Becca Takes A Large Deposit Ch.10


Becca V barely made it back to her apartment. Her legs were like rubber; her nipples looked like they were trying to break free of the bra and top; both of which were wet with her sweat and therefore semi-transparent; in all a very apparent display of the state of her arousal. She flew up the steps to the front door a few at a time aware that she needed to get inside to her rooms before the inevitable happened.

At the apartment door she pulled out the key that was on a chain about her neck, stabbed it into the lock and piled into the room. She closed the door with a nudge of her bum and leaned against it catching her breath and trying to calm herself down. Removing her running shoes and leaving them by the door, Becca V headed for the bathroom. She turned on the shower and started to undress whilst the water warmed and steam began to billow in the cooler air.

She stripped off her top and dropped the garment into the washing basket. Reaching behind her to the clip of the bra, she unfastened it and released her 34c breasts. The feeling of the fresh air on her naked breasts was palpable.

Hooking her thumbs into the waste-band of the Lycra jogging bottoms she pushed these and her knickers down her long legs to the floor. As she separated her knickers from the bottoms she blushed at the realisation of how wet they were, and looking at the crotch of the jogging bottoms blushed further as it was obviously clear to passers by that she had soaked this area too.

Becca V stooped to pull off her socks, throwing them into the wash; she stepped into the shower and closed the cubicle door. The warm, strong streams of water played over her body, the large chrome shower-head covered her body quickly in the invigorating water, whilst separate side jets on the chrome bar running down the wall, sent jets of pressurised water at breast height, stomach height and thigh height sideways onto her. She had previously moved these bursa eskort jets to strategically hit the areas she wanted, so her nipples and pussy were currently being bathed in the hot stimulating jets.

Lathering a sponge she washed away the sweat, juices and semen from her recent activities, turning slowly so that her whole body could benefit from the caressing water. She looked down at her flat stomach and her wide shapely hips with their projecting pelvic bones. Some might say that she was a little on the thin side, but Becca V thought that her well formed breasts with their pert nipples more than made up for that. Her long, lithe runner’s legs were shapely and toned without being too muscular. A wicked smile played across her lips as she looked down at her fanny and the dark hair that covered her mound.

Grabbing her razor, she rubbed some soap into the hair to aid lubrication, and then proceeded to remove all of her hair in a few practised strokes, ensuring that no hair remained around her pussy. The intended recipient of her now bald pussy was of course Connor, as she manipulated the folds of her vulva whilst shaving, she inevitably started to think about his fantastically propotioned body, with the expected and in truth wanted results.

Becca V turned her body so that the bottom jet of water fell squarely upon her pussy lips. She ensured that all hair remnants were washed away and her pussy was as smooth as a baby’s bum. As she looked down, she could see her clitoris emerging from her folds as it erected in her growing arousal. The water splattering her breasts made Becca V think of Connors hot sticky come splashing onto her as jet after jet exploded from the tip of his granite hard, throbbing cock.

She grasped the chrome pole before her to steady herself, the girth of which was similar to Connor’s cock and at the same time gently pushed her pelvis towards the lower jet, bringing her fanny bursa escort bayan into very close contact.

The myriad or powerful jets were like a multitude of hands fondling her intimate parts. Without even touching herself, her body was rising to a surprisingly much needed orgasm. Her breasts were already flushed and heaving as they too were subjected to the water induced onslaught. She closed her eyes and saw herself kneeling before Connor, his massive cock protruding above her as he wanked his weapon and fired shot after shot of his creamy come all over her.

For so many masturbational sessions, Becca V had used the services of men with amorphous faces, many men/combinations of men, making up her fantasy at the time. Now all she could see was Connor, his large cock, undulating muscular stomach and powerful chest. “Uummmm…oooohhhhhhh,” she murmured. As she opened her eyes surprised that she had slipped to the floor of the shower, the jet of water on her fanny had be replaced by her fingers as her left hand separated her labia lips and fully exposed her clitoris for her right hand to tease and fondle to even greater erection. Every now and then, she would thrust three fingers into her soaking wet cavern.

She was seconds away from that most private of pleasures, a self induced orgasm. Her fingers slipped in and out of her pussy now with urgency as she visualised Connor’s hands gliding up and down his shaft. Before she could witness the dream of his ejaculation though, she came. Pulsing rhythms of ecstasy ran though her body as her cries of pleasure came in pants. “Ohhh…OOHHH, ummmm, GOD, ummmmmmm, oh,oh yes.” She licked the water from her lips as if it were his come saying to herself, “God I needed that!” She rested on the floor of the shower for a while, before standing and cleansing herself again.

Having towelled herself down and finished putting a slight görükle escort curl in her hair, Becca went to her underwear drawer, she pulled out the black and red silken bra and matching panties. She then went to her stocking draw and pulled out a new pair of tights. Lastly she selected a short pleated skirt and wrap around blouse that she knew had the unfortunate habit of displaying more than it should if she was leaning forwards.

She was preparing to put on a display for Connor today that would have him shooting loads of come into his underpants! Just thinking about him started her off again, her nipples responding first as always, her body once again raising goose-bumps all over. “Oh for goodness sake”, she said, “get a grip will you”?

Slipping her arms into the bra she lent forwards slightly to allow the cups of the bra to capture her breasts. She clipped the bra together at her back then picked up her panties and raising a leg, slipped them on. It was a very sexy ensemble. Opening up the new pack of tights and feeding her fingers through the nylon material she tutted to herself. The tights she had picked up were crotchless, not her usual choice at all, she must have picked these up by mistake. She smiled suddenly to herself and dropping the hose on her bed, removed her panties. She would be even more daring, she thought. Becca fed the nylon material onto her leg pulling it up to her knee, and then doing the same with the other leg, then grasping the waist, pulled them up over her womanly hips. The design on the hose was of a stocking and suspender type, with the darkened band around the thigh and patterned straps from this to the waist-band.

She put on her blouse and then slipped the skirt up her long legs to fasten at the waist. Slipping into some black stilettos, she presented herself to the mirror for some make up. Even she admitted that she looked hot, her only concern was not having the protection of panties, bearing in mind her almost constant state of arousal at the moment. It would be very obvious if her juices started flowing at work! But she had already decided that today was a day of living dangerously, so she would just have to control herself. “Yeah right”, her brain responded.

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