Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 05


She woke up early and freed his right hand and gave him the key.

“Free yourself. I need to pee.” Tracy said.

When she was done she ordered:

“I need your help in the shower follow me.”

He needed to pee also and asked her:

“Permission to use the toilet Mistress?”

“After my shower Slave. Kneel in the corner. If you pee in the shower I will punish you.” Tracy warned him hoping that he would. She like punishing him.

She opened the cold water first and she was pleased to see the goose pumps on his skin. Then she opened the hot water and when the temperature was right she stepped in.

“Soap up your hands and wash me. You are not to touch my ass or my cunt your mouth his sufficient for that.” She instructed him.

He had this painful erection washing her with his hands was torture. He started by her back moving to her firm breast then her sexy belly and hips. After he washed her nice ass cheeks then her beautiful tights finishing with her feet.

He had to concentrate to avoid peeing in the shower. The water on his skin was adding to his torture. When she started to wash her hair. She ordered;

“Stick your tongue in my asshole slave.”

She had rinsed her hair and closed the water then she put her bathrobe on.

“You can use the toilet now.” She told him.

He rushed out of the shower to sit on the toilet. His erection was painfully keeping him from peeing. He concentrated on computer parts and when his erection started to subside he peed.

” You were excited when I used you last night. Why? You like the taste?” She asked him smiling.

“I love you Mistress. The taste is awful I wish….” He said.

“What do you wish for?” She asked.

“I wish that you would stop using me as your toilet Mistress.” He answered.

She was laughing that nice crystalline laugh of hers.

“No! I love having a human toilet and you are good at it. Give it time you will get use to the taste. You know that you want this otherwise you would not have asked Lady Sandra for a training session as a full toilet.” She said holding his chin.

“That was before when I did not knew what it was.” He said looking in her eyes.

“Think of Tina’s deception if I were to betray my word.” She told him.

“But Mistress…” He started to say when she put her index on his lips shushing him.

“You have not explain why you were erected when I used you last night. You must like being my toilet.” She said.

“I love you and I desire to please you Mistress but I do not want to be a toilet.” alsancak escort He pleaded with her.

“You are my toilet! Accept it.” She said as she was going out ending the conversation not convinced that he did not liked it.

He was pleading so much with her to stop using his mouth as her toilet because he was on the verge of accepting his position. To his dismay he knew that he had been excited by the whole scene last night. He liked no he loved the humiliation of it.

Feeling her weight on his face. Hearing the pleasure in her voice. Being part of her even if it was only for the time he digested her wastes. It was gratifying to him that his darkest wish was coming true.

“On your knees” Joan said lifting her dress before straddling his mouth to pee in him.

Tracy walked in to apply her makeup. She had called room service for their breakfast.

“Judith and Brenda have gone deep sea fishing they will stop by tomorrow before they leave.” Joan told Tracy as he was cleaning her.

“Slave you will have only two women to serve today.” Tracy told him.

There was a knock on the door. It was room service.

“Get on all four I want to ride you to the table.” Joan ordered him.

“That looks like fun. A new task to add to your list slave.” Tracy said when she saw Joan seated on his back.

Tracy put a plate with two eggs on the floor in front of him.

“Eat your breakfast slave.” Tracy ordered.

Once they had finish eating Joan poured them another cup of coffee.

“Lie down on the couch.” Tracy ordered him.

When he was on the couch Tracy sat on his belly. Joan walk up to his head lifted her dress and sat on his face. His nose was in her crack and he could breath easily he hoped that she would not fart.

“I think he is enjoying being a toilet. Last night when I used him he was erected the whole time.” Tracy told Joan.

“Maybe he is. When was the last time he ejaculated?” Joan asked Tracy.

“The first night here. It had been two weeks before that. I told him he would perform better in bed if he was horny.” Tracy said smiling.

“Test him the next time you shit in his mouth make him chew it. If he stays erected I would say he loves it.” Joan said.

“Good he loves it! I made him chew every bit yesterday. I loved dumping in his mouth feel him chewing.” Tracy said as she was caressing his balls.

“I told you that he was a natural. I did not think that he was this talented.” Joan said wriggling her ass.

“He pleaded with ayrancılar escort me to stop using his mouth as my toilet this morning. I think that we should have another conversation. Maybe I should get the whip?” Tracy said to Joan.

He was shaking his head under Joan’s ass.

“Oh! Talking of toys. I had forgotten to give you this cock ring. It is a gift from Brenda. I think he is trying to say no.” Joan said putting the ring on the coffee table.

“Time to let the truth out.” Tracy said as she was getting up.

“Kneel in front of the toilet and cuff your hands.” Joan ordered.

“Slave I want the truth now. Why were you excited last night when I used your mouth?” Tracy asked.

He did not want to be whip again. He still had welts on his sore ass. He could not confess the truth but he did not have a choice.

“Start talking or you will be gag and I will give you five big ones.” Tracy threatened him.

Joan was getting the gag in front of his mouth when he blurted out in panic;

“Yes Mistress I love it. I love giving you pleasure any which way I can.” He said truthfully.

“You said that you do not like the taste. Was that a lie too?” Tracy asked him.

“No it is the truth. I do not like the taste. It is awful but I do not hate it as much as before.” He answered.

Joan forcibly put the gag in his mouth and attached it solidly behind his head.

“Slave you earned five big ones because you lied to me. You should never lie to me.” Tracy told him.

He was screaming no in his gag when the first blow landed leaving a fresh welt. The pain was excruciating he started crying. After the fifth one he was sobbing and tears were rolling down his face.

Joan was removing the gag from his mouth.

“You like it when I whip him.” Tracy said to Joan.

“It is exciting. Now I need his mouth between my legs.” Joan answered freeing his right hand.

“Enjoy. If you want to use the whip you can.” Tracy told Joan smiling.

“On your back slave.” Joan ordered him.

Joan already had weak knees when she straddle him and lowered her dripping cunt to his mouth. She rode his tongue to her first of multiple orgasms.

Finally she stood up.

“You can use the toilet and wash your face and mouth.” Joan told him before exiting the bathroom.

“How was it?” Tracy asked Joan.

“Better than ever. You are a lucky lady Tracy.” Joan said with a strange light in her eyes.

“Shall we go shopping? He still has some room on his credit card.” balçova escort Tracy asked Joan.

“I will cuff him.” Joan said.

He felt better now that he had said it out loud.

Yes he loved being Tracy’s toilet slave. His ass was sore but from now on he would put his best efforts in satisfying his Mistress. She was right it was such an intimate service that he was performing for her. Liking doing this with her would make his life a lot easier.

He was blinded again by Tracy turning on the lights. She detached his right hand and gave him the key to free himself. He turned around and was still on his knees in front of her.

“Permission to speak Mistress?” He asked his head bowed.

“Once I am done peeing.” She answered straddling his open mouth.

When Tracy was done Joan used him.

After cleaning Joan he asked again:

“Permission to speak Mistress.”

“Go ahead” Tracy said quizzically looking at Joan.

“I am very sorry to have lied to you Mistress.” He said.

“Your apology is accepted. You may use the toilet then kneel on the floor in front of the couch.” Tracy said.

“Good night love birds.” Joan said going to her room.

Tracy looked regal standing in front of the couch in her high heels wearing her green tank top again.

He knelt behind her awaiting her command.

“Kiss my ass slave. Do not touch me with any part of you except your lips and tongue.”Tracy ordered.

He approached her beautiful pear shape ass with his mouth and started planting kisses all over it. He moved over her crack only brushing the inside of it.

“Push your face in there. Stop teasing me.” Tracy said.

He was moving his head from left to right to spread her cheeks and get his mouth on her asshole.

“Yes I like your attitude slave. Sit down on the floor and put your head on the floor.” Tracy commanded.

As she was positioning her asshole on his mouth his stomach rumbled in expectation of his next meal. He had another erection and he felt her hands putting the ring on at the base of his penis.

“I want you to chew everything.” Tracy ordered.

He pushed his tongue in her and licked the walls of her rectum. Then he pushed his tongue as deep as he could to let it fall out. He did it again and again.

When she felt his tongue in her she started pushing. Would he shiver again or was that over now that he had confessed of his dark desire to be her toilet? She wondered pushing again.

He was trying to get his tongue deeper in her when he touched her stool. He shivered of pleasure this time. He started to suck on her asshole and stopped when she had pinch off her stool.

She felt his shiver as she was filing his mouth.

She felt him chewing. The feeling was empowering. When he had cleaned her she felt so good.

She cuffed him hands to ankles and went to bed.

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