Jack and Toby Ch. 08

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As promised a long time ago but sadly put aside for other reasons and forgotten. Here is the ending of Jack and Toby. A fan wrote and asked for the conclusion just the other day, and I didn’t realize that I hadn’t put it on. So here it is.

As always, thank you for reading. Comments are always appreciated.



Over the few months after the reunion, Jack has gotten more and more distant. He has never been like this before. Yeah, he has disappeared for several weeks to a month, but there were always signs he has been at the apartment. Once half his clothes were gone, I couldn’t tell he had been here anymore.

I talk to Darren about it a little, not to the extent he knows Jack hasn’t returned, and my parents think we’re fighting. Or they think Jack is working, and Jack is being typical Jack by not wanting to come around.

Then today of all days my phone was ringing off the hook, it’s Jack. I decided I wasn’t going to pick up. I didn’t want to get in a fight while at work. I didn’t need Darren hearing it and especially any of the guards, I don’t need them talking to my mother of all people.

I walked into my apartment and had to chuckle of course there sat Jack. “Are you here because I wouldn’t answer your phone calls?” I said as I walked to the bedroom loosening my tie, I wanted to take a shower, I honestly didn’t care what he had to say.

I laid my jacket on the bed and started taking my pants off when Jack came up behind and hugged me. “Oh no, Jack. You don’t get to this time.”

“Toby, he’s not you.”

“FUCK YOU JACK!” I went to walk back out of the room, and I saw his suitcases sitting in the corner. “Jack, you can’t just keep coming and going when you want.”

“I love you, Toby.” He looked up at me, always with those damn puppy eyes.

“How can you, Jack? Jack, you fuck around on me all these years, and you stand there and say you love me. Jack, why are you here?”


Oh God, do I tell him upfront and say I need a place to stay for a week and I will be out of his life for good or lie? Roy’s family was in town, and they didn’t know he was gay, so he gave me a free pass to fuck Toby if I wanted. It was either that or see if I could stay at my parents or Roy would’ve set me up at a hotel. But I told Roy to let me try Toby first then we will do a Hotel, but I knew I could manipulate Toby.

I grabbed Toby’s cock after I told him I loved him; he was hard. I knew he would be. “Honey, see somewhere you still love me,” I said as sweet as I could while looking up at him. I rubbed his cock, God I do love his cock, I forgot when Roy came back and begged to take me out how, unlike Toby’s his was, so pencil-thin. Toby’s has girth, and he stretches me, and it feels so good.

We hadn’t had sex in a few weeks before me moving out, so I know Toby is horny. I didn’t let go of his cock, and I could hear his breathing increase. I pulled him towards the bed by his cock, and he stumbled with me, I smiled I had him. “NO Damn you, Jack. Get out.”


“You heard me, Jack, Get Out.”

“Toby, you can’t be serious?”

“Jack, just go.”

I laughed. “You have balls now Toby, but you’ll want me back in a week or a month, and you know it. You missed me, and I know you have.”

Toby always misses me when I leave he thinks I don’t come by, but I do. I leave things that smell like me hanging up in the closet like they have been there all along and I will find them later in Toby’s things.

“Jack, why are you here?”

“I need a place to stay for a week. Roy’s family is here.” Oh, I saw a change flash across Toby’s eyes. “What?”

“You were just going to use me for a week and leave?” Toby looked angry. “A WEEK? GOD JACK! You do have balls.”

Toby walked out of the room. “Toby, can I stay?”

“HELL NO!” Toby screamed.


I can’t believe Jack came by to try to stay the week. What am I saying, YEAH I CAN, he’s a narcissist ass? I should’ve known this a long time ago, I know I should’ve walked away a long time ago.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why I stay, why I let him walk all over me. And why I still love him. I’m stupid. But I knew that wasn’t the last I was going to see of Jack, somehow I knew.


I came home one day from work a few weeks later and found Jack waiting for me again. “Toby.” He said curtly.

“Jack, what do you want?”

“Roy is coming to help move the rest of my things. So could you leave for a few hours?” He was a full-on ass.

“Fine,” I responded and started to walk past him.

“Fine, that is all you have to say?” He almost screamed.

“What the fucked do you want me to say, Jack?” Gaziantep Escort İlanları I turned around. “You’ve made up your mind.”

“You never fight for me, Toby.”

“Jack, I loved you. Remember you’re the one that keeps leaving me. I can’t compete with these guys who want to give you the moon and the stars.” I walked to the apartment door. “If you think about it, text me when I can return.” Which of course, he never did.

I walked down to my car; all I could think of doing was heading back to work. So I went to the hospital and my desk, I had work schedules to finish. Some employees were asking for vacation time, and Darren wanted me to get comfortable scheduling the staff to cover the different shifts.

I’d been sitting at my desk for a few hours, not succeeding at the schedules when Darren walked in. He was surprised to find me, “What are you doing here, didn’t you go home earlier?” Darren asked I could tell he had because he was in jeans.

“Don’t ask,” I responded. “What are you doing back?”

“Fine, I won’t, but I’m not letting you stay here. Come on, the way you look, you’re going to make a mistake on those schedules.” He responded. “Get up, Toby.”

I didn’t stand, “I can’t go home.” His puzzled stare let me know I’d already said too much to hold back now, so I had to finish. “Jack needs time to have his boyfriend help him move.”

“Let’s get out of here; just give me a minute to call my wife.”

“You don’t have to stay with me. I’ll stay here for a few hours, and hopefully, he’ll be gone when I get home.”

“Not taking no for an answer, you didn’t go to your parents’ house for a reason. So I take it you didn’t want them knowing. Let’s get out of here, come on get up.” Darren put his hand on my back and guided me out of the office. “Anyways, I think Mike will be happy not working an eighteen-hour shift, so when you do calm down, try to look at the schedules again.” He laughed.

“I’ll do that, thanks, Darren.”

We ended up at a bar, and I was three sheets to the wind by nine. Darren took me back to my apartment around ten. I don’t know what time I was hugging the porcelain god, but it’s when I found Darren never left. He came in, wet a washcloth, and placed it on the back of my neck.

He was trying to make a bad situation a little lighter, but it didn’t work, while I was still just hanging over the toilet. “Man who in the hell does your cleaning, they need to come and teach my wife a few tricks, cause you could eat off these fucking floors.”

“That would be Jack, he a germ-a-phobe.”

“Toby, I’m sorry.”

I tried to get up but failed, so I sat up against the wall next to the toilet. “It’s ok. You know, Jack has fucked around on me for over six years. This is the first time he has taken all his clothes and things.

“Well it looks like you have a decision to make here, doesn’t it?” Darren responded.

“I’ve had this decision to make for a long time and had never done it. I let Jack walk all over me.”

“Toby sadly the best of us let our wives, husbands, girlfriends or boyfriends take advantage of us. It’s time to take your life back.” Darren helped me up. “I was a fucked-up young adult, too, and I didn’t just turn out this perfect.” Darren smiled at me. “End it here, end it now. How long has it been?”

“Technically, met at seventeen but started dating at eighteen. I’m twenty-eight right now.”

“So a fucking long time. I know it’s hard, Toby.” He looked at me for a few seconds. “Jackie wasn’t my first wife, and it’s part of the reason why I left the force. I don’t know if you remember when your father had to work third shift for a year.”

“No, I remember second, but not third.”

“You might have been a little on the younger side then. As I’d told you before, Bill and I were partners for a few years. So I was on those shifts with him. Second, third, second, and finally first, but by the time we had gotten on first shift, I was divorced.” Darren blew out a loud breath. I knew he was thinking back about this. “Like you Toby, I knew something was going on, but in my case, I beat the living shit out of him. Which was the reason why I or I should say we, your father stayed my partner, he could’ve left me and stayed on second. We could’ve both receive new partners but your father road out my punishment with me.”

Darren paused for a moment, “Bill is a stand-up guy. He didn’t have to stay with me. Your mother Betty is a saint for putting up with your father on nights and having the four of you underfoot. I don’t know how Bill did it sometimes, Sarah was still in diapers then. He didn’t get much sleep, and he stayed with me, and he was pissed when I left the force.”

“I don’t remember you coming around at all.”

“As I said, you were on the younger side.”

We ended up talking a little longer, and Darren told me I could stay home the next day, but I told him I would make it into work. When I walked in the following day, I was dying, just the ride in I knew it was a mistake, but I was already there so I might as well ride out the day, it only could get better, right?


Over the following weeks, I noticed signs that Jack had been in the apartment. He was taking more and more of what I guess he considered his things. I didn’t care about most of the shit, and it was stuff I bought for Jack or things to make him happy for the apartment. So it made my apartment a lot less cluttered.

It was nice to have just the bed, dresser and nightstands in the bedroom. Also having my suits in the closet without having them smell like cologne and perfume was a plus.

But coming home one day to all my electronics and TV missing was where I had had it. I walked back out of the apartment and down to a bar. Thank God I didn’t have to work the next day because I tried to get drunk as soon as I possibly could. I don’t know how I made it back into my apartment.

The next morning when I drugged my ass to the kitchen to get a glass of water is when I found out Jack cleaned it out. When I mean cleaned it out, I mean he took everything the dishes, utensils, microwave, table, chairs. Everything was gone. Other than food and the apartment supplied fridge and stove, there was nothing left.

I called Jack, I was pissed, but of course, he was expecting my call, and he didn’t answer. I left a voicemail telling him to call me back, but he took almost a week to call me back. This was making it easy for me to hate him by taking everything from the apartment for his new boyfriend and him to enjoy.


Darren has been training me over the past year to lead my own office as the Head of Security. I’ve also been taking business classes and learned most of all the areas of the job. Darren keeps placing job listings on my desk, and he knows there aren’t any positions opening up in their organization anytime soon, so he has been hinting for me to look for another job. I don’t know if I’m ready. Darren keeps saying I need to spread my wings and try.

So last week I did, I came in to find a new position on my desk, and I was about to throw it away, and I stop — Head of Security, Boston, Massachusett an affiliate hospital. I had my resume up to date, so all there was to do was fill out the application.

No one in my family is going to like it, meaning the location. They will love that I’ve applied for a job which I could better myself. But this is for me. I need to leave to know that whatever this hold Jack has on me can never happen again. Jack can’t come back into my life.

I need to see if my parents will let me move back home if I’m seriously looking for a new position, being Boston or where ever it turns out to be. I can’t sign a new year on the lease and find out I have a job elsewhere. I know my contract isn’t up yet, but I can’t keep coming home to an empty apartment, it’s not a home anymore to me. I will have to bit the bullet and talk to mom and ask her about moving home.

It has been a while since they have seen Jack anyways, so they know something up, I will be in front of the firing squad probably by nightfall if I ask her today. But again I need out, and I need out of this state, I think it will help a lot.

“So what did you decide?” Darren asked.

“Well, you know I applied for the job in Boston,” I responded.

“Yeah, I know, but what else.”

“I was going to ask my parents if I could move home tonight.”

“You sure you want to do that?” Darren asked.

“Even if I don’t get this job. I can’t stay in my apartment any longer. I’m done with Jack, and I need to move on.” Darren looked at me. “I need to move away, Darren.”

“Then I hope you get this job, but don’t get your heart set on it. I heard there are a few good candidates.”

“I won’t, but I’m going to try my best.” I smiled. “I will get something someday.”

“You will, and I know you kid, you will do a great job in your interview.”


I asked my mom about moving in and showed up that evening with a carload of my shit. A family meeting is called on my behalf. I had to explain what was going, between Jack and I, for the past few months. More like the past four to six months.

I never told my family what happened during my high school reunion even though I think my family would’ve been happy for me, but I’m not sure. Even though they didn’t like Jack, I still think they wouldn’t condone cheating. I believe that is why I’ve never mentioned it to anyone, not even to Darren.

When I went for the interview out in Boston, it was fun. They flew me out on Monday the interview was part of the day Tuesday and Wednesday, and I return on Thursday. My interview on Tuesday was in a boardroom in an area of the hospital which patients never see, only big pockets.

Because in the second half of my interview will be security issues in the hospital. I asked that they not tell anyone I was in the hospital interviewing. I wanted to see if I could get around the hospital and see how much or if I could peak anyone curiosity.

I walked everywhere in the hospital. I think because I looked confident enough and had my badge on from LA, no one even thought to stop me. I wore my monkey suit, I was in back stairways, no one should’ve been, I also looked in closets, and drug cabinets that weren’t locked and nurses didn’t even stop me. All because I looked official and had security on my badge.

When I arrived back at my hotel I wrote up my report, then I thought about it. I decided to go back and see if I could get through in jeans and a t-shirt with just my badge. I entered through the ER because the main entrance was closed. The security guard looked up at me, but he looked tired. “You the new guy?” I just pointed to my badge, and he pressed the button to the doors. The whole hospital was opened to me, roam is what I did.

After which I wrote my report. When I handed it in and returned to LA, I know they were reviewing the tapes of where I went in their hospital. I’m sure they were not pleased with where all I could wander to without being stopped.


This concludes Jack and Toby – Here is a little of the first chapter of Jake and Toby if you have never read them. Thank you for reading.

Jake and Toby Chapter 1

Pet Peeve and Meeting Mr. Sex on Two Legs

*Dr. Jake Thomas*

The biggest pet peeve of mine is waiting at a red light and listening to my music to have it drowned out by someone else’s. I hate that. I hate most music, but I can’t put a bubble around me. I was driving to work this morning; I left a little later than usual, and he pulled up next to me.

He had all his windows down, and there was a heavy metal song blaring, but it was at the end, and I was expecting another one to start blasting away. Then the next song confused me because it sounded a lot calmer. OPERA!? He was listening to everything from metal to opera? Wow, I was taken aback. Then he started singing along with the song, again wow.

I looked at him, thank God the light was still red. Oh My God, this man is gorgeous, sex on a stick or on two legs, wow. What I could see of him, the chiseled face, the sandy blonde hair, I’m sure his eyes have to be either green or blue behind his shades. What I wouldn’t give to get in his bed.

The light turned green, and off we went, he sped up and got in front of me, and I realized I was following him. Not really following him, we just happened to be heading the same direction. I wonder where he works. I had been driving behind him for almost a half-hour, listening to his music change when I could hear it. There was some alternative, and country was thrown into the mix, and then Bach. Holy shit did he have a diverse music palate!

Before I knew it, he was pulling into the hospital employee parking entrance. I’ve never seen him around before, is he a new doctor or administer or what? I will have to find out. He was in a nice dress shirt, so he has to be someone important, but he passed the level I normally park on, so I couldn’t follow him. I had to get into work and start my rounds. Maybe I will see him later.

*Toby Smith*

It was my first day at this hospital; I just transferred in from across the country. I needed a change, I needed to get away from the bad memories. So when this position opened up it was perfect, it will be a new town and a new opportunity for me to get a fresh start, I pray.

Driving in this morning, I pulled up next to a guy at a red light. Holy shit, he was staring at me, but I didn’t want to make eye contact and be as obvious as he was. He was nice looking, wearing a nice dress shirt, a little on the short side, (at least that’s what I think for how low he sat in his seat). He had dark hair, but a very fair complexion. Shit, does he ever get out into the sun? He drives a little Beemer convertible, so he is flaunting his wealth. Why does he keep following me?

I pulled into the employee entrance this morning, and he followed. Maybe I will run across him in the hospital sometime, but today I have to meet with the bigwigs to discuss why we need to set up the security as we have out in LA. So I have a lot of changing to do here, plus I need to do a floor by floor survey of the hospital.

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