Love Handles

Allie Nicole

Love Handles — by Flameboy580 aka Emmett Vosh

This is a shorter, more vanilla type of story from me. Also, this story features some elements of weight and insecurity so if that’s not your thing, you may not like this one. I’d ask that you not use the comments to body shame, because all body types are beautiful.

All characters are over 18 and fictional.

As always, please enjoy!

~ E. Vosh


My sister Chloe sat on my bed wearing a simple V-neck t-shirt and shorts, her round face bore an expression caught somewhere between pouting and annoyance.

“Everyone always says that to me… ‘you are beautiful just the way you are.’ Sure, I don’t think I’m ugly, but does anyone want to date me?” accompanied by an exaggerated gesture of looking around the room before continuing “…look at all the guys just lining up! Guys my age don’t want chubby girls…they want fucking skinny girls!”

“Not all guys are looking for that-“

My attempts to placate her were cut short, impatience flaring on her face. “-Right, because boys are looking for beauty on the inside right? A real connection? Yeah right! Guys just want to fuck, everyone knows that.”

I knew better to point out that some guys really are looking for a real connection. Someone they can be themselves with. It’s the reason my last girlfriend and I broke up…she didn’t like the fact that I was a goofy dork.

Of course, if I said that, she would just claim I was only saying it to make her feel better.

Instead, I relied on a truth…or as close to the truth as I could admit to her. “Chloe, you are beautiful. Just because you are single doesn’t mean you aren’t.”

I could tell she didn’t fully believe me, but her face softened as she sniffled, “Zack…do you really mean that?”

“Of course, I do! Trust me, you look really good!” I tried not to stare at her chest and hips as I said it.

“…But you still wouldn’t date me…”

A lump caught in my throat. I so desperately wanted to say how wrong she was…but I couldn’t tell her that.

I hesitated for a second, thinking of what to say. I was aware that she was watching me out of the corner of her eyes as she stared at the floor. I decided to stick with my good old safety vest, “Well…no, but only because I’m your brother.”

We had talked about this numerous times, like a well-rehearsed script, which is exactly why she caught me off guard when she followed up with a question she had never asked before, “And…if you weren’t?”

The words were out before I could stop them, “I’d date you in a heartbeat.”

…She had no idea how much I meant that. I have been attracted to chubby girls all my life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that petite girls aren’t attractive…but something about the extra body fat drives me wild. Chubby girls make me want to grab their sides and slam my dick into them as deep as it will go…driven by an animalistic need to fill them…to breed and claim them.

But my perverted mind went deeper than that. I had been attracted to my little sister for the past two or three years now. The amount of times I’ve gotten off to thinking of her would stagger you…not exactly appropriate big brother behavior.

She dabbed a stray tear off her cheeks, “You…you’re just saying that…”

I leaned over from my computer chair to hold her hand. “I’m not though…and for what it’s worth, it isn’t your looks that are the problem.”

Not a lie. My sister had a bit of extra fat on her, but that same fat also gave her an amazing set of curves to look at. No, my guess is that guys didn’t approach her because she was a sweetheart. She is always caring about others. My sister turned 19 a few months back and recently graduated high school. I’m 21, 2 years older than her…which I only brought up as trump card when we engaged in the usual sibling fight.

My sister’s sweetheart personality gave off the impression that she was a wait-till-marriage type. Reality is, she is the type of girl most guys could only dream of settling down with. Down to earth, caring, and smart. But most guys fresh out of high school aren’t exactly thinking about the long term.

She continued after a long pause. “I know…it just sucks. Like, seriously, girls get fucking horny too! Just because I tend to put the needs of others before mine doesn’t mean I don’t have needs too!”

I moved over to the bed to give her a hug and leaned on my shoulder for a bit. I tried to distract myself from her cleavage by focusing on her hair, which wasn’t much better. Her long black hair always smelled so nice, and it made me want to run my fingers through it. Instead I settled for tucking some of her hair behind her ear.

Eventually she calmed down, wiping a stray tear from her eye. She hugged me tightly saying, “If all guys were like you, I wouldn’t be single.”

“You mean a super dork who does silly voices…” I changed my voice into a horrendous fake French accent, “like an…how do you say? idiot?”

She chuckled sisli escort at me, “Something like that!”

She left my room, and I tried not to watch that delicious, juicy ass walk away as she did, but couldn’t help it.

“Thanks for always being there for me…”

“I’ll always be here for you!”

We smiled at each other as she closed my door.

This was a pretty common occurrence with her. She was super self-conscious about her belly and was always trying weird diets and exercise routines. Our father didn’t help much. Our dad is a successful lawyer, so we were well off, but he also wasn’t around much. He didn’t exactly have the time to cook green healthy food, and mostly ordered out or ate quick, crap-for-you meals.

Not to mention the fact that we were both pretty chunky growing up. Difference is, when puberty hit, I sprang up until I was just shy of 6′. My younger sister on the other hand…she’s 5’3″…pretty short. Nowhere for the extra body fat to go.

It’s had a pretty nasty effect on her self-esteem, but god, if only she knew the things she did to me…without even trying. Maybe then she would realize just how fucking gorgeous she was.

I sighed in relief when I heard her bedroom door close. Now able to adjust my semi-hard erection. I had tucked it in my waistband so she wouldn’t see it in case this happened…which it often did around her. I had become quite adept at hiding my erection around her over the years.

Still, I was able to avoid saying or doing anything too stupid and was able to comfort my little sister without telling her how bad I have it for her. So, another job well done I guess.

I let my erection go down since I needed to get going to work soon. I worked on campus at a library, which was awesome since I usually got my homework done while getting paid for it.


Personally, I thought I was handling my taboo desires rather well, and as far as I could tell, Chloe had no idea how bad I had it for her. I just had to deal with it until I could move out of the house. I told myself that maybe then I’d be free of my crush on her, plus I wouldn’t have to be on guard all the time.

A wrench got thrown into our routine however when our grandparents came over to visit unexpectedly. Apparently, a pipe had unexpectedly burst in their kitchen, flooding their home. The repairs would take at least a few days. Our dad likely made arrangements for them to stay with our cousin tomorrow, but for tonight, they needed to stay in one of our rooms. The guest room had been converted into a home office, and the bed had been sold ages ago, so that option was out.

Chloe volunteered her room, since the bed would be easier for them to get on since it didn’t have as high a bedframe as mine did. This meant Chloe would be spending the night in my room since no one in their right mind would sleep on our couch. It was super comfortable to sit on, sure…but sleeping on it left a nasty crink in your back the next day.

We spent an hour or so hearing my grandpa tell his usual extravagant stories and asking grandma for more embarrassing stories about our dad, much to his dismay. Our dad, Richard, was kind of serious, so it was fun listening to stories of a time when he would chase lizards and such.

It was already getting late when the pipe had burst, and our grandparents usually went to bed early since they were getting up there in years. We made sure gram and gran were taken care of before getting ready for bed ourselves.

As I was brushing my teeth, I took a deep breath, attempting to calm my steadily growing nerves as I looked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My brown eyes stared back at me as I thought “Just be cool. She’s your sister…she’s not going to beg you fuck her or anything like that…That stuff only happens in porn.” I finished up and headed back to my room.

Chloe went and grabbed her favorite pillow from her room, and when she returned it almost seemed like she was a little nervous. Odd, considering how she and I have spent countless hours in my room hanging out and playing games.

She didn’t quite meet my gaze as she said, “Thanks for letting me stay in here. It sure beats our couch.”

“It’s no problem. It’s not like you’ve never been in here before!”

She laughed before she moved to set her pillow down on the sleeping bag we had set on the floor, but I stopped her. “Actually…I think you should take my bed.”

Hazel eyes stared back into mine, her cheeks reddening slightly with embarrassment, “I couldn’t do that!”

“Sure you can!”

I wasn’t going to back down from this. I had already formulated a plan to protect myself from any embarrassing mishaps. Plus, it seemed rude to make a woman sleep on the floor.

I changed my voice into a ridiculous aristocratic British accent, “Besides it wouldn’t be very gentlemanly for me to make a woman sleep on the floor! Uncooth, I say! Why, I’d be the talk of the market square!”

My sister burst out giggling at me before she threw her pillow at me. “You dork!…”

I escort istanbul knew she would feel guilty about inconveniencing me, but she wouldn’t be able to put up as much of fight if I made her laugh. As if on cue she asked, “Won’t you be uncomfortable on the floor?”

I already knew it wasn’t going to be a great night’s sleep, but I wouldn’t tell her that. “It’s fine! Besides, I’m a heavier sleeper than you, so like whatevs.”

She chewed her lip thoughtfully, as if debating saying something, but she didn’t.

We weren’t ready to go to sleep, so we hung out watching Netflix and talking.

Finally, we turned on a lamp and turned off the overhead lights, and started getting settled in. We spend some time chilling on our phones for a bit, sending each other stupid memes and such. About 30 minutes later we said good night and went to “sleep”.

…or at least I tried to. I had much more difficulty getting comfortable than I thought I would. I rolled every few minutes, trying to evade the pins-and-needles sensation of the hard floor pressing into me.

My room wasn’t pitch dark at night, as a pale light usually flooded in through my window by my bed. I stared at my ceiling as I lay there.

After a while I heard Chloe whisper “Hey…you awake?”


“I can’t sleep.”

“Same here…”

“Is it the floor? That can’t be comfortable…”

“I’m fine.” I was lying, but I knew I’d fall asleep eventually.

“…I can’t sleep like this.”

“What do you mean?”

She stayed quite for a bit before answering, “This is dumb…”

“What is?”

“I can hear you rolling around. Sleeping on the floor…you are going to sleep like crap…and your back is going to be a mess tomorrow. Just…” I saw her silhouette sit up before continuing, “…Just come sleep on your bed.”

“I’m fine, really. If I need to I’ll get another blanket to sleep on or something. I’m not gonna make you sleep on the floor.”

“Then just come sleep with me you goof. I may be fat, but I don’t take up the whole bed!”

My voice came out a bit louder than a whisper, my irritation flaring, “You aren’t fat! Stop being mean to yourself.”

“Sorry…I know you don’t like when I say things like that. If I take it back, will you come sleep on the bed? It’s not like you are going to get a hard-on sleeping next to…me.”

Fuck. Without realizing it, she had trapped me. If I said no, I ran the risk of harming her self-esteem further. But if I said yes…

She continued, oblivious to my dilemma, “Please? I won’t be able to sleep if I’m worried about you not getting any sleep….”

Damn my fucking caring sister…always a damn sweetheart. I sighed before getting up and moving to the bed. I was so screwed…

I hesitated on the edge of the bed, “You sure? I don’t want you to be uncomfortable…”

She grabbed the covers and pulled them back so I could join her, “Zack, if I can’t be comfortable around you then there is no hope for anyone. Now get over here, you are letting all the cold air in!”

When I got in the bed and got comfortable, her arm rubbed against mine. She felt so warm compared to me.

She must’ve felt it too because she said, “Why are you so cold? Was it from the floor?”

“I didn’t really notice until now. Why are you so warm?”

She didn’t answer me at first. Instead she moved closer to hug my arm before she answered, “I’m usually warm, so this feels…nice.”

I became all too aware of the way her breasts clung to my arm as she laid next to me and felt familiar arousal signals traveling downward. Shit. I tried to think of less sexy things, but it didn’t help. Her silky black hair was still slightly damp from her shower earlier, and the floral scent around her was more than a little distracting.

She let out a contented sigh, “This isn’t good Zack…”

I tried and failed to keep my nervous chuckle out of my voice, “W-what’s not?”

She snuggled even closer to me, resting her leg partially on my thigh, “I…I might get used to this. This is really comfy and…you smell nice…”

Her shift had put my hand close enough to grab her inner thigh…If I rested my hand on her thigh, she likely wouldn’t say anything…but I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from squeezing. Thick thighs save lives, but these thighs would doom mine.

“Are you comfy?” She asked as she nuzzled her face into my arm.

Fuck, she was so cute…

“Y-Yeah…” I saw only one way out of this, so I tried to make it sound like I was falling asleep.

“Let me know if I’m…too heavy.”

I wanted to chastise her for that…but instead I wisely chose to keep the façade going and said “Mmmkay” as groggily as I could.

She giggled quietly and said “Good night…”

I closed my eyes and pretended to have passed out.

Several moments passed by like that, but she didn’t move. Eventually, she moved my arm behind her so she could rest her head on my chest. I felt her move the rest of her body too, şişli escort so she was pressed up against me. I could feel her breasts resting on my torso, and those gorgeous legs were resting on my thigh. We lay like this for several moments as I tried to focus on my breathing. Her thigh was dangerously close to my erection.

Thankfully it hadn’t sprang free from my boxers. Damn…I should have changed into shorts.

She lay there for a while before she adjusted again, moving her thigh right into my rising erection…we both froze.

“Zack…Hey Zack…you awake?”

I tried once again to focus on my breathing. If I could convince her I was asleep, I could feign ignorance in the morning. She knew I was a heavy sleeper, so she would likely believe that.

She called for me a few more times before I felt her hand lift up my shirt slightly and begin slowly trailing her fingers downward. I knew she might be able to see if I opened my eyes, so I kept them closed.

What the fuck was she doing?

Any pretenses of her simply adjusting ended when she slowly unbuttoned my boxers, and I felt my erection spring free. She swore under her breath as she dragged her fingers across my length.

I felt her hesitate for just a bit, before moving her other hand down. Her soft moan told me exactly where it had gone to. I opened one eye slightly and was able to watch as she wrapped a hand around my base while she toyed with herself inside her shorts.

The way she softly moaned my name unraveled me as she began slowly moving her hand up and down my shaft. It was getting really difficult to feign sleep…but I hoped she would be too distracted to notice.

She groaned softly as she kept stroking me, rocking her hips lightly. I opened my eyes slowly and was relieved to see that she wasn’t looking at me. I watched as her hands slid up and down my shaft.

She began to shift, and I shut my eyes again. She removed her hand from my erection, made a spit sound, and her now lubricated hand stroked me. I couldn’t stifle my groan at the unexpected pleasure, causing her to freeze.

After a few more strokes, she said “You’re awake, aren’t you?”

I didn’t answer…maybe she was testing me. Seeing if I was awake. So I didn’t move.

I felt her adjust again, and I felt her grab my hand and place it on her upper thigh.


I have always loved thighs, and hers were perfect. The kind of thighs you want to have wrapped around your head. I tried to fight the impulse to start squeezing them, but I wasn’t really thinking straight with her stroking me. My hand squeezed her thighs and began, of its own volition, slowly drifting toward her mound.

“Zack…if you are awake…I’ll keep going.” She stopped stroking me.

I lay there for a bit to see if she would continue, but she didn’t.

“I won’t be mad…”

Well shit…”Yeah…I’m awake…”

I wasn’t expecting the sigh of…was that relief? Joy? “Tell me the truth…please don’t lie to me.” She placed her hand back on my cock but didn’t move it, a silent reminder of what the punishment, or reward, could be.


“Did you force yourself to think about sex to get a hard on just to make me feel better about myself?”

I blinked at her, shock and confusion easily readable on my face if the lights were on. “That’s what you think?!”

She gave me a quick stroke, “Please Zack…tell me the truth.” There was a desperation in her voice that was undeniably sexy.

“Chloe….” I shifted so I could look at her in the dim light, not able to make out much more than her eyes. I sighed, knowing my fate was sealed. “…I wanted to avoid sleeping with you because I knew I would get hard…because I’m always kind of hard around you. I have gotten good at hiding it…but I can’t help it around you.”

She moved her face slightly closer to me, stoking me again, very slowly. Her breathing was shaky and her voice was husky, “Why are you…always hard around me?”


She let out a breath of anticipation that killed any resistance I had left.

“…you’re so goddamn sexy. I want you so bad…I have wanted you for years…”

She kissed me, and I was so stunned I didn’t move for several seconds before I kissed her back, moaning into her mouth as she did.

She pulled off to remove her hand from inside her shorts. Soon I felt her reach down and slide them down to her ankle. She grabbed my hand and moved it between her legs, and my dick twitched when I felt her freshly shaven mound.

“Fuck…” I groaned out.

“Zack…I’m so horny…but you don’t have-“

I cut her off with a kiss as I traced my fingers along her wet slit, groaning as she began jerking me again. I responded in kind by rubbing her clit. She twitched slightly the first time my fingers met her clit…and the way she swore at the contract was such a turn on.

I broke off to adjust myself so I could work her better. As I did, she threw off her shirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I kissed my way down her neck toward my mouthwatering prize.

She groaned as I kissed her breast, “Oh…that feels so good…”

When I gently bit down on her nipple, the whimper that erupted from her caused my hips to buck and a groan to escape my lips.

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