Hard To Learn # 201


I guess before this story continues any further I should tell you that it is being written by me, Lisa. Yes, Lisa from the story. It is being written in the hope that it might save one or some white women out there who are thinking about having sex with a black man.

It is my hope that this story might sway her and keep her from doing it. It will be made available so that they will know how it is to go that way and understand what will happen to them. I say to you, “Avoid it whatever you do. Don’t let what happen to me happen to you.” It is being written with a hope it’s not to late for you.

I started to write this when I found out I had lost my husband and children and everything I hold dear to my heart. And then when I heard that Molly had died a terrible death I knew I couldn’t go on like I am. Now as I travel from state to state and city to city. I realized fully what they did to my life, and my entire family. I record my ideas and memories at night while I wait. Most of the time I type these recording up as I sits in my hotel room with my laptop. I dream about the thing what could have been and I realize someone has to stop this pain in many other young women and me.

It’s written from the best of my recollection of those days with the HRL people and their organization. However, with the drugs that were involved with the sex I received, I can’t be sure I remember everything that happened. It was recorded from my time in school teaching and then at the HTL in New Orleans. It ends with; well you’ll have to read the rest to find out. It is written as a story but a non-fictional story.

It is my hope that it might help to explain to other women how I was sucked into Jerome’s power play and explains how I was duped blackmailed and raped as I was drawn further and further into the black underworld of sex.

Sex with another race always creates problems. We are all too different. But, it seems that black men go out of there way these days to seek out the weakest of the white women and use them as trophies and prizes if they can fuck them.

The problem begins once a white woman has a reputation for fucking a black. Then they trade or tire of us they give us to their friends to fuck. The sex act is shared more with the blacks than whites. They love to gang bang white women.

I continued to do it with them to try and save my family from knowing. I did it until I just couldn’t take it any longer. But before I do what has to be done now, I have to finish the story.

Part # 3

When Lisa got to class there was a large table with food and drink available for breakfast. She saw her friend Molly and they both hugged and sat next to each other while they ate. Of course there was a lot of water and other juices available to the women just like everyday and everywhere. They drank a great deal since everyone seemed to be terribly thirsty all the time. They each had a bottle of water given to them and there was another larger one on the table.

The class started out by the instructor informing the women that they would have a new partner for tonight when they went back to their rooms after class. He didn’t know who it was only that it would someone new. He than asked if there were questions and if not he would begin in 5 minutes. Lisa and Molly got some food and took this time to talk.

Lisa didn’t believe her friend when Molly told her about what happened to her last night. Molly told Lisa 3 black men all with at least 7 or 8-inch thick cocks had raped her. She said well that it wasn’t really rape I guess. I mean I wanted it as bad as the men. In fact, you won’t believe this Lisa but I put the first guy inside me. The she told Lisa she was so sore and stretched so wide that her poor husband would fall out of her now. They were almost laughing at that statement one-second and the next they were about to cry.

Their emotions as well as the other women were swinging from one end of the spectrum to the other. They both took a large drink of coffee and then some water. Jerome had seen to it that the sex drug he had gotten from Africa was in all the drinks and food served to the women.

Lisa told Molly she was sore as hell too between her legs too and that she felt like a freight train had hit her from what she did last night. She told Molly she had only one man. But he had a huge cock 11-inches at east and his name was Lee. They had done it 4 times, maybe more, she wasn’t really sure. Every muscle and bone in her beautiful body hurt and ached with the strain of the sex she had last night with him. But she also felt very satisfied right now..

When they had finished talking, they both realized what had happened to them and that they had actually enjoyed it very much. They also remembered that tonight there would be someone different for them. While they still couldn’t believe it they had been the ones to start the sex. The men of course went along with it but it was the women in every case who made Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort the first move and actually wanted them men to fuck them. Lisa said, “Yes Molly, I put Lee’s cock in my pussy and hen he started fucking me like I have never been fucked before.”

Molly told Lisa she had fucked one man while another one had her suck him off and she let him cum in her mouth. “I don’t know what came over me but I wanted and needed to fuck so bad last night. I couldn’t get enough!” she said.

All the women agreed and told each other what they had done last night. They all felt the same thing as Lisa and Molly! They were the aggressors.

Lisa said, “What will our husbands say if they ever found out?”

The women all agreed that their husbands should never find out! Then Molly came closer and whispered to Lisa, “Have you ever been sand witched between two men Lisa?”

Lisa blushed and told her, “Of course not Molly why?”

Molly told her she was made a sandwich last night. “they called it an Oreo sandwich. You know, black and white and black. One man took my in front and the other did my ass Lisa. My God I don’t even let my husband back there! I never had such orgasms in my life!”

Lisa held her hand to her mouth again. Then they both laughed. Lisa told Molly about Lee and his long black thick cock. She moaned when she told her how he held her in the bathroom this morning and bounced her up and down on it as she watched him fuck her the mirror. She said it was quiet a turnon. Lisa then told Molly about her orgasms that she had last night. Both women agreed they were the hardest and longest either had ever had.

Lisa then said she had to get another bottle of water before the class started since she had drank all of hers and was dying of thirst. Molly said she too had to get one and they went to the dispenser. They seem to be everywhere and available all the time for the women of the 12th floor.

As class began this one was on sex education. While the instructor knew the women were all married he told them they still might not know the proper methods and ways to please a man. If they didn’t please a man properly they wouldn’t get breed as much as those women who did know the best methods. And with that the class started with a film.

The women sat there along with Molly and Lisa and watched what turned out to be a very nasty porno movie about black men and white women having sex in many different ways, and locations. They even showed the Oreo sandwich Molly talked about. Lisa gave Molly a little tap with her elbow and Molly blushed. They smiled at each other as they finished off their water and half of the bigger bottle on the table.

Then there was another bathroom break while drinks were filled and snacks were available. When they came back there were two bottles of water on the table and each lady was told to take a glass and drink it before the class started again. Lisa was saying, “Everyone seems thirsty all the same time, it must be the food and snacks they are giving us.”

The class started with another movie that was about black men fucking white women. When the film was over, a black man in the audience stood up, walked to the in front of class and striped down. The ladies all laughed and giggled. When he pulled off his slacks he wasn’t wearing any underwear and the women stopped laughing and stated gasping. They saw his 8-inch long and 3 inch thick cock and it was completely soft hanging between his legs.

The man then lifted the cock up showing the women his nuts. His balls were almost the size of chicken eggs. The instructor told the ladies to drink all of their water and to pour another glass. They followed his directions. Then he told them that the man in front of them was from a tribe in southwestern Africa and didn’t speak any English. He explained that this man was one of many in his tribes that had a cock and balls the size of this one. As he talked the black man walked around the room letting the women see the cock up close and even let those who wanted too, touch it.

As he finished waking back to the front of the class, the cock was semi-hard from the females all touching and playing with it. It now stood about half way out in front of him over 9 inches long. There looked to be plenty of fore skin left around the head for it to grow considerably longer. Lisa whispered to Molly that if it went into her small body it would surely come out her mouth. Molly smiled and said, “It might be worth trying it just to see how it felt inside you Lisa! Jesus it would touch places you never knew you had!”

They both giggled some more. As the instructor continued the man put his slacks back on covering his large cock and making sure it wasn’t near the zipper as he zipped up. However, the outline of it was still very plain to see as it ran down half way to his leg.

The instructor saw the two women talking and heard them giggle. Since he was interrupted Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort he decided to interrupted them. He asked them what they were talking about and that they had disrupted the class. Both women blushed greatly before Lisa said, “His so big!! A women as small as me could never take suck a cock into her body. It would push out my mouth!”

The rest of the ladies all laughed. Then instructor held up his hand and asked Lisa if she would volunteer for a test and to come up to the front of the classroom. He wanted to give them all a demonstration. She hesitated but finally he convinced her to do it along with the other ladies encouragement. She was then told she would be the woman to try out the big cock. She said, “OH NO!! Not me. He’ll kill me.”

But the instructor insisted and so did all the other women. Before anything else was done or said, “The instructor made each women drink more water including Lisa. The instructor told Lisa she was chosen because of her small size. He wanted every women to know they could in fact handle such a cock and once use to its size, they would please beyond anything they had ever felt before. He guaranteed Lisa would love it and that the man could make her scream with delight as she climaxed on it.

The African man stood there and smiled at Lisa. Umboo was his name and unknown to the ladies, he was also the one who supplied Jerome with the drugs he was using on them. The class was made to drink more water and again refill their bottles. The women did this without question. Then the instructor turned his attention to Lisa.

He held her hand and told her he wanted and expected her to follow his directions and commands immediately and without question. She told him she would do her best! With that the class and training began. The class watched as the teacher said, “Umboo has dressed so you will be able to see him as a man from this country. But when he is home he wears only a loin cloth, a big loin cloth. The women all laughed. The instructor said, “His slacks are back on his body so we’ll start from that point. Now Lisa when you’re with a man and you want to have sex with him what do you do first?”

She said, “I….. I’m….. I’m not sure I understand the question.”

He smiled and said, ‘OK Lisa. It’s OK. We’ll try another way.”

“Take it out,” the instructor said softly. “Take Umboo’s cock out of his slacks. It’s his gift to you this morning. Take it out Lisa.”

With the class chanting, “Take it out Lisa, take it out Lisa”, Lisa blushed and reached slowing towards Umboo’s pants. She undid the zipper on the man’s slacks and then reached through the zipper opening. When her hand touched him, she let out a gasp.

“Oh god,” she said knowing she would never get it out of the zipper opening. It was just too hard and large now. There was no way. So, Lisa unhooked Umboos’ belt and opened the top of his pants. She hurriedly pulled down the top of his slacks and let them fall to the floor. Umboo didn’t wear any underwear so before her eyes popped up the largest, hardest, thickest and blackest cock she could have ever imagined. With her hands shaking, she reverently took him in both hands. They couldn’t reach around his massive shaft. The man smiled down at the little white woman holding his massive cock

The black veins of his cock stood out large and thick in proportion to the size of his very large cock. It showed the degree of his arousal already for this little white woman. She leaned closer and looked at the uncircumcised huge head peeking out from under the still many folds of skin surrounding it. Lisa had never seen a cock uncircumcised before. She was holding it just looking at it when the instructor said, “Stroke it Lisa and show the class how you can make it get bigger. You know like you did Lee’s cock yesterday.”

Lisa blushed bright red when she remembered sucking Lee’s cock yesterday. Slowly she felt Umboo’s bigger cock throbbing in her hand as she started pumping the shaft like she would do her husband’s cock and like she did to Lee’s yesterday. But this was not her husband’s cock nor was it Lee’s impressive dick. No this one was twice as big as her husband and 5 inches longer than Lee’s. She needed to use both hands to pump this monster. She felt like she was priming a pump handle. She could feel the heat coming off of it in her hands as she and the other women watched it grew larger and larger right before their eyes.

The head was very close to Lisa’s face now and she even didn’t realize it until the tip of the big cock head touched her cheek. There was a drop of pre-cum appearing on the tip and the instructor watched as Lisa examined this big cock in front of her. Finally, he told her, “Go ahead, Lisa. Don’t make him wait! Suck it like you do to your man Lisa. Come on class let’s help her out here. Encourage her ladies. Make her feel like she is doing the right thing. Sucking a black cock is almost or should Ataşehir Ucuz Escort be a religious type of event for all of you. A black cock is large enough to return the pleasure ten fold for your oral lobe. Suck it Lisa, suck it!”

The class was cheering her on and finally the African took his hand and placed it on the back of her head. She looked up at him and saw him smiling down at her. This was all the encouragement she needed. She leaned forward, licked at the fat round head and took the pre-cum out of the hole in the very front of his dick. It was very black and hard and from what the she was doing with her mouth around the head now, pulsing just like her cunt was doing again. Finally with her mouth opened as wide she could, she covered about half of the big head. She opened wider and she felt the man push her had gently. Lisa began to take him between her lips all the way. She was scared that once his cock head was inside her mouth past her teeth she wouldn’t be able to get it back out. Her cunt was dripping wet and making a small stain on the front of her slacks.

When the instructor saw her wet make he stopped the class and pointed this out right way. He praised her for being so involved and so dedicated to this black cock and test. She was going to get another “A” today if she made Umboo cum.

The contact of Lisa’s white mouth and pink lips made Umboo’s cock jumping and growing was very erotic. It quickly grew harder now and it felt so powerfully to Lisa as she held it with both hands and still had over 4 inches of cock to suck on. She gave a muffled moan as he began to push the 4 inches into her mouth stretching the skin tighter around the lighter color head, which came out from under the skin.

She began to wonder if she would even be able to take him all the way in her mouth. After bobbing up and down a few times she pressed downward and forced the large head of his huge cock against her mouth. She remembered how her pussy lips had stretched last night with Lee as he entered her and now the same thing was happening to her mouth and lips.

Her lips were stretched tightly and her jaws open to the limit. She caressed the head with her tongue and felt the firmness and the heat and the sexual power of this sex object. “Lick it,” the instructor said, “Lick it like you love it Lisa! You do love Umboo’s cock don’t you Lisa? Show us lick his entire shaft with your tongue and then suck his balls Lisa. Do it! Show the class what a dedicated black cock lover you have become. Do it Lisa!”

Lisa moaned and then she reluctantly removed her mouth from the black cock head and lowered her lips and tongue down the shaft licking and kissing it as she went lower and lower down to its base. She nuzzled her nose briefly in his wiry pubic hair and inhaled his raw sexual aroma. Then, with her tongue, she began to lick and cover all the underside of this man’s giant dick. From bottom to top and over the head before going back down again Lisa made love to this sex instrument. She repeated this several times until his cock was glistening completely with her spit and saliva.

She briefly paused to admire the object in her hands and to revel in its size and strength. It stood out at a 90-degree angle from his body now and jumped with his obvious delight and lust. The ladies all laughed as Lisa jumped back when it jumped at her, as if it was alive. She could feel the blood pulsing through it now and felt the sexual power coming off of it. Her cunt was dripping wet and she ached for something inside it just like she did yesterday. She wanted something big, round, thick and yes, black like the cock she was holding in both hands. She wanted to try and put this monster cock inside her and feel it deeper than anything she had ever felt before in her life.

At that moment she realized she had to have it in her. That once she did her life would most likely be the same. And that she would never feel the same about her husband. Then she heard the instructor said, “Good! Great job Lisa, now take a break for a minute and have a drink. You did a great job. Didn’t Lisa do a great job ladies?”

They all clapped and Molly cheered for hr friend. But Lisa wasn’t done yet. She wanted to try and take it inside her. She knew this with a certainty more than anything she ever wanted in her life. As she stood there she tried briefly to imagine what this would mean for her and for her marriage. But the situation was too powerful right now for her to worry about that problem or any problem.

“Don’t stop now,” one of the women yelled.”

Lisa had no intention of stopping, but took a moment to consider the life-changing moment she was about to undertake. She also wanted this action to go slow so that she won’t hurt but only enjoy the filling that she knew she would receive. The instructor then said, “So who wants to volunteer to make Umboo cum?”

Lisa said, “Oh no!! I made him this hard now I want to make him cum.”

The instructor smiled and said, “He’ll only cum inside you Lisa, does that matter?”

She said, “No in fact that’s where I want him to do!”

He said, “Great! I knew you would Lisa. OK class! Lisa will be the lady today that makes Umboo cum deeper inside her than any man has ever come close to doing. Are you ready Lisa?”

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