Generations Ch. 02


The chill of the evening was starting to show. There was a fresh wind blowing across the patio, I was not bothered about it but the girls were all sporting erect nipples that seemed like they were bursting to free themselves. I found this quite amusing, more so when I looked towards Kerry. Her nipples were the only ones I had not had the pleasure of seeing.

My mind started wondering, I was visualizing gently sucking her erect nipples. The thought of this got my hormones going. I was feeling my cock stir and grow by the second. It got to the point that I had to shift position to not make it that obvious. Big help that was, I found three pairs of eyes staring at me, seeing exactly what I was trying to hide. I laughed it off while making some feeble excuse hoping to clear the air and noticed Kerry and Alex having a private moment as Maria got up to get ready for bed.

Maria motioned me to join her but I was straining my ears to try and eavesdrop on the horny looking teenagers. They both glanced my way teasingly, and I could only wonder what they had in mind. Kerry was the first to speak, asking me if I was going to join Maria or keep her waiting for my hot body, and Alex almost in unison asked me the same question.

These girls had something up their sleeves, and I was determined to find out what they were plotting. Only one way to find out, I thought, and decided to start the evening fun by joining Maria and hoping there was more to come. I got up from the chair, said my goodbyes with a soft and sensual kiss to both the girls and turned to leave, looking back at them as I entered the house. I was not that surprised to see them embrace one another lovingly, kissing one another briefly before looking my way with mischief written all over their faced.

My imagination started running wild as I entered the bedroom where Maria was waiting for me, lightly stroking her pussy through her itsy bitsy WW g-string with her left hand while her right hand was massaging her very erect nipples. I thought to myself that this was going to be one hell of a night. This soon proved to be the case as I quickly found out.

No sooner had I undressed and Maria was seeking the heat of my hot dick. She started stroking my cock feverishly while now moving her g-string aside and teasing her swollen clit. She looked so hot when she played with her clit, mostly using her clit ring as a little attachment to the clit itself. This is the best little device in my books that a lady can have done to herself as it proved to be quite a topic of conversation in our swinging circles.

Just as we started getting warmed up to one another Kerry came marching into our bedroom. When she saw what we were up to she faked an apology, saying she wanted to ask me something, mentioning she had to have my opinion on something in her room. I did not even have any time to reply, as Maria told her that I was hers now and that Kerry would have to wait her turn. “Wait her turn” I asked? Maria politely said “interpret that any way you want”, let me tell you one thing, I did in a few different versions. Before I had time to even respond to that Maria found her way to my rock hard cock and took me in her mouth with one motion. ümraniye escort I did not even think about Kerry standing there, but when I did I noticed she had left the room.

Midway through a frantic blowjob administered by Maria she motioned me to return the favor. I was not going to ask for another invitation; after all, I loved pussy and eating as much of it as I possible could. As I did this I could not help but wonder what Kerry was going to taste like. Fuck Kerry, what was Alex going to taste like. So many options, so little time I thought and had to chuckle to myself.

Maria’s pussy was as sweet as it always is. I lapped up all the juices that had accumulated during my licking and sucking her pussy lips and clit, needless to say playing with her clit rings as well which always was on the agenda. By now she was arching her back, pushing her pussy into my face. As if that was necessary. I was going to suck that cunt dry even if it was not forced upon me.

I knew I was hitting the spot, Maria let out a loud cry while grinding her pussy into my face, leaving it all wet from her love juices. With all that was in my mind from the happenings of the day I moved up and shoved my throbbing cock into Maria’s waiting mouth. She gagged several times from my deep thrusts but I was adamant that she was going to take this load for the team. Within a minute I gave the all I had, while pulling out of her mouth as my hot cum spurted out of my cock, covering her mouth, neck and tits. I actually felt dizzy from it all. It took me about 30 seconds to come back to my senses, and I had other plans for my still extremely hard cock.

I moved down between Maria’s legs, which were now drawn up, and positioned myself between her legs while guiding my cock between her pussy lips. Fuck, her pussy was so hot. I thrust all the way in with one stoke and the feeling of her extremely wet pussy felt like heaven. If her pussy was feeling like this, what were Alex and Kerry’s pussies going to feel like? At this stage I could only imagine.

After doing Maria the old fashioned missionary position for a couple of minutes she asked me to turn her over and do her doggy style. This was our favorite position, with a few variations from time to time, and this was a sure way to blow another load. Again I had visions of the two teenagers, and it was not long after that though that I blew another load, this time deep into Maria’s hot cunt. I felt hers spasm, gripping my cock as her own orgasm made her cry out aloud. She collapsed onto her stomach, leaving my cock all wet and shiny, still shining from her cunt juices.

As I lay down beside Maria I noticed that Kerry was standing at the doorway, and I assumed she had witnessed the whole event. If only she knew that the thoughts of her and Alex took me over the edge. Well, there was one way to ensure that, I just had to tell her in person, better still, maybe just show her in person. With that I got up off the bed and walked towards her, my semi hard cock swaying in front of me as I walked. She led me to the bedroom where I was to receive the deepest kiss I have had in a very long time. Little did I know what was in store for me for the next few hours.

Kerry pendik escort pulled me down onto the bed with her. I was not sure if I should protest or jump with joy. I think the latter was the better option, hell, who in his right mind did not want to shat a sex kitten like this. Out tongues were teasing the other, our hands groping each other. Kerry was massaging my once again rock hard dick, I was rubbing her pert tits through her top.

I pulled her top off, with Kerry’s help, and within seconds I had her nipples in my mouth sucking and licking them. Kerry asked me to bite them, she liked it rough. “Rough” I thought, was she going to ask me to be rough when I ravished her pussy. I sure hoped so. I was going to split her tight little fuck hole open, if I could help it she was going to have some difficulty walking the next day. At the same time I was thinking if I was going to be able to walk the next day. “Shall we find out?” I asked myself, smiling as I was doing so.

“Kerry, there is something I want to ask you” I found myself saying, “have you and Alex…” but somehow did not get to finish that question as Kerry pulled off her jeans and was not left in just her panty. My eyes were fixed on her perfect body. No wonder this girl was swamped with modeling work, I could see exactly why. Even in the dim light of her room she was a fucking sight for sore eyes.

Before I could ask the same question she pushed me down onto the bed and placed her clean shaven snatch on my face, forcing me to taste her, suck on her perfect “designer” pussy and clit. As she did this I heard her say “you tell me if what Alex says about my pussy tasting like nectar is true or not” and grinded away at my face like there was no tomorrow. Fuck, was I complaining about that?

Hell no, but if my ears heard what I think they did, she just basically confess to her and Alex having had some girly fun together? I wanted to ask, but I had a much more important task at hand. As if Kerry read my mind, she said in a husky, sexy voice, “I bet you would like to know what Alex’s pussy tastes like, don’t you?” “You will just have to wait, I am going to fuck you first”, and with that she moved from face fucking me down towards my enormously rock hard cock.

To date I had never felt my cock as hard as it was now, and looking down at Kerry I knew she was going to have a hard time shoving that piece of meat into that tight pussy of hers. She rubbed her pussy with her hand and then moved to gripping my cock with it, using her pussy juice to lube me up. Kerry positioned my cock at the entrance to the most divine looking cunt I had seen in ages and slowly lowered herself onto me, doing so in stages to ease my cock into her throbbing stretched to the limit pussy. Her pussy felt better than it looked, and this was just for starters.

Within seconds my cock was almost balls deep in her exquisite snatch. The sensations I was feeling inside of Kerry were second to none. Never before did my cock feel so good in any pussy before. I looked down, fuck, what a sight that was, I was literally splitting her cunt in two, her lips were stretched wide open and with her now moving up and down my cock I could see bostancı escort her pussy juice shining on it in the light of the room. She was taking it pretty well I thought to myself, and when looking at her face I could see that she was straining somewhat with my size, hearing her gasping on the downward strokes. It was not long till she was riding me like there was no tomorrow.

After fucking me like this for about fifteen minutes, all the while playing with her pert little tits, she asked me to take her from behind, the way she had seen me take Maria earlier on. Was I going to ague this request? I think not, I was more that happy to oblige her this request. After all, she had the tightest ass I had ever seen, and the thought of doing her from behind had my mind racing to places it had not been before. I could just picture it, with her in the doggy style position, how incredibly hot her ass had to look, with her pussy hanging like a plum, just ready to be plucked.

Man oh man, was I fucking mistaken. It was the vision of visions. If I had not known never to play with my food I would have stared at her forever and a day when she assumed that position. The mental image of her cunt and ass that was before me was to be burnt into my mind for the rest of my days. It was the most incredible sight I had ever seen. Alex and Maria were the furthest things from my mind at this moment in time. Before me was a nineteen year old pussy that was mine for the taking, mine to pleasure, one to pleasure me all the same.

I eased my cock onto her tightest pussy of all pussies. I felt like blowing my load right there and then. This was too good to be happening. Fuck, was I dreaming? I looked down, the sensations running through my cock into my body, into my mind were indescribable. No pussy had ever felt so good. I thrust wildly into her, and while I was doing this she was fucking me back just as hard as I was giving that to her.

Impulsively I stuck my finger into her ass; I had been dying to do that since she took up this position she was in. She pushed back into my cock even harder, at the same time thrusting my finger deeper into her ass. I could not hold back any longer, and let rip with an explosion of cum I thought would not be possible after my more after my session with Maria.

The pulsating action of my cock and the feeling of red hot cum hitting home deep inside of Kerry’s pussy set her off on the wildest orgasm she has ever experienced. Kerry threw her head back and let out a loud cry which carried on for many seconds. I was sure that anyone not knowing of our animal like mating sure had to know by now. I was beyond giving a shit about that. My cock had never felt more in place in any pussy ever before. We collapsed next to one another onto the bed. Both of us were completely breathless.

After what felt like minutes we engaged in a deep and passionate kiss. My cock was still throbbing from our hot fuck, and looking down at it I could see all our juices all over it. Kerry had cum running out of her well used and stretched pussy. She had a smug, yet erotic look in her eyes. She was well pleased, and it showed. Kerry turned to me once again, kissed me lightly on the lips and whispered softly, “I bet Alex will like to be fucked like that. You just dying to know about the two of us, aren’t you?” With that she got up off the bed and walked towards Alex’s room, motioning me to follow her as she stood waiting for me at the doorway…

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