Being a Good Samaritan Pays Off


He’d knocked on the door twice, rang the bell once and was just about to turn away when he noticed a white sneaker with an ankle attached to it poking out from behind a counter. Tim peeked through the curtain, noticed the sneaker wiggle and knocked on the door again. The sneaker wiggled back and forth as if inviting Tim in for a casual conversation. Again he knocked and again the foot waved. He turned the door knob and the door opened.

“Excuse me,” Tim said as he stepped through the door. He was breaking every rule in the pizza delivery boy handbook, but his gut told him something was wrong with the customer who had placed the order. He walked toward the sneaker and the ankle, then found the ankle attached to a long leg, which was attached to a woman who looked semi-unconscious.

“Hey, you okay?” he asked, as he set the pizza on the counter top and squatted down to talk to the woman.

The sound of a man’s voice seemed to be coming from a thick fog. Hazel tried to open her eyes, but she found it took more effort than she was willing to give. She chose instead to grunt, a noise in her opinion meant, “Yeah, I’m cool. Who are you?”

Tim frowned. He leaned in and grabbed the woman’s shoulders. He shook her gently and again repeated his earlier question.

The ground beneath Hazel’s ass was trembling. She pushed away at the impenetrable force that was holding her down. The force relaxed and the world stopped turning. She opened her eyes and stared into the face of a stranger. “Who are you?” she asked.

Tim shrank back slightly as the smell of alcohol washed over him. He took a deep breath and considered his responsibility toward the drunk. He could leave her where she was and with his luck she’d die of alcohol poisoning, or he could call an ambulance or the cops and then she’d come back the next day all sobered up and bitch his employer out and press charges for entering her home without his permission. In truth he didn’t like any of his options and everything in him told him to park his ass down on the floor and make sure she was okay, so that’s what he did.

He didn’t call work to tell them what he was doing, after all this drop was his last one and the woman had paid over the phone with her credit card so there was no worry about him making off with any cash. Tim watched the woman drift back into unconsciousness and he pulled the pizza from the counter, placed the box on the floor, opened it up and began to dine on a cheesy supreme with jalapenos and banana peppers. “Ya got good taste,” he looked at the receipt and then back at the woman, “Hazel.”

Over the course of two hours Tim listened to the woman talk to herself as she woke up and fell back asleep. He monitored her breathing, making sure it wasn’t too shallow and he finished off half her pizza as well as some soda he’d found in the fridge. By the time the third hour of his babysitting gig was about to commence Tim felt a hand on his crotch. He shook his head, unaware that he’d fallen asleep. The pressure on his groin increased and he opened his eyes to find the woman groping his package. “Whoa now,” he said, pushing her hand from his jeans.

Hazel stared at the hand that was wrapped around her wrist. She then looked up into the eyes of the man who bursa eve gelen eskort bayan seemed to have sat with her while her body worked through the booze she’d indulged in. When she woke up this last time she had been confused, but from the evidence that surrounded her and the vague recollection that she had about ordering pizza, she was able to put two and two together.

The young man wore a pizza delivery uniform and his name tag had “Tim” printed on it. Tim was a good looking man. He had dark hair, glasses, and a well-formed body. Maybe it was the left over booze that were skating through her veins, or the fogginess of her mind, or the fact she’d not had a good fuck in three years that made her lean over and grope the young man, but grope him she did and she was bound and determined to continue.

“Tim, I guess I didn’t properly greet you when you delivered my pizza did I?” Hazel whispered as she sat up on her knees and looked across at him.

Tim was sitting on his butt. His back was pressed against the lower cabinets and his legs spread out before him. He was tired, but also sporting a hard-on. He covered his crotch and rolled his shoulders, before standing up. “It’s okay. I ate some of the pizza and drank some soda. Hope that’s okay.”

Hazel smiled and looked up from her kneeling position. “Oh that’s fine.” She reached up and Tim grabbed her hands. He tried to help her stand, but she refused to budge. “I want to thank-you,” she whispered, before leaning in and pressing her face to his denim-covered groin.

Tim groaned. His cock jerked forward and the denim felt more tight and constricting than usual. He took a deep breath and stepped back, then immediately regretted his decision when Hazel started to fall forward. He moved back, but this time caught her by the armpits and lifted her to her feet. “Miss, let me get you to the couch,” he said. “You’re still far from sober.”

Hazel smiled. She could still smell the musky promising scent of his sex. Her mouth was water and her pussy slick. “I’m sober enough,” she told him. “Honest. Ask me anything.”

Tim chuckled. He put his arm around her waist and turned her toward the living room, where a black leather couch waited. He sat her down and stood above her.

“Well?” she said.

“Well what?”

“Ask me something. Something only a somewhat sober person would know.”

Tim rolled his eyes. “I don’t know what to ask you.”

“Ask me how much my bill was and the last four digits of my social and… .”

He lifted his hand and sighed. “Okay, how much was your bill and what did you order?”

“I ordered a medium, thick crust, supreme with extra cheese, jalapenos, and banana peppers. I paid with my credit card, told them to put $5.00 more on the bill for the tip and the total came to $16.72.”

Tim was impressed. “That doesn’t mean anything,” he lied.

Hazel grinned. She reached out and grabbed the loops of his pants. With the strength of a woman starved for attention she pulled him to her. Tim’s knees buckled and they landed on the edge of the couch. “That’s better,” Hazel said. She ran her tongue along the swollen appendage of his shaft. The taste of denim was dry bursa eskort bayanlar on her tongue, but the knowing jerk of a man’s cock seeking her wet mouth was all the encouragement she needed. “Come on Tim, it’s been a long time for me and your cock wants this.” She reached up and undid the button on his pants.

Tim closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He tried not to think of the last time he’d gotten a blow job, not to mention sex in general. He and his girlfriend had split up a year ago and before that they had become friends without benefits, so his body desperately craved what Hazel was offering. In his head he saw her eyes staring up at him and he knew they were still slightly glassy from all the drink she’d consumed, but she was growing more and more sober by the minute, so maybe it wasn’t a terrible thing — her sucking him off, after all he had babysat hadn’t he?

He opened his eyes and watched her fingers pull his zipper down.

Hazel smiled. “Very nice,” she said as she jerked his jeans down taking his boxers with them. His cock sprang out and smacked her in the face. “Oh fuck,” she hissed as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began to stroke and pump the thick tool.

Tim watched in fascination as she worked his dick. Her fingers rolled over the head, pushed down the skin and then drew it back up in a tight firm hold. He rested his hands on her shoulders and then moved them into her hair.

It wasn’t long before Hazel opened her mouth and began to suck his dick. His eyes closed and the feeling of euphoria slowly began to cover him. He felt her tongue sliding along the head of his dick, and tease the tip. She then tilted her head to one side and began to tease the swollen veins, trailing the flat of her tongue along each one as if every vein was worth its own private bath. When she was finished with that, she popped back onto the mushroom head of his cock and sucked on just the spongy tip.

Hazel felt like a woman. She had a cock in her mouth and the scent of man surrounded her. She sucked hard, then soft, then licked and lapped. Every so often she’d leave his dick alone and suck on his balls. Tim was built like a god and she was in heaven. She opened her lips, gathered both spheres into the wet hot blanket of her mouth and toyed with the heavenly marbles. Tim rocked back and forth, urging her to increase her ministrations and Hazel was more willing to provide.

“Fuck baby, you’re gonna make me come,” Tim said.

Hazel released his balls, grinned and laughed. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had cum with my pizza.”

Tim groaned and proceeded to be treated to the best deep throat technique that he’d ever bore witness to. It didn’t take long for him to make good on his warning. His cum shot out of his dick and Hazel hungrily and greedily drank it all up. To say he was impressed would have been an understatement. It had been a lifetime since he’d shot a load as thick and as heavy as what he gave Hazel and yet she took every ounce and even sucked him hard again.

When she left his dick she did so with a long sigh. “Damn, that was delicious,” she whispered, before bending down and giving his balls one last lick. “Wanna fuck me now?”

“Or görükle escort bayanlar I can eat you out, your choice,” Tim said.

“Fuck me now, then eat me out in the morning,” Hazel told him. She stood up and pulled off her clothes, kicking her sneakers off to the far side of the room. Tim hurriedly took the rest of his clothes off and sat down on the couch. Hazel came over and he pulled her down. Once she was straddling his lap he fed his big dick into her tight sweet hole.

Hazel shuddered around the swollen shaft that filled her slippery walls. She tightened her muscles and rocked back and forth on Tim’s cock. A moan of pleasure followed by a purr of delight fell from her lips. “Oh God, that feels so fuckin’ good. It’s been so long,” she confessed as she ground her hips and began to gyrate back and forth on his tool. “Can we take it slow?” she asked almost in a pleading childlike voice.

“As slow or as fast as you want it,” Tim answered.

He gave almost all the control over to Hazel. He only kept her stable. He knew she was still slightly woozy from her drinks, so keeping her on his cock was his job and it would definitely benefit them both. He felt her pussy tighten and flex around his shaft and with every lift and fall of her hips, she drove herself deeper onto his thickness.

Tim watched her pussy devour his dick and every time she pulled herself up, he feared she’d let him slip out, but every time she held his head in her tight twat. She was amazing and knew exactly what she was doing. The hovering action, the teasing display, the sweet parting of her lips made his balls ache. He reached up and lifted her breasts, massaged them together, forced the nipples to touch and then slid up to suckle on the soft little beads making his new found playmate squeal in delight.

Hazel occasionally looked down to see what Tim was doing and every so often she spent some time admiring how his cock looked sliding in and out of her sex, but most of all she simply enjoyed feeling him consume every inch of her hole. The head of his cock felt wonderful as it mashed against her fleshy walls, and when she angled her pelvis and let the tip smack against her cervix a tiny tremor sent electric shocks through her spine, pelvis and abdominal muscles. She tightened her muscles more and slowly lowered herself to the fullness of his rod, knowing that her climax was upon her.

“Fuck Tim, I’m fuckin’ gonna come,” she hissed through a clenched jaw.

Tim smiled. “Come on then, baby. Come on all over this hard dick.”

Hazel gasped and pleaded with him to aid her. He felt her body growing weak, so he lifted and dropped her several times until she was exploding around him. His cock was bathed by her essence and the juices of her sex coated his shaft and spilled onto his balls. He kept her pressed against him as she came over and over again. Each time she screamed, grunted, and cursed through her orgasm, when she was done, he pulled her off, laid her on the couch and stroked his dick until his cum shot out, covering her abdomen and chest.

He let several large globs fall on her mouth, which she licked and thanked him for. When his balls were empty, he rubbed his shaft over her lips. She kissed his rod, sucked some of the cream from his skin and asked him to join her on the couch.

Tim helped her sit up, so that he could slide in under her. When he was settled, she moved over and covered him with her naked and cum-covered body. Only after he felt her body slump and heard her softly snoring did he allow himself to succumb to a light sleep and some fun-filled dreams.

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