Full Service Salon Ch. 01

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Part I

“Are you nervous?”

His voice sinuously deep in my ear as his right hand rests on my thigh.

Turning to look into those crystalline blue eyes, I swallow nervously and quietly respond, “No, not really.”

His quick kiss is reassuring.

“You look like the perfect whore…my perfect whore.”

It arouses me to no end that he is pleased with the way I am dressed.

Red fishnets, red patent leather 5 inch ankle wrap heels, a red satin corset that pushes up but exposes my tits and nothing else but a short black slick coat on that belts at the waist.

Were I to bend over it’d be obvious that I was all but naked underneath.

We are parked in an alley behind a row of elegant expensive brownstones in his black Audi S8.

“Baby doll, if you don’t want to do this we can leave. Just say the word.”

I place my hand over his, my red nails catching the moonlight.

“No, I want to do this. I need too.”

Pulling me to him, he inhales deeply at my throat. Instantly, my face flushes with heat. His laugh is deep and rich with desire.

“Explain to me why I smell your pussy on the skin of your throat Baby doll.”

Embarrassed, I look down averting my gaze.

The tip of his nose and lips graze the tender flesh of my throat to my ear.

“I love when I can smell your pussy on your skin. Tell me how it got there. I want to know what you did. I want to hear you say it.”

“After I dressed for you and had a moment alone, I slid two fingers in my pussy and wiped my cum on my body.”

He’s not sure what makes his cock surge harder the innocence in my voice or the act.

“Did you lick your fingers clean?”

His hand slides between my thighs.

“Yes daddy.”

“Good girl.”

Quickly, his hand is at the nape of my neck. Grabbing a fistful of hair he sharply pulls my hair forcing my head back.

“Next time ask Daddy if you can taste it.”

“Now, open your legs for me.”

Immediately spread my legs as wide as I can demonstrating my complete willingness to obey his every request like a good girl should.

“Are you wet?”

Getting more aroused I breathlessly answer, “Yes.”

“Show me.”

Reaching between my legs, I spread my lips open.

Turning the interior light on, my cum is clearly visible as it seeps from my pussy.

His finger slowly grazes my slit from bottom to top as he collects my wetness on his finger.

“Look slut, my finger is dripping with the cream from your hole. You can’t wait for this can you?”

“No, daddy.” I lean forward slightly opening my mouth.

He wipes the cream on my tongue.

“Don’t you dare swallow it; I want to see it in your mouth…on your tongue.”

Twisting in his seat, his left hand roughly grabs my throat making me gasp. He pulls me towards him all the while starting into my eyes.

“You belong to me.”

Then he is kissing me. First licking my taste from my tongue then sharing it back with me and then as lust takes us both the kiss deepens turning almost brutal as his grip tightens on my throat.

Releasing my throat, he sits back in the seat.

“Fuck, you are such a slut Baby doll.”

He adjusts his hard cock just before getting out the car.

Opening the door for me, he offers his hand and helps me out.

I love that one second he is a complete gentleman and the next my dominating master.

We step from the car to a black door with the name “Arianna’s” printed in elaborate red script.

I am instantly filled with a mix of apprehension, lust and anticipation after all we had read about this exclusive, private salon.

He had made the appointment months ago as the waiting list is extensive.

Tonight we would have Arianna’s services for 3 hours. At $500 an hour the total cost was steep but after many months of emails we had tailored this night be everything we both had only fantasized about.

His sharp knock at the door echoed down the empty alley.

His hand at the small of my back, he smile warms me from the inside out. As we wait, he whispers, “No matter what just say the word and this will stop. You know I will never let anyone hurt you.”

“I know.” And quickly kiss his cheek.

He pulls me closer to his body knowing I must be cold.

We hear the click of heels on a hard floor that gradually gets louder and then a deadbolt turning.

The door swings in to reveal the most beautiful redhead I have ever seen.

“Good evening and welcome to Arianna’s.” There is a slight accent to her sexy voice.

She steps back and motions for us to enter.

Moving in to the wide entrance hall, we turn to face our hostess. She extends a hand, “May I take your coats?”

I notice the black arm length latex glove encasing her slender arm. And then her complete outfit registers in my brain. It is just what I had written her about. Black latex thigh highs, black 5 inch platform pumps, ödemiş escort a black brocade corset and short crinoline skirt make her appear as if she stepped from my dreams. I am certain she is wearing nothing underneath but from this angle it is hard to tell.

Her waist length dark red hair curls softly around her face making her jewel green eyes and pink porcelain skin glow.

In my perusal of Arianna’s attire, I had lost track of where I was until I feel him behind me un-belting my coat.

I watch as she watches him part the front of my coat and slide it off my shoulders.

The coolness of the room instantly makes my nipples harder. She moves closer to me and takes my coat from him.

She turns her head slightly to look at him. “Michael, I am so glad you brought your pet in for service. I admit, I get many, many requests but yours by far as been one that has kept me masturbating at night.”

She lays my coat over her arm. I watch as she licks her thumb and index finger getting it wet with saliva. She reaches out and pinches one of my pierced nipples.

Pinching harder, she pulls my nipple away from my body causing a sharp intake of my breath. She ends her exquisite torture with a firm tug on my golden nipple ring.

She turns, clearly indicating we are to follow.

“Come,” she turns back to look at him, “we have a cunt to shave and an ass to prepare.”

His hands encase my waist again guiding me forward. It is an unexpected surprise at how right this all feels.

I follow her lead towards a set of black double doors. He has released my waist but I can feel his eyes on me. Watching me walk, the sway of my hips and ass from behind.

Arianna waits for us to join her at the doors and she looks back as she slowly pushes them open at the same time.

She steps in and to the right opening a closet to hang up my coat.

A shockwave courses through my body as I see almost exactly what I have pictured thousand of times in my head.

A dark, richly appointed room. Leather sitting chairs. A fireplace. A huge bed on a raised platform with burgundy drapes hung to the floor from a ceiling canopy.

The room to me just exudes masculinity; dominance and sex. And then gleaming in the corner of this magnificent room is a well cared for old fashioned red leather barber’s chair.

I can’t begin to formulate the words for what I am feeling. I must have whispered, ‘Is it real’ for suddenly his hands are on my waist again and I am pressed against his body feeling his breath at my ear.

“It’s real Baby doll and all for us.”

Arianna appears at his side. While I was mesmerized she must have taken his suit coat. And it looks as if she already knew what was in his pocket for in her hand is my leash.

“Please take your slut to the chair.”

I watch transfixed as he removes the red leather handled chain leash from her hand.

He moves in front of me and stares into my eyes as he attaches the leash to my red leather collar.

Arianna is at his side again if not just slightly behind him her body pressed against him.

“You were so right Michael, she is beautiful…and as obedient as you say?” She questions.

He grips the chain of leash close to my throat yanking me towards them.

“Very, very obedient.”

Arianna turns and walks towards the barber’s chair.

He turns, pulling me towards the chair as well by my leash.

With this seemingly small act, I am now his toy. His pet. His slut, completely. And I willing submit my pleasure to him to control.

I can feel cum dripping from my cunt.

“Sit in the chair Babydoll.”

I slide into the cool leather chair and lie back.

Arianna quickly moves near my head and grabs both my wrists raising them over my head. I feel cuffs slipped around them and they are secured in place.

Testing the restraints, I find I cannot move.

Arianna then moves to one of my sides, taking one leg and lifting it over the arm of the chair.

Using some simple leather ties she secures my ankle and knee to the arm of the chair.

She quickly moves to the other leg and performs the same task.

I am open and exposed but not spread too widely apart.

Then Arianna moves to the bottom of the chair and drops half of the chair down so that my ass is now at the edge of seating area.

She looks at him, “And now the best part.”

Moving towards me so that she is against my spread hole, she grabs the arms of the chair and there’s a quiet click and suddenly my legs are completely spread apart.

I gasp at the sensation.

She steps back and admires the view.

“Do you approve, Michael?” Arianna questions.

He moves to her side.

I can hear his barely audible groan.

He reaches out and strokes my neatly trimmed pussy. He can see my cum dripping from my slit, the pretty pink inside peeking out.

Dragging seferihisar escort one finger through my slit, he collects as much wetness as he can onto his fingertip.

“I approve.”

He holds his finger near Arianna’s luscious red lips. “Taste her.” He commands.

Arianna takes his hand in hers and slowly brings his finger to her mouth. She looks right at me as she flicks his finger with the tip of her tongue.

I can see my cream on her pointed pink tongue.

She takes it into her mouth and if at all possible slowly savors and swallows my taste.

“MMmmmm, you are so right, she does taste like candy.”

He turns his attention back to my pussy. I love when he looks at it and not at me; like I am just a toy for his pleasure.

Stroking my mound, he quickly slaps my cunt.

“I want this pussy bald. Naked. Now.”

Arianna walks to a nearby dresser laid out with all the “tools” she’ll need for this session

He takes a tall black stool and moves it to wear he can watch…everything.

Lost in the emotions of being submissive and restrained, I jump when I feel a hot cloth laid between my legs, covering my pussy.

His smile is sly, full of ownership as he hears my gasp, knowing it is from pleasure not pain.

Walking towards me, with an old fashioned shaving cup and brush, Arianna is smiling.

She removes the hot cloth and begins to lather my cunt and ass.

“I’m going to shave you slut as that is what your master has directed me to do.”

She walks back to the dresser and washes the shaving cream off her hands.

Coming back with a towel and straight razor she slowly begins shaving my cunt completely bald.

She takes her time, pulling, tugging and manipulating my body to get the closest shave.

Obviously a pro, she never nicks or cuts me.

The hot towel returns and she cleans away any trace of cream.

She stands back one last time to admire her work and then steps aside for him to see.

His lips slightly part.

He looks as if he’s never seen my pussy before.

“I want a photograph.”

Arianna is already there with a digital camera.

“Look as this pretty thing.” His voice now deeper then I’ve ever heard.

He grabs my clit and pulls on it.

“Your clit is swollen Babydoll. Are you excited?”

My “yes” is sheepish, drugged and aroused.

The sound of his hand slapping my pussy echos through the room.

“Do you want me to fuck you slut?”

“Oh please, please daddy, do it.”

Arianna undresses him quickly.

As if the chair had already been adjusted to the right height, I feel the heat of his cock right at the entrance to my pink hole.

“Spread this slut open wide for me.”

Arianna attaches two clamps to my swollen lips and spreads my cunt wide open.

“Fuck, look at that hole. Line my cock up so I can fuck this bitch.”

She takes his cock in her latex covered hand and strokes it; guides it to my gaping pussy.

In one stroke he slides in balls deep.

Bracing his hands on either side of my waist, he starts to pound me.

“I can’t decide if I want to fuck it or eat it Babydoll but my need to fill you with cum is too great.

Forgetting about anything else but him owning my hole, I slip over the edge when Arianna starts to play with my clit.

My orgasm is quick and unexpected. My whole body arches and trembles with the force and yet I know it’s just the beginning.

Hearing me cum and watching another beautiful woman touching me proves too much and Michael quickly sinks into the hilt and explodes deep inside me.

“Milk ever last fucking drop slut.” As his hips drive a fraction of an inch deeper.

He then slips out and Arianna is there holding a beautiful champagne flute.

I feel her press it to the bottom of my slit. I can only imagine our cum dripping into the glass.

After a few moments, she moves close to my head. She holds up the glass for me to see.

Moving it above me, she tilts it close to my mouth.

“Open your mouth.”

Without hesitation, I do.

And we three watch as she pours the contents of the glass into my open hungry mouth.

“She is well trained.” Her comment truly complimentary.

Michael is then at my side.

“Swallow it.”

My mouth still open, loving showing him the cum on my tongue, he hand flies to my throat grabbing the leash close to the collar.

“I said swallow it slut.”

I willfully disobey wanting him to choke me.

His other hand closes on my throat just below the collar. I feel it tightening and my pussy tingles.

In my mind, I am shouting do it. Choke me. Harder.

I still don’t obey.

“Swallow it bitch.”

Loving the loss of control, the feeling of submission I reluctantly swallow. Having no idea of just how much I was going to submit this evening.

I notice selçuk escort Arianna between my legs and gently removing the clamps spreading my hole open.

She pulls up a shorter rolling stool that puts her mouth almost level with my pussy.

She starts to massage the tender skin where the clamps were fastened.

“Mmm, Michael, I would love to taste your pet. She smells so delicious.”

I have never heard the word quite pronounced the way she said it; full of desire and hunger.

“Please do.”

“Why don’t you show me first. A little of how the slut likes it.”

He smiles at her his devastating blue eyes flashing.

He moves between my legs and slowly begins devouring me.

Arianna watches intently.

On the verge of cumming again, he stops and lets her take over but not before Arianna takes his face in her hands and slowly, as I watch, open mouth French kisses him, sharing my taste.

My groan is mixed with pleasure laced with jealously at another woman kissing him. But at the same time it arouses me to no end.

Michael then steps aside as Arianna settles in to eat me.

Just loud enough for me to hear he tells her “Make her cum so you can stuff both your fists in her cunt.”

Pleasure shoots straight through me at the thought of this pretty red head stuffing her fists in my hole.

Wondering how can I do it?

Looking down and watching her position her hands on my thighs, I notice that her hands are small and probably together are a little bigger than his fist which I take up nmy cunt regularly.

But I am sure he knows as well as I that the thought of it will no doubt be my undoing.

My minds goes completely blank at the feel of her licking through my slit.

I look down into her emerald green eyes and watch as she consumes my freshly shaved pussy.

She moans into me, the vibrations making me squirm.

Suddenly, his teeth sink into my nipple.

The sensations overload me.

She sucks my clit deep into her mouth having learned well from watching him.

My nipple now wet, I feel his hand slap my tit.

My groan is riddled with pleasure and pain.

Two latex fingers slide inside me.

I gasp, so close.

My other nipple is grabbed, twisted, pulled – HARD.

Now three fingers.

My body is strung tight.

My tits are slapped again and again.

“Cum slut.” His voice tight and restrained.

Four fingers twist into me.

My tits are grasped, mauled almost brutally squeezed.

My voice sounds like a mewling, pleading begging kitten.

Her fist slips into me.

I can’t stop the cum.

It hits me so hard I can do nothing but pull against my restraints and beg for more.

“FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. Yes, yes. More. Please.”

I feel her fist begin easily sliding in and out of me.

And soon her other hand joins in.

He is mesmerized watching as Arianna slowly works her other hand into me.

“You’re doing to do it Babydoll. You are so close.”

I feel his hands spread my hole open wider.

“That’s it slut, take it all. Do it. Fuck look at that.”

Just then I feel stretched beyond belief as my pussy opens to suck in both Arianna’s fists.

“Look at all the cum.” She states her voice full of surprise.

“Fist fuck her and make her cum for me.”

She starts to slow fuck my gaping hole.

It sounds sloppy and wet from my cream and his.

I can’t take much more.

“Look Babydoll.”

He is at her side with a small round gilded mirror in his hand.

I can’t believe the sight and it shoots me straight into ecstasy.

“That’s it cum you fucking slut. Take it. Take everything she gives you and cum for daddy.”

He can tell by the writhing of my body I am trying to get away. That the sensations are overwhelming but now is his chance to do something he has always wanted.

Suddenly, his mouth latches on to my clit and at the height of cumming once he sends me to another dimension.

Her fists still in me and him sucking me have me on the verge of passing out from sheer pleasure.

I some how cum again.

Knowing I can’t take anymore he releases my clit from his teeth and moves to my mouth.

We kiss deeply sharing my tastes.

For a moment, we stare into each other eyes, knowing we will never forget this night nor have any regrets.

“Wipe it all over her.” His order soft and sensuous.

“Watch as she pulls her fists from your pussy Babydoll.

I look down and see her pull her fists from my hole.

The black latex glistens. Streaked with our combined cum.

Arianna stands between my legs and smiles as she paints my face, neck and tits with cum.

“MMMmm just the way a slut should look.”

Her fingers then go in my mouth and I try to lick them clean.

Arianna leans back and slowly slips each fist in my cunt again only to lather more cum over my body.

The room is quiet but for my soft moans as they both stroke my feverish body.

Arianna slips away to clean her hands.

“That was amazing sweetheart, thank you.” His kiss sweet and tender on my lips.

“I should be thanking you, that was…amazing.”

“It’s not over yet. Are you ready?”

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