The Corner Office Ch. 01


(a fantasy)

I am the sole owner of a small internet software company. Over the past two years our business has increased 500%. The business was started in my home part-time and now is a full-time business with clients in the continental US. We are located in a small town in the Northeast. I have 6 full-time women on my staff to handle customer service, billing, software distribution, and an administrative assistant.

My office is situated in the far corner of the building. My administrative assistant, Elizabeth Delany, is located outside my office. She can see and hear the other six women employees down the hallway. My name is Bill Gray, I am 31 years old, and my assistant is 45 years old and has been employed for 2 years. The other employees range in age from 24 to 38 years old.

It was Friday afternoon a few minutes before five o’clock, when Ms. Delany paged me on the intercom.

“Mr. Gray, there is a young lady here to see you,” she said.

“Send her in, Ms. Delany,” I said.

I heard the knock on the door and there stood Susan Baker. Susan was about 5:4, weighted 120 pounds, was 32 years old and one of my best employees. Why was she in my office at quitting time, when all of the other girls were leaving? She was here because Susan was about to get a tanning on her bare fanny.

The rule in my company is that if any of the girls do anything wrong, they do not get fired or reprimanded, they get spanked. Of course, if they don’t wish to be spanked they can leave the company; I have a waiting list to join. The reason, I pay 25% better than any other company nearby, I pay all benefits, and my employees start with 4 weeks vacation. For these benefits I demand exceptionally high quality work, no tardiness, and a strict dress code. Ms. Delany enforces these rules and sends any violators to see me Friday at 5:00PM.

I continued working at my desk, while Susan fidgeted from foot to foot, like a student in front of her principal. After about five minutes, I took my glasses off and looked directly at Susan.

“Well, Young Lady, I haven’t seen you in here at this hour in awhile. What seems to be the problem?” I knew the problem, but wanted to make her feel like a youngster in front of her daddy.

“I was late twice this week, Sir,” She answered.

“Do you not know we have a rule about tardiness, Missy,” I said.

“Yes sir, but I had car trouble.”

“You know that is not an acceptable excuse, you could have called one of the girls, who live close by. Isn’t that correct, young lady?” I stated.

“Yes Sir.”

“Do you know what the punishment is for being late, young lady?” I questioned.

Here she was 32 years old being treated like a juvenile, having to answer questions about her behavior as if she were 10.

“Yes sir.”

“What is it,” I asked.

“A spanking on my bare bottom, Sir,” Susan knew I required full sentences for all answers.

“Okay, young lady, go wait in the corner, pull your dress up to your waist, lower your panties and wait for your spanking, while I finish up some paperwork,” I ordered.

“Please sir, I won’t be late again, Pleasssse don’t spannnk me,” Susan began to whine.

Sue kastamonu escort knew she had made a mistake and started to turn towards the corner. I wasted no time going around my desk and grabbing Susan’s wrist I sat down on the nearest straight back chair and pulled her over my lap. Her head was to my left nearly touching the floor. Her skirted bottom was firmly across my lap, and to my right her shapely legs were straight and the tips of her high heels dug into the rug.

“I expect obedience young lady,” I say.

The flat of my palm came down soundly on her skirt covered bottom. Even so I knew she felt my hard swat through her skirt. I started to spank her again and again, first one cheek then the other. When I had spanked her 10 times, I slowly reached for the hem of her blue dress and slip and started to pull them up.

“Please, don’t …..can’t you leave my skirt down?” She sobbed.

“Susan you know the rule all tannings are given on the bare bottom,” I know she knew the rule and was wondering why she was complaining.

Once I had her skirt and slip folded neatly on her back, I saw Susan’s second problem. She had broken one of the dress code rules, and knew she was in for a session of punishment and humiliation for her disobedience. Susan was going to be spanked for both tardiness and a dress code violation.

“Miss Delany, please come in here,” I called into the intercom, knowing she still would be seated at her desk.

She opened the door and came into my office.

“Miss Delany come over here and tell me what you see,” I said.

She walked over and stood in front of me, “I see Susan Baker over your lap about to get a spanking.”

“What else do you notice?” I continued to question.

“Oh, wow she is wearing pantyhose,” she exclaimed!

“What is the dress code?” I continued to question.

“A dress, or skirt and blouse, pants of any kind are forbidden, no skirt or dress will cover your knee. Pantyhose will not be worn at any time only stockings or thigh-highs are allowed. High heels will be worn at all times.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you think it is more ladylike,” She replied.

“Are you dressed appropriately?” I asked.

“Yes sir!”

“Show me,” Here was a 45 year old being treated as if she were my daughter.

She was dressed in a white blouse, a blue skirt, and white high heels. She appeared very pretty but business-like. “Now Elizabeth lift your skirt up to your waist,” I instructed

She hesitated for a second because Susan was in the room, but then reached down for the end of her skirt and slowly lifted it up her long legs. Inch by inch her legs came into view. As her skirt reached the top of her thighs, I saw that she had on clear stockings held up by a black garter belt.

“Keep going,” I told her as she hesitated. “I want to see your panties.”

Up went her skirt until her white cotton panties were entirely in view. Her face turned red as she realized the picture she presented. She was 45 years old and supervised six people. In addition, she was a mother of two daughters, and now she stood in the middle of an kayseri escort office holding her skirt above her waist in front of her boss. She closed her eyes from the shame of it all.

“Turn around slowly,” I told her.

I watched as she turned and faced away from me. My eyes traveled up her legs from her heels to that sexy muscle on the back of the leg on up to the top of the stocking. Next I noticed the few inches of white thigh between the end of the stocking and the edge of her undies, then on up to her rounded bottom covered by white cotton panties.

“Okay Elizabeth, go stand in the corner, make sure your nose is right up to the wall, keep your skirt raised and lower your panties to your knees,” I am going to tan Susan’s backside now, then I will deal with you,.” I ordered.

“Yes sir,” She said and quickly got in position as I had instructed.

“Now, Missy lets deal with your naughty bottom,” I said to Susan as I pulled her over my lap.

I pulled her pantyhose down over her hips, making her lift up with a firm swat on her rounded cheeks. I lowered them down her long tanned legs and over her heels dropping them in front of her lowered head. Her skirt and slip were raised up to her shoulder blades, her panties still covered her hind end, but her legs were bare all the way to her heels.

I reached for the hairbrush on my desk and patted her panty covered fanny with it.

“Pleassse sir not the h-hairb-brush, I’ll beee soooo good,” She pleaded.

“Look young lady, you broke two rules, tardiness and the dress code, and you got caught,” I said.

I placed my left hand on the small of Susan’s back right above her panties, and swung the hairbrush toward her bottom cheeks, making a snapping motion onto Susan’s panty covered bottom. Smacking down her onto her right buttock, the hairbrush flattened the pert buttock, causing it to quiver and wobble.

Susan’s head reared up and she yelled out, “EEEEEeeeekkkk!! OOOOoooohhh OOOuuuch Pleassseee it hurrrrrts.”

Lifting the hairbrush, I could see the angry red imprint that it had left on Susan’s wiggling panty covered fanny. The panties were white bikini type and were so flimsy you could see right through them. I quickly swung the hairbrush up again and swiftly brought it snapping down onto Susan’s left buttock, this time aiming just a bit lower so it landed on the tender, fleshy globe.

SMACK!! “Y-YOW!! AAaaiee!! OOOOUCH!! OOoooohhh, STooop!! Pleeeeeease, Mr. Graaaay!! S-Stop!! N-No more, pleeeease!!

“Why did you wear pantyhose, when you know it against company policy, young lady?” SPANK!! SPANK!! “Answer me.”

“B-Because m-my n-nylons h-had h-holes in t-themmm, S-Sir,” She stammered.

“That is unacceptable, Missy,” SPANK!! SPLAT!!

I then took hold of the waistband of her skimpy little undies and tugged them tight, so that they slid in between her bottom cheeks and her two fleshy globes were on display. I heard Susan moan at the indignity of her position. I gripped her waist firmly and started to soundly tan Susan’s naughty fanny.

“You know the rules, young lady,” SPANK!! SPANK!!

“I have certain dress kıbrıs escort code rules and I expect them followed,” SPANK!! SPANK!!

Lick after lick of the hairbrush blistered down on Susan’s spank spot. It wasn’t long before her buttocks and the backs of her thighs were covered with painful red blotches. Susan unable to control herself was sobbing like a baby, promising to be a good girl over and over.

“Do you intend to wear pantyhose to work again, Young Lady?” I questioned while continuing to tan her backside. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

“NO, Mr.Graaaaayyyy, Pleaaasee Nooo more,” Susan sobbed.

“I didn’t think so,” SPLAT! SPANK! SPANK!

I continued to scold her, as if she were child and not 32. She was crying and hiccupping like a baby pleading with me not to spank her anymore. I finally stopped and let her lay across my lap for a minute or two. I took her skirt and slip and tucked them into the waistband of the skirt so that her white bikini panties were totally exposed along with her very red cheeks. I helped Susan to her feet and told her not to touch her bottom or she would be back over my lap.

I left Susan in the middle of the room, while I went and sat behind my desk. As soon as she regained a measure of composure, she stood in penitent stance. Her makeup was ruined from her tears; her skirt was tucked in behind her as she faced the desk. Her gaze was firmly on the carpet waiting for me to speak. She was still sobbing quietly to herself wishing she had not been in such a hurry to get dressed.

“Okay, Miss that was part one of your punishment for violating the dress code. In addition to your spanking you will report to me everyday next week a half hour early so I can check what you are wearing under your dress. You will also spend your entire day on Monday ‘pinned,” I ordered.

The girls hated this punishment, because it was embarrassing for them. They had to bring three safety pins, which were used to pin their skirt and slip up in the back to their blouse. On display for a full day were their panties, stockings and garter belt. In addition, when they were not busy they were sent to the corner and had to pull their panties down.

“Now, young lady reach behind you and pull your panties down to your knees, She quickly did as she was told.

I then reached into my desk and got out a 3×5 index card. I wrote on the index card and handed it to her. I asked her if she knew what the card was for and she nodded her head in quiet embarrassment. I then asked her to read what I wrote on the card.

“I am a naughty little girl and deserve a bare bottom spanking,” Susan read.

I pointed to the corner. She hobbled over to where Ms. Delaney was standing with her panties at her knees, and took up the identical position with two exceptions. First, Susan placed the index card against the wall and placed her nose against it so it would not fall and second she stood with her hands clasped together on top of her head.

“Very good, young lady I am glad you remembered. Now I don’t want to see your panties below your knees, and keep your hands on top of your head, do you understand?” I asked.

“Yes, sir,” she answered.

“Do not touch the index card with your hands, or let it fall or you’ll get another spanking only much harder. Is that clear, young lady?” I asked

“Yes, sir,” she answered.

“You will stand there 30 minutes because you were late 30 minutes.” ‘Is that correct Ms. Baker?” I asked.

“Yes Sir.”

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