Gardening at Mrs Chesters Ch. 03


It was about a week later. Linda Crawley was on her way to see Dot about a Saturday event. At 42 Linda was a little younger than her friend. A tangled mass of short brown hair fell over her face. She was shorter and stouter, but was still attractive as a result of her fitness programme. Unlike Dorothy she was more sexually aware however. She could be cheeky on occasions, even when it was a little inappropriate.

Motoring along the main road towards the town centre she found herself watching a cyclist ahead. It was a foul day, with driving wind and rain, but the cyclist was bowling along at high speed. As she approached from behind she was able to observe him at close quarter.

“Nice body” She thought, as she followed along.

She slowed slightly so as not to overtake him.

“Lovely little bum, and those pumping legs.”

He must have been piling along at nearly thirty but he made it made it look effortless, his mop of floppy light brown hair streaked back by the rush of air. His position in front of her now meant she could look and drive safely.

Although Linda was able to enjoy the view for a while, the long sound of a car horn from close behind brought her attention back to her driving. There was now a small queue of vehicles building. Reluctantly she indicated and passing the cyclist, picked up speed.

About a mile on, she approached the roundabout outside the town centre. The traffic slowed and began to back up. She dropped speed and stopped. She took a moment to glance up in her mirror to see if the boy was still on the main road, but there was just a large white van behind her car now. So it was to her delight when she looked across at her passenger side wing mirror and noticed him approaching quickly in the gap between the vehicles and the pavement. He was having to weave a little to get past, but was making gradual progress.

Then as the car in front moved forward, Linda had an idea. She pulled her steering wheel down to the left and moved her car in towards the kerb. She looked around again and noticed the lad was slowing further. Then as the car in front of hers was turning left, she moved her car forward again and blocked his way. The bike drew up alongside her, close to the left hand side and he had to stop. He was right next to her car.

She looked to her left again. All she could observe now were his bare forearms and right thigh about a foot from her passenger side window. His arms were stretched forward to grip the handle bar; his leg pulled up and ready to press down on his pedal. He was poised and taut. His skin was wet, smooth and slippery. A mixture she thought of rain and sweat. It almost shone n the light. He was clearly soaked through, but seemed unfazed by it.

Then the lights in front changed to red. There was another surge of traffic on to the island from the right. The boy visibly relaxed, released his grip on the bars and leant back on his saddle. She turned again in his direction. She couldn’t see much above his middle because of the height of the window. Then reaching down he pulled his top up to mop his face. That move delighted her.

It was now clear he wore nothing underneath his sweatshirt. She was granted an unobstructed view of a flat smooth toned stomach. She noticed a slight trace of damp fuzzy hair above the top of his tight, black cycling shorts, at the front.

“Gosh,” she mused,

“What I would give to touch that.”

She carried on staring whilst he wiped his face.

The lights changed again, but for Linda they changed too soon. Just as quickly he dropped the top down, leant forward on the bars and was ready to move off when she did.

She karabük escort looked again admiring the view.


A sharp horn blast from the white van behind her, brought her attention back to her driving.

Disorientated by his looks she panicked. The car lurched forward and stalled.

Another horn blast from white van man.

Fumbling to restart her car, she was still half watching the cyclist as he eased pass her. She had the car moving again, but now only to see his tight swaying backside disappear into the distance, as he headed off for a side street.

After a little recreational shopping Linda continued her journey. The weather had cleared and in a few minutes she arrived at Dorothy’s. She was there for morning coffee and to discuss their plans at the club.

She parked and collected a bag from the boot. Slamming it down she walked towards the front door.

You might imagine then, her surprise, when, propped against the front wall was a jet black slim line bicycle. It looked familiar, very familiar. Then she realized it was the one she had seen earlier that day, the same one that the rather toothsome youth had been on, last seen peddling away on.

“Hmmm,” she thought.

“What a strange thing. What a delightful co-incidence,” she murmured to herself.

She rang the bell. From the other side of the porch a grinning and apron wearing Dot appeared.

“I’ve just put the scones in the oven, this morning. They should be ready soon”

“Hello Dorothy, I see you’ve got a new bicycle.” Said Linda indicating the bike.

“Oh no that’s not mine I haven’t ridden a bike in ages. That’s Jonathans.”

Linda’s mind was whirring.

“Who was Jonathan?” She thought.

“You remember him? He’s a lot bigger these days. Now he wants to earn some money.” Dorothy explained.

Linda’s mind hadn’t stopped whizzing. Suddenly the penny dropped. She realized that the boy on the bike earlier had been none other than Jonathan, son of a mutual friend at the club. Now she was intrigued. She went in determined to steer the conversation around to him.

The coffee was ready in the front living room and they sat down.

“Sorry I’m late Dorothy only I was a bit pushed in the downpour, the weather has been so bad.”

She took a sip.

“I know what you mean. The traffic in town has been horrendous. People stop walking and start driving everywhere as soon as there’s a bit of rain.” Said Dorothy

“Well yes, but not everyone. There are still a few hardy souls out in all weathers.” She picked up a piece of shortbread.

She didn’t admit that she had seen Jonathan but continued,

“There was a lad on a bike this morning in fact, even in those heavy showers. He looked like the weather didn’t trouble him at all.” Said Linda.

“I do think there’s something quite nice about driving along behind a fit young man on a bicycle; it sort of cheers me up.” She added.

“What does it do for him?” Asked Dorothy surprised by what she had said.

“Oh he doesn’t know I’m there.” Linda laughed.

“Oh so you’re stalking him?”

“I suppose I am” She smiled dirtily.

Dorothy wondered if it had been Jonathan whom she was referring to, though as she had never actually seen him cycling herself, she couldn’t be sure.

Linda sipped her coffee quietly, now a little embarrassed by her own admission. Dorothy spoke about her week.

After a while, the conversation paused.

“So where is your new helper?” Linda asked, having tried to suppress her interest in his whereabouts for the last fifteen minutes.

“He’s karaman escort out in the back garden now it’s dried up a bit, come and see,” said Dot.

Linda moved quickly, but not too quickly so as to give herself away, to the kitchen and then the window.

“What’s he doing?” She asked, now moving to the sink and looking keenly out.

“He’s behind the compost heap. Its jolly fortunate he’s available as you might be surprised to know how good young men’s urine is to get a heap going.”

“What? Is he peeing on it?” Asked Linda loudly.

“Well not quite, but he is going to bring his urine in with him each day, so I can pour it on. He’s started already.”

Linda rolled her eyes.

“That’s a new one. Another one of Dorothy’s crazy ideas,” she thought.

“Can I pop out and see what’s new?” Linda asked after few more minutes hoping that Jon would come into view. She was trying not to be too obvious that she simply wanted to lech.

Dot didn’t answer as she was now fiddling with the oven and the scones, so Linda just slipped outside. “Where was he?” she thought.

It didn’t take long. As she went through the rear garden gate her search was rewarded with a sight for sore eyes. A firm bottom presented itself to her view. It was contained, but only just, within tight white poly cotton shorts. Below it was the same pair of taught thighs she had seen earlier. With his feet placed about eighteen inches apart he was bending right over and pulling hard. Linda glanced down between his legs. There, just where she had hoped there would be, was a small but equally rewarding bulge. She sighed silently before speaking.

“Hello Jonathan. How are you?” She watched as he straightened and turned slowly.

“Oh hello,” he said surprised but he didn’t recognize her from his travel earlier that day.

He was gorgeously flustered. He stared at Linda and then sneezed hard, twice – a sure sign of being aroused she thought.

“What are you up to?”

“Uh err working on Aunty Dorothy’s garden.”

I bet she would love him to work on her front garden too she thought to herself. She eyed him up and down. Perhaps a trim and some tidying? May be some watering and cleaning out with a wet tongue, his wet tongue – dirty cow. She smiled inwardly and wondered if anything had ‘happened’ yet.

“So how long have you been doing this?”

“About two weeks now.”

“Oh well I might have some work for you too. My front garden could do with working over.” Something she knew to be true and as she said it she felt a little trickle through her bushy locks.

“I’d like to add a water feature too,” and she almost laughed at her own cheekiness. God this young god was turning her on.

“Show me what you’ve done then.”

He turned and started talking and pointing. He could have talked and pointed all he liked, but she wasn’t listening to him. She was simply looking; at him. At this delicious, young man. She hadn’t noticed him in his earlier years at the club, but he had definitely ‘come of age’. He must be 18 or 19 plus by now. He was slim, but he was so fit. All that lovely cycling she supposed. She felt another gentle trickle of juice through her undergrowth. It was no good, she needed to go and mop up.

“Well I’ll leave you to it for now and let you get on.”

And then before she turned she was rewarded with the sight of him bending over once more.

“How is he getting on Linda?” Asked Dot as Linda came back inside.

“Busy busy.” She said smiling.

“I could do with some help at my place actually.”

“Well hands off. You’ll need to find kars escort your own gardener, mine is taken” Dot laughed.

“I bet he is,” thought Linda. She wondered if Dot’s hand had found its way onto him yet.

“And I have interest from another neighbour too,” added Dot defensively.

Linda had to chuckle as she thought.

“All these dirty middle aged women like herself trying to get their needs satisfied. None of them were really talking about gardening even if they didn’t realize it themselves!”

linda visited the cloakroom to attend to herself and then both women went back to the front room. Linda brought out her folder and they began to study the details of the event that they were planning.

An hour passed. Linda heard the hall clock chime.

“I expect Jonathan will be in need of sustenance.” Said Dorothy looking to her bare left wrist.

“Oh do you have the time Linda, I’ve left my watch somewhere and I can’t find it, I’ve never lost it for this long before.”

“Don’t worry we all have our ‘senior’ moments. Its just gone one.”

Linda heard the back door open and a voice, Jon’s, call out hopefully.

“Hello, Mrs Chester, hello?”

“I think its Jonathan calling,” said Linda, fidgeting slightly and trying not to get up.

“Oh ok just bear with me a few minutes. I said I would get him some lunch. You can wait here Linda and take a look at my list. I won’t be long.”

Dorothy was up and out to the kitchen. Linda waited a couple of minutes more and then thinking of a suitable excuse, got up, and joined them.

Jonathan was sat on a high stool, his left leg up and his bare foot on the front edge. He rested his chin on both hands and they in turn were placed on his knee cap. He looked a little tired. He smelt and looked a bit sweaty, but neither women seemed bothered. Dorothy was bustling around making him a big sandwich.

Linda entered the room.

“Hello, Jonathan” she said.

He turned slightly and looking up at her nodded shyly, then he stared at the floor a bit embarrassed.

Linda looked at him and admired his lean form quickly, while she was unobserved and then wandered nonchalantly to the back windows again.

“Looks like the worker has been busy this morning.” She added staring into the garden.

“Yeah well it’s not too bad,” he mumbled shyly.

He had only met her an hour or so ago, but there was something about Linda he found a bit intimidating. Although she was younger than Dorothy she didn’t have the same shapely body. However she did have a sort of underlying, controlling, sexiness, in her manner and in her voice. He felt that if she gave him an instruction, he might have to follow it, whatever he thought. He would have to obey, whether he really wanted to or not. It made her attractive as he looked at her tangled hairstyle and thought about her chest.

Linda turned back to Jonathan and without hesitation, met his eyes. He looked away and down.

“Mmmm, so he had been watching her,” she mused.

It was her turn to look down, but not away. Her eyes slipped slowly down his form. He was in the shirt and shorts Dot had supplied, sleeves rolled to his elbows to cool down, and shorts riding up his legs even more than when he was standing.

He was very attractive Linda thought. He had dried out from the rain, so the sheen on his skin was more like sweat from his exertions. His skin was clear and surprisingly hairless, but she wasn’t complaining. He had growing muscles in all the right places, and he had places in all the right places too.

“He is quite something,” she thought admiringly.

Her eyes dropped to his crotch again and lingered there naturally.

“And there is definitely something in there that needs further study.”

She wondered not if, but when, that would happen. What Linda wanted, she usually got, sooner or later. She would have to take care not to scare him off though.

End of part 3

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