Cousin Sarah


It was Christmas, and as every year, I was at my grandmother’s house. Family tradition, all the relatives would gather at her house on Christmas Eve, eat a feast, open gifts, sleep, and after breakfast, scatter like roaches when the kitchen lights come on. I usually spent most of the time outside where none of my relatives would bother me. I was the black sheep of the family. Every family has one, the boy with long hair, or the kid that isn’t into sports and cars, or the cousin in the trenchcoat that liked what his grandma called devil music. I was all three, but my cousin Sarah was just as much a welcome outcast.

Sarah was like a sister to me for most of my early life, she was less than a year older than me, and we both nearly lived with my grandma because our mothers and fathers worked full time. When it was a matter of time or expense, we would share a bath, and often had to share a bed. Sarah and I also spent most of time alone together and as male/female friends do, we had to play a lil “some me yours and I’ll show you mine.” which led to playing doctor and some heavy petting until play time just stopped. It took me awhile to figure out why it did, she had a boyfriend. I was a ‘late bloomer’ and didn’t start dating until much later

But back to the story at hand, it was Christmas, the sun was going down, and I was standing outside watching it sink behind some clouds that meant we’d be having a white Christmas. “There you are.” I heard a voice from behind and above me. I turned and looked up to the second floor balcony, Sarah was leaning over the railing with her long dirty blonde and red streaked hair hanging out of her toboggan and framing her face. I never stopped thinking my cousin was beautiful, she was around 5’6 with ice blue eyes, puffy lips, and an hourglass figure that I saw in old pictures of her mom and grandma. Sarah had an amazing ass, and I tried constantly to stare at it, and would “accidentally” rub against her backside whenever the opportunity arose. I took off my sunglasses and smiled up at her “I’ve been looking everywhere for you, Jeremy.” she smiled down at me.

“I’ve been right here for the past hour and a half.” I told her, shrugging. “Why’re you lookin for me? dinner ready yet?” I asked. She shook her head, causing the six or seven steel silver and gold chains around her neck to clink together “Nah, but there’s not enough beds for everyone planning to stay, so somebody’s gotta bunk up.” I stared at her lovely heart shaped face Short links for a second, dumbfounded before I shook myself out of a fantasy. “Bunk up? Who?” I hoped… “Well, I’m NOT sharing a bed with my mom, and the couch is spoken for, and I was wondering if you had any objections to me sleeping with you?” I smiled and started laughing and she immediately realized how her words could be mistaken and giggled. “No objections Sarah, it wouldn’t be the first time you’ve shared a bed with me.”

Dinner went as always, kidding each other to the point that somebody’d get pissed off and stop talking for awhile, then they’d jump in the ring insults again when it turned on the person that hurt their feelings. That went on til everyone was stuffed and my 5 yr old niece yelled that it was time to open presents. Presents, gifts, whatever, I spent about $500 on crap that I figured my family would like, and got about $500 worth of crap they figured I’d like in return. Except I actually shopped for my mother, cause yeah I’m a momma’s boy, but I really put thought in Sarah’s gift as I always did. this year she was finally moving out of her mom’s house, and into a studio apartment, so I called up a friend (who happens to be an accredited interior decorator) and got her to print up a fake gift certificate for one studio apartment decoration. in return from her I got a new notebook computer. We hugged and thanked each other for the thoughtful – and expensive- gifts, and I reached down and took her left ass cheek in my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Nobody else seemed to notice, even when Sarah let out a moan into my ear.

Later on, as snow fell outside, Sarah and I lay in a guest room on the second floor together. I was listening to her sleep, softly snoring, when I heard her moan in her sleep, and it sounded like the same moan from when I squeezed that cute ass of hers. “Sarah?” I asked in a whisper, not rolling over to look at her, not wanting to risk scaring her with the erection that had been pounding against my boxers since the hug after the gift giving. She didn’t respond, just moaned again and I felt her move around. I turned over then, and saw her laying on her back, legs open in the king sized bed, she was still asleep and was rubbing her pussy in her sleep.

I lifted the blankets of her slowly, hoping to catch a sight of her fingers busy with her pussy. It was dark though and all I could make out was her hand moving back and forth. So I decided to Short link get a closer look at my cousins snatch. As I moved my head – and my body along with it – down the bed, I became aware of the smell of Sarah’s liquid arousal filling the room. I got close enough and my eyes were adjusted enough so that I could make out my cousin’s lips and her fingers stroking in and out between them. Watching wasn’t enough for me, and I dared to stop her fingers pleasuring her hole. I pulled her hand away and she moaned dissatisfaction, and I watched her face for a second to make sure was still sleeping before moving in to taste her love juice.

I stuck my tongue out and licked along her slit, tasting her sweet wetness, and loving what I had waited so long for. Then I pushed between her lips and began softly fucking her with my tongue, swirling it inside of her and sucking the juices that she produced while she began panting and moaning again. I continued my oral pleasures until I felt hands tangling themselves in my hair, then I stopped and started to apologize. “Oh God, please don’t stop Jeremy.” Sarah cut me off. “It’s been too long, and you’re doing so good.” she cooed. Not the type to abandon a girl in need, especially when she’s my hot cousin, I immediately went back to tongue fucking her. She gasped when I dove back into her, and pulled my head hard into crotch, making my nose rub against what little pubic hair she had, and my top jaw grind into her pubic bone. I continued sucking and fucking her pussy with my mouth even when she released my hair, grabbed a pillow and covered her face with it. She screamed into the pillow as her legs clamped on my head like a vice and her cum started squirting from her pussy and all over my face.

Afterwards, when her legs relaxed, and she caught her breath, I still hadn’t moved from between her legs. “Jeremy, that was amazing…” she moaned before propping herself on her elbows and asking “Who taught my little cousin how to eat pussy anyway?” I started moving up her body then, she was wearing nothing but a oversized black shirt, and her perky young tits pressed against it and her nipples were obviously hard. “Remember that girl I dated who turned out to be a lesbian?” I answered. “Well she let me join in a few times before she dumped me.” I kissed Sarah then, and she licked the insides of my mouth clean of any of her honey that I might not’ve swallowed. “I’ll havta thank her sometime.” Sarah half-whispered before she kissed me again and moved her hand down my body to my boxers to rub my raging hard-on though the thin fabric. I moaned then and involuntarily bucked against her hand. in the position I was in, it caused the back of her hand to rub against her still throbbing clit. “You’re hard as a rock! And BIG!” she exclaimed.

“SHhhh..” I told her trying not to let the rest of family know what we were doing and began to fondle her tits through her night shirt. “I’ve been like that since I grabbed your ass earlier.” I confessed and bent my head to kiss her neck. “Every time I touch you or think about you I can’t help it, Sarah. I know it’s wrong to want you so bad baby, but I just can’t resist it.” I said and gently bit into her neck. She moved her hand inside my boxers then, and pulled my cock out. “I know Jeremy. I feel it too.” she said and she gently stroked up and down my shaft, pulling it closer to her glistening cunt lips as she did. “I want you to fuck me Jeremy.” she said as the head of my dick rubbed against her clit. “I’m on the pill, so do it now before common sense kicks the thought out of either of us.”

At that, I pushed forward and into her half way, she moaned loudly and arched her back, pushing her hips toward mine, making me sink into her deeper. I clenched my teeth and shut as I violated my cousin’s tight cunt. Sarah was so tight, and hot, it was nearly painful as I pushed the rest of my manhood inside of her. When our pubic hairs began to tickle each other I opened my eyes to find Sarah staring back at me with pure lust in her eyes. “Fuck me cousin, make me cum again.” she ordered. I pulled nearly out of her, then slammed back into her. “Yes!” she gasped as I bottomed out in her canal. I did it again, faster, and again faster and harder, and again and over and over each time my cousin echoed the slap of flesh with a gasp of encouragement. We were lucky the headboard was bolted to the wall or it would’ve been slamming into it and alerting everyone of our screwing. I fucked her until I felt my balls tighten up and twitch “I’m gonna cum.” I alerted Sarah and she locked her legs around me and moaned “Me too!” As my cock erupted and pumped cum into her cunt, it grasped and pulsed at my dick milking me for it as my cousin bucked and once again screamed into a pillow as orgasm took her body.

I collapsed on top of her, kissing her face and neck as Sarah’s legs relaxed and a few drops of mixed fluids dribbled from her cunt. I rolled off her as my cock started to soften. “I love you.” I whispered in her ear. She then rolled onto her side, and lie across my chest. “I love you too.” she told me as we fell asleep a few hours before dawn.

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