Just Once


Note: As we know the man’s sexual peak is in the late teens whereas the woman’s is much later. This is a short story of a woman who is pretty much neglected and decides to do something about it. All rights reserved.


Mark noticed the middle aged man walk into the locker room wearing only a towel around his waist. He had seen the man earlier on the treadmill talking to a cute older woman on the machine next to him. It was obvious they were married since they were arguing about wanting to leave the gym early. When the man removed the towel he could barely see his penis head pushing out the thick pubic growth. He smiled and walked back into the gym.

Erin didn’t look for her husband and kept her eyes on the small TV monitor attached to the treadmill. She was still angry that he wanted to leave less than an hour after they arrived. Things had been going downhill for the past 4 months since he lost his job. To make it worse their sex life has been less exciting than a televised golf match. She noticed someone get on the treadmill next to her but didn’t look up. She heard laughter and glanced at the handsome man next to her. He smiled and so did she. She started to look back at the monitor but noticed he was still looking at her. She looked next to her the other way and didn’t see anyone so his attention was only to her.

“Excuse me!” He said loudly to over come the headset she was wearing.

Erin pulled out the right earplug.

“Hi…I’m Mark.”

She didn’t want to give him her name. “Hi.”

“Where is the ear plug inserted?”

She knew he could see where hers was connected. “Here.” she pointed to the remote that was attached to the machine.


She smiled and checked out his strong arms and large hands. It hit her that maybe he was hitting on her. After being overweight for so long and just passing 40 it had been a while since this had happened. Plus he was quite younger and very handsome.

She went back to her TV show but couldn’t get him out of her mind. She glanced his way and saw him looking at her. Again they both smiled. For the first time in a long time she was sexually excited.

Mark watched as her machine time counter approached thirty minutes, which was the time limit per workout. He wanted to be off first so he stopped his treadmill and stepped off.

Erin saw him stop and get off next to her. She had a two-minute cool down period but she stopped it short and pulled out her earplugs. As she moved back she bumped into someone and turned. “Oh I’m sorry.”

“Are you ok?” She asked noticing that she had stepped on his foot.

“I think so,” he said moving it right and left.

Erin tried not to look at his well-toned body but she couldn’t. He had very defined flat abs and wore nylon shorts that poorly hid his package. “I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do?”

“It would make me feel better if you have a coffee with me next door when you are done.”

She realized that she had been had. “Coffee makes a sore foot feel better?”

“It depends on who you have it with.”

She held up her left ring finger. “Sorry I’m taken.”

“It’s just coffee,” he said looking sad.

What possessed her to agree was a combination of things headed by the argument with her husband. “I guess one coffee won’t hurt. I’m finished so I only need to get my things from the locker.”

Erin stopped by the sink and washed some sweat from her brow. She looked in the mirror. “What are you doing?” She asked herself. “It’s just coffee and that’s it.” After fixing her short brown hair she put on some lipstick and sprayed some perfume.

She saw him standing near the exit holding his equipment bag. He waved and she looked around to make sure no one was around that she knew. As they walked from the building she said again, “Just coffee.” But he only smiled.

Nothing was said as they walked to the coffee shop. “Oh no,” Mark gasped. “It’s closed.”

She held her gym bags to her chest. “Oh well.” She was disappointed as well. “Some other time.”

“Do you really want to go home?”

She knew her answer should be yes but she bursa otele gelen escort said, “No.”

“My condo is a few blocks from here.”

There it was. Her first proposition ever and it was from a hunk. “Just coffee.”

She was surprisingly calm following his car to the private parking lot. She realized she knew nothing about him and that he could be a serial killer or rapist. She parked her car next to his and looked at her hair and makeup before opening her door. He stood nearby as she closed the door behind her. Nothing was said as he led her through a small gate and then past a small pool.

She hesitated after he open the door labeled 1C.

“I won’t bite,” he grinned.

She ignored the remark and moved inside expecting a bachelor pad mess but saw it clean and everything in order. “Very nice and clean.”

“Thank you mother,” he laughed.

She moved inside. “I’m probably old enough to be your mother.”

“My mother never looked as nice as you do.”

She tried to fix her hair that was messed from working out. “I must look a mess.”

“The kitchen is this way.”

She was both happy and disappointed that he really was going to serve coffee. The kitchen was spotless as well. She watched him making coffee checking out his trim but muscular body and firm butt. “My husband is probably looking for me by now. Should I call him?”

He turned. “I don’t think he will be happy to know you’re in a man’s condo.”

“Maybe that’s what he needs,” she sighed. “He probably wouldn’t care.”

“It’s his loss,” Mark grinned.

“Thank you.”

“Cream and sugar?”

“Straight up,” she answered thinking about the other meaning. As he poured the coffee she checked her phone.

“Isn’t he worried that you are late?”

“He’s probably sleeping or watching TV. He’ll miss me when he gets hungry.”

Mark handed her the cup feeling her fingers lightly brush against his. “How about you. Do you get hungry?”

She knew he wasn’t talking about food. “Yes but you have to fight those urges.”

He smiled. “Sometimes you have to take a bite to remember how good something tastes.”

They were talking in circles. “But once you taste it you might want more.” She glanced at the front of his shorts and saw his excitement rising and changed the topic. “So tell me about Mark.”

“What do you want to know?”


“Broke up two months ago. No one since.”

She laughed.

“I’m serious.”

“Wow, I didn’t expect that.”

“I’m not a player. I’m actually very shy.” Neither said anything as they finished their coffee.

She played with the empty mug. “I uh should go.” Her mind was saying get the hell out of there but her body was on fire for the first time in a very long time.

He walked to her and held out his hand. She looked at it and then at his face. “Where are we going?”

“To see the rest of my condo.” They both knew the bedroom would be last room. She took his hand and again they felt the heat and exciting attraction. He walked her down the hall to the small dining area, which he had turned into an office. He stopped at the doorway and moved aside to let her in front of him.

“Nice,” she said softly still holding his hand. “Do you work at home?” She turned her face towards his and made eye contact. As his lips moved towards hers she turned and waited. She expected him to be forceful like her husband but the kiss was tender and light. There was no more pretending that they were there only for coffee. For the next minute their lips only touched and rubbed together. No tongues were involved and were not needed. She squeezed his hand tighter as her body turned.

Mark saw the passion in her eyes as their bodies pressed together. He felt her soft breasts and she felt his hard eight-inch manhood. Finally his tongue teased out and moved forward into her opening lips.

It had been so long for Erin. His tongue brought back very distant memories. It explored and moved onto her tongue until she started moving it. Nothing else mattered as the young and older bursa eve gelen eskort bodies pressed and rubbed. Both were breathing rapidly when he moved his lips from her mouth to her left ear.

“Ohhh that feels soooo good,” she moaned. “Not here.”

He thought she was ending it. “That’s it?”

She took his hand and led him further down the hallway. She stopped at the first door and peeked in but saw boxes.

“It’s down this way,” Mark grinned. He started to pull her hand but she walked past him and looked at the large king-size bed. She led inside and looked into the attached bathroom.

“Do you mind if I take a shower? I’m so sweaty from working out.”

“May I join you?”

She moved into him again and this time started the wet kissing. Ten seconds later she moved back. “Whew….,” she said. “I think I need to shower alone.”

“The towels are clean,” he said watching her cute butt walking into the bath.

Erin turned on the lamps over the full mirror and closed the door behind her. She leaned back against it and closed her eyes. “What are you doing Erin? Are you nuts?”

After adjusting the water temperature she pulled off the tee shirt and pushed down the black shorts. The bra followed and then the wet panties. The showerhead was adjustable so she lowered it so her hair wouldn’t get wet.

He pulled off his shirt and wiped down under his arms and chest. He had not worked out long enough to be too sweaty. He thought about her naked in the shower, which raised his pink tower. After closing the mini blinds until the room light was dim he turned on his IPod stereo and put on some soft music. He was nervous being with an older woman for the first time and couldn’t remember the last woman he had slept with after breaking up with Marty. He sat bare-chested and sat up when he heard the shower stop.

A few minutes later the door cracked open. “Cover your eyes!” She yelled.

He grinned and did as she commanded. He heard her giggle and peeked through his fingers to see her pink body jump under the sheet on his bed. He had seen the brown nipples and trimmed dark bush before she was covered.

“Can I look now?”

“I know you peeked,” she smiled looking around the darker room and hearing the soft music. “So I get to peek too.”

“Nope. Close your eyes,” he laughed. He pulled down the sheet and tried to peek at her again but she held down the sheet. He lifted up and pushed off his shorts and boxer briefs before sliding naked in next to her.

“I’ve never…..”

He cut her short. “I know. If you don’t want to.”

“I do…but just once. May I touch you?”

“Uh sure.” he stayed on his back and felt her moving closer. When her trembling fingers touched his arm he closed his eyes. She was shy and nervous at first moving her soft fingers up and down his arm. From there she moved to his strong shoulders and squeezed his firm bulk. It seemed to take forever for her to get down to his navel but she did and moved faster downward until she touched the pre-cum dampness of his cock head. He jerked slightly causing her to giggle.

“Oh God!” she cried as her fingers explored and measured down his long thick cock. She had known her husband was small but until now didn’t know how much.

Mark felt her bare breast and hard tip pressing into his arm and fought off the urges to turn and start touching her. Her fingers were now curling around his girth so he decided to let her play. Two minutes later her lips moved to his shoulder. “Mark.”

He knew it was time. “Are you ready?”


He turned facing her and felt her fingers leave his hard-on. She pulled his front into hers and then his opened lips to hers. Hands explored down their backs to their buttocks and then his kisses moved down her neck to her wonderfully bare titties.

“Oh Mark!” She moaned feeling another man’s mouth sucking and licking her nipples for the first time. “Don’t stop.” So far he had not touched her pussy and she knew she would cum as soon as he did. Nothing else mattered now as they worked to completion.

Marks bayan escort bursa suckled her marvelous nips and rubbed his fingertips through her pubic hair. He felt her hips lift and her thigh part calling him to touch her need. But he wanted his tongue in there first.

“Please,” she begged. “Please!”

When his lips moved through the thin hairs she grabbed onto the sheet next to her and stopped breathing. Her mouth was gapped open until she felt the damp tip lick over her ready and wanton clitty. “AHHH!”

He was correct because her body exploded and trembled when she climaxed.


He thought she would relax but she instead reached down to pull him up between her outstretched legs. When his cock was lined up with her flooded pussy her finger guided the large crown into her opened lips.

“Fuck me Mark.”

He didn’t have to be asked twice. She was tight as he slowly pushed in but she wouldn’t let him stop. Her fingers pulled at his hips until his eight-inch shaft was totally buried. He looked into her eye and saw them rolled back. Her mouth was wide open, as she felt totally full for the first time. “Are you ok?”

She opened her eyes and smiled. “I’m so ok,” she answered. “I never knew.”

She gasped again when he started fucking her. Slow at first and then faster.

“More….More…..More!” She had never climaxed once and now was about reaching her second approaching orgasm. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” She cried each time he pushed in deep. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Mark managed to hold back until she climaxed again.

“AHHHHHHH!” She screamed.

“I’M CUMING!” He yelled.


Mark closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. He woke when she tapped him on his shoulder. “Leaving?” he saw she was wearing her gym clothes again.

“Yes. I’ve been here two hours.”

“Are you sure you have to leave?”

She glanced down his hard body. “Thank you.”

He reached out to take her wrist but she pulled back. “You deserve more.”

“Goodbye Mark.”


Erin checked her phone and didn’t see any messages from her husband. She wondered if he had seen her leave with Mark. Her heart seemed to have stopped on her way home. She saw his car in the garage and took her time putting her gym bag on the shelf by the hallway door.

After tiptoeing into the kitchen she heard the familiar snoring from the den. She tried to walk by him to the upstairs stairs but he suddenly woke up. “Where the hell have you been?” Before she could answer he took the remote and turned on the TV. She saw him surf through the channels until a baseball game was on. “I’m starving.”

She stood realizing that he was only concerned about her being two hours late because he was hungry. “I’ll make you a sandwich.” Again he ignored her. “I was with another man.”

“What? Hey…can I get something to eat?”

Erin would normally be upset that he treated her as a servant but not today. She hurried and made him a sandwich and brought it to him along with a beer. “I’m taking a bath.” She knew he didn’t hear a word she had said.

Ten minutes later she moved her sore but completely satisfied body into the hot water. Her eyes closed as she remembered Mark’s touches and kisses.


A few days later Mark was working out with a few of his friends when a cute young blonde walked up to him. He checked out her near perfect body and knew she was still in high school.

“Hi, I noticed your Notre Dame sweatshirt,” she started. “Did you go there?”

“Nope…got the shirt on sale,” he grinned.

She held out her small hand. “”I’m Heather.”

“Mark.” They lightly shook hands. He knew he could leave with her but he wasn’t interested. “Heather it is nice to meet you but I have a girl.”

“Oh,” she said being turned down for the first time in her young life. “Your loss.”

The other guys made fun of him but he didn’t care. He walked to the treadmill and turned on the cooking channel. After ten minutes he noticed someone get on the machine next to him. He turned and saw Erin smiling and holding her earphone plug. “Do you know where this goes?”

Fifteen minutes later he closed the door to his condo and pulled her softness into his body. She closed her eyes to kiss him but he leaned back. “I thought you said…”

“Just twice,” she giggled.


Ending note: Just a quickie. Thanks to all of you who made me one of your favorite authors. Hope you enjoyed. Love..Slick.

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