Gillian’s Spanking Addiction Ch. 03


Successful cam model and online stripper Gillian Atkins had experienced a life changing moment when her mentor, retired school master Mister Williams, had introduced her to the pleasures of spanking. Now, three months on since she had been spanked, caned and tutored, the twenty six year old brunette felt the time was right to introduce her current notions into her sex life. Despite the fact she was a hot, long legged babe with bouncy big 36D boobs she didn’t get laid as often as one would think. Now her on again off again boyfriend, Johnny Simpson had resurfaced in her life.

“Wait, let me get this straight. You want me to spank you before we have sex, and you also want to spank me?”

“Come on baby, it’ll be a lot of fun trust me on this.”

The pair of them were in Gillian’s West London flat and were in deep discussion after they had hooked up again the past week. She had done some modelling on her usual choice of website and now has the rest of the day to relax. Johnny had the typical build of a rugby footballer, which in fact he was, being in the reserve team of the Harlequins. Thick neck, bulging biceps and superb tone and muscular torso. A bit thin about the middle but Gillian adored his tight butt the most. Fair haired and blessed with baby blue eyes he had a boyish look that belied his rather aggressive manner in the sack. They had fucked twice in the previous two days and Gillian had to admit he was pretty good in bed. It was just that spark, that delicious thrill of hard contact on her posterior that was lacking.

“I’m not too sure about this honey. And who is this Williams guy? Is he some old pervert?”

“He most certainly is not! He is sweet and learned and an expert in corporal punishment. I’ve learned a lot these last few weeks.”

Johnny sat up on the edge of the bed. Both he and Gillian were naked and the six foot hunk had a semi erection as he rubbed his chin in thought.

“Well, I can understand me spanking you naturally. But a man should be the master surely? A woman must be obedient in the bedroom. It just makes sense.”

“Oh, really? I just lie back and let you fuck ME, right?”

He reached out to caress her right thigh and she slapped it away.

“Don’t get cross, we only just got back together.”

“Just bear with me. Please? Now lie down on your front and let me give you a massage.”

“Sounds good.”

Johnny laid down flat and put his head on the pillow. His solid body looked ravishing as Gillian began to rub the backs of his shoulders and knead his neck muscles. Her soft touch, together with her hanging tits that brushed his back caused the virile man to groan in delight and push his stiff cock into the mattress.

“This is what I’m şişli travesti talking about. Hmm! Nice. I’m rock hard!”

Gillian put her left hand in the small of his back and he hummed happily as he relaxed totally.

“Like that babe? Feel good?”

“Uh, huh.”

She ran both hands on his twin moons and squeezed the hard flesh that dimpled on either side of his firm cheeks. Unseen by him the long haired model reached to her right and picked up her favourite ivory hairbrush. Gripping it firmly she held it up and touched the stiff bristles and grinned. Then she flipped in her fist and presented the flat side down.

“Oh, babe?”


He lifted his head up at the precise moment her hand crashed down and hit the startled man square on his relaxed bottom.


“What the fuck!”

Johnny jerked but Gillian hopped onto the backs of his legs and kept him pinned under her weight.

“Take it easy and enjoy.”

“Gillian, you fucking cow!”

The woman giggled and proceeded to rain down several hard blows onto his buttocks, sometimes the left, then the right, then both simultaneously. He winced and yelped and his hands became two fists that he used to beat on the bed. Gillian felt a flush in her nether regions and she put her left hand between her upper thighs and held it there.

“Still hard sweetie?”

The rugby player contemplated and realised that he was indeed as stiff as a pole. Gillian hit him soundly on his bum, the tops of his meaty thighs and at that tempting spot where she could just make out his pair of plums inside his upper thighs. The smooth oval back of the brush made superb cracks on his flesh and her slender hand bounced of his buttocks with surprising spring.

“I…I’m as hard as iron!” He admitted as he dry humped the bed.

Gillian rubbed her pussy and spun the brush around in her hand and gazed at the bristles. Then she walloped her lover with half strength spanks that left glorious tiny pin pricks all over his rump.

“I don’t believe it!”

Johnny, all macho and barrel chested hunk, was submitting willingly to this woman. A brisk cannonade of blows turned his ass into a deep fiery furnace and he began to tremble. Tremble with pain and a decidedly delicious arousal like none he had ever known. Each clear and firm smack on his cheeks felt like a loving caress, an electric caress that made him buck his bottom up to receive the bristled kiss. He had to admit she knew what she was doing, good technique and expert timing.

“I am so wet darling, so horny.” She purred.

She placed her right palm over his left buttock and shivered with glee at how it tingled. Her eye bakırköy travesti was drawn to the lower portion of his butt and her nostrils flared at the sight of his plums peeping back under him. Gillian moved off his legs and he rose up and tenderly rubbed his sore backside. His seven inch erection poked up from his fair pubic region and the angry purple head shone with a smear of pre cum.

“Fuck me babe. Take this pussy.”

Johnny blinked hard twice and wiped the sweat from his brow and growled like a wounded animal. He jumped on top of her and drove his fat cock deep inside her sopping cunt and banged the shit out of her. There was no way he was going to hold out for too long and in moments was pumping his seed inside the heaving female who locked her legs around his taut calves.

“That was amazing!

Johnny pulled out and Gillian stuffed a Kleenex into her dripping muff to stem the tide.

“Do you think you can spank me?”

“Just try and stop me!”

They laughed and rolled over in each others arms, he wincing whenever he felt contact on his fiery butt.


Two hours later, after Gillian had applied some soothing lotion on the stinging butt of her rugby playing boyfriend the pair of lovers went back to her bedroom.

“So, do I have you on my lap?” Asked Johnny, completely in the dark.

Both as naked as the day they were born he looked at the desirable female with his cock thrust up in a rigid stalk.

“Not always. Mister Williams believes the best posture to be bent over the arm of a chair. But we’ll start with me over you.

Johnny sat in her armchair with his legs apart and Gillian straddled his tree trunk like thighs. He automatically put his big left hand on her midriff as she squirmed on him until comfortable. Her left side rubbed against his hard on and her tits mashed on him and a tingle hit in her loins. He peered down at her delectable bum and smoothed the palm of his right hand over the twin globes.

“I always loved your bottom.”

Not small nor too plump she was tight of cheek and with skin as pure as snow. He noted the trim pubes on her puffy cunt peep out from her upper thighs and his prick bobbed a couple of times.

“Whenever you’re ready.” She announced.

Johnny took the cue and brought his palm down hard and was stunned by the resounding smack noise. Immediately her right cheek burned from the initial strike and she wiggled with a girly squeal. Her head dipped and her long locks touched the carpet as her derriere rose up.

“Good start. You have strong hands,”


He loved the feel of her juicy cheeks as he spanked her with a rhythmic rise istanbul travestileri and fall of his hand on her flesh. Gillian rotated her hips on his lap and deliberately rubbed against his erection which made him moan loudly, Her legs fell apart and Johnny looked wide eyed at the sight of her pussy with the tantalising wet slit up the length, Unable to resist he slid his middle finger between her upper thighs and tickled her Mons.

“That’s ever so nice lover but please get on with it.”

He looped his left arm under her waist and saw her rounded hemispheres lift up perfectly. His cock throbbed maddeningly at the erotic display his right hand flashed.

“OHH! Yes!”


His hand made contact over and over on her fleshy spots and each blow made her push into his lap. Her breath became more ragged and her ass surged back and forth from his warm hand. Gillian felt her cheeks grow hotter and hotter as there was no let up during the next two minutes. Again her pussy ached and her legs shifted so that her bottom resembled two split peaches. Totally submissive Gillian took the punishment and stretched her legs back.

“Shall I go on.” He wondered as her buttocks were hot to the touch and the distinction impression of his palm lingered on her pale skin.”

“Yes! Carry on.”

Three, four, five more times he administered hard slaps, each one searing her buttocks. She seemed to absorb the staccato blows with relative ease shifting this way, writhing in that way. He looked on fascinated at how her nates twitched and tightened and her distended pussy moisten.


Gillian bit her lower lip as his palm stung her soft flesh, mottling her white skin and creating scarlet patterns on both cheeks. Seemingly caught between a wicked pain and a delirium of lust he gasped as Gillian cried out in a high pitched shriek and acknowledged her orgasm. The strapping hunk clasped her red hot ass which seeped her love juices down the fabulous crack. He stopped his onslaught and let her up, her big tits bobbing and her nipples ready to cut glass.

“Oh, baby! That was sublime! Now allow me.”

Gillian had stunning good looks, was flirtatious and curvaceous but was a great one for fellatio. But Johnny she liked, especially that feeling of his spongy knob end inside her mouth. He Knelt up and Gillian crouched before him and let his cock slip between her pursed lips. At this angle she was able to slide her tongue along the underside of his shaft as she gave her all. As she sucked loudly Johnny could not restrain himself and bucked his hips to and fro which left Gillian with drool escaping from each side of her palpating mouth. His wicked tool stuffed her full and then a final push lifted Gillian up as he erupted in her mouth and he pumped his semen down her throat.

“Fucking hell!” He wailed as he held the back of her head tightly to his groin until she gagged and spluttered on his cock.

Needless to say that the pair of them did not venture too far from the bedroom for the remainder of the day.


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