Lasting Memories

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With a touch as soft as the breath of an angel she kissed his lips, she savored the moment just long enough to lock his memory away into her mind before swiftly leaving her conquest. It had been a wild night of dancing, drinking, and lust. She eased into the cab and looked one last time before the car pulled away. She relaxed while the cabbie took her home and smiled at the memories she had of that night. Her mind replayed the music as she reminisced the moved he had, so smooth as if he wasn’t touching the floor but gliding across it with her. His gentle touch of her cheek as he kissed her lips softly while they danced to the song “Lady” played. She loved that song , it was her if ever a song had been written that described her it was “Lady”.

“That will be fifteen dollars miss!” The cabbie said breaking her trance.

“Oh! Ok, here keep the change.” She said handing him a twenty.

She walked slowly towards her house like a school girl after her first date all dreamy eyed and lost in thought. She unlocked the door opened it and leaned against the door frame admiring the beauty of the bright blue morning sky and taking a deep breath of the spring air before closing the door. She showered and climbed into her big king size bed to catch up on the sleep she lost last night.

“Mmm yeah a nice nap is what I need right now.” She mumbled to herself as she drifted off.

It was just a few minutes before she was deep in sleep, she slept soundly until the ringing of the phone brought her back to reality.

“Hello” She managed to say.

“Mom where were you last night I called until 2 am!”

“Oh hey baby, I stayed with a friend she wasn’t feeling good and asked me to help her out. You know how I am, I can never say no to a friend.” She quickly responded hoping her daughter wouldn’t catch on to her shaky voice.

“Who?” She inquired.

“Oh, ahhh, Helen from work, you haven’t met her yet.” She said worried now that the questions would continue.

“Well next time let me know so I won’t worry, Ok.”

“Sure Baby! I’m sorry I should have called you. Hey wait a minute here little miss smarty pants! Have you forgotten I am the mother and you are the daughter.” She said laughing into the receiver.

“No! You remind me every time I ask about where you have been or what have you been doing, but I worry mother. I guess I know how you felt when I was coming up now.” She said laughing back at her mother.

“Well stop it, I am a big girl and can take care of myself baby. Oh and if you call tonight I will be back at Helen’s so don’t worry ok.”

“Ok mom, I love you and I hope your friend feels better!”

“Bye Baby and I’ll tell Helen you asked about her.”

She hung the phone up and laid down, she pulled the big pillows up around her head as if she was hiding from something. She hoped her daughter never found out what she did on those nights she wasn’t home! She finally relaxed, she looked over at the clock on the night stand, it showed three o’clock and she felt like hell. Her head still foggy from all the drinks and her body sore from a night of hard sex. She laughed thinking she hadn’t had that much sex since she picked up that guy off the inter-net months ago. Wow she said to herself as she picked up the bottle of body lotion, he was like the Ever Ready Bunny he kept going and going. She poured a generous amount of lotion into the palm of her hand and began to rub it into her sore body. First her arms, then her neck, she pulled her t-shirt off and looked down at her breast.

“Well for a woman in her forty’s not bad! Still firm!” She said as her hands covered both breast in cool lotion.

She felt her body respond to her own caresses as her hands worked the lotion into her skin, the wetness began to form as it always did when her breast were caressed. She pinched her nipples making them stand up proud, she moaned softly as her knowing hands moved across each one slowly. The cool lotion gave her goose bumps as it made contact with her skin and the wetness between her legs begged for attention. She reached into the night stand drawer Samsun Escort for her favorite toy and smiled as it came to life with the flip of the switch. She ran it across her taught nipples, the vibration sent chills and pleasure through her body. She poured lotion onto he belly and as she rubbed it in with one hand the other moved the buzzing blue vibrator into position.

Her legs spread as it touched her mound, she let it lay there for a few seconds before pointing it down and between her sore and swollen pussy lips. She moaned softly as it gave her that tingle she loved so much, she moved it slowly up and down between her lips before allowing herself the satisfaction of having her pussy filled by the soft texture of her blue boy. She groaned as it slipped inside her wetness, she purred as it went deep inside her and touched her innermost desires. Her knowing fingers turned the switch from low to high making the toy come to life along with her. Her hips bucked at the toy as it moved inside her now convulsing pussy. She pinched her nipple hard as her orgasm began to rip through her body, she moaned loudly as she plunged the vibrator deeper and harder until she was breathless form the passion that tore through her.

She laid still for a few minutes, she let the toy fall from her hand, it came to rest with the tip just touching her pussy lips, she relaxed with the feeling of it running through her body and into her soul. A smile formed on her lips as she wondered what this night had in store for her. Would it be as hot and wild as last night she wondered or maybe soft and loving.

“Well I had hard and wild last night! Tonight I go for soft and loving.” she said jumping out of bed and heading towards the shower.

With the decision made what she wanted she called a cab, she checked herself in the full length mirror. She looked pretty damn good with that low cut gown with a slit up the side that showed off her well formed legs. The red dress was perfect she thought, men always like a redhead in red! Hell men liked her almost as much as she liked men!

The sound of a horn told her the cab was there so she headed out the door with renewed bounce in her step. She was off to the Top Hat club, it was going to be a night of dancing to the swing of horns and sax’s. She told the driver where to go and he winked at her as if to say some guy is getting lucky tonight! It was a short drive to the club and she saw the driver eyeing her in the rear view mirror so she being a little risky she pulled her dress up just enough so he had a good view of her thigh as she pretended to adjust her heels. She knew he was looking because he almost hit the car braking in front of them. She grinned as she pulled her dress back down before he killed them.

She paid him and asked if would pick her up at twelve. He said he would and she slipped out of the car making sure he had one last look at her legs. She walked into the dimly lit room full of soft jazz, she made her way to the bar feeling every eye in the room on her and ordered a margarita on the rocks. She sipped the drink as she scanned the room for her next victim. She could have her pick and she knew it, she felt a tap on her bare shoulder, she turned slowly with the glass at her lips.

“Want To Dance!”

“No not right now thank you.” She said knowing he wasn’t the one.

She sat there as man after man approached her, one by one she sent them packing. She had her eye on one man and he was walking her way. He was tall, blond and built. He had a go-tee that framed his face perfectly. He wore a black blazer with a white silk shirt.

“May I?” He said pointing to the seat next to hers.

“Please do.” She purred

“I’m Warren.”

“They call me Red.” She said extending her hand.

“Red huh! Well it fits, red dress, red hair and perfect pure milky skin just the way it should be.” He said letting his fingers caress hers as he held her hand.

“I love that song would you dance with me?” She asked blushing from his remarks.

“I would love to!”

He led her to the crowded dance Samsun Escort Bayan floor and pulled her into his arms, she could feel his muscular chest pressing against her soft breast. His body heat seared through her like a flaming arrow into her heart. His fingers touched her bare back as he led her around the floor, she could feel her body responding to him like no one she had ever been with. He moved with grace and style as he maneuvered her across the room, he whispered into her ear that she was beautiful and kissed her cheek lightly. She pulled him tighter into her so that her body formed to his. She felt him adjust his hands so his finger tips were just on here ass, normally she would pull it up but she let it stay there.

“That perfume is driving me crazy!”

“Its called Passion!” She said smiling at him.

“That’s what I feel right now!” He said lowering his hand a few more inches.

“No that’s my ass!” She said winking at him with a smile.

“And a nice ass it is too! Does the rest of you feel as nice as it does?” He said with a husky voice in her ear.

It was one of the few time she didn’t have a quip or come back line. She just laughed and pulled him off the dance floor and headed over to a booth in the rear of the room. She slipped into the booth and allowed her dress to rise up her thigh, she didn’t make an attempt to pull it down and from the way he eyed her legs he would surely take the bait. He slipped in beside her and ordered two drinks for them. He looked over at her, she could see the desire in his eyes. He lend over slowly giving her time to stop him if she wanted to, she met him halfway and kissed him as passionately as he did her. Their tongues darted back and forth, he sucked her lower lip softly as his hand rested on her exposed thigh. She opened her legs willingly as he caressed her inner thigh. She turned slightly towards him allowing him easy access to her panties. His finger slipped under them and through her wet pussy lips, she moaned into his mouth as his tongue darted deep inside her mouth. He rubbed her swollen clit until she was boiling with desire, her breathing had quickened and his manipulation of her clit intensified. She was ready to explode and he knew it! They hadn’t notice the drinks on the table they were to involved in each other to know the waitress had watched them for a few minutes before setting the drinks down and heading to the ladies room.

“I have an apartment a few miles from here.” He whispered into her ear.

“I don’t think I can wait that long! What time is it?” She panted.

“Twelve O’clock.”

“Lets go, there better be a cab out front waiting for me!” She said trying to get herself in order.

She almost pulled him outside and sure enough the cab was sitting there waiting for her. She opened the door and told the driver take me home fast! He smiled as she got in showing him her legs once more. He headed to her house and she fell into Warrens arms, they kissed even more passionately than in the club, his hand went straight to her still throbbing clit and began to rub it harder and faster, she reached over and undid his belt with one hand while the other hands held his face firmly against hers. She freed his cock from its confinement, her hands wrapped around it firmly as she stroked him. The driver was having a hard time keeping the car in the right lane and almost wrecked twice. She didn’t care that he was watching her, all she knew was she was on fire and needed an orgasm and she needed it bad.

He worked her clit over good until her sensed she was at the edge of orgasm. He moved his thumb to her clit and slipped two fingers inside her, he pushed them in as deep as he could and rubbed her clit with his thumb. She gasp when his fingers entered her and felt her pussy contract around his fingers, she moaned loudly as she felt her body convulse into orgasm. She pulled his cock as she orgasmed, she wanted it in her mouth but couldn’t without losing the fingers that were bringing her so much pleasure.

“Ahh Miss? We are here.”

“Oh God! How much?” Escort Samsun She managed to ask

“NO Charge! God just go before I climb back there with you two!” He said rubbing his cock.

She threw a twenty at him as she climbed out of the car slamming the door and almost running to her house. They barely got through the door before she had the straps of the dress pulled down, she kicked her shoes off in the hall pulling him with her as she headed to the bedroom. He took her lead and his shirt was opened his pants down to his knees as they entered the bedroom. She turned to him wigged a couple time and her dress fell to the floor, he stepped out of his pants kicking them and his shoes across the room. He picked her up and laid her on the bed, hooked her panties and pulled them slowly down her legs exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. He stood there for a second or two admiring his fortune of having this sexy lady laying in front of him naked and horny as hell.

He knelt down between her legs, he could smell the musky scent of her wetness, he kissed her inner thigh, his tongue traveled up leaving a wet path as he slowly moved in on her pussy. His tongue licked around her swollen lips making her gasp with pleasure, he slipped it inside her wetness tasting her juices and groaned with desire. She moaned softly as his tongue lapped up her juices and took her over the edge one more time. She clamped her legs around his head pulling him into her, his tongue dove deeper inside her until she screamed out.

“OHH God I’m cumin!” He continued to lick and suck her pussy until she begged him to stop. She wanted to have him as much as he wanted her and pulled him up and they kissed deeply. She could taste her own cum smeared all over his face, it turned her on even more and she rolled him over. Quickly sliding down to his cock she engulfed it, she plunged her mouth down fully onto his throbbing cock until it hit the back of her throat. She moaned as she sucked his cock from tip to base allowing it to pass deep down her throat until she felt his pubic hair against her nose. He moaned louder and louder with each stroke she made, he could feel his cum boiling up inside his aching balls and screamed.

“Suck it baby! I’m cumin!”

She thrust her mouth down on his cock harder and faster until she felt it lurch with the first of his offering, she pushed down hard once more and held his cock deep in her throat until she had the last drop of his cum swallowed. He held her head firmly until his orgasm had subsided, he pulled her up to him and she kissed him passionately. He moved his cock into position and buried it in her wetness, she moaned loudly as it rammed its way deep inside her filling her with hot cock. Se pulled herself up until she had just the tip of his cock inside her still and leaned back hard driving his cock into her wanting pussy. He reached up and caressed her breast, pinching her nipples until she groaned loudly while she rocked on his cock.

He pulled her down so her nipple was just inches from his lips, he sucked one then the other nipping each with his teeth making her moan with pleasure. She maneuvered herself so she was on one knee, both his hands now caressed her breast, he moved his hips up driving his cock into her hard. She met each thrust with her own, he held her hips firmly as he built speed with each thrust driving his cock harder and faster inside her. She moaned loudly as he held his cock deep rotating his hips as he pinched her nipple.

“Fuck me baby!” She screamed as her orgasm built.

“I’m fixing to cum!” he yelled

“OHH GOD FUCK ME!!” She screamed back

He pounded her harder and faster until he was gasping for air. Her head rolled from side to side as if it was about to fall off, her eyes closed and her face showed the intensity of the climax that was taking her out of control. Her muscles clamped down on his cock as if it was a hand holding him deep inside her convulsing pussy as he shot his hot load of cum inside her, he could feel their juices flowing down his cock and covering his balls. Her leg finally gave out and she collapsed on top of him, her breath coming in gasp as his was they both laid there motionless for a few minutes. He finally rolled her over kissed her softly and felt his cock slip from her grasp. Red just smiled at him, pulled him close and held him until they both feel into a deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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