breath came in harsh gasps.

Allie stared up at the ceiling of the barn. Her hand caressed Jake’s back. What she had done and why confused her. The world looked the same. The tractor still growled in the distance. The heat waves shimmered across the field. The mule snorted and stamped his hoofs in his stall.

However, it was her son’s cock filling her pussy. It was his seed she felt oozing from her hole. It was his young tight body that lay atop hers. That was new. That was different. That part of her world had changed

. She felt her son’s cock softening in her. She stroked Jake’s sweating back as she felt the last spurts of his sperm fill her. She felt his seed spilling from her, running down the cheeks of her ass. She always loved him. She still did but in a new way.

She was his mother and felt the symbiosis that a mother feels for a child. She rationalized that sex was an extension of that love. She gave him life. Now she gave him her body. She accepted his seed into the womb.

Afterwards they were embarrassed. They did not look at each other as the put their clothes back on. They walked from the barn maintaining a wide separation. They returned to their chores.

It was several days before either one of them spoke to the other about what happened. Jake’s new relationship with his mother confused him. She was not like the farm girls he fucked. It was not just the physical act. He loved his mother. There was no doubt about that. He just loved her more and differently now. The intimacy he felt with her was not like those girls.

Allie was not given to deep reflection. Life went on. Each day she cooked, cleaned, and did the other chores associated with farm life.

Like the dutiful wife she was, Allie had sex with her husband. As it had for years, his cock comfortably filled her. She knew how deep he would go and how long he would last. Sex with him was still satisfying.

Even as they pumped against each other, she thought of Jake’s cock. It was not cock size that brought images of him to her mind. It was something she could not explain. When her husband came, she thought of the volume and vitality of Jake’s sperm.

A few days later, she watched him pull into the yard in the old F-150. She watched him step from the truck, walk to the rear, and open the tailgate. He was shirtless, wearing old cutoff jeans. His skin burned black by the sun. Perspiration gleamed on his hard body. Her body tingled as she watched the muscles in his arms ripple. She brought her hand to her ample bosom, when she saw his thews cord as he squatted. The bulge in his crotch caused a moistness in her nether regions.

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