Lisa’s Story Ch. 01


Lisa yawned and stretched as she padded softly into the bathroom. Last night had been amazing, and now it was time for a nice long shower. Her hand reached out to grab the brass hot water tap and soon steam began to fill the room. Lisa undid the satin belt and let the silken fabric slide off of her shoulders. She glanced at the mirror and was pleased with what she saw: long black hair tousled with activity, pert breasts with the nipples slightly erect from the thoughts of the night before, softly curving hips. She giggled lightly and tweaked her nipples as she entered the shower.

The hot water pitter-pattered off of her olive toned skin. It washed away the sweat and remnants of the previous night. Mmm, last night. Lisa’s mind wandered to Brandon. God that boy was amazing, she thought. His touch is electrifying, his tongue the stuff of legend. And that cock. Oh god, how she loved his cock. To feel it, to have it sliding in and out of her mouth, her hands caressing its silken firmness, it made her wet just thinking about it…

Her soapy hands moved of their own accord as they passed over her soft, sensitive flesh. Sinop Escort Lisa sighed softly as they slid down her chest and down to her thighs, sending a shudder through her. In her mind’s eye she could see Brandon’s hands there instead of hers, parting her legs reverentially as he gazed upon her womanhood. She could feel his hot breath on her thighs as his lips first met her tender pink pussy. It was almost overwhelming. Lisa found herself smiling again at the memory as her fingers retraced the path that his tongue had taken. They started low, slipping up in one long, tentative stroke where it flicked briefly over her clit. She let out a small moan and a shudder. Yes, it had been very much like that, she thought to herself as her fingers picked up their pace.

She could feel the warm cascading shower mingling with the wetness escaping from her. One finger, then two went inside of her. Her free hand pushed the wet hair out of her face and she began cupping and fondling her breast, pulling and tugging at the rock-hard nipple. Mmm…She thought briefly of what awaited her in the bedroom as she continued Sinop Escort Bayan to masturbate herself. But no time for that now. The warm, tingling feeling began in the pit of her stomach as it slowly radiated outward, her climax slowly burning its way through her body until it escaped from her toes and fingertips. Lisa softly moaned and braced herself against the shower wall as her knees trembled and she moaned out loud. She smiled briefly as the last lingering spasms shook their way through her. She allowed her fingers to take their time finishing and set to washing up.

Lisa stepped from the shower into the steamy bathroom and wrapped a plush towel around her. The slightly rough material made her gasp a bit as it brushed over her still-erect nipples. “Damn, what that boy does to me,” she chuckled, “I can’t even remember the last time I was this perpetually horny.” She dried herself off and brushed out her hair, again giving her reflection an appraising glance. Lisa took down the outfit she had hanging up and smiled.

The corset was one of her favorites, green and black with Escort Sinop satin and lace trim. It pushed her breasts up and made them look amazing. She laced it on with practiced ease and reached for the garter belt. She knew how much it turned him on and was happy to admit that it had the same effect for her. It too went on, and the black satin stockings followed. She loved the feel of them, the cool silky fabric caressing her calves and thighs like a tender lover. She followed them up her legs with her fingers, again letting them play over her still wet pussy. She purred softly to herself and pulled the final piece, a sheer black thong, up her legs. It made her shudder with pleasure as the silk cupped her.

Lisa twirled in front of the mirror and was pleased with what she saw. The corset top barely covered her hard nipples and the thong did nothing at all to hide her smooth, tight ass. She and her reflection shared an evil grin as she slipped on a pair of black leather heels and strutted her way to the bedroom. She opened the door to find Brandon asleep, handcuffed face up on the bed. He was totally nude except for the red blindfold, and his large, hard cock was sticking straight up from his body. Lisa grinned as she made her way to the bedside. She reached out to caress his manhood while chuckling to herself.

“Ah, right where I left you, you horny bastard…”

End of part one 🙂

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