Learning How to Be Black Ch. 02


NOTE: The students represented are all of 18 years of age. This story takes place in a student’s senior year of high school.

WARNING: I tend to use the “n-word” in my stories quite a bit. If you cannot handle reading that word, then this story isn’t for you!


As I closed the door behind me, I heard a voice coming from beside me.

“Nice one, my nigga. Mrs. Richardson has some nice big white titties, huh?” I looked over and saw a massive black man tower at least 6 feet tall. His whole body looked to be pure muscle. Hell, I could even see his eight pack abs through his skin tight shirt.

“Yeah…they really are something, I guess.” The man looked down at me with a confused look on his face.

“Of course they are. Those things were made to be wrapped around big fat nigga dicks.” There was that word again.

“I…ugh…I don’t like it when you say that word…whoever you are.” I was met with another confused look.

“The name’s Andre. I’m the quarterback of the football team. And you better get used to that word, lil’ nigga.” He looked around for a few seconds and then back to me. “Come on, let’s take a little walk.” As we walked down the hall, we passed countless amounts of white kids.

It wasn’t hard to see the kind of effect that Andre had on the white population. Every girl we passed smiled a huge grin and waved at Andre. On the other hand, when we passed the guys most of them almost seemed afraid of him. They took one look at him and as their eyes got big, they slowly backed away.

“That is the kind of affect us niggas have on whites. Even the word ‘nigger’ makes whites go crazy. It strikes fear into the hearts of pathetic white boys. And most importantly…it gets white cunts dripping wet just from hearing it. So you better get used to that word, boy. It’s a word that means strength and power.” He put his arm around my shoulder as we continued walking down the hall. “I bet Mrs. Richardson was begging for you to jam that big nigga cock into her cunt, huh? That bitch is known for taking as much nigga dick as she possibly can.”

“Well…we didn’t have sex. She…ugh…she just blew me.” With those words, Andre stopped dead in his tracks and stared at me.

“What the fuck do you mean? Didn’t you want any of that sweet white cunt?”

“Well…I’m just kind of nervous. I’ve ugh…I’ve never had sex before. And besides, what girl would want to be with me? I’m just this skinny little kid.” Andre let out a hearty chuckle.

“Most girls would kill their whole family just to be fucked by a nigga. You still don’t get it, do you? Look around, little nigga.” I looked around and saw dozens of muscled white jocks. Every one of them was taller and bigger than me. “See how strong they look?” I nodded, knowing that I couldn’t compete with these guys. “They’re still weaker than any nigga. Even you…deep down inside, you have more strength and power in your body than those guys do in their pinky fingers. And don’t even get me started on white guys in the bedroom.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, have you ever seen a white guy try to fuck something?” I didn’t even have to think about it. Considering that I’ve never had sex and I’ve never watched porn, I shook my head side to side. “I did once. It was fucking disgusting. I honestly felt bad for that pathetic loser. He was a ‘big, strong jock’ just like those boys over there. He might have looked strong on the outside, but when he was tired of fucking after a couple minutes, I grabbed him by the throat with one hand and tossed him to the floor. I fucked his girl for the next couple hours as he cried in the corner.”

“Oh my god…that’s kind of mean isn’t it?” Andre looked back down at me with a puzzled look.

“You gotta learn to be tough, little nigga. These white boys don’t even deserve to live, let alone have sex with a white bitch. Everything about a white man is inferior to a nigga; it’s just genetics.”

“I…ugh…I guess I never really thought about it before.”

“Well think about, boy. Not only are their dicks short and as thin as a pencil, but white boys can’t fuck for more than a few minutes before getting tired and cumming. Us niggas can fuck for hours before even getting close to cumming.” I thought back to when Mrs. Richardson was tit fucking me in the classroom. I remembered that incredible primal feeling that came over me.

“I think I know what you mean, Andre. When I was with Mrs. Richardson, at first I thought I was going to cum the second she squeezed those giant tits around my dick…but something came over me. I can’t quite describe it, but it was like this pure strength from deep inside of me. Something changed inside of me. She furiously tit fucked me for hours and I still wasn’t ready to cum.” A huge smile crept across Andre’s face.

“That’a boy, nigga. Now you’re finally starting to get the picture. Not only can niggas fuck much longer, but we also have a lot more cum saved up in our nuts.” I watched as Andre reached down at his crotch and shook the huge bulge that was pushing out his jeans. “Niggers can usually cum…maybe ataşehir escort 10, 12 times in a row before we’re done.” I knew what Andre was saying was true. Even though I just had my balls drained, I could feel their massive weight. It felt like two baseballs were hanging bellow my dick.

“I guess you’re right…I still feel like I have some more cum left to get rid of.”

“I bet you do.” His eyes got real big, almost as if he had gotten a great idea. “You wanna get rid of that cum, don’t you?” It nearly felt like these massive weights were going to rip my dick off.

“Yeah, I do…they feel so heavy.”

“Well, I’ve got a little surprise for you, then. After school leaves out, meet me in the guy’s locker room. Got it?”

“Ugh…okay, sure.” I had no idea what this was going to be about, but if Andre could help me get rid of these gallons of cum I still had left, then I was all game.

As the last bell of school finally rang, I was excited to see what Andre had in store for more. My balls had only gotten more swollen and enlarged as the day went on. I watched as the school completely emptied. I nonchalantly made my way to the gym, hoping no one would notice. I walked through the empty gym and into the boy’s locker room. As I looked over towards the showers, I saw Andre standing around the entire cheerleader squad. They still had their skimpy outfits on from cheering practice. They must not have heard me come in, because I could hear them talking to Andre.

“Come on, Andre. Can’t we just have a taste of yours? We’re sick of waiting…right girls?” They all spoke in agreement.

“Yeah, let’s see that nigger cock.”

“Please Andre, we feel so empty inside.”

“Come on, Andre, we know you have a soft spot for tight, white cunts.”

As I stepped a bit closer, they must have finally heard me. They all turned around to face me, and Andre had the biggest smile on his face.

“Glad to see you could make it.” He looked down to the group of girls that were all leaning up against him and rubbing his crotch. “Ladies, this is…actually I never did learn your name.”

“It’s Darrel. Nice to meet you, ladies.” Even though I was nervous out of my mind, I had this newfound confidence. All those things that Andre had told me really made me feel more like a man. In fact…I was excited to see if what Andre said about girls loving black guys was true. Suddenly, all of the girls ran over to me and started rubbing at my chest and crotch. One of them looked back at Andre.

“Just how big is he?”

“I have no idea. I’ve never seen his dick, but come on girls…he’s a nigga. So you know you’re in for a treat.” Andre crossed his arms and leaned back against the tile wall. “Go on and do whatever you want with them. These whores are your property now, Darrel.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I still remembered the pleasure from having Mrs. Richardson jerk me off with her monstrous sized tits…I could only imagine how great 10 girls at one time would feel.

“But…ugh…don’t you want to fuck them, Andre?” It seemed too good to be true that I would get 10 girls all to myself.

“Nah…I already fucked a few bitches today. Normally, me and the football team plow these sluts every night. Since my boys are busy tonight, I figured it was the perfect time to teach you how to be a proper nigga.” All the girls were now kneeling down in front of me. They gave me adorable puppy dog eyes, as they rubbed furiously at my crotch. One of them even started licked the outside of my jeans.

“So…I can just do anything I want?” My mind was swimming with ideas of what I was about to go through. I had never imagined something like this would happen to me.

“Of course, Darrel. These honky sluts have to be some nigga’s property…why not yours?” By this point my dick was rock hard from all the girls rubbing it. Now the girls were stroking the foot long bulge that looked like it was about to rip my jeans in half.

“Just how big is this beast, sir?” I was a bit thrown off by being called sir.

“I don’t know…ugh…maybe about 13, 14 inches I guess.” Most of the girls just started to giggle. A couple of them couldn’t help but drop their jaws at my answer.

“I bet all the girls just beg for this fat nigger cock, huh?”

“Well…not really. I-I’ve never really had sex before.” Almost in unison, the girls all spoke with a group ‘WHAT?’. “Well…I…ugh…I’ve never really been interested in having sex for most of my life.” Somehow the girls managed to become even more shocked and surprised.

“How could you not want to fuck something like this?” One of the girls bent over and lifted up her skirt. It was almost hard to see that she had no panties on. Her big, fat ass was so large and plump that her asshole was completely hidden. She smiled and grabbed her cheeks with both hands and pulled them apart. Her ass meat ballooned out around the tight grip she had on herself. Her hands started to disappear, being covered up by her bulging ass meat.

As she pulled them apart as far as she could, her asshole finally came into ataşehir escort view. It was nice and tight; a beautiful, puckered, pink hole. “You can’t tell me that you don’t want to feel my tight ass muscles clamping down tight against that fat horse cock you have.” One of the other girls pulled her hands off of her ass cheeks. As her big butt cheeks were released, they flew back together and slapped into each other. I watched in awe as they continued to jiggle about for the next few second.

“Not so fast, Sabrina. First we need to get this monster good and wet before it rips its way through our holes.” They all looked back over at my huge foot long bulge. One of them grabbed my zipper and started pulling it down. Once the zipper was completely open, she grabbed both my boxers and my jeans and yanked them down in one quick pull. Finally released, my dick sprung up and smacked one of the girls in the chin. They leaned back and stared at it in awe. It was pulsing and throbbing from all this attention it was getting.

“Well, ladies…let’s dig it!” Within an instant, they stormed me and were all grabbing at my cock. The first girl who was able to grab it said,

“Haha! I got it first, girls.” She squeezed my monster by the base, opened her mouth wide and threw her entire body against me. I could feel as my entire shaft worm its way through her throat and into her stomach. She began pushing her head forward and backward, furiously gagging herself. I could hear those familiar sounds again. When Mrs. Richardson had gagged and choked herself on my dick, I was afraid that I might hurt her…but I knew better this time.

This is just what women did when presented with gigantic black dicks. As the girl’s face started turning beet-red from choking herself with my dick, another girl came up and pushed her away. As the girl fell towards the floor, my dick slipped out of her mouth and pulled piles of spit and saliva with it. I looked down at the girl on the floor and noticed that her entire outfit was soaked with spit and drool.

The next girl grabbed my cock by the base and flung it around in the air. She watched, with a smile on her face, as the previous girl’s slobber flung off my dick and splattered around the room. She put a couple fingers in her mouth at opposite ends and pulled her lips apart as far as she could. With a murmured voice, she tried her best to beg for my dick.

“Please, sir…rip my throat apart with that monster nigger horse cock.” I couldn’t even think about what to do next; my brain was just swimming in pleasure and ecstasy. I grabbed her by the back of the head and forced her mouth down on my dick as far as it could go. I looked over at Andre, whom I forgot was still here.

“Go on, Darrel. Just let go and use them however you want.” I just couldn’t resist anymore. I let that primal part of my mind take over as I gave into the incredible pleasure. I started pumping my cock in and out of her throat as fast as I could. I humped her mouth like a man humps a girl’s pussy. This must have gone on for a few minutes, before I noticed her eyes roll back into her head. Andre chimed in again, determined to teach me how to do this properly.

“Finish her off, Darrel. Show this fucking whore who’s boss around here.” I didn’t even have the capacity to think about what I was doing anymore. I just let my instincts take over. I pulled my dick out of her mouth. I smiled as I saw her sore and gaping throat muscles that were stretched out by my horse cock. As she knelt there, lifeless, I pulled back my hand and slapped her as hard as I could across her face. She fell towards the floor, as drool flew out of her mouth.

“ANOTHER! Where’s my next white whore?!” I couldn’t even understand what I was saying anymore. As I let my instinct take over, I could feel myself losing control. I grabbed the closest girl by the hair and dragged her over to my dick. I didn’t even give her any time to speak. I pried her mouth open with my hands and started thrusting my dick into her mouth as roughly as I could. After a few minutes, I noticed that she too had lost consciousness. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and her body went limp. I yanked my dick out of her mouth and pushed her down towards the floor.

“NEXT! I need more whores!” This went on for every one of those 10 girls. I completely destroyed their mouths and tossed them aside when I was done, like the pieces of trash that they were. I stood at the center of the room with 10 unconscious girls lying at my feet. Andre walked over to me and put his arm on my shoulder. “More…I need MORE!”

“Don’t worry, Darrel. I’ve got the perfect idea. You’ve got a big giant load of nigga cum to get rid of…and these sluts have empty cunts just waiting to be filled.” Andre put two fingers into his mouth and whistled with a loud, ear-piercing sound. The girls all rose, still obviously groggy after what just happened. After a couple seconds, they all realized what had just happened.

“Damn, Andre. Your nigger friend here really knows how to fuck a throat.”

“Yeah…I think he broke my jaw.”

“I can’t anadolu yakası escort believe I actually came from having my throat fucked.”

They were all amazed by the vicious throat fucking frenzy that just took place. “Shut up, whores. Now my boy here has a bunch of big thick loads saved up. I know just where you want them…now show him!” As Andre finished yelling at the girls, they all began to crawl towards each other on their hands and knees. They pushed together, side by side, and lined up with all of their ass’s facing me. “Now tell my nigga here what you want him to do.” In unison, they pushed their asses into the air and wiggled them around. All I could hear was the sound of fat butt cheeks clapping together.

“Come on, Darrel, dump that fat nigger load inside of us.”

“Let’s see if you can stretch a pussy as good as you can stretch a throat.”

“I want a big strong nigger baby to grow inside of me, Darrel.”

Normally, the thought of fathering a child would be scary and worthy of intense thought and preparation…but I just couldn’t resist those beautiful white asses flopping around in front of my face. I leaned down behind the first girl in the row and lightly pressed the tip of still rock hard cock against her pussy lips.

“Don’t worry, Darrel, it’s good and wet. I came a few times while you were ripping my throat apart. That big fat nigger cock should just slide right in.” I pushed as hard as I could and flung my dick into her cunt in one solid push. “Holy SHIT!” she screamed as my entire 14 inch shaft plowed its way through her cunt. I grabbed her by the shoulders and started riding her. Faster and faster I kept going, until I was basically pushing her into the floor with the force I was making. “Keep…fucking…me…nigger.” She tried her best to speak, as I pushed the wind out of her with every powerful thrust. After what seemed like an hour, I was finally about to cum. I could feel the pleasure rising inside of me.

“Ah…FUCK! I’m gonna cum. You ready for this big nigger load, you fucking whore?” She tried her best to speak, but after an hour of getting her cunt ripped apart…she couldn’t even think straight. All she did was moan and groan as I got closer and closer to filling every inch of her insides with my load. Finally, I felt my huge baseball sized nuts spring up towards the base of my cock. I felt my long nutsack get tight as stream after stream of cum came flying out of my dick.

I could feel her pussy’s death grip on my dick loosen, as my cum pushed her insides apart. After the last jet of cum came out, I relaxed and let my dick just naturally slide out of her sore and gaping cunt. My dick slammed against the floor, making a slapping sound that got all the other girl’s attention. My cum kept plopping out of her pussy, and laid on the floor in a big pile. I moved on to the next girl. Once again, I forgot Andre was there until he began to speak again.

“One down and nine to go, my nigga! We’re not leaving until everyone of these worthless whores is filled to the brim with your thick cum.” I just smiled at Andre as a million thoughts ran through my head. As crazy as it sounds, I wasn’t even close to being tired or exhausted…but how could that be? I had just fucked this girl for an hour straight, and yet I felt like I could keep fucking for a whole day before getting tired.

Even more surprising was that my nuts felt full and heavy again. Even though I had just cum what was most likely a couple gallons…I felt even more cum still inside of me. I guess everything that Andre had said about black men was right. As I was ready to push my dick into the next girl in the kneeling line, she interjected.

“You might want to get my pussy a little wet first. A whale sized dick like that is probably barely gonna fit even when fully lubed.” I leaned my head down and planted my face and mouth against her pussy. I could feel her ass cheeks tightening around my head as I plunged my tongue into her cunt as much as I could. “Oh fuck! I’m about to cum already. I guess it’s been so long that I forgot how great a nigger tongue feels on my pussy.” I pushed my face tight against her and started flinging my tongue in every single direction.

I could feel spit and drool pouring out of my mouth. I threw my head back and forth, spreading my slobber all around as I gasped for air. Suddenly, I felt her tighten up. With great force, jets of cunt juice squirted out of her and splat against the floor. “FUCK! That was incredible.” She was panting and moaning like crazy. “You’re a typical nigger, Darrel. Only you people can make a girl cum in just a few seconds.” I grabbed my dick by the base and pressed it against her dripping wet cunt.

“Oh yeah…I almost forgot about the main event. There’s no way I’m leaving here tonight without a nigger baby inside of me.” I took both of my hands and put them around her mouth. I used this as leverage to mount her pussy and get my cock inside of her. The next few hours were a blur. I fucked every one of them and came in every single one of them. By the end of it all, my balls finally felt light and empty. All of the girls were lying on the floor panting and moaning. I could still see all of their pussies. They were completely stretched out and ruined. The most recent ones that I had been inside of were still dripping with my fresh cum. Andre walked over and put his arm on my shoulder.

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