Got Plaid?


I arrived at the bar pretty early tonight. I was more than ready for a few cold ones. So, after grabbing one from the bar I found myself a small table beside the stage. As I looked around the room I noticed there were only a handful of people, mostly guys, but the night was still young. The first couple of girls to perform were good and very entertaining but they weren’t what I was looking for. Although I was having a nice time that is all that it was, just nice. I wanted more. Well, as they say, ‘ask and you shall receive.’

I figured I would wait and see what the next girl would look like and if she wasn’t what I was looking for then I would leave. As the music started it caught my attention. My eyes were pleased. For, before me, was this very hot woman. I instantly began to feel a stirring in my pants. I found myself shifting in my chair already and she had only just begun to move. She was wearing a small white top with just a peek of lace showing and her ample breasts spilling out of it. Along with that she had on a tiny plaid skirt, some bobby socks and a pair of black patent leather heels. Her rich chocolate wavy hair came down to the middle of her back and she had a beautiful face. She had nice cheekbones, captivating eyes and these luscious dick sucking lips.

She strolled towards the front of the stage and glanced over at me. I gave her a sly smile and she smiled back as she sauntered around the pole. Grabbing hold with one of her hands she wrapped one of her legs around it and twirled around tilting her head back. Throughout her routine she went around the stage and paid a little attention to the few other guys sitting around it. But, she kept coming back to me.

After watching her for a few minutes I pulled out a few dollars and made sure she noticed. Within a couple of moments she looked back at me and moved my way. As she crawled on her hands and knees across the stage I felt my cock begin to strain against the material of my pants. She climbed down off the stage. I watched her hips sway as she walked over to me. Leaning aliağa escort over she gave me a better view of her tits that were being hugged by her bra. I was dying to get a hold of them. And I was thinking that she must have great nipples.

No words were exchanged. She turned around and bent over grabbing her ankles. This allowed her cute little plaid skirt to ride up on her ass. I could see her thong peeking out at me as if to give me a wink. I kept thinking to myself how amazing it would be to bend her over the stage right now and fuck her. That plaid was such a turn on for me. My cock was so hard and I thought I was going to come right there when she bent over in front of me.

She spun around again and winked at me, running her hand across my chin and mouthed to me, “Come see me after the show.”

As she returned to the stage I was a happy man. This had always been a fantasy of mine to come to a place like this and end up fucking a stripper. I watched her as she collected money around the stage from the other men. Then she went back to gyrating around the stage. Just by watching her I could imagine how much fun it would be to slide my cock inside her wanting pussy. I bet she tastes good too.

Once she left the stage I wandered to the back of the club to the back stage door.


As I sat in my dressing room I wondered if he would actually come find me. Just then, there was a knock at my door. Opening it, I was happy to see that I wasn’t imagining his attraction. I said hello and smiled then stepped aside and motioned for him to come in. Quickly he found the lounge chair and made himself comfortable.

He had amazing eyes. The kind you could get lost in. I noticed how he was watching me. I was still wearing the outfit I had on during my routine. So, I turned to him and asked if he minded waiting for just a moment while I got changed. He told me that he would mind. A little stunned by his response I turned around and asked him why he minded. He rose çiğli escort from the chair and advanced towards me.

“Because I like what you have on now. Your plaid outfit turns me on. So, please, leave it on for me,” he said as he now stood only inches away from me.

So I decided I would honor his request. Besides he was so handsome I couldn’t resist his charm. And, my body was urging me to touch him. I remembered feeling the heat from his body when I had gone over to him earlier. Seeing the lust in his eyes. And, now I had him here in front of me. So, what was I waiting for?

I told him to relax back on the lounge chair and I would be right back. Then I went to my little fridge and grabbed a couple of cold drinks. As I walked back towards him I noticed that look in his eyes again. I decided I would just go ahead and make the first move. I placed the drinks down on the side table and then moved back until I stood in front of him again. Then I climbed onto him and straddled his lap. This, of course, makes my plaid skirt ride up my hips. And my thong came in contact with his pants, which were suddenly quite snug. I could feel his stiff cock underneath me and I felt my thong getting moist.

He told me, “You have no idea how hot you look in this plaid schoolgirl outfit. I almost came in my pants when you bent over in front of me earlier.”

“Well, then, what are you going to do to me now? I know what I want you to do. I want you to fuck me. NOW!” I told him in a whisper.

His eyes widened and he grabbed hold of my hips and I started to grind against him. Then he ran his hand up my back and tangled his fingers in my hair. He pulled my face towards his and our mouths met for the first time. The energy between us was incredible. Our kissing grew more animalistic. The desire to feel him inside of me growing stronger as each second passed.

He undid my shirt and bra and the cool air swept across my bare breasts. My nipples now stood exposed and erect. His hands came up to my tits and alsancak escort he started to massage them. The feel of his hands on my body felt so good to me. Then he leaned in and took my right nipple into his mouth.

“I knew you had great nipples hidden under that bra,” he said.

The lust really started to show between us. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have him now. So I guided him off of my nipple and stood up. I then slid my thong off of me. Placing one foot up beside him I took his hand and brought it up to meet my pussy.

“I want you to feel how wet she is for you,” I said.

He ran his hand across my slit a few times and then slid one of his fingers inside of me. Then he slid himself underneath me as I stood and he began to lick me. After a couple of minutes my legs started to feel a little shaky. So, he told me to sit down and relax. Quickly he got back to fingering my pussy. Within moments I came all over him. I watched as he lapped up my juices.

As I lay there on the chair in my post orgasm state he stood up and undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. I spread my legs apart for him as if to offer him my pussy one more time. Kneeling down before me he took his cock and teased me for a moment. He started to slap his cock against my clit stimulating me once more. Then with one slow smooth motion he slid inside of me.

His thrusts were strong and hard. I ran my fingers up the muscles in his arms and looked into his eyes. The faster he fucked me the louder he moaned. I told him to fuck me harder. And so he did. Harder and harder he fucked me. It was as if his cock was made for me. We fit together so good.

“That’s right, fuck me. I want you to make me scream,” I told him.

This seemed to ignite something within him because he started to fuck me with a fury almost. My moans grew louder. He was thrusting in me deeply now. I could feel myself hanging on the edge. My moans becoming higher pitched. Suddenly I was lost in the throws of an amazing orgasm. Moments later he came with such force. I could feel our juices dripping down my ass.

As we got ourselves together he looked at me and said, “I sure hope we can see each other again.”

I smiled at him, leaned over to kiss him and said, “You can count on that.”

He said, “Just promise me you’ll were another fun outfit.”

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