Johnny Tripod and the Cougar Granny


I’d not long returned from my morning 8k run and still had an adrenaline buzz so, after checking my e-mails I decided to have a scroll through a couple of my favourite porn sites and have a nice leisurely wank, when there was a knock on my flat door.

As I approached the door I rearranged my stiff cock to avoid any embarrassment. When I opened the door halfway to see who the caller was my jaw nearly hit the floor like a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

“Johnny?” A stunning platinum blonde asked, “From the Virgin Rocks?” I nodded and grunted in the affirmative. The woman stepped back and lifted a guitar case in front of her. “I’m Damien’s Mum; apparently he borrowed one of your guitars?”

“Yeh, Yeh.” I muttered inanely as I stared at her pretty elfin face and really, really sexy body. It had taken me a few seconds to recognise her as I’d only seen his Mum a couple of times before and they had been gigs when she’d been with a couple of her friends and they had partied like it was 1999. I’m the singer and lead guitarist in an indie rock band called The Virgin Rocks and Damien is our drummer. When we were on stage his Mum and her crazy friends were dancing at the front in a very suggestive manner and intimidating our fans with their saucy antics. And drink? Boy could they drink – wine, scotch and alcopops, nothing was out of bounds. I was introduced to her at the end of one night but she was drunk and I had my eyes on his sister Kirsty who was a real hottie; just like their Mother.

“I said I’d drop it in as I was passing here today.” She then smiled so sweetly I could feel the blood pouring into my semi and making it swell again.

“Thanks.” I mumbled as I held my hand out to take the guitar from her.

“Aren’t you going to ask me in for a coffee?” My friends’ Mum; (Stacey) asked as she pulled the guitar away from my grasp.

“Of course; where are my manners?” I sarcastically replied; then grimaced as I opened the door and waved her in, making sure I hid behind the door to adjust my stiff cock again and tried to pull my running vest as far down as possible.

Looking every inch a ‘Rock-chick’, she walked into my living room with a self-assured swagger. It had been dark in the clubs on the twice I’d seen her before but here, in the warm light of day she looked incredible, dressed in a black leather collarless Beatle jacket, white ribbed low cut vest that did nothing to hide her huge boobs and pink bra, a short frayed denim skirt, smoke grey tights and a pair of pointy punkish ankle boots with a silver spiked heel. Her shiny blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail but with a fringe and long wisps at the side that framed her pretty face.

She gently placed the guitar on the floor before doing the ‘Mum thing’ and walking around the room slightly re-arranging things and looking slightly disappointed at the general lack of tidiness. Damo is the same age as me; 20 and still at College; whereas I make enough money from music to get by, especially as my parents own my flat and don’t charge me rent! I’m an only child but Damo lives at home with two sisters and Kirsty’s baby; which makes the sexy woman standing in my flat a Grandmother; although you’d not think it to look at her. My Granny looks nothing like this woman and probably never did.

“Milk and no sugar, thanks.” She coyly turned to look at me over her shoulder. I smiled as I quickly removed my hand from my cock.

As I boiled the kettle and washed two mugs she stood behind me in the doorway. The only word I can think of to describe her is ‘smouldering’ as we made small talk about my flat and the band.

With coffee mugs in hand we returned to the small living room.

“So,” she huskily sighed as she sank into the sofa, “this is the famous……octa….octa-thingy…..what is it you call it again?

I nervously grinned as I rested against the bookcase. “Octagon?”

“That’s right, the octagon.” She nodded as she considered the word. “Remind me why it’s called that.”

“Shit!” I gulped; this was going to be embarrassing. Just as I considered my response she nonchalantly crossed her legs giving me a view of a lacy stocking top. “Double-Shit!” The blood started flowing to my groin again.

“That’s just a joke name some of the lads gave to the flat.” I mumbled and desperately tried to stop blushing.

“But why?” She innocently persisted; and continued showing her stocking top.

Shrugging my shoulders I confessed. “I was telling the guys about a girl that I brought back one night and………. how it ended up being a bit like a UFC fight… holds barred…… and someone christened it the Octagon.” I shrugged my shoulders again but chuckled when I saw the smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes.

“Ooh; you naughty boy.” She beamed as she sipped her coffee; “so that’s what you get up to in here, is it?”

I was blushing as Stacey then bent forward to put her empty mug on the floor and her humongous boobs nearly spilled out of the tight vest. As she sat back she invitingly spread ateşli gaziantep escort bayan her arms along the back of the sofa and crossed her legs again making no attempt to cover the exposed stocking tops that were both now on display.

“Is that a gun in your pocket?” The middle aged woman chuckled, “or are you pleased to see me?”

‘Bollocks!’ I inwardly sighed. It was no good; she’d obviously seen my boner as I couldn’t hide it anymore because it was rock hard and poking out of my jogging pants.

Desperately trying to think up a witty reply I just shrugged my shoulders and grinned.

“Is that why they call you Johnny Tripod?” Stacey winked.

She’d certainly been doing her homework. ‘Tripod’ had been a nickname since my schooldays. I’d hated it at first as I was a terribly shy kid and the other boys had teased me for having the longest cock in the class. I’m naturally skinny and tall with a mop of curly black hair and having a six inch long dick swinging between my legs made me look like a freak and being a bit of a geek too didn’t help me win friends or influence people. But; since joining my first band at 17 and going to the gym to beef up a little bit, I’ve used these same looks to my advantage; especially since being a ‘geek in a band’ is seen to be cool these days.

My arms, chest and back are now covered in tattoos and I also have very sharp facial features which a reviewer once described as ‘cheekbones like geometry’ which apparently makes me attractive to a certain type of girl and, boy do I take advantage of the situation!

Not knowing how to reply I pulled a grimace and shrugged my shoulders.

“Can I see what all the fuss is about?” Stacey asked with a big grin on her ruby red lipstick covered lips.

I was now in unchartered territory, as this woman was a) my friends’ Mum, b) old, c) a Grandma and d) putting the fear of God into me!

When I didn’t answer, Stacey stood up and dropped her leather jacket onto the floor then sexily stepped towards me. Without taking her twinkling blue eyes from mine she gently caressed my cock through the cotton before taking it between her finger and thumb and shaking it from side to side. I stood frozen to the spot with a silly grin on my face.

“Well?” She asked, “Can I see it?”

I nervously nodded.

The Gorgeous Grandma slid her hand inside my waistband and grasped my straining cock in her hand. Her face lit up as her hand slowly slid to my balls then back up to peel my foreskin back.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” She purred as her wrist pulled my waistband down with her next downward pull, allowing my cock to spring out into the electrified air.

“Oh yes!” She giggled as she examined my straining cock, “I can see why the girlies keep you occupied.” She then began pumping my cock as she moved on her tip-toes to kiss me full on the lips. I had to bend forward as I’m a good 7 inches taller than her so had to take hold of her by the waist at the same time, making her rock hard tits press against me as we tongue wrestled.

Stacey broke our kiss and, panting for breath pulled her vest off before chuckling and pulling my pants down as she dropped on to her knees where she took my cock in one hand and cupped my freshly shaved balls in the other.

Without a word from either of us she roughly rubbed my cock across her face and between her tits as she juggled my balls; before cricking her neck to look at me as she slid my bell end between her painted lips. I let out a loud sigh as half my cock filled her mouth and the sexy Grandmother began sucking it and swirling her tongue around my knob like a Porn star.

Still sitting against the book before taking hold of her head and pulled it firmly onto my cock. Stacey then spent the next 5 minutes or so giving me the best blow job I’d ever received or even seen in a porn movie. She sucked, licked, stroked, pumped, scratched, bit and kissed my cock until my legs were shaking.

Being the gentleman I am I felt obliged to tell her what a good cocksucker she was several times and how good she was making me feel. The dirtier my language – the faster and harder she sucked!

I took a firm hold of her ponytail with one hand and the back of her head with the other and told her that I was ‘going to fill her mouth with my spunk!’ The old woman instantly relaxed and let me force my 8 inches into her throat until my balls bumped against her lips. I couldn’t believe my eyes as my whole cock disappeared down her throat time after time! It was now my turn to do the work and I began slowly fucking her mouth until my balls felt like coconuts and I needed to blow my wad as soon as possible and her mouth and throat seemed as good a place as any. I could feel my orgasm building up in my toes and I soon had to screw my eyes tightly shut and bite my bottom lip as my balls contracted until…… WHOOSH my spunk literally did fill her mouth and throat. I’ve always been a copious cummer but this load felt bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan like nothing else before.

“UuuggGGHHHHH….fuuuccckk….Ooooohhhh.” I grunted as spurt after spurt of chunky cum splattered into her mouth. Stacey, bless her, was shaking her head from side to side as she tried to swallow as much as possible; but soon began coughing as cum leaked from her nose. When I pulled my cock out of her mouth spunk was still spurting out of my knob and landed on her tits. Then; when she coughed spit and spunk sprayed my stomach and the tiger tattoo on my thigh.

“Fucking Hell!” I gasped as I struggled to stay on my feet, “that was fucking amazing!”

“Where did all that come from?” Stacey giggled as she scooped some stray cum from her cheek and licked it from her fingers. “Have you been storing that up?”

“Sort of.” I panted as I controlled my breathing. “I haven’t unloaded for a few days and….fuck…..that fucking blow job was out of this world!”

“A few days?” She quizzed me as she slowly got to her feet. “I thought you would be shagging somebody different every night.”

“I wish.” I laughed as I squeezed the last few drops out. “I get my share, but its still self-abuse most nights.”

My friends Mother’s huge tits nearly touched the floor as she fumbled in her handbag for a packet of cigarettes and started to light one before turning to me and asking if it was okay. I nodded in the affirmative.

The sexy Grandma took a deep drag deep into her lungs and exhaled it out of the side of her mouth. She couldn’t have looked any sexier and dirtier if she tried; as she still had wet spunk on her massive tits, chin and pink bra and her skirt had ridden up enough to show both lace stocking tops. I was starting to fall in love.

Neither of us said a word as Stacey finished her cigarette and stubbed it out in an empty beer bottle.

“How big is that thing?” The sexy Grandma asked as she re-arranged her boobs in the tarty bra.

“About 8 inches.” I proudly replied, “a bit over that really.”

“It’s a beauty.” She giggled as she stroked her soft belly that looked it had seen one too many sun beds. “I bet it’s seen some action.”

“Not as much as I’d hoped.” I laughed as I stroked it and gave it a little shake to stop it getting too soft.

“What do you mean?” She asked as her hand slid inside her skirts waistband.

I shrugged my shoulders and grinned.

“It’s scared a few off a couple of girls have said it was too big for them.”

I didn’t want to appear too arrogant, but it was true. I had got a couple of girls ready to fuck and they’d panicked and not gone through with the act; but a few more had come back for second helpings, so I’m not complaining.

“They don’t know what they’re missing with a cock like that.” Stacey cackled and cupped her humongous boobs, “can you get that hard again?”

“I guess.” I laughed as I gave it a good shake, much to her delight.

The sexy Granny then pulled down the zip and wriggled out of her denim skirt, leaving her in the pink bra, grey hold up stockings and a tiny pink g-string that hardly covered her shaven haven. Then she raised her arms in the air like a stripper.

“Not bad for 43; am I?” She laughed as she did a twirl and wiggled her cute arse for me. Her underwear was as sexy as fuck and none of my girlfriends had ever worn stockings before; so I was mightily impressed with what I saw before me.

“Not bad at all.” I whistled.

I was furiously rubbing my cock in anticipation of fucking my mate’s mother but it was too soon after her blow job and it just wouldn’t go stiff enough.

Stacey smiled as she watched me then took her bra off to reveal two huge conical shaped tits that looked incredible on her small frame.

“You’ve got fucking amazing tits.” I smiled.

“I should hope so.” She giggled and rocked them from side to side before slinking back down onto the sofa, “They cost enough money!”

I’ve been with a few girls over the last couple of years but not one of them looked half as hot as this stunning Granny in her stockings, g-string and sexy boots.

“Come here sweetie.” Stacey purred, “And see if we can get that big old thing hard again.”

I kicked my trainers and socks off before dispensing with my pants and lying next to her. Her hand went straight to my cock as I suckled on her enormous mammories and stroked her kitty through her tiny panties. She was soaking wet and there wasn’t even a hint of a pubic hair as I pulled them to one side.

Blood quickly filled my cock as she tugged it and I fingered her hot cunt.

“Lick me.” Damo’s Mum whispered, “Lick me.”

With a saucy wink I lay alongside her and spread her nylon covered legs before pulling her panties to one side and running my tongue along her miniature labia and dipping it into her slot. She tasted fucking delicious as I lapped at her Granny juice gaziantep bayan escort making her moan and sigh.

I was now slightly on top of her so rested my ankle on the top of the sofa so my cock was pointing down at her face; she got the message and pulled my cock to her mouth again taking as much in as possible before sucking and blowing and poking her tongue into my jap’s-eye. She was sopping wet as I licked her so I easily slid my middle finger inside her and twisted it around and around as I chewed on her clitoris. The horny Grandmother was going crazy now – rubbing her cunt against my face as she sucked my long cock, just liked I’d been watching on the internet half an hour previously.

As we became even more entwined I had one of her legs tucked behind my elbow allowing me to slide my tongue along the back of her cute cunt and tickle her arse hole; which made her groan. ‘That’ll do for me!’ I thought and began licking her tight brown ring as my finger found even more erogenous zones inside her cunt.

Stacey soon had most of my big cock going in and out of my mouth as pushed my luck even further by tickling then probing her arse hole with my free hand. The dirty old woman lifted her arse off the sofa to give me better access. So with one long finger in her cunt I pushed another inside her arse making her yelp. She was now bucking her hips in time with my fingering and licking and I could hear her moan as she slurped on my dick at the other end.

Eventually I felt her body begin to tremble as I finger fucked her holes even harder until she had to take my cock out of her mouth to gasp for air; then moan.

“Oh..Oh..Ohh….oh…yes…yes….yes…faster…faster…fucking hell….yes….yes….yes….oh fuck….yes…yes. Yes…ooohhh..Oohhh.. Shit…shit….fuck, fuck…. FUCK!” Then she squealed like a stuck pig as her orgasm took over and her cunt contracted tight around my finger.

“Fucking Hell sweetie…..that was….that was…..oh fuck….that was good.” Stacey panted as her body went soft and slack beside me. “Shit…you are good.” She sighed as she began clambering over me. “I need another ciggie after that.”

I lay on the sofa stroking my stonking hard-on as she hitched her stocking back up before bending over to get her cigarettes out of her bag. ‘If only I had my camera phone handy!’ I thought as her peach of an arse pointed towards me and I could see her tits on either side of her chest. She lit her cigarette then turned to face me as she exhaled out of the corner of her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmm… keep doing that sweetie.” She smiled as she watched me stroking my cock, “I’ll give you the ride of your life as soon as I finish this.”

I didn’t know what to say so carried on stroking my cock for her. Stacey finally broke the silence.

“Have you ever been with an older woman?”

“Not really.” I admitted, chuckling “26-27 doesn’t really count as older, does it?”

“I’ve got knickers older than that!” She cackled before taking one last drag. “How do you feel about what we are doing?” The Grandmother asked as she knelt beside me dangling her tits across my face.

“Fucking loving it.” I laughed as she softly rubbed her tits across my cheeks., “it’s a fantasy come true.”

“What other fantasies do you have?” Stacey giggled as she replaced my hand with her tits around my cock.

“I don’t really know.” I lied; unsure where this was going. “The usual stuff.”

“Usual stuff?” Stacey giggled as she spat on my cock several times and then pressed her tits tightly around my cock to give me a titty wank. “There’s no such thing as ‘usual stuff’ in fantasyland!”

Unable to believe my luck I just lay back and let the old woman have fun with my cock.

“Have you ever spanked a girl?” Stacey looked over her shoulder.

“No.” I coughed in slight embarrassment.

“I like being spanked.” She giggled as her tits became firmer around my dick, “especially when I’m being naughty.” She then shuffled position so her arse was sticking in the air. “Do you think I’m being naughty now?”

“Really naughty.” I half laughed as I stroked her arse. “Should I spank you now?”

“Ooh…yes please.” The Grandmother giggled in a little girl’s voice as she jiggled her massive tits. “I’m being very, very naughty.”

Nothing ventured- nothing gained; I slapped her arse quite hard, making it shake. “Oh yes!” Stacey squealed, “That’s what you do to naughty girls!”

‘Okay, if that’s what you want’ I thought so swiped another one across her arse, then another until she was panting and sucking my bell end as it poked out of her tits. Smack, smack, smack and the occasional fingering of both holes then smack, smack, smack…until both of her arse cheeks were glowing red.

“Oh baby,” She panted as she stood up and began to straddle me, “I’m going to fuck you rigid!”

Stacey slid her hand between her open legs and guided my cock to her swollen cunt. Her tits were heaving and her chest bright pink as she lowered herself down onto my cock. “Fucking hell.” She gasped as the last inch filled her up.

I cupped her tits to take her weight and she began riding my cock like a bucking bronco for a good five minutes with her eyes constantly screwed tightly closed and biting her bottom lip as her massive mammories bounced about like two out of control beach balls as my massive cock nearly split her in two.

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