Glory , Shame Ch. 3

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Madam approached and stood behind me. “Beautiful” she whispered. Were it not for the fact that her eyes did not leave my reflection, I would have though those words for another. A flush of red went through my skin. Pressure rose in my ears all but deafening me. I wanted to hide; with out refuge my eyes had no choice but, to meet hers. Her face was enigma; it betrayed no secret, offered no answers.

Madam’s voice once again rose to command us. “Now we are ready. You will be brought before the master shortly. Mind you, stand straight and do not speak unless you are addressed. You will bow to the master as you enter. Pray that you find his favor.” With that she clapped her hands twice and our attendants lined us up single file. I was in front of the group wishing it were otherwise.

Once again we were led through the keep. As we were ushered along, the aroma of cooked meats and spices rose up in my nostrils, again reminding me of my hunger. We reached an ornately carved archway where we stopped. Madam paused and entered, bowing low. “Master Yao, for your pleasure three young women, from the province, have been selected for training as concubines. If it pleases you, I shall bring them forward for your approval.” The voice that answered had the quality of an older man; it was reminiscent of some of the elders of our village. “Bring them in one at a time so that we may look on them.”

My attendant led me into the hall. As I passed the archway, I bowed low, then stood eyes cast down to the floor. “I would see her face.” Came the voice of a younger man. I could not see who had spoken clearly. The voice had come from behind a beautiful standing screen made of the same dark wood as the other furnishings of the keep. I saw, through the slatted paper, three men, all seated.

The man in the center sat higher than the others. I assumed this was Master Yao. He was dressed in fine armor, resplendent with gold and precious stones. He also wore a golden mask, contorted in an ugly scowl and fearsome to look upon. But, what struck me most and held me were his eyes; they were fierce yet compassionate. Like two black pearls they pierced my soul, my very heart.

“What is your name girl?” asked Yao. “I am called Wei my lord”, I stammered. I could feel my skin flush as I stood transfixed by his perfect eyes. The older man spoke again, görükle escort “You may be seated.” I bowed and then was lead by my attendant to a mat near the table. I sat down and watched as each girl was brought in.

It was here that I finally learned the names of the other girls. Tui was the next girl to be presented. She was the youngest of us; I would guess fourteen seasons, no more. Her eyes remained downcast through out dinner. Next came the girl who had been disciplined by Madam, Ye. She no longer wore a sullen face in fact, she seemed devoid of all emotion. Finally, Minh was led in. She was taller than the rest of us with a very slender feminine frame.

We sat on floor mats of woven reeds. In front of us was arrayed a feast the likes of which, I am sure, none of us had ever seen before. Not only was the food abundant and wonderfully fragrant but, many of the platters had been carved and arranged like works of art. As hungry as we were, none of us dared move to eat until the lord spoke.

“Eat and drink slowly my treasures; savor the meal and know what it is like to curry my favor.” He spoke. “Madam will continue your training tomorrow. Do as she bids and no harm shall befall you, but do not fail her.” His words hung in the air with finality. ” Now, feel free to converse and enjoy our entertainment.” With that and two claps of his hands music began to play from behind a solid screen partition in one corner of the room and for the first time Master Yao removed his mask.

I guessed his age to be thirty or thirty-five. He was not a handsome man, but again and again through out the evening I found myself lost in those dark powerful eyes.

The meal was as delicious as it was beautiful. Despite my hunger, I did manage to eat the food and drink the wine slowly. I had never experienced anything like it. And as the wine and the music’s effect on us took hold, we all sat less rigidly and even Ye began to seem more at ease.

Master Yao made a gesture and Madam moved toward him. He rose and the two older gentlemen seated at his side stood and left the room. Two of the attendants in the room came to Yao and began to remove his garments while two others brought out pillows of fine silk. He stood before us completely nude. Under most circumstances I would have immediately turned away, but I sat görükle escort bayan transfixed by the scene unfolding before me.

I was somewhat surprised that he was not taller. He could not have been more than nine hands or so tall. He was a stocky man and muscular. His torso and arms were battle marked and scarred, as were his legs. I felt the odd flush return to my skin as I gazed on his manhood. He was fully erect and his member seemed to pulse like the beating of my heart, now again ringing in my ears.

I then noticed that Madam stood behind him. She had shed her robe; I almost gasped at her beauty. She was as flawless as the most perfect pearl. Her slim neck tapered down to smooth shoulders and feminine yet strong looking arms. Her breasts were small yet round and pert, with nipples that were the size of silver coins, crimson and erect. She had a slender waist that flowed into her hips like calm tides rolling onto the shore. Her legs perfectly shaped and between them a small mound of black hair that looked like spun silk.

Madam touched Masters Yao’s shoulders causing his skin to turn to goose flesh. Lightly she bade him lay face first as she continued his massage. She straddled his back and now ministered to him with her whole body. She used her elbows as if plowing furrows in a field as he moaned in approval. She slid her smooth skin over every part of him, her hands caressing him and breaking down every visible tension. My own nipples became erect against the silk robe; I felt flushed as if stricken by fever and a moistness and heat between my own legs that threatened to overtake me.

Slowly Yao began to roll over until he was on top of Madam. He grabbed her hair with one hand while the other probed her silky mound. The heady scent of musk began to fill the room as Madam quivered and moaned in pleasure at the Masters touch. He kissed her powerfully on the mouth and began licking and nibbling on her neck and breasts down her belly. He greedily consumed the musky flesh between Madam’s legs. She arched her back moaning unintelligible words as he retraced his earlier path back to he waiting mouth. He pulled her close entering her, and what sounded like a purr escaped her lips. Yao was now like a man possessed thrusting into her furiously, and Madam met his every thrust as fiercely in return. bursa escort In time, almost in unison, a groan escaped the pair, and Yao collapsed into Madam’s arms as they kissed passionately.

None of us moved or spoke; we were like our phantom attendants, stunned at what we had witnessed. Finally, the Master rose. Two of the attendants brought him a robe of deep crimson. He merely looked at us and smiled. But, then I was shocked to note that he held my glance as he spoke. “In time all of you will learn to attend me and one another in this fashion, for now I leave you to Madam’s care. Goodnight.” With that he strode confidently out of the room.

Madam was now dressing; her skin seemed to glow. When she finished she turned to us and spoke a hint of sadness I had not heard before in her voice. “Tomorrow we begin your training. As you lay in your beds tonight think on what you have seen and heard.” With that she had us rise. Our attendants came forward and we were led out of the dinning chamber.

The night air was very cool and there was the small of rain on the wind. The cool air on my body only heightened my aroused state. We were led to another section of the keep where there were four wardrobes, along with sleeping mats, amongst the other lavish furnishings. “This will be your sleeping quarters. Your attendants will provide you with what you require.” She motioned to one of the attendants and spoke “Light the braziers so that our little sparrows do not freeze to death.” She laughed lightly and then strode from the room. “Sleep well my pets tomorrow we is a new day.”

As I lay on my mat I noted how comfortable and warm the room was. I though back on our dinner and on the incredible sight of the Master and Madam’s lovemaking. I remembered how my attendant’s hands had traversed my body earlier. I thought of Madam’s body as it writhed under Master’s touch. I touched my own face and found it hot as coal. I let my hands trace down to my breasts and felt the hardness of my nipples. I tried to control my breathing aware of the other girls close by. My hand slid down my belly as I had seen the Master’s do. I then felt the swollen lips of my own womanhood wet with anticipation. I pressed my fingers against the now engorged knot of my lips. As I did so my eyes closed and a moan quietly escaped my lips as I felt a release like before during the bathing. I became aware again of where I was. It seemed as though the others were asleep. I was thankful, but as I too drifted into slumber I thought I heard another girl moan. I dismissed the though and drifted blissfully into sleep.

End of Part III

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