Little Tsaritsa Ch. 02

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Nadezsha stared down at the seat as Arkady stood near her, holding the door of his car open. It was this, or take the bus home. The vehicle sat there, gaping open like a mouth waiting to devour her, reminding her of her decision. Was it too late to back out? She looked up at Arkady.

“Would you be more comfortable at your place or mine when we do this?” he ashed as he gestured to the seat.

“I- I don’t know.” She paused, wondering what his reaction would be to her shitty apartment. Hell, she didn’t even have a bed — she slept on a fold-out couch. She wasn’t a slob, but she was far from a neat freak like her aunt was, and a small space inevitably had the various pieces of Nadezsha’s life scattered through it. Dishes, clothes, books — textbooks and novels — some old CDs and mementos and the like with the only private space being the tiny bathroom. Definitely not the best place to bring home anyone she might be dating.

On the other hand, the space just might be uncomfortable for Arkady. He was obviously a man used to the finer things in life, and perhaps her apartment would put enough of a damper to the mood that seven minutes just wouldn’t be enough for him. Was it worth the risk, allowing him into her personal space?

Before she could say something further, he lifted his chin.

“My place would be the best. It’s more comfortable and lends more privacy, as well.” He grinned at her before he motioned to the seat.

“But… I. My place-“

“It’s in Ocean View, right? I know these apartments. No, you deserve better.”

“How did you even-“

“Know where you lived? Your uncle mentioned it when I asked him about you and your father. Although why these apartments are called that I can not fathom why as they are nowhere near the ocean.”

It was an observation she’d made when she moved in, but beggars could not be choosers. Many people in the neighborhood were poor, and Ocean View offered a practical solution in its matchbox apartments. She supposed that the builders had thought that being a few miles from the ocean afforded them the right to name the complex as such.

“My place has a much better view. I know you will enjoy it. Besides, it’s closer to here.”

She stared at him, imagining what he might do with the home advantage. Would he keep her captive in his apartment, chained to his bed or in a basement? Placing her hands on the top of the car door, she curled her fingers, staring at him. “How do I know I’ll be safe there? How do I know that if I walk in there, I’ll walk back out?”

He seemed mildly surprised. “Do you really think so poorly of me, Nadezsha?” She could almost swear she’d seen a glimmer of hurt in his eyes.

“I really don’t know what to think, to be honest. This is all just…” She waved one hand in the air in a gesture of confusion and exasperation. The warmth of his hand pressed against her remaining one, his fingers curling against the back of her hand.

“Then let me tell you once and for all — I am a man of my word. All I want is to show you how much I care about you. One way or the other. Regardless of the outcome, I swear no harm will come to you.”

“Seven minutes,” she reminded him flatly before she slid into the seat. She did not see the triumphant smirk on his face as he closed the door and went around to claim his own seat.

“Where do you live, anyway?”

“Oh, near the downtown area. I’m one of the owners of the building I live in.”

“Building?” Part owner? She blinked.

“Yes. The Imperial Volga, heard of it?”

“I’m not in business, but yes.” It was a mixture of apartments and offices, many of these leased by Russian or American-Russian businesses. Although it wasn’t new, and Arkady couldn’t be that old. She wondered how he came to be part of what she knew was a successful venture. The Imperial Volga had been around for as long as she could remember, and she usually passed it when she was downtown.

He nodded as he inserted the keys. “Then you know it’s not far from here. Which is good because I am very eager to have a taste of my little tsaritsa.”

Bloody hell. At least he wasn’t calling her princess.


As he’d promised, it was not very far. The campus was near downtown, and it was less than fifteen minutes before he pulled into the parking at the ground level of the building. The space was clean, and it was obvious from the other cars she saw that anyone who lived at Ocean View would probably never be able to afford living here. Near the wide entrance was a set of glass doors leading into a lavish foyer that led visitors to the offices and business within the Imperial Volga.

Arkady drove the car past the employee area, and turned a corner into a more private but just as well-lit area. A parking space here would probably cost more than the entirety of her rent and bills per month, she observed as the car came to a stop. He pulled the keys out and pressed a button, the doors unlocking with a quiet click.

Her hand came up to the handle Sinop Escort and she let herself out before Arkady could hasten to her side. She slung her backpack over one shoulder as she glanced at the private entrance, which was even nicer than the office one. She nearly jumped when she felt his hand on her shoulder, and she relaxed enough to let him guide her.

The door required a key, and took them into an elegant vestibule that opened to several doorways and an elevator. The paneling was beautiful dark wood, and the Muzak was nicer than what she usually heard in places like this. As the door closed and Arkady pressed a couple of buttons, he turned towards her, and took a step forward.

Her heart seemed to leap into her throat, and she gasped softly and took a step backward, effectively trapping herself into the corner. His broad shoulders filled her line of vision, and she looked up at his face. His arms slid to her sides, and she was pulled up onto the rounded railing, his groin flush against her pelvis. His lips were at her temple and jaw, breath hot as he pressed her face to his.

She gasped and arched, maintaining just enough presence of mind to blurt out, “Have the seven minutes started, then?”

He did not respond, but nipped at the side of her throat before pulling back. She took a slow breath as she slid back to the floor, trying to glare at him as she placed one hand to the bar for support.

“I know, but I thought I would give you a taste of what is in store for you.”

“Hmmph.” She scowled, determined to remain on guard. The cab glided to a stop, and the doors slid open. Several more doors opened off another elegant vestibule, this one bearing several large potted plants.

The door to his apartment was keypad-activated, and several quick taps had the lock sliding aside before letting them in.

Such security, she mused, and wondered about the rumors of him having ties to the mob.

“Shoes off, if you please. I like clean floors.” she heard him say as she glanced around the foyer, seeing several coats and boots lined up neatly in a nook.

She stepped out of her shoes, moving forward on polished hardwood, still holding onto her backpack. What surrounded her spoke of strong masculine tastes mixed with restrained elegance. A black living room set was arranged around a large fireplace, and she did not miss the impressive entertainment center that sat in a corner near the kitchen, which had a black and white marble tile floor.

The walls were relatively sparse of pictures except for a few black and white ones. In a couple, she recognized traditional Russian clothing.

“How are you able to afford all this?” Nadezsha finally blurted out. She’d wondered about it for a couple of years, and if she was here, she might as well make use of the opportunity.

He shrugged modestly as he pulled off his jacket after untying and removing his boots. Under, he wore a deep red long-sleeved shirt that was not too tight, but still hugged his shoulders and upper chest, hinting at the strength that she knew he could use with devastating accuracy. “Good business sense.”

Arkady walked down the space between the living room and kitchen, the walls closing in to form a passage to the more private areas of the apartment.

One side of the living room had windows that took up nearly the whole length between floor and ceiling, offering a splendid view of the downtown, and even the ocean. The dimensions she’d seen were ample, yet offered the chance of intimacy. The furnishings and appliances spoke of a man who lived well, but did not need to buy every fancy gadget or new toy that came out there, and the fireplace added a homey element to the modern furnishings. Here and there, she saw a glimmer of Russia, but a casual observer would likely have not noticed these cultural quirks of Arkady’s heritage.

“No, really. I’m honestly curious. This place was around when I was a kid, and you’re not that old… I think.” She narrowed her eyes, wondering if she’d underestimated his age. She’d have placed him at his mid-late twenties — he looked damn good, but he moved and spoke with the confidence of a man whose wisdom came from experience.

He chuckled softly as he turned back to her. His shirt and pants lightly hugged his body in all the right places, and damn if she didn’t feel a surge of physical attraction right then and there.

“I suppose you’ve heard things.” His eyes were narrowed slightly.

“About you and some of your friends, yes. I’m only asking because I want to know for sure, one way or the other.”

“My share in this building was obtained legally. I bought it from a retiring businessman. I own this apartment, and a certain amount of others that I rent out.”

But he didn’t deny it, she noted.

“Is there anything else you would like to ask?” he asked, a faint smirk tugging at his lips, almost as if he hoped she would challenge him. Well, then, she would.

“Are you involved in illegal activities?” Sinop Escort Bayan she asked bluntly.

“I won’t deny that some of my activities border on the questionable. But we’re not here to talk about my business interests, are we? As I recall, I have seven minutes to make you climax.”

“Well then, let’s do it here and now.” If she was going to do it, might as well fucking jump in. Minimize his chance to get her all hot and bothered as he had in the elevator.

“Then shall we retire to the bedroom?” He gestured to the hall with a flourish of his hand, his eyes glinting with unfettered desire.

“Not so fast. The living room seems as good a place as any.” She wouldn’t let either of them get too comfortable. Her hands moved to her hips as she lifted her chin. He called her tsaritsa. She’d act like one, then. “Besides, bedrooms are for lovers. Of which we most certainly are not.” She lifted her chin, trying to look calm and imperious at the same time.

“You don’t need to put on an act, Nadezsha. You could be so happy if you just relaxed. Can I make you a drink or offer you a snack?” he asked, crossing his arms, his biceps flexing under the close-fitting sleeves.

“No, I just want to get this over with,” Nadezsha said, not wishing to imagine how these arms might feel around her.

He placed his hand on his chest, shaking his head slowly. “Nadezsha, Nadezsha. If this were Old Russia, you would be mine already.”

“Good thing these times are long gone, then,” she quipped. There was much to like about the culture her ancestors had come from, but some traditions were better left in the past. Like serfdom or arranged marriages.

“In some aspects, I am inclined to agree. This world gives a man a better chance to educate himself and find his worth.”

She paused, absorbing his words. Was he talking about himself? All she knew was that he’d been born in Russia, but spent plenty of time here in his adulthood. Guessing his age, she surmised he’d been born not long before the collapse of the Soviet Union. These had been tumultuous times, and it was that which led to her father and uncle coming to America.

“So you worked for your money?”

“Most of it,” he shrugged. He gestured to the living room.”

“Most? What was your childhood like?”

He seemed surprised at this line of questioning, and took languorous steps towards the dark gray leather sofa as he spoke.

“Worse than some, but better than most. With intelligence or luck — usually both — there were ways to be wealthy in Communist Russia. Not always approved by the government, but eh. Then came the upheaval, and many people lost a lot. But my family, they were smart enough to hold onto enough to see us through the breakup of the USSR. There was enough for me to receive a good education, but I still had to earn my own way and work very hard to get what I have now.”

He slid down to the couch, reclining as he draped one arm across the back of the cushions. “Does that sate your thirst for knowledge, my tsaritsa?”

“And what exactly is it you do now, Mr. Suvorin?” she asked, stepping into the living area but remaining well out of reach.

“My name is Arkady, as I have told you before. In due time, you will be screaming it. Didn’t you tell me that you want to get this over with?” he asked with a faint smirk. His hand slid down to pat the area next to him.

“Before you touch me, the clock starts,” Nadezsha said, puling out her smartphone. She would not give Arkady anything more than exactly seven minutes. Knowing the effect his touch had on her, she needed to maintain the upper hand — or whatever grip she had on it.

“Well then. Soon as your pants are off, the clock can start,” he replied with a lecherous grin.

“No. When the clock starts, you can take them off me.”

He slowly rubbed her chin, staring at her. She slid the backpack from her shoulder to the floor and waved her phone at him.

Holy shit, am I really doing this, she asked herself.

“Once that timer starts, you are to be compliant with whatever I might want to do to you.”

She raised her eyebrow. “Anything?” Did this include tying her up?

“Anything when it applies to pleasuring you.”

“… Thank you for the clarification,” came her slightly dry reply.

“Now, come and sit next to me, and you can start that timer.” He patted the seat again, and she swallowed thickly before moving forward, noting the way the light caught in a few stray locks of bis hair. She slid down to the heat, feeling the pulse pound in her throat as she inhaled the scent of his cologne. His arm draped along her shoulders, his fingers curling into her upper arm.

His lips found her temple, and he started pressing them against her skin, reaching up with his free hand to cup her face. Her lips parted in a quiet inhale as she reached up to rest her own hand on top of his, feeling the slight flex of his fingers. His embrace tightened as he explored southward, nibbling along Escort Sinop her cheek, his breath warm and smelling faintly of coffee.

Am I forgetting something? Oh, that’s right. She fumbled with her phone after lifting her arm to push him away. Obligingly, he gave her some space — but only so much. His leg was pressed against hers, and she could still smell him. His scent was doing all sorts of funny things to her senses.

She felt fingers lightly caress her cheek, and she swatted away his hand impatiently as she clicked the screen several times to get the timer function.

7:00. Her thumb hovered above the screen for a moment as she looked back up at him. “I am ready when you are, Nadezsha.” Her name came out in a purr that sent a fresh tingle through her nipples.

She pressed her thumb to the screen, and the number changed to 6:59.

Moving with a speed that proved that Arkady would be a lethal opponent in the ring, his fingers sharply tugged at the button and zipper of her jeans, which gave way within two seconds. With an efficiency she could admire had the situation not been so perilous, he had that, and her panties off her legs in swift tugs.

Unconsciously, she snapped her knees together, starting to draw back from him shyly.

“There will be none of that. Seven minutes, you agreed to that.” She saw the flex in his shoulders as he slid his hands down, prying her knees apart. His hungry gaze took in everything he saw, and she saw him take a deep breath before he sunk to his knees, positioning her knees at his shoulders as he examined her most intimate areas.

Her cheeks felt like they were burning as Arkady took note of her dark, trimmed bush. She gave out a small gasp when his fingers lightly trailed down her hip and along the cleft between pelvis and leg.

“I have often fantasized about this, my tsaritsa. Open for me, all of your feminine charms on display for me to enjoy, hmm?” His finger slid along her outer labia, and she quickly looked up at the ceiling so that she didn’t get lost in his lustful gaze.

His finger slid in, finding little hindrance as it wiggled past her slick folds. She felt his breath on her other inner thigh, and whimpered softly as she squirmed around. He wiggled his finger as he slid it in further, and without thinking, she arched her hips a bit as he slid in up near the knuckle of his hand.

“Nadezsha…” She felt her sweatshirt being tugged up. “Take it off,” she heard him hiss, and shrugged it off her arms after she lifted it over her head. She was wearing a simple cotton shirt with three-quarter sleeves, and the fabric gave easily as Arkady slid his other hand under it.

She looked back down, seeing him push the hem of the shirt to her underarms before massaging one breast, rolling his thumb across the nipple that lay under a thin layer of padding. Her nipples poked determinedly against the fabric as he wiggled his finger within her more fervently, adding another one.

Each stroke and push of these fingers within her had her wiggling against him, fingers digging against the couch as she struggled to maintain composure.

6:02. Less than a minute passed, and already he had her aching for more. And then he lowered his head, and oh! His tongue was now flicking against her clit, tasting the little bud as he continued to fingerbang her.

Don’t let him win, she told herself frantically. She stared down at the crown of golden hair, reaching out to tangle her fingers in it before trying to push his head back. He was going far too fast, and was too damn good at this…

Why did she have to be so attracted to him? He was a bad boy, yet it was him that made her tits get hard. As he started to gently suck on her clit, a harsh whine broke from her throat. Her thighs squeezed around his face, but he was relentless in his suit of her, lavishing his ministrations on her aching cunt. Somewhere within the tastefully-applied cologne was a hint of shampoo and smoke, or perhaps it was ash. And now, she was not sure if it was because of what he was doing, but there was a musk underneath it, possibly sweat, or something more intimate. She wasn’t a virgin, but it was something she’d never noted before.

The combination of the subtle, masculine fragrances registered as a haze while his ministrations intensified.

For about half a minute, he would treat her fiercely, wiggling and thrusting his fingers fiercely and massaging her clit firmly with his tongue, and then he would go at a slower pace, nibbling along her labia as he stroked her G-spot.

She tried frantically to distance herself from the situation, but it was hard when Arkady would talk to her, telling her of the things he dreamed of doing to her. Of bending her over his desk, or tying her to his bedposts. The Russian language was considered harsh even by many native speakers, but the bastard knew how to make these words sound like honey.

3:31 was the number that Nadezsha saw when she checked her phone again. Halfway through, and already she knew how close she teetered on the brink. She tried to think of homework, then of unpleasant things like going to the dentist, and even gross things, like that accidental glimpse of Aunt Fanny naked, saggy tits, cellulite, nicotine-stained fingers and all.

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