Hayley’s Party Ch. 04

Big Tits

Back home from Tae Kwon Do, I told Mom I was going out with Steve that evening as I helped her get dinner ready.

“That’s nice dear,” Mom said vaguely, “we haven’t seen him for a while, why don’t you have him and that nice friend of his round for dinner sometime. They’re such nice boys.”

“Nice friend?” I asked, puzzled.

“Yeah, what’s his name… Jay? Jim?”

“Joe, Mom!”

“Yes, that’s the one, such a good sense of humor. I don’t know why you didn’t date him instead of Steve, really dear.”

“Mom!” We’d had that conversation any number of times over the last couple of years. It exasperated me. Although in light of what had happened with Joe and Steve, perhaps my Mom had a point, I was willing to give her that. Would she be happier if she knew it was Joe that had I’d ended up going all the way with rather than Steve? Maybe she would. My Mom could be a bit weird now and then. Sometimes I really wondered about her!

Dinner was early, Dad was absent-minded, thinking about the business probably, I knew there was a difficult client he was working with that was taking up his time. I helped Mom cleanup, then headed upstairs. I had to pick the right clothes for a movie evening with Steve and that serious talk I had planned with him. Steve texted me just before seven to say he was coming over. My heart was beating a little faster and I still hadn’t made up my mind what to wear. Whatever. I slipped into a casual skirt, grabbed a light jacket to throw over my t-shirt and ran down the stairs just as the doorbell rang.

“See you later Mom.”

“Bye Hayley, enjoy yourself dear. Don’t stay out to late.”

“Okay Mom.”

It was Steve of course, looking like a puppy dog, all big-eyed and eager. I forgot all about serious talks as the door closed behind me and threw myself into his arms, my arms going around his neck, holding him tight.

“I missed you Steve, I really missed you.” I started to cry, mostly out of relief. “Why didn’t you call me, I was so worried about you.” I looked up at him, tears flowing. “Can you forgive me Steve?”

He held me tight, kissing the top of my head, one hand stroking my hair. “It wasn’t your fault Hayley, it was mine. I never was any good at standing up for myself.”

Well, that was one thing we agreed on but right then and there I didn’t care. I was just happy to be in his arms again. “Joe called me up and apologized, said he’d been a real dick and he was sorry.” He shook his head. “He really was, I mean, I was really upset with him, but he really meant it, he said he was going to apologize to you too.”

“I don’t care about Joe,” I sobbed, “do you forgive me Steve?” I was still crying when I looked up at him.

“If you can forgive me Hayley?” He was sniffling too. “I love you Hayley.” His arms were around me, holding him tight. He must have really forgiven me. I could feel his erection pressing against me and the feel of it made more than my eyes wet. His lips touched mine and he kissed me gently as I clung to him.

“Are your parent’s home tonight?” I sniffled.

“No, they’re off at a conference.”

“Let’s go watch that movie then.”

It didn’t take long to get to Steve’s parents. We walked inside hand in hand, boyfriend and girlfriend again. I was almost floating as he closed the front door behind us. He led me into the family room and picked up a DVD. I just looked at him. No, I didn’t want that serious talk. I wanted Steve.


“Yeah Hayley?”

“Ummm, let’s forget the movie. Come here.” He looked puzzled. I almost giggled. “Umm, Steve, we’re at your house and there’s nobody else home, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“Well?” It was a tossup between screaming and giggling.

Instead, I took the third option and dropped to my knees right in front of him and started unbuckling his belt, undoing his jeans, dragging them and his boxers down to his knees. I’d never been this forward with him before but sometimes you just have to be direct to get what you want. And right then and there I wanted Steve. I wanted him to forgive me and I wanted him to fuck me. His cock sprang out and slapped me softly in the face. Yes! He was definitely ready for what I had in mind.

One of my hands seized his cock while my other hand rested on his hip, balancing myself as I opened my mouth and engulfed his cockhead.

Jesus, I’d never been this direct before and I was almost embarrassing myself but I really wanted him. I heard Steve suck in his breath with a contented sigh as my mouth closed on him and my tongue slipped under his cockhead, licking around the base of his glans and then sliding on his shaft as I began to slowly bob my head on him. His hands moved to rest on my head, stroking my hair as I made a little humming “mmmmm” of happiness while I worked on him. All was right with the world once more.

I did my best, my fingers wrapped around his shaft, wetting his length with my saliva so my hand slid on him, swirling my tongue around him, teasing the underside of his cockhead with my tongue, making sure that I worked Ataşehir Anal Escort on the most sensitive parts of his shaft, moving my lips on his length, stroking him with my hand. I knew I could do this until he came in my mouth. We’d done that a dozen times before but this time I wanted more. I wanted Steve to really fuck me, not just a quickie like he had that weekend three weeks ago. I lifted my mouth from him before he got too excited, even though his hands tried to keep me there.

“Finish getting undressed Steve.”


Honestly, sometimes he was just slow! “Steve, take your clothes off and just fuck me, okay!” I peeled my t-shirt off over my head, pushed my skirt down, wriggling it off at the same time as I lay down on the huge sheepskin rug his parents had conveniently bought years ago. I loved the soft feel of that rug against my skin as I slid my panties down and off and lay there, naked, watching him. Steve had finally gotten the idea and was busily undressing himself. Another thirty seconds and he was down beside me and we were kissing and his hand was where I wanted it, right between the legs I eagerly parted for him. I was already wet. Wet with the excitement I’d been feeling since I felt his erection pressing against me outside my parent’s front door. My hand was already stroking his cock as his finger slid easily inside me.

I half-moaned, it just felt so good as he fingered me slowly. I smiled up at him, my hand slowly stroking his hard length. We had all the time in the world and tonight nobody was going to interrupt us but still, I didn’t want to play around, I wanted his cock inside me, not his finger. I urged him towards me, half turning towards him, hooking a foot behind his thigh, trying to guide his cock to my eagerly waiting sex. He didn’t get it. He was busy fingering me and his mouth was sucking on one of my breasts and while that was all good, I didn’t need him to get me ready. I WAS ready! More than ready! And so was his cock.

“Steve!” It was almost a wail. His mouth lifted from my breast where it had been busy. “Just put it in me … please.”

Christ, did I have to draw him a diagram. Fortunately, he was good at following instructions and he’d had that one hundred and twenty second trial run a couple of weeks ago so he knew where it should go. I just hoped he’d last longer this time. He moved over me, moving between my legs which I happily spread wide for him. He smiled down at me as my hand drew his cock to my wetly waiting entrance. I smiled back. “I want you Steve,” I breathed.

His face was above me, so very serious, so intent as he looked down at me. His cockhead nuzzled up against my sex and I wanted him inside me.

“Oh god, yes Steve, yes!” I looked up at his face, drawing my knees back, opening myself for him to take me. “I want you in me, please.”

With a little grunt, he pushed. My eyes widened as I felt the head of his cock slip inside me, stretching my entrance around him. He paused, breathing hard, looking down at me as I waited, breathless with anticipation, feeling the head of his cock inside me, waiting for the rest of his length. His hand reached down between us, peeled my fingers from him, then he raised himself up on his extended arms, looking down at me, looking down at where we were joined.

“I want to see my cock go into you,” he said. “Do you mind?”

I didn’t mind at all but I didn’t want him to ask, either. I wanted him to just take.

“It’s okay,” I gasped, cupping my breasts with my hands and running my thumbs across my swollen nipples as I lay before him, knees drawn back, his cock poised between my thighs. He moved gently, easing himself further into me, small backwards and forwards movements that tormented me as he slowly worked his length up inside me, watching himself work into me. I liked that, I liked him looking at me. Abruptly he lowered himself onto me, his weight lying heavy on me, his thighs pushing hard against the backs of mine and then with one hard thrust he was in me to the balls.


God that felt good. Really really good! My hands stroked his shoulders, his back. I savored the feel of him inside me, the delicious fullness. He started to move, slowly, easing himself in and out so that I moaned with the sheer pleasure of it. Steve was getting the idea. I smiled happily. “Ohhh Steve …”

It was a sigh of contentment as my hands slid down his back to rest on his butt as he moved inside me with a delicious ease that I reveled in. This was what I wanted, this was what I’d needed and spread beneath him, looking up at his face above mine, feeling his body on mine, in mine, I was contentedly happy. He smiled and kissed me, gently at first, then harder, more possessively, his lips crushing mine as his tongue surged into my mouth.

He was breathing hard when his mouth lifted from mine, still moving steadily inside me, long gentle slides in and out that I welcomed. We kissed again, my hands stroking his back, resting on his butt, feeling his muscles lift and tighten and Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort move as he moved inside me, feeling his cock sliding within the slippery clasp of my sex, pushing deep inside me, withdrawing, pushing inwards again so that I moaned with the pleasure of it.

“You like that Hayley? … You like my cock fucking you?”

“God yes Steve … I love your cock … I love you fucking me…”

I did, it was wonderful and I could feel my excitement slowly increasing with every single one of his movements inside me. There was no pain, no stretching, no discomfort. Just that delicious feeling of fullness and that steadily rising tide of pleasure that lifted me with it as his shaft moved inside me and his naked body moved on mine, cradled by my body and my thighs. He paused inside me. I gasped, enjoying the feel of him in me, filling me.

“Am I good for you Steve? Do you like fucking me?” I wanted to know.

“Oh yeah,” he was breathing hard. “Fuck you’re so tight and wet.”

I smiled happily. “Don’t stop Steve … don’t stop … keep fucking me …”

His look was more excited. “I want to fuck you harder.”

“Okay,” I gasped, “you can fuck me hard … fuck me as hard as you like.”

His weight pressed more heavily on me, one of his hands slid under my butt, lifting me a little, his cock pressed a little deeper inside me and I loved it.

“Hhhuuuugghhhh,” I heard myself gasp.

I felt his hand under my butt lifting me a little. My eyes widened as I felt his finger probe inwards and find my sphincter and then his fingertip pushed and I jerked.

“Nnnnghhhuuuhhhh… ” Steve’s finger was all the way inside my butt, I could feel his finger and his cock inside me, doubly penetrating me. I didn’t protest. He could take me however he wanted and I liked it that he’d finally done something aggressively without asking me even if it felt strange. Steve kissed me hard and I was pinned and held on his cock and his finger. His mouth lifted from mine, he was breathing hard and it was my turn to gasp as I sagged back onto the bed.

“Fuck … oh fuck… fuck.”

He smiled and kissed me again. “Yeah, you like that don’t you Hayley.”

He stirred inside me. I gasped as I felt him move on me, within me, his weight pressing me wonderfully flat beneath him as his cock moved inside my sex.

“Yeah, I can feel my cock moving in you,” Steve said. So could I!

“Uuuggghhhhhh!” I heard myself groan again, a choked off sound that reflected what I was feeling. Steve smiled down at me, once again moving inside me in a slow steady rhythm at the same time as his finger filled my ass, that weird double penetration holding me helpless beneath him, gasping and groaning with each slow movement of his cock. I lay beneath him gasping and moaning, my knees clutching at his ribs, my feet bouncing against his hips, my fingers digging into his shoulders as I clutched at him, my body jerking beneath him.

“I love you Hayley,” he whispered, and then he was kissing me hard and his finger was moving in my butt as he fucked me and I was gasping into his mouth as he did that to me, and almost, almost I told him that I loved him. Something held me back.

“Does that feel good Hayley? You like my cock fucking you?”

“Yes … Yes,” I gasped, “keep fucking me … don’t stop.”

This was good, Steve fucking me was good and I moaned and sobbed and made lots of noise as his cock moved steadily inside me.

“Fuck me hard Steve,” I begged him now, “fuck my cunt hard.”

“You said that to Joe too, did you love him fucking you like this?” Steve thrust hard into me, making me gasp as his body slapped against the backs of my thighs. And again. And again. Yes!

“Yes!” I moaned as he did it again, loving those hard movements. “Oh yes!”

“Fuck Hayley!” His voice was a groan of pleasure. Of excitement! I could tell he was enjoying himself. “Did you like me watching you while Joe fucked you?”

My only response was a little whimper. I didn’t want to talk about Joe, exciting as he had been. Right here and now I just wanted Steve to fuck me.

He did, but then he kept whispering in my ear, “Do you like that Hayley? … Did you know your cunt feels so good!! … Did you like … uughh… did you like Joe breaking you in … with me watching … did you like his cock … did it turn you on?…”

What was this? Was Steve actually getting off on Joe having fucked me in front of him. That was weird. As weird as me getting excited having Joe doing it to me while Steve watched? I remembered Steve kneeling behind me as I sat impaled on Joe’s cock, his hands moving me on Joe, harder and harder. I’d felt Steve’s excitement as he did that to me. Enjoyed his excitement. And right now I could feel his cock inside me, nicely hard and doing what it was supposed to do and that was all I wanted.

“Tell me Hayley.” God, he was so insistent. “Was Joe’s cock good?”

“Oh god Steve … yeah … yeah … Joe’s cock fucked me good …” Even to myself I sounded a bit surprised as the Ataşehir Zenci Escort words just emerged from my mouth without any conscious thought on my part. The same way my knees were clinging to Steve’s ribs as he rode me. “Was it exciting for you … watching me … watching Joe fuck me … did you like that Steve?”

“Yeah … yeah, it really turned me on.” The words came out slowly, gasping slowly, all the time with his cock moving inside me in a steady rhythm that I loved. “I loved watching him fuck you?”

Jesus, this was weird and so as the excited look on his face as he asked me. I’d never seem him look like that before. But I was so excited myself now thinking about Steve watching Joe fuck me and it felt like a black hole had opened up where my stomach used to be and I was falling into it and I had to stop thinking about it. Steve. I had to think about Steve. But I couldn’t. I had to ask.

“You loved watching Joe fuck me?”

His eyes were on mine, his expression rapt.

“Oh yeah baby … Fuck yeah … He just drilled you so fucking hard…”

Jesus. Oh Jesus. I mean, I knew it had been exciting for me, but Steve had gotten off on watching Joe fuck me? His next words just reconfirmed what he’d already told me.

“Yeah baby … That look on your face when he pushed his cock into you … It made me so hard seeing that…”

Jesus! I felt shocked. Shocked and excited. And kind of sick all at the same time but I couldn’t help myself. “Oh fuck … oh Steve … Steve …fuck me … fuck me hard … Fuck me as hard as you want! Fuck me like Joe did!”

“Yes … oh yeah … take it … Take it hard … spread wider for me.” He was fucking me as hard as he could and I loved it but it still wasn’t anything like as hard as Joe had fucked me. But it was good and it was all I wanted.

“Yes … Oh yes …do it to me Steve…”

“Take it Hayley … take my cock you little slut… Open it wide for me…”

Jesus! He’d called me a slut. Was that what he thought I was? It hurt that he thought of me like that. It hurt a lot! But it also seemed to excite him. I wanted to excite him. I wanted him to go wild with me and forget about everything except fucking me.

“You want it like this … you want my cock … Tell me you want it slut…”

“Am I …” I whimpered, “Am I your slut Steve? … “

“Fuck Hayley … fuck yeah … you’re mine … tell me you’re my slut! … I saw your face when Joe fucked you … You loved it didn’t you … you couldn’t get enough of it…”

His cock was pounding into me, slamming me down against the rug with each thrusting drive and I loved it, I could barely think, nothing existed except his body on mine, fucking me, and his cock inside my sex, pounding into me.

“Steve … fuck me Steve … fuck me harder … ”

“Ohh yeah … did you like his cock baby? … did your little slut cunt like his cock better than mine?”

I did my best to ignore what he was saying.

“Ohh yeah Steve … Fuck me … Fuck me …”

His cock was slamming into me even harder now, his body streaming sweat, sliding on mine as he fucked me hard, each thrust slamming my butt down against the rug. All I could do was hang on and moan. And sob. And cry out.

And then I remembered. Steve wasn’t wearing a condom and I wasn’t on the pill. I’d been meaning to go to the local Walk In Clinic and get a prescription but after no call from Steve, it hadn’t seemed like there was any real rush to get started.

“Steve … Steve … stop … You have to wear a condom.”

I had one in my handbag. Actually, I had a lot that I’d bought for that weekend and they were still there. He stopped right away, pulled out and knelt back. His cock was steely hard, wet with my juices but he waited as I pulled one out and rolled the condom onto him with shaking hands, feeling his trembling eagerness as I finished. He pushed me back down as soon as I was done, pushed my legs back. Somehow my ankles ended up over his shoulders and I was wide open to him and he thrust hard into me.


He stopped but it was too late. His eager thrust had missed my sex and his cock was half buried inside my butt and it hurt like fuck! I was crying and begging him to stop and it hurt, it really really hurt and he had me pinned so I couldn’t move! He realized his mistake and stopped but he didn’t pull out of my butt. He looked down at me for a long moment, his expression changed, tensed, his eyes widened. He threw his head back and groaned and then he pushed harder and it hurt like hell and I felt his cock go in to my butt further and then it start pulsing and throbbing in my painfully stretched back passage and I felt every pulse, every throb as he came.


The bastard was coming in my butt. He did take it out but only after he finished coming and that seemed to take forever and it fucking hurt the whole time! Thank god for condoms! I didn’t want that stuff in my butt! And my butt hurt like hell even after he pulled out. Which was when I realized that the condom had broken and he’d cum in my butt anyway and his cum was trickling of me. Gross! I was still sobbing from the pain of it when he took me in his arms.

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