Her Master controlled every part of his pet’s life. From who she saw and what she wore to what she put into her body- both sexually and otherwise. Food, drink, medicine, vitamins- all were under his control. And yet he still kept some secrets from his charge. For example, that her birth control pills had been placebo the last two weeks. Or that her vitamins had been switched out for those more suited to an expecting mother. He had been watching her carefully, planning his attack. And perhaps his pet knew something was amiss; some subconscious hormonal signal had switched on in her brain. Or perhaps it was his recent behavior, the lack of sex, the strange boxes arriving at the house that had tipped her off, made her more cautious around him. But the cause of her wariness was of no concern to him. He had been watching her closely and knew that tonight was the night he would strike.

He entered the kitchen, a flicker of amusement dancing around his lips. His little mouse had been working hard to regain the favor she thought that she had lost. If only she knew. The room was scrupulously polished, dusted and mopped, and he could smell his favorite dessert baking in the oven. Clearing his throat, her Master waited for his pet to appear. And she did, coming around the corner at the sound of him. As always, she was fully nude, as he liked her best, bare feet pitter-pattering on the floor. She bit her lip a bit at the sight of him. It really had been too long, he reflected to himself. These last two weeks of celibacy had done a number on them both. And then she met his eyes.

That singular glance never ceased to take his breath away. Her eyes, dark and wide, traced with lacy lashes were full of a thousand emotions at once. Unquestionable loyalty, true, but also deep love, submission, and a touch of concern for what he had planned. His eyes traced down her body- he was, after all, a man faced with a beautiful woman- and he felt himself harden. Her lips, plump, red, luscious. Full, round, pale breasts topped with dark nipples like chocolate chips made for tasting. Delicious curves, first in to a slender waist, then out to hips made to be grabbed as he took her from behind. Not the shape of a girl, but of a woman, a fertility goddess from legends of old. Shapely legs, between which nestled her bush, concealing her tantalizing pussy from prying eyes, the darkness of that hair matching the locks sweeping behind her waist. She was not a delicate flower, but a sturdy thing, a woman who could hold her own in bed and mind. So much more, then, was the privilege for any man to be able to call himself her Master. And her basmane escort Master he was. And she was his. His lover, his pet, his possession. His plaything.

A smile danced around his lips again. It was going to be time to play another game soon, one he had been planning for quite some time. One drunken night, back when he was merely dating the woman who would become his pet, she had confessed a fantasy to him, of being secretly impregnated. Pregnancy was something they both found erotic, and the thought of controlling this deep, intimate aspect of her womanhood… he caught his breath as he snapped back to the moment at hand and the beautiful woman standing before him, head bowed.

He approached his pet, caressing her pale cheek softly. “So, my little one,” he gently murmured into her ear, his stubble tickling her, “Have you missed me in your bed?” The ragged gasp, nearly a moan answered his question for him, even before she turned up her eyes and answered him with two words laced with longing.

“Oh, yes.”

The same wicked little smile returned to his lips, filling his eyes and she knew it was not that she had done something wrong. These last two weeks had preyed on her deeper insecurities. Perhaps he no longer found her attractive; perhaps she’d done something wrong. But the look in his eyes, a look full of lust and longing dashed away those insecurities like cobwebs in the breeze. Whatever this latest game he had thought up, she knew she would enjoy it.

And then he smiled at his Pet, a gentle smile, and took her by the hand leading her gently into the bedroom. He motioned to the bed, and quivering with excitement she climbed on, biting her lip. The last two weeks had been maddening for her and she ached for him in a way that she hadn’t for a long time. “Your hands, pet” he commanded, and she held them out as ordered.

Her Master removed his tie, and with a few simple, deft motions he had her hands bound above her head to the headboard. She squirmed deliciously, and he had to restrain himself. Could there be anything more beautiful than his woman, bound and willing to take him? He slid a pillow under her hips; not only would it improve the chances of his sperm reaching that lonely egg, but it would also serve to give him leverage to truly ravish her.

It began slowly. He leveraged himself over her, covering her with his body. Kissing her gently, first on the forehead and then the nose. Moving down, he first planted a simple peck on her lips, and then, as if emboldened, took her by surprise with the next. Mixing electricity and passion bayındır escort with the restrained lust of the last two weeks, it was as if he was making love to her lips, conquering them, ravishing them. She moaned and responded in kind, kissing, nibbling, crying out into his mouth. And as she did, he allowed his hands to roam her body, reacquainting himself with those delicious curves. Grasping her breasts, her hips, holding tight to her waist until she squeaked. He broke the kiss, and she strained after him, but even without her natural submissiveness she was bound to the bed and his to do with as he pleased, the pace his to set. His kisses trailed down, no less full of hunger as he bit and kissed her pale, unmarked neck, almost growling in lust. She moaned, head back with her lip bit, enjoying it every bit as much as he. “Please…” she panted, begging him to take her now, to stop teasing her and just ravish her as she needed. But he was her Master, and he would do as he willed.

His kisses traveled southward, to those breasts he adored. Worshipping them, ravaging them with bites and marks. Whoever had sad “more than a handful is wasteful” had never seen her glorious chest. Her cups overflowed with pert, perky wonders, so sensitive that he knew he could make her cum just by toying with them. And so he intended to, first breathing gently, licking, teasing one thick, dark nipple as he pinched and tweaked the other. Her breathing sped up and he smiled to himself, knowing what he was doing to her. He knew her body as he knew his own, and knew how to pleasure it as he knew his own. Something indescribable was swelling in her, clawing at her throat and in her belly as her moans intensified in pitch and volume as she screamed in ecstasy, bound hands clenching and unclenching, toes curled tight as it swelled and swelled. And as her cries intensified, so did his ministrations, sucking and biting and pinching harder, as if to draw blood or milk from her fat, puffy nipples. Then the dam deep within her, building up with pressure burst, her back arching as she came, overwhelmed with lustful frenzy, panting and screaming his name.

She was not allowed to rest, not allowed to be sated as his hand traveled down to her sopping wet pussy. Inserting two fingers, he immediately began to rub her g-spot in a “come hither” motion, his knuckles teasing her clit with almost brutal precision. She squirmed, trying to close her thighs, but his strength hindered her. She panted and moaned, and he thrilled in every moment as she came again, the rush of adrenaline flooding over her. Lowering bayraklı escort his head to her delightful pink pussy, he began to lick and tease her swollen clit, lapping quickly and suckling, not stopping when she screamed and moaned with orgasm again, her thighs tightening around his head as she came and came. And then he straightened up, draping his body over her again and kissing her fiercely, letting her taste her nectar on his lips and tongue. Grasping her broad hips, fingers denting into her soft flesh, he thrust deeply, almost painfully into her wet slit. Her back arched yet again as he entered her, her hands grasping at air as her eyes rolled back in her head, a nearly bestial grin on her face as she took him, hips bucking to meet his every thrust.

Now he was overcome, engaging his own lusts within her, penetrating to her most intimate depths as he impaled her on his cock. He was not oversized, nor unusually thick, but he knew how to use his tool to pleasure them both. And pleasure them he did, tearing into her welcoming body, so tight and wet as he took her, biting at her neck once again, feeling her moans reverberate against his face as he marked her as his own.

His own orgasm began to build, and he leaned down to whisper in her ear once again, knowing that she was not yet too far gone to comprehend his words. “Are you ready to grow my baby, my little slut?” The look of surprise on her face, expression clearly jerked out of her erotic reverie, indicated that these unexpected words had had the desired effect.

“Wh-what?” she squeaked, still now even as his pace increased, fucking her deeper. He could feel her tension, making her already tantalizingly tight pussy nearly painful as he ravished her. “I said,” he growled in her ear, no pretenses now “are you ready to grow my baby? Are you ready for me to impregnate you, fill your womb and transform you?”

She squirmed now, under him, these unexpected words acting on her exactly as he’d hoped “You… you can’t! I’m on the pill!” she moaned, meeting his thrusts nearly unconsciously.

“Placebo, pet… didn’t you wonder why I’ve waited so long to fuck you? To take what is mine?” she moaned at these words, squirming now. “Keep squirming, little one. I have you, and we both know I will do as I wish with you, and that you will enjoy it. After all, don’t you want to give your master what he wants?” the look on her face was one of frozen panic, and he groaned before she could even open her mouth to answer him “Too late, pet, because here… it… comes!” he moaned now, his own orgasm taking over, grunting animalistically with each powerful thrust, hands tight on his pet’s wide hips as she squirmed and struggled under him, crying out each time he thrust deep into her most intimate depths, feeling as he swelled inside of her, throbbing, preparing to fill her. And then with a mighty roar, he came, flooding her fertile body with his virile seed.

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