Large Lifestyle Ch. 01


Rick and Carol went to high school together and were really close friends. But nothing ever happened romantically… tonight would be decidedly different.

It was after midnight on a Friday night… so really it was early Saturday morning. And I found myself wandering the aisles of the local 24 hour Safeway grocery store. I was on a mission, but I kept getting distracted by things I normally looked for when shopping for groceries; meat, soda, candy. It didn’t help that my goal wasn’t where I thought it normally should be.

I was on the hunt for condoms. A friend from high school, Carol, had come to town for the weekend. She sent me a simple text message yesterday “Hey Rick, we need to go out.” We went out to a bar together, had a few drinks. One thing had led to another and she’d asked me to come back to her hotel room. Knowing I didn’t have any condoms and wondering where, precisely, this night was going I just came out and asked her “Are we going to fuck?”

We’d never had sex or anything like that before. Carol and I were really great friends in high school who have lost track of each other over the last four years. But we were always very open with each other as friends, and we had really talked about a lot during dinner and at the bar. So I felt pretty comfortable asking her such a straightforward question and Carol gave me a straightforward answer in return; “You bet your ass we are.” Then she kissed me. Maybe it was the alcohol talking for both of us.

So, I let her know of my situation and she decided it would be a good idea to go get some. When I got out of the car she only said one thing “I’m allergic to latex.” I knew what that meant and it didn’t make me happy. In my somewhat limited experience I’ve found that non-latex condoms can sometimes be hard to find. Seems like a store only sells one brand, and if they are sold out… you have to look elsewhere.

I felt pretty confident we’d be ok, if I could just find where the condoms were located. Normally they are in the pharmacy section, but they weren’t there. The next most likely spot is what I’ve seen many store refer to as the “Family Planning” section. They weren’t there either. Finally I located them with the soaps and shampoos. What they’re doing there I don’t know, but I was very happy to have finally located them. Seeing them made me think of putting one on, which made me think of getting inside Carol… of seeing her naked body and having my way with it.. and that got my dick hard again.

Their selection was surprisingly large, I actually had a few choices for the non-latex variety. I found what I had been hoping they’d have, Lifestyles Skyn Large. I’m not a porn star or a huge dude, but my dick is pretty big, 8 inches long and pretty thick. When I’d first started having sex I had used the regular sized condoms and they had been pretty uncomfortable. I had done a little research and decided I needed to use the larger size. Depending on the brand they tended to be meant for guys that were 7-8 inches long. Having had two steady girlfriends in the past I had settled into a preference for Trojan Magnums. Unfortunately they were made from latex, which left me with the Lifestyle brand. They’d do in a pinch, but they too felt a little uncomfortable from time to time if I was really aroused. Like I am… right now. Recently I had noticed that Lifestyle started making a slightly larger size of non-latex.

I picked up a box of three at first, then decided to get the 6, because what if we spent tomorrow together? Wouldn’t that be exciting? I could always save them for later anyway. I wiped the smile off my face and picked up a few seemingly innocuous items from around the store. I always felt like I had to get more than just condoms, especially late at night, as if the people checking me out were judging me. Part of me thought, “So what if they are judging you? You’re about to go have sex, let them be jealous!” But another, shyer part of me thought “They think you’re a sex pervert.”

So, I tried to seem casual as I walked up to the sole check-out aisle with my soda, candy, ice cream, bread… and a box of condoms. I was especially dismayed to see the lone customer service representative was a really pretty girl. I did a double take when I first saw her. Five foot five, fit looking, a very impressive looking chest, beautiful blonde hair and a very pretty face. She looked to be anywhere between 18-25. I read her nametag and noted it said “Lois.” Lois was reading a magazine and didn’t look up fully until my items had found their way to the scanner. She said “Hello” and then started running everything through the scanner and putting them in bags.

Looking closer I could tell she was tired, I also noticed a book bag at her feet with the logo for the University of Maryland on it. I figured she must be working to help pay the bills at school, and had to work the night shift out of necessity. Just as I wondered this the condoms came up to the scanner.

I froze, embarrassed that Trabzon Escort I had been checking her out and now she had her hand on my condoms. She picked them up, ran them through the scanner, and then for the first time glanced at me with just the hint of a smirk on her face. Only for the briefest of moments. I did my best to stay stone faced as she quickly looked away, pretending I didn’t even notice her look at me.

I could tell as she placed them in a bag she was still thinking about me, everything else she had put away without thinking, just like she had put tens of thousands of other items into bags before. She seemed to hesitate a little as she put them in the bag. Maybe this was the first customer she had checked out who had bought condoms? Or maybe the first one who had bought the large variety? No, that can’t be right. I decided I was being ridiculous, my hormones were getting the best of me, making me think I was gods gift…

We finished the transaction without incident, my receipt printed out, Lois grabbed it and wrote a quick note, then handed it to me. I said something like “Have a nice night” and glanced over her body one more time before turning and exiting. I found Carol in the car and deflected her question about what took so long and why I got so many items. As she pulled away she put her hand on my thigh just as I looked at the receipt. Curiously, the handwritten note on the back that simply said “@Lois1234”. I shrugged, folded the receipt and put it in my wallet, refocusing my attention on Carol and what she was doing with her hand.

Carol started the engine and ran her hand up my thigh and brushed it against my crotch. Between thinking about sex on the way over here, and thinking about sex while looking at the condoms, I had been hard for a long time. But I definitely got a little harder and more excited as Carol gripped my crotch for a few moments before driving out of the parking lot and heading down the highway towards her hotel. I gazed at her as she drove, taking the time again to examine her body, her hair, her pretty face. I’d always thought she was pretty, but the slight maturing she had done since we graduated made her even more beautiful. Her form was stunning, at least from this angle.

Carol was thin as she had always been, but it seemed like she had added a few pounds of muscle of the years, which evened out her form a little. Personally, my favorite part of a womans body is her chest. I prefer big boobs. Not extremely big, but I do like big breasts. Carols had never been that and they weren’t now. But they were plenty and they fit the rest of her figure perfectly. If I had to guess I’d say she was a C, which on her somewhat slim figure looked really good. Awesome really.

I noticed as we were driving that Carol didn’t seem to be going towards her hotel room. She had told me earlier that it was in Silver Spring, but we were heading away, towards Columbia. Which is where we went to school. I assumed she wanted to take a look at the old high school. I saw it every now and then, but Carol probably hadn’t seen it in a long time.

My suspicions were confirmed as we drove into the empty parking lot and stopped the car on the farthest edge. The campus was lit up by security lights that flooded everything; we could see all the main buildings and the track, the distant football field. The parking lot itself was less well lit, and where we were was near a large group of trees and essentially in darkness. Being out of the lights meant we could see the school, but we didn’t have anything amounting to high powered security lights anywhere near us.

Carol opened up her door and got out, so I did too. The air was a nice temperature. May in Maryland can have some pretty warm days, but the nights tend to be a nice mild temperature. Carol walked in front of the vehicle, a Chevy Tahoe, and just looked at our old high school, James Madison. After a couple minutes she said, “It looks the same.”

“Yea, pretty much. They’ve renovated one or two buildings and painted things here and there, but mostly its the same. We’re the ones who have changed so much.”

Carol looked at me. “We have. I use to think I knew it all back then, even as far back as being a freshman I thought I knew it all. I thought I had all the time in the world too.”

“Well, you do. I mean we’re still so young. We can do anything we want to do.”

Carol looked back at the school for a second and said, “We sure can. Rick, how come we never dated or anything in high school? I mean, I thought the world of you…”

“I don’t know. I use to have some very… um… romantic feelings for you sometimes. It just never seemed like there was a good time. I always felt like a lot of our friends were watching us, waiting, expecting us to get together or something. Judging us. Made it awkward to even do a little friendly flirting. Which of course we did, but there never seemed to be a good moment to try and test the waters for something Trabzon Escort Bayan more serious. Or meaningful.”

“You think people were judging us?”

“Oh yea, definitely me anyway. Whenever a school thing would come around like prom, or homecoming or whatever, a lot of our guy friends would pressure me to ask you out. Some of the girls, like Jenny, would see us do something a little flirty and would start asking me if I liked you or if we wanted to date. Jenny would ask me if I wanted her to talk to you for me, see if you liked me, stuff like that. It was a lot of pressure sometimes. And it made me kinda, pull back from the whole idea, just because it seemed like there was so much interest in the whole subject.”

“Yea, I guess you’re right. I did experience that kind of thing. When those types of things would come up, some of the girls would ask me why you hadn’t asked me or if we had ever kissed or anything. Now that we’re away from all that pressure we are separated. But I think we can test the waters some…”

Carol walked to the back of the big SUV. She had backed the truck in, so the front end where we were was facing the school, and the tailgate was up against the small forest of trees. I saw her open the tailgate and climb into the back. This… was unexpected. Like many things about this evening. But I was excited to see where we’d go.

I met her at the back and saw her putting down the second row of seats, so that the storage area was effectively doubled in size. Carol lay down in the back and put her head near the back of her driver seat. I took off my shoes and placed them in under the tailgate and climbed in. I laid down next to Carol and put my right arm under my head, forming a little pillow for myself. Carol sighed, “It feels nice being here with you Rick, it feels right.”

She rolled over and put her head on my chest, wrapping her right arm gently around my waist. After a few seconds she lifted her head and looked at me, “Your heart is racing!” She smiled. “Little excited about something?”

“Well… like I said. I’ve had some uh… more or less romantic thoughts about you in the past.”

Carol kept smiling, “Oh? Only in the past?” She leaned down and kissed me lightly. We kissed a little more. I put my arms around her back and pulled her a little closer. It felt so right. We kissed deeper and opened our mouths, breathing heavier as our mutual excitement grew. Carol rolled completely on top of me, her chest pressing against me. I wrapped my around around her again and slid one hand down her back, resting it on her butt. Which, now that I was getting acquainted with felt really good. Carol was slim, and had been really slim in high school, but it seemed the intervening years had added a little extra to her rear and it felt awesome. My dick throbbed as I pictured grabbing her naked flesh.

Carol looked at me and smiled again, she rolled off me, “geez, seems like something is poking me….” she looked down at my crotch to my visibly tented pants. She placed her hand over my crotch and leaned in for another kiss. Somehow the connection of her grabbing me and kissing me felt ten times better than one or the other by itself. I touched her face and pressed in for a deeper kiss.

Carol sat up again and undid my belt. I didn’t know what she had planned exactly. I’d never done anything remotely sexual in such a public place, but I didn’t want to break the mood by interjecting. Carol unzipped me and I helped her pull them down to my feet by lifting up a little. She sat staring at my red underwear, my penis straining against it as if making up her mind. She grabbed the elastic and yanked them down to my knees, gasping a little when my cock bounced free.

I stared at her, speechless. My hormones were racing and my heart was pounding. She leaned down and kissed the head of my penis. Then came back up. “I wasn’t expecting you to be so… substantial.”

“I’m happy to have surprised you.”

Carol leaned back down and grabbed the shaft of my fully aroused dick with one hand and lowered her mouth onto it. God it felt so good. I placed my right hand on her back and moved my left under my head, providing comfort from the floor of the car and also allowing me to lift my head a little and look at Carol. It was dark, everything was shrouded in shadow… but I liked what little I could see.

Carol spent a little time with just the head in her mouth, licking it, kissing it, sucking it, bouncing up and down a little on it. Then, slowly she started to take me a little deeper. I moaned and told her how I felt, “That feels incredible.”

She kept going for a few minutes, then sat up, a little breathless. “Rick, you’re so big and your dick is on fire.” It’s true, my heartbeat was really up there and I could feel the temperature in my penis felt like it had skyrocketed since she put her mouth on me. She sat staring at me, her hand still on my dick and jerking up and down. That felt amazing to. I Escort Trabzon struggled to speak.

“Sorry, it just feels really good.”

“Don’t apologize, it feels amazing in my mouth.” Hearing her say that it was amazing to have my dick in her mouth made me feel really good, special even. All of this felt pretty special; her saying “amazing” made me think she felt the same way. Carol reached down to her waist and pulled her shirt over her head. Then she pulled her skirt off and stashed them both somewhere close. She crawled back to me on her hands and knees. Damn, she looked amazing. She was wearing a black bra and panties. Her body looked delicious. My opinion of her might have been elevated by the hormones racing through me, but she looked tremendous. Slim, but with curves in the right places. A slightly wider waist then she’d had in high school, her butt filling out her underwear fabulously, and her breasts dangling down towards me as she leaned in and kissed my forehead. She took of her bra, I couldn’t help myself as I sat up and placed my hands on her breasts. They were gorgeous and her tight nipples felt great in my hands.

Carol laughed and shoved me back down, lowering her mouth back down on my throbbing dick. This time she placed herself so that her butt was pointing up towards my face as her mouth moved up on and down. I cried out as she increased her tempo and I gave her butt a little spanking. She moaned at the tap I had given her, she grabbed onto my shaft with one hand and my balls with the other, moving her hand up and down with her mouth.

I shouted now, “oh my god, that feels incredible,” I was breathing really heavy now. Carol sat up again, “I love doing that to you, Rick. I’ll do it more later, believe me.”

I breathed out heavily, thinking that this was it for now and we’d get in the car and drive away. Instead, Carol slid her panties off her legs and straddled me. She laughed at my surprised look and kissed me deep, guiding the head of my penis into her. She repeated the process she’d done when she first started sucking on my dick, taking only the head inside her and then working her way down slowly. She felt tight.

When she felt comfortable Carol started moving her body up and down on me, her breasts in my face, allowing me to lick her tits a little. I said, “I’m not wearing a condom.”

She grimaced a little as she pushed her body all the way down my long shaft, then smiled, “I know baby, but god damn, you feel so good. Just don’t cum okay? Let me know if you can’t hold back.”

I said okay as she increased her pace of fucking me. It felt incredible. Sweat broke out all over both of us. I grabbed her back and pulled her close to me, kissing her deeply; I took over control a little and powered my dick into her, she moaned. Then she sat up and continued to ride me, I grabbed her breasts and fondled them. Carol grinding her body against me, hard.

Everything felt so incredible, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. I was going to cum, and cum big. Breathing heavily I said, “Carol, I’m gonna need to cum soon.” She shouted and said, “god, ok baby, can you hold on a little longer. I’m almost there I promise. Please.”

I said OK and tried to think about something other than exploding inside of her. I wanted to cum of course, needed to release my orgasm. But another part of me wanted to cum inside her, sans condom, and release my seed into her. Call it being an asshole, call it some kind of primal need, but thats what part of me wanted. I was doing my best to ignore it. But the feeling was there.

Carol was slamming herself up and down on me now, grabbing onto my shoulders and squeezing tightly. “Damn your dick feels so big, I’m gonna cum Rick, I’m gonna cum right now, OK?”

She looked at me, a little sweat glistening on her face, her eyes pleading with me to hold on. She kissed me and said, “Can you hold on while I cum baby? Your dick feels so good and I don’t want to ruin it right now with a condom.”

“I’ll try ok, I’ll pull out if I feel like I can’t… you feel really amazing.”

She laughed, smiled, and immediately went back to riding the hell out of me. Two minutes later, it happened. I could feel it building in her, her breathing got very erratic and her insides were clenching me like I’d never felt before. She bit her lip and looked into my eyes, then said, “I’m cumming!” She yelled incoherently and her face contorted. She may have moaned/screamed my name a few times. I was a little preoccupied trying to not explode inside her as I felt her pleasure burst all around me. I felt a very strong biological urge to cum inside her and shoot my load of sperm deep into her body, but I held back. I grabbed her hips as hard as I could and waited for her to finish.

It felt like forever to me, as I desperately held onto her hips fighting his my own orgasm, but eventually Carol slowed and took my penis out of her, rested her head on my chest and breathing deeply. Trying to catch her breath she said, “Rick, seriously, that was um… really good. Thank you.”

I smiled and said, “No problem. You felt pretty awesome yourself.” I breathed out, the incredible urge to cum subsiding somewhat now that I was no long inside Carol and being ridden so hard.

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