Loving My Sister and My Mother Ch. 02


The last few weeks have been very interesting. I can’t stop thinking about my mother. The urges have been unbearable at times. My mother and I have not had sex in a few weeks. I think about her constantly.

I constantly jerk off in my mother’s panties. I just dream of sucking her nipples. I loved when I fucked her. Her breasts were so firm and didn’t even move. My mother is a natural size 38D.

I just remember how her cunt tasted and those tits. I can’t stop thinking about them. I sit in my room and wrap my mother’s thongs around my cock and move them up and down my shaft. I smell the trophy pair, which are white lace panties and I jerk off in them.

Our mother recently had a stripper pole installed in her bedroom. She said she needs to practice for her performances. A few times last week, my mother was practicing in her room.

I heard Gina go into our mother’s bedroom and asked our mother to show her how to use the pole. Mom showed her a few moves and helped her try to get the hang of it. I heard them both laughing a lot in the room.

I heard Gina ask our mother if she did lap dances. Sandy, our mom said she did do lap dances and asked my mother to show her how to do them. My mother said she would show her, but needed me to act as the customer.

I heard my sister calling my name and Gina said our mom was going to show her how to do a lap dance. I sat on the chair and my mother was going to demonstrate to my sister what to do.

My mother then got on my lap and she did a lap dance for Gina to see her techniques. I was so turned on by my mother. Our mother was gyrating her hot body over my stiff dick. She was shaking those tits in my face.

My sister was watching and she was looking at me and could see how much I was enjoying this sexy dance from my mother. I could tell my sister was getting a little jealous. Our mother is a smoking hot piece of ass.

After my mother was done, she told Gina to sit on my lap and do what she did. My sister then tried to copy what my mother did. She was doing a great job. My cock was already hard from my mother and my sister was grinding her hot piece of ass on me.

Our mother told Gina she was a natural. My sister laughed and told my mother maybe she could go to the club someday to work. My mother told my sister that it was no place for her daughter to be. She wanted better for my sister. Even though our mother made a ton of money doing her exotic dancing.

After the stripper pole and lap dance demonstration, my mother had to get ready for work. She took a shower and my sister and I just went in the living room and watched television. While our mom was in the shower, Gina and I made out.

After about twenty minutes mom came out in a skin tight red dress and red five inch heels. She had her long blond hair in a bun and she looked almost like a slutty school teacher. Maybe that was her act for the night. She left and went to work.

We went back into our mother’s room and we undressed and I sat on the chair, while my sister put on some slutty pole dancing routine on the stripper pole. She gyrated her hips and got on the pole sisli escort and tried to do some slutty moves. It was very hot.

I was stroking my eight inch cock. I put a condom on and Gina sat right on my cock cow girl position and rode my hard cock. I was playing with her firm and perky tits. We were both all horned up from the stripper pole and lap dancing that we just wanted to fuck when our mother left.

Gina’s cunt was so wet. She moved her cute little body over my hard cock. We kissed deep and passionately, while I suckled and played with her hard nipples. My sister was moaning and rubbing her clitoris as she fucked me good and hard. Gina let out a scream and she started to cum. Her tight fit body was shaking, as her cunt soaked my hard cock.

Her tits are smaller than my mother’s, but they are such a tasty mouthful. My sister got very horny, when I played with her tits. I told Gina to get on her knees, I wanted her to stuck my cock. I removed my condom, while my sister worked her hot mouth up and down my firm shaft.

My sister loves to suck my cock. She loves to put my balls into her mouth and suck on each one. It felt so good and made me horny as hell. I picked her hair up, so I could watch her bob up and down over my shaft. That made me even hornier, as my beautiful sister sucked and worshiped my firm eight inch dick.

My sister loves to finger herself, while she sucks on my cock. It really turned me on. I told her to stick two fingers and fuck herself hard, while she slurped and gagged on my cock. I was really enjoying her wet mouth. My sister slapped my cock meat on her tongue and my pre-cum oozed off my head.

Gina opened her mouth and I blew my load into her mouth. Gina is a really good cock sucker, not as good as my slutty mother, but fantastic. We really love each other. We have been having sex for the past year. We fuck almost every day.

After my sister came in my mouth, I told her to lie down and spread her thighs. She had a very tasty wet pussy. I licked Gina’s cunt up and down her pretty pussy lips. She loved when I sucked on each of her lips. Gina would moan and groan. I fingered her fast and licked any juices that would leak out of her pretty pussy.

She was so wet and her pussy creamed on my tongue. She loved when I tongue fucked her pussy hard with my tongue. I told my sister to ride my face. She got up and worked her pussy across my face. I was able to tongue fuck her better in that position. She was so wet and came several times, while I licked her pussy.

I told Gina I was going to rim her ass. We never had anal before, that was something I had done with my mother. I licked my sister’s puckered ass hole with my tongue. She really seemed to like it. I inserted my pinky into her ass, while I licked her pussy. She was moaning and groaning. She loved it and her pussy was creaming, as I finger fucked her tight ass.

Gina was so hot and horny. I told her I wanted to fuck her ass. She was a little hesitant at first. I went in my mother’s draw and got the lube. I told Gina to get on all fours on the floor and I would fuck her ass doggie style. şişli esc She was very nervous, but she let me lube her ass and I put my cock in her very slowly. She didn’t cry or anything.

She said it didn’t hurt much, but said it was very tight. Once I was in, I began fucking her gently. She was really liking it and was fingering her pussy, while I fucked her ass. I came all over her ass. I forgot to put the condom on, but that is okay because it was in her ass.

After that we got cleaned up and I told Gina we should go and see our mother dance. We had fake identifications and our mother never talks about her family life at the club and nobody would even know us if we went.

My sister got all giddy and thought that would be a fabulous idea. We both got ready and decided to attempt going into the city and watching our mother dance. The thought of it just about got me hard.

My sister and I took a subway into the city and then took a cab to the club. The place seemed to be hopping. There was a line at the door, but we got in with no unforeseen problems. Thankfully, we both look older then we really are.

There is a two drink minimum at the club. I ordered a bottle of champagne. This is going to be a very good night. A night filled with lots of surprises. Gina and I sat towards the back of the club and the lights went dark and our mother came out and she was in her red slutty dress.

There was desk in the middle of the stage and a young man was sitting at it. My mother was on her hands and knees and she crawled to the desk. Then she got onto the desk and started to dance. I suppose the man at the desk was giving the impression that she was slutty a teacher.

My mother stood on the desk and slowly removed her dress. She was wearing no bra, but she had on red lace topped stockings, that were strapped on to her lacy garter and she was wearing a red satin thong. She gyrated her hips and her hands were all over her tits.

She then got off the desk and was working the stage. All the men were drooling. She slowly removed her panties and her bald pussy was just out for all the horny men to watch. She then got on her pole and did her slutty dance. Her pussy was right on the steel pole.

My sister and I were just amazed at her talents. She was a very good exotic dancer and she moved her beautiful body so well. My cock was rock hard. I was horny as hell. There was a VIP section in the club and that is where they did the lap dances.

I told my sister that we were both going to get a lap dance and our mother was going to be giving it to us. Gina was a bit scared, but I told her it would be okay and our mother would not let on that she knew us.

Gina and I went to the VIP section of the club and we told the guy in there that we wanted Sandy to give us each a lap dance. I paid a few hundred dollars for the lap dances. Our mother was in for a surprise.

Gina and I sat next to each other on the couch. There were several other people that wanted lap dances as well. My sister was a bit tipsy from the champagne, but this was going to be a night she would never forget.

Our escort sisli mother came into the room and the guy at the door told her she had two clients that wanted lap dances. Our mother approached us and had a look to kill on her face. But she was professional and did not say a word.

She hopped on my lap first. Our mother was wearing her stocking topped thigh highs that were attached to her garter and her satin thong. She was now wearing pasties on her tits. She sat on my lap and rode my hard cock.

You were not allowed to touch the dancers, but my mother made sure to move her cunt all along my cock that was now rock hard. She squeezed her tits into my face and gave me the best lap dance of my life. She whispered in my ear that she was not happy about this.

After she finished me she got on Gina’s lap. My sister was rather embarrassed, but my mother looked quite turned on and she gyrated her slutty body over my sister’s cute little body. She also shook her tits in Gina’s face. My sister looked like she was getting very turned on. We gave our mother a nice tip and we left the club.

We took a cab back to the subway and the subway back to our house. When we were on the subway my sister and I made out. We were both so horny and turned on. It was late and not too many people were on the train. We kissed deep and passionately and I fingered my sister on the train. She was so wet and horny. She came on my fingers. It was a hot night for sure.

We then finally got home and then shortly after my mother got home too. My mother was pissed, but she said she was very horny too. I told my mother it would turn me on if she and Gina would get together. Gina was a bit drunk and she was very horny.

We all went to my mother’s bedroom and undressed. Gina and my mother were on the bed and I sat on the chair to watch them. Mom told Gina she was going to make her feel so good. My mother spread Gina’s thighs and worked her tongue up and down my sister’s wet pussy. My sister was bucking and grinding her cunt into our mother’s face.

My mother slid her fingers into Gina’s cunt and fucked her good. My sister was so wet and you could hear how juicy her cunt was. My mother was sucking Gina’s tits and slurping and licking Gina’s creamy dreamy cum that was pouring from her cunt.

I was so horny and losing my mind. I then got on the bed and my sister straddled my cock and my mother sat on my face. My sister was riding me cow girl position, while her and my mother were feeling each other’s tits.

My mother was grinding her wet cunt across my face. My tongue was so deep inside my mother’s cunt. It was like heaven to be tasting my mother’s wet snatch again.

Gina was moaning and groaning and her pussy was exploding from her first orgasm. My mother’s cunt was so juicy and she also had an orgasm. I licked and swallowed her dreamy cocktail of sweet nectar.

After that, my mother got on top of me and she rode me cow girl position and my sister rode my face. Between my mother’s pussy juices and my sister’s I had a delectable treat to enjoy. I was eating Gina’s wet cunt, while I was fucking my mother really hard and fast.

Just as we are all fucking and moaning and screaming we hear the door open and our father was standing in horror looking at all of us fucking. Well that is another story that I will share with you next time.

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