Justice and Reward Ch. 01

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I appreciate the comments about the previous stories (Target and Rippling Water). I hope this new addition will satisfy some of your wants and needs.


The two-week wait would be over tomorrow. Bill was to meet with Harry and Andy at the new home of Teri. The results of Harry and Andy’s investigation into his past would be presented for better or worse. Bill knew he had bent a few rules by creating a false identity to protect the few assets he had managed to acquire. The important legal aspects of his life had remained unchanged.

Teri, Bill’s soul mate, knew time and anticipation was beginning to exact a toll on Bill but she steadfastly refused to use her skills in homeopathic medicine to relieve his growing tension and anxiety. In fact the last two nights Teri had begged off seeing Bill using her menstrual cycle, which never had been a problem, as an excuse. She wanted Bill because of the complete fulfillment their sexual union provided. Teri could and did ‘take the edge off’ by masturbating each of the two nights she denied Bill her company.

Bill called Teri at work. He made sure to time the call so that Teri would have returned from lunch but had yet to see her first afternoon patient. Teri, for her part, was glad to get the call from Bill. She could tell from the tone of his voice that Bill was definitely stressed but not the basket case she thought he might be. Bill volunteered information about his emotional and mental state. Teri’s breath caught in her throat when Bill asked her to accompany him to his meeting with Harry and Andy.

Teri,” Bill said, “you mean the world to me. I want you to be there as moral support regardless of the outcome.”

As tears rolled down her cheeks Teri answered, “I love you Bill. Thank you for asking me.”

They talked for several more minutes and ended up agreeing to leave for the shores at 1530 hours. Teri would do a quick change out of her ‘work’ clothes and meet Bill at his place. Bill would service his SUV so that the trip to the ocean shore could begin on time.

Teri disconnected from Bill and rang Marie, her able assistant. Marie listened while Teri filled her in on the situation. Never having an affair of the heart as deep as she suspected Teri was having Marie found herself asking, “Teri, just how far has this mystery man burrowed under your skin?”

Somewhat shocked Teri answered Marie’s question with equal candor. “Marie, I am in love with my mystery man totally. My entire body, mind, and soul are linked to his. I want to marry him and spend the rest of my life as his partner. I know without a doubt that he feels the same way towards me. One more thing, you still have to wait until the Christmas party to meet him.”

“Okay, Teri.” Marie shot back, “I will bridle my curiosity until the Christmas party. I will aid your love affair by switching your three o’clock appointment to Gretchen.” Marie hung up the phone and Teri went to meet her 1330 hours patient. When Teri’s patient left her office she went in search of Marie. Placing the file on the corner of Marie’s desk Teri made herself comfortable on the visitor’s chair. Marie finished the call she had made and gave her full attention to Teri. With a poker face Marie asked, “When can I expect you back?”

Teri blushed to the roots of her auburn hair. “I’ll be back next Saturday for the Christmas party. You can reach me on my cell phone.”

“What if there is a problem with preparations for the party?”

“Marie, you are a close friend and my most trusted associate. There is nothing you haven’t handled here at the clinic or the various parties that have been given. I trust your judgment completely. Call me if you need a morale boost or you run into a supplier needing a swift kick in the shins. You need to change a name in your Rolodex. Change Ted and Alice to Janice (Teri) Whitman. Those two gave me their ocean property and the income to maintain it. I am taking this next week to learn as much as I can about the house and the financials to run it.”

Marie clapped her hands together joyfully. “Congratulations! Have the good sense to get some rest and I will see you at the Christmas party.”

As escort bayan Teri stood up to leave Marie stood and came around the desk. She hugged Teri and kissed her on the cheek. Teri stood there stunned. Her mouth was open to speak but Marie was already out the door and striding down the hall.

Teri rang Bill’s doorbell at 1530 hours. From inside she heard “Cone in.” Opening the door Teri stepped in and closed the door behind her. Just as she started to scan the apartment Bill came out of the bedroom and with a gracious bow presented Teri a bakers dozen of roses. There were twelve red roses and a single white rose in the arrangement. All he said before whisking her out the door was, “A small token of my love for you and a thank you for your moral support.”

As tears streamed down her cheeks Teri felt Bill’s hand cup her elbow and guide her to the SUV parked at the back gate. Still crying Teri felt herself being buckled into the passenger seat. Bill was fastening his seat belt when Teri found her voice. “They’re beautiful! Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome.” Bill said as he started up the SUV. “With some luck,” he continued, “we will be at the front of the pack for the evening commute.”

Teri wiped away her tears and said, “I didn’t even think about the traffic. It should thin out after Olympia.”

“That was an observation Teri not a complaint. Your presence makes any trip more enjoyable.”

Bill,” Teri stammered, “I want to… “

Bill interrupted Teri, “Teri, there will no apologies from you for staying away for the past few days. Being around me would have diluted the empathy you needed for your patients.”

“Okay,” the slightly chagrined Teri said, “but it was hard to do and I missed your physical closeness. I especially missed our sexual exploration of each other. My body and mind are in total agreement. We have only just begun.”

Bill was silent for several minutes while navigated through heavy traffic and safely entered the south bound lanes of I-5. “I missed your company as well, Teri. I am also in agreement about sexual exploration. But there is a price that must be paid for the tension and anxiety I have subjected myself to. That price is sexual desire and performance.”

“Rather than discuss the price you are paying,” Teri replied, “let us enjoy each others company and the beautiful afternoon.” Teri’s words did not echo her thoughts. Her mind was exploring the possible ways she could get Bill to provide some sexual fulfillment that Teri had not had for several days. Reclining her seat back part way Teri announced that she was going to take a short nap.

“Okay, I’ll wake you when I get to the turn off for the ocean.”

As her eyes closed Teri said, “Thank you, my love.” Teri’s breathing slowed and after several minutes Bill heard a soft snoring from the beautiful woman seated next to him.

As Bill was passing the American Lake exit he saw Teri slowly move her hands. One hand began a slow massage of her breasts and the other was doing the same at her groin. Using his excellent peripheral vision Bill was able to safely navigate the SUV while enjoying the sight of Teri masturbating in her sleep.

By the time Bill reached the southern boundary of Olympia Teri’s swollen breasts and hard nipples had forced two buttons of her blouse to become undone. Her breath was labored and to Bill’s amusement there was a heavy sexual scent in the air. Teri’s legs had slid apart and a growing wet spot was plainly visible at the junction of her thighs.

A soft voice reached his ears. “Did you enjoy the show? You could have waked me up?” Teri said. Bill noticed that Teri had not changed her position.

“I was not going to wake you until I reached the turn off to the ocean.” Bill replied, “Besides I did enjoy the show but I never watched long enough to endanger our safety.”

As Teri brought her seat back to an upright position she said, “It seems that I have hooked up with a voyeur.” Reaching above her head Teri popped the sun roof open to ventilate the SUV. Teri stuck her tongue out at Bill and lowered her hands to redo the buttons on her blouse.

In the same vane Bill ran his escort bayan tongue around the inside of his mouth forcing his cheek to protrude. “Is there an exhibitionist sitting next to me?”

“There is no ‘might be’ to consider William Haggen. I am and enjoy myself thoroughly when I perform.”

The two of them rode in silence for several minutes. Bill broke the silence with a question. “Shall I stop at the Ocean House before we go out to dinner?”

“I think you better unless you want to spend the night in the guest cottage.”

“At least I would be out of the rain and wind but I take your point. First stop is the Ocean House. By the way, have you given any thought to naming your new property?”

“I didn’t need to think about it. I want to name it ‘Sanctuary’.” was Teri’s quick response.

“I think ‘Sanctuary’ is a very good name. It reminds me of my first apartment in San, Diego, California back in the early eighties.”

Silence reigned in the SUV for many miles. As Bill finished navigating off I-5 to the road that would take them to their destination Teri asked, “Bill, do you have any plans for the next week?”

“Teri,” Bill replied, “I haven’t dared think that far ahead. I’ve allowed the meeting with Harry and Andy to give me tunnel vision. If there is a computer with access to the Internet at the house I could answer your question in a few minutes. I believe that the Christmas party is next Saturday and I am looking forward to it.”

“Well, you are aware of the important stuff like the Christmas party. There is full computer access at the house so you can check your schedule after I change clothes and you buy me dinner. My plans are already made. I’ve taken the next week off. My next appearance in town will be the Christmas party. Starting tomorrow I am going to learn all I can about the house and the financials to run it. I would very much like your company and assistance in my project.”

“Teri,” Bill said, “the idea of spending a full week in your company and assisting you in your project delights me but I can only give you a qualified yes to your request.”

“I understand your hesitancy Bill,” Teri said, “and I accept your qualified yes.”

Bill made an unexpected change of subject as he replied, “If you look behind my seat Teri you will find a couple of folded towels.”

Quick on the uptake Teri responded, “Is my scent that strong?”

“Your scent is divine.” Bill said, “I just thought that you might be uncomfortable sitting on a wet spot.”

Teri leaned to her left and retrieved a towel from behind Bill’s seat. She straightened up and abruptly raised herself off the seat. Quickly Teri placed the towel under her buttocks and sat down with a thump.

Glancing over at Teri Bill asked, “What happened?”

“Damn you, William Haggen!” replied Teri feeling the blush reach the roots of her auburn hair, “Between your word pictures and my horniness I just had an orgasm. Now I definitely need to change clothes before I go anywhere.”

“Shall I turn on the vent blower?” Bill asked with a smile plastered on his face.

“No, you wonderful man.” responded Teri as she reached up to close the sun roof, “I am going to make you suffer all the way to the house.”

“Believe me when I tell you that I won’t be suffering.” Bill replied. To drive his point home Bill extended his tongue out of his mouth and ran it around his lips. “Your wanton sex scent is pure ambrosia compared to some of the odors I experienced aboard ship off the coast of Vietnam.”

Teri heard the words but her body was taking control. Teri’s eyes shut as her head fell back against the head rest. Both hands cupped her breasts while thumb and fore fingers kneaded rock hard nipples. Teri’s thighs were clamped together while she rocked her pelvis back and forth. The intensity of her orgasm shocked Teri. After several minutes of extreme sexual pleasure Teri wilted into the contours of the seat beneath her.

Bill was silent as he watched his soul mate work through her whole body orgasm. His senses came off autopilot when he recognized the approaching town. His foot tapped the brake petal to release the bayan escort gaziantep speed control. As speed was reduced Bill noticed the lack of cars on the road. Glancing down at his watch Bill realized that it was dinner time. Bill saw several cars he recognized from previous visits parked at Harry’s. Further reducing speed Bill traveled the last mile to Teri’s new house and the ocean that lay beyond. Turning into the driveway Bill extracted the magnetic card from the sun visor. The gate was closing as Bill rounded the corner and punched the door opener to the garage. Bill pulled into the first stall, stopped, and lowered all the windows of the SUV. After exiting the vehicle Bill raised the tailgate to further the airing out of the interior. Bill had the appropriate key in hand as he reached the back door to the house. Unlocking the door Bill returned to the SUV and opened Teri’s door. “Teri, we are here and I have taken the liberty of opening the house.”

Teri blinked her eyes several times to focus them. Recognition slowly crept over her face. “We’re here.” Teri said in a very soft voice. Turning in the seat Teri allowed her feet and legs to drop out and hit the hard floor. Suddenly she was erect and making a mad dash toward the house.

Bill walked quickly into the house and hit the garage button to lower the door. The scent that filled the SUV would slowly dissipate into the garage. He would clean Teri’s seat tomorrow after an all night airing. Continuing on into the master bedroom Bill saw the lights on in the bathroom. Approaching the door he saw Teri in the shower. Her clothes, a sodden mass, were in the far corner. Teri herself was directly in front of the shower head. Her arms were above her shoulders with hands splayed against the wall. Teri’s feet were shoulder width apart. Her face was half in the stream of water flowing out of the shower head. Teri brought her head back out of the water and said, “Don’t ask. Please fix me a cup of coffee. I’ll tell you when I finish and get dressed.”

“I’ll have a pot of coffee ready in about ten minutes, Teri.” Bill said as he turned towards the bedroom door. Fifteen minutes later Teri walked from the bedroom and took a seat at the table. Bill levered himself away from the counter he had been leaning against and poured two cups of coffee. Approaching the table Bill placed one cup in front of Teri. The other he placed on the table in front of a previously pulled back chair.

Teri waited until Bill was seated and had sweetened his coffee. Placing a hand gently on Bill’s arm Teri said in a very soft voice, “Thank you for being who you are.” After taking a sip of her coffee Teri continued, “What happened in the SUV was a total surprise. I believe that you were as shocked as deeply as I was at my sexual display.”

Bill looked at Teri intently. “I hadn’t thought about it before this,” he said, “but is the smoking lamp lit? I really would like a cigarette right now.”

Teri sat there stunned. Slowly a smile crossed her face and then Teri burst out laughing. When she finally stopped Teri said, “I hereby declare that the smoking lamp is always lit in this house. How soon can we install two or three of those air cleaners you have in your apartment?”

“We could have them plugged in and running before the Christmas party provided that they were ordered after breakfast tomorrow. Thinking about food is top most in my mind right now. Go put on some socks and walking shoes. We’re going to have dinner at Harry’s.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just drive down there?”

“I agree that it would be easier but the SUV requested a night off.” was Bill’s quick response.

“A very sensible suggestion considering what happened,” Teri said feeling her face turn red with embarrassment. Teri stood up and went into the bedroom. When she came back a few minutes later it was plain to see that Teri had done a quick freshening.

Bill stood by the back door holding Teri’s coat. He already wore his own coat and Teri laughed when she saw the unlit cigarette dangling from Bill’s lips. Quickly Teri allowed Bill to assist her putting on the offered coat.

Teri reached out to the wall and hit the garage opener and then another switch. Opening the back door Teri killed the house lights. With the house lights out Bill realized that the interior lights were on in the garage.

Bill smiled at Teri and said, “You catch on quickly.”

“This time of year you need a flashlight especially with so few street lamps between here and Harry’s.”

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