K’s Second Day


I woke up the next morning with my large throbbing cock still buried inside K’s sweet heaven. Tired from their flight both K and P were still sleeping and P was snoring softly from the other bed. I stretched my arm up and flexed my entire body pushing my erection deeper into K’s still wet heaven as I yawned. K moaned in response and pushed her bottom back against my groin but she didn’t come fully awake. Her heaven gripped my dick so tight it was painful but felt good at the same time. I couldn’t help myself, her heaven felt so wonderful wrapped around my cock, I had to start thrusting my hips back and forth.

K moaned some more and started to rouse from slumber. “Andrew? What?” she said in groggy confusion. I kissed the back of her neck and the sensitive flesh behind both ears as I rolled her onto her stomach and went with her so that I was on her back. I spread her slim thighs wide with my own and began thrusting my long thick black cock heavily into her wetly clinging heaven. K had told me that her heaven was always wet, but I didn’t believe her until that morning. Her heaven was soaked and it couldn’t have all been from the night before. “Oh! Andrew!” she groaned into the pillow. “You so big inside me.”

I reached one hand under her body to play with her breasts and nipples. The other went under her chin to slightly lift it so it was easier to kiss her and whisper in her ear. “Your heaven is so tight, K. It feels wonderful inside you,” I said softly. “I want to make love to you forever.”

“I want you enter my heaven always,” K panted turning her head to capture my mouth and tongue with her own. We weren’t being quiet. Both of us were moaning and groaning and my thrusts were becoming so hard that the hotel bed springs were making quite a ruckus. Out of the corner of my eye I saw P move slightly and became aware that he was watching us intently. K noticed him too. “Throw sheets away. Let P him watch and learn.”

Without pausing my thrusts I let go of her chin for a second and tore the blankets and sheets off of us with one quick movement. I can only imagine the sight K and I suddenly made in P’s eyes as my rump hardened into two round globes then relaxed over and over again as I propelled my hips into her. My chest and stomach were firmly pressed into K’s back while my hips rose and fell above her bottom. The wet slurping noises as my black shaft widened her tight wet heaven were suddenly loud and obscene now that the muffling blankets were gone. K’s hips rose off the bed to meet every thrust as our tongues were sucked back and forth between our open mouths.

“Oh, Andrew! Oh, Andrew! Give me you big hard dick! Give me you big hard diiiiiccckkk!” K cried her whole body tensing and her heaven clamping down tightly on my invading cock. I stopped thrusting, fully embedded inside her while her heaven pulsed along the entire length of my shaft. I let go of her body and pushed my chest off her back enjoying the sight of her white bottom flattened under my black groin as the muscles in her back tensed and untensed.

Her heaven was gripping my dick like a hand and it was hard to control myself but I managed. After K calmed I started to slowly slide in and out of her now sloppy heaven. Her juices were being pulled out of her by my dick and began coating both our thighs and her bottom so that our bodies smacked together loudly with each thrust.

“Oh, K…K!” I cried out as I surged forward into her one last time and emptied myself into her heaven with several large thick spurts of semen. She felt much looser and when I pulled my black cock out the thick lips of her heaven gaped open widely so that you could almost see up in her. Thick globs of sperm ran out of her and she called P over. He got down on his back on the bed and K straddled his face so the mixture of our juices ran into his open mouth.

K ground her heaven onto P’s face and mouth for several minutes continually ordering him in Ukrainian in between moans of pleasure. I had a good look at her backside while I watched P probe her back entrance with his tongue which K seemed to particularly enjoy. She was rolling her hips, really grinding her thick lipped heaven and ass all over his face and mouth so that our mixed juices ran out and covered him.

My dick started to get hard watching them and I realized if I didn’t get out of bed and take a shower we’d never get moving. With a loud reluctant sigh I got up with my big dick bobbing hard in front of me and told K that checkout was eleven and I didn’t want to be late. “I be soon to there,” K said as I headed to the bathroom. I had been in the shower a few minutes before she joined me. We washed each other slowly enjoying the feel of our soapy bodies rubbing together and the contrast between our skin. It took a great amount of willpower not to enter her heaven again as my dick was straining and eager to enter her somewhere, anywhere.

I resisted as I wanted to get checked out and head somewhere for breakfast. bursa escort bayanlar I was surprised to see P fully dressed when K and I came out of the bathroom, his face crusted with the drying mixture of our juices. “Aren’t you going to clean up,” I asked incredulously.

From the somewhat embarrassed look on his face I knew he understood me but struggled to find the words to answer. “P not clean until we arrive to your house,” K answered for him. “He show love for me staying this way,” she continued seeing the confused look on my face.

I shook my head in disbelief. “There’s no way I would do that,” I said.

“Of course not,” K said. “P love me different than you love me. P love me more.” P beamed at her words which looked odd coming from his face covered in the flaking remnants of my cum and the juice from K’s heaven.

I wasn’t going to argue about it but I knew I loved K a lot so thought that P’s love for her may be different but I wasn’t sure it was more. It didn’t matter to me as long as P understood our need for each other and accepted it which seemed to be the case. K picked up the denim overall shorts she had been wearing the previous day and after pulling on a t-shirt began to put them on. “I didn’t bring many clothes,” she said.

“You know I prefer you naked anyway,” I said smiling.

K visibly shivered and sexily bit her lip. “I’m know, Andrew. But girl always needs wear clothes in public,” she said softly. I let out an exaggerated sigh. She looked sexy though with her nipples poking through the thin fabric of the shirt and I appreciated that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her shorts. She finished getting ready while P readied their bags.

When we checked out, P got a lot of looks in the lobby and the concierge was trying hard not laugh. She was snickering behind her hand the entire time while I paid. P’s face was bright red and he couldn’t look her or any of the other guests walking through in the eye. K didn’t seem to notice and acted as if everything was perfectly normal, as if the young man standing next to her didn’t have a face full of drying cum. As soon as we left the counter, the young woman couldn’t contain it anymore and turned around and laughed out loud. P looked like he wanted to crawl in a hole to hide as he walked behind K and I with his head hanging and face burning.

K requested fish for breakfast so I decided to head straight for my place to grill her some. P seemed pleased with this choice too but I’m sure it was because he’d be saved the embarrassment of being seen by more people in public with a face full of another man’s cum.

As soon as we arrived I gave K and P the requisite tour of my home. P immediately went to the guest bathroom to wash his face, with K’s permission, and I went out back to grill some fish for their breakfast. It was warm so K joined me outside, undoing one of her overall straps and pulling up her shirt to flash her small breasts at me whenever she got the chance. I was erect the entire time I prepared the fish and when I brought K her breakfast I undid the other strap and pulled her shirt off before letting her eat. She buckled on of the straps back up before she began her breakfast and when P finally came out to eat he paused at the sight of his girlfriend sitting practically topless as she quietly ate and I sat sipping my coffee opposite her.

We had put all of their bags in my spare room but I expected K to spend her nights sleeping in the master bedroom. “I have a few friends coming over this evening to watch the baseball game and use the hot tub,” I told them as they finished eating. I had a covered hot tub in the back along with my outdoor kitchen. My house usually wound up being the place where my friends and I hung out. I had a TV that hung in the kitchen and was easily viewed from the hot tub so we’d all soak in the tub and usually watch sports.

“But what will you tell them of us?” K asked after P had asked her a question.

“I’ll just tell them that you and P are students checking out the university and staying a couple of weeks.”

“This it’s ok?” she asked.

“Yeah. They won’t question it.”

K relayed everything to P and he seemed relieved. I suppose it would have been hard for him to admit to a bunch of strangers that he and his girlfriend had travelled halfway around the world so she could make love to another man. K asked what she should wear. “What you’re wearing looks great!” I laughed.

“Andrew,” K sing-songed giving me a mock serious look.

“Just put on some shorts and a top and you’ll fit right in,” I assured her.

K and P spent most of the day sleeping off the jetlag in the spare room. When I looked in on them they were spooned together, but both were dressed. K looked like an angel. I woke them up a few minutes before I knew my friends would arrive.

Kevin, as usual, was first. Tall and quiet, Kevin took the unexpected presence of K and bayan sarisin escort bursa P without any questions, though he gave K an appreciative once over in her tight booty shorts and small blue top and gave me an envious grin. ‘How can we helps?” K asked me quietly as Kevin settled in at my outdoor table.

“Why don’t you get drinks and snacks for the guys. Let P enjoy the game,” I suggested. K nodded in agreement then she and P joined Kevin outside while I went to my garage freezer to get some meat for the grill. When I joined them outside K was standing in a seductive pose next to where Kevin was sitting, chatting with him while P just sat there trying his best to pay attention to the TV and not what his girlfriend was doing.

“I think you have a cute accent,” I heard Kevin say in response to something K had just said.

“Thanks you,” K replied bending over lower than was necessary to rub him appreciatively on the shoulder giving him a nice view of her cleavage. Kevin stared unabashedly and smiled brightly at her as she slowly straightened. The doorbell rang before anything more could happen. “I goes gets it, Andrew,” K said melodically. She skipped away and Kevin gave me another grin as he watched her ass bounce in her shorts.

K came back followed by two more of my friends, Corey and Justin. They lived close to each other and often drove together. They were as entranced as Kevin was with K and flirted with her relentlessly. P’s face kept getting redder and redder but he continued to say nothing and watch the game. I don’t think K ever sat down during the first inning, she was busy getting everyone drinks and food and flirting with my friends.

Two innings into the game there was another knock at the door. I could hear my friend Deacon before I saw him. He’s a very large, not necessarily fat but tall and wide, boisterous man and he was talking very loudly to K as they walked through the house to the back. “Damn girl, you got a bangin’ body,” he said unabashedly as she preceded him out the door to the back. He openly stared exaggeratedly at her as she walked in front of him giggling slightly. Deacon is not a handsome man but he could always make women feel special with his compliments and jokes. I’ve seen him get women who should have been far out of his league by using his wit.

Deacon was his last name, his first name was Bryan but no one used it. I don’t remember why we started calling him Deacon, it had been at least two decades, but I don’t think he would have even responded to Bryan from anyone other than his mother. He was watching K’s ass sway as she led him to a seat at the table and asked him what he’d like to drink. “Damn, Andrew, where did you find her?” he asked as she went to fetch him a shot of tequila and a beer. His eyes were so fixed on her that he didn’t even notice P until I mentioned that they were friends checking out the university.

“You should be a model, girl,” Deacon said as she returned. K blushed and looked very pleased.

“That’s actually how we met,” I offered. After a barrage of questions K and I explained back and forth about Wicked Weasel bikinis and their Microminimus website.

“You should join us in the hot tub,” Deacon suggested. “And wear one of your bikinis.” K looked at me for approval. She had a look of excited apprehension in her eyes.

“I will join you” K agreed. Deacon was sitting with his hand rubbing her low back which hadn’t gone unnoticed by P. At the news she would be getting in the tub with my friends P’s face turned red and I thought he might say something but he looked down before returning his eyes to the TV and kept quiet.

“Good girl!” Deacon beamed and lowering his hand gave her a audible smack on one of her near bare butt cheeks causing K to jump and squeal. She looked back at him with an irritated look rubbing her ass.

“Don’t do that,” she said, “I am nots animal.” Deacon recognized the angry look and apologized after which K smiled at me before sauntering off to change. All eyes were on her butt as she left although P tried to hide it.

She wasn’t gone for long but while she was gone the mood certainly changed. All the guys were eager with anticipation except for P who seemed to be falling more and more miserable as the rest of us openly talked about how sexy his girlfriend was as if he weren’t there. When she returned I was pleased to see she had changed into a yellow polka dot bikini. Deacon whistled loudly and compliments rained down on her from all the other guys. K sauntered over and smiled playfully at them.

As she passed Kevin he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down into his lap laughing. All the guys looked on with a twinge of jealousy as his dark hands roamed over her exposed pale flesh. She slapped his hands away in mock anger. I was a little surprised Kevin was bold enough to grab her but I could hardly blame him. K looked hot and she knew it. I’m sure all of bayan esmer escort bursa my friends were sporting long hard black erections in their shorts.

P looked on with growing frustration but still said nothing. K eventually extricated herself from Kevin’s grasping hands. Her body was a bit red from where his hands had been feeling her up but she didn’t get very far as a laughing Corey pulled her down into his lap for the same treatment Kevin had been giving her. She laughed with him and tried to push his hands away. Corey boldly grabbed one of her boobs over her bikini and mauled it for a few seconds while K looked down at the contrast between his black hand, her white bikini, and her pale skin. She let him knead and squeeze for several seconds then batted his hand away playfully and got up to readjust her bikini top.

Again she was pulled down into a lap before she could get fully away. This time it was Justin. I briefly wondered what his wife would have said if she saw him with teenage K sitting on his lap while his hands made free use of her bikini clad body. He thrust one hand between her legs which K immediately clamped shut trapping it between them. He couldn’t do much feeling around but all the guys were watching avidly as she tried to admonish him for taking advantage of her.

She parted her slim thighs and Corey removed his hand and with an exaggerated pout allowed her to get up. But then it was Deacon’s turn. He pulled her down to straddle one of his large black thighs. K looked like a child sitting on his leg despite the fact that she was a fairly tall young woman. She had no choice but to sit there with her legs spread around his thick thigh while his baseball mitt sized hands pawed the exposed parts of her body. “You’re skin is so smooth girl,” he grunted as he ran his black hand up and down her slim white thigh.

K visibly shivered while Deacon caressed her and seemed less concerned with getting away than she had been with my other friends. She was whimpering a little and I could see her grinding her crotch into his leg. No one was saying anything but everyone was watching as Deacon held onto her for what seemed like an eternity. He finally released her and looked a little reluctant as she climbed off his thigh and stood up. She looked at my with hungry passion as she sat next to P almost panting.

Deacon stood and stripped off his shirt then carried his beer into the hot tub. The other guys joined him a few moments later while I cleaned up a bit with a raging hard on. K watched my friends in the tub for a while and helped me a little before she decided to join them. She squeezed in between Deacon and Justin, one lonely white teenage girl in a hot tub with four older black men. P looked on jealously but didn’t move.

The frothing bubbles in the tub hid everything below the water’s surface from my view but every so often K would let out a little squeal and the four guys would laugh. P looked even more miserable as he watched his girlfriend playing around with the four other men. I watched them too as I sat and sipped a beer while trying to mentally calm my raging dick. Just when it looked like the guys might be getting a little too rowdy, K excused herself. “Too much beer,” she said climbing out of the tub. All of the guys groaned at the sight of her bikini clad bottom as she hauled herself over the edge. Her suit clung tightly to her lithe bod and everyone stared lustfully as she headed into the house and up the stairs.

I waited a couple of minutes then excused myself to go change into my own suit. My timing was perfect; just as I got to the top of the stairs K was coming out of the bathroom. In less than a second I had her in my arms with our lips locked in a passionate kiss. Her wet bikini pressed into my chest and groin. We walked our way together, our mouths never parting, to the bedroom she was supposed to share with P. We made our way to the bed and I gently pushed her back onto it then ripped her wet bikini bottoms down her long slim legs. She spread her legs and displayed her wet excited heaven to my hungry gaze.

I quickly dropped my pants to my ankles and stepped out of them before eagerly joining her on the bed. I didn’t bother removing my shirt or her bikini top. I was on top of her in a flash and thrusting my long hard black rod her up her sopping wet heaven. I pumped into her furiously while she groaned, “Oh, Andrew…oh, Andrew,” over and over again. I was afraid the others might hear so I crushed my mouth over hers again and let her moan into it.

After everything that had gone on outside neither one of us was going to last long and pretty soon K’s spasming heaven as she orgasmed triggered an orgsasm of my own and I emptied my seed deep inside her. We lay locked together for several moments as we both gasped and shuddered our final throes of passion. I finally pulled my softening member from the warmth of her heaven with a slight gasp from her as it exited. My cum flowed out and seeped into the sheets P would be sleeping in later.

“You know I don’t intend for you to sleep in here,” I told her as we both looked down at her cum drenched heaven.

“I know,” she smiled. “I puts my things in here for P…” she explained finishing with a slight shrug. I bent down and kissed her fiercely on the mouth again.

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