Gag-A-Thon 1: Adriana and Hailey


The two girls sat on a couch in the small living room. A camera crew was set up filming them, the director standing just to the left of the camera.

“Ok girls introduce yourselves.”

The girl on the left had shoulder length blonde hair, light hazel eyed and a perfect smile. She wore a white bra over her medium sized breasts and a white thong.

“I’m Hailey.”

The girl on the right was pale with stunning blue eyes and long black hair. Her small breast were covered in a purple bra and matching thong.

“And I’m Adriana.”

“Well you girls are gorgeous.”

They smiled. “Thank you” Adriana said

“So what are you ladies her for today.”

They looked at each other.

Hailey said. “We here to suck some cock.”

“Just some suck some cock?”

“We’ll were her to get fucked with some cock.” Adriana said.

“Yeah, fucked in our throats.” Haile finished pointing at her open mouth.

“Well you girls ready?” They nodded.

Two guys stepped into screen on either side of them, naked, stroking their hard cocks. Rob was with Hailey, his cock large and veiny. Jay on Adriana’s side had a slightly shorter cock but much thicker.

The girls began sucking on their shafts, the guys giving them a warm up.

After a few minutes the director gave them the go ahead and the face fucking began.

Rob grabbed the hair on the back of Hailey’s head tightly and with the other he held her chin and began thrusting into her mouth.

She gagged as the tip hit her throat again and again but Rob only increased the force of his thrusts, holding her head tightly as he fucked her drooling mouth.


Her throat made that noise as spittle dripped off her chin and onto her tits. She closed her eyes as she gagged.

“Open your eyes.” Rob said. She did and looked at him as he thrust into porno indir her throat.

Jay held the sides of Adriana’s head and was fucking her mouth with a fast motion, her head bobbing violently back and forth as he thrust is cock in.


She was also making the wet, sloppy noise as he fucked her throat.

Spit up and drool were dripping from his cock every time he pulled away before thrusting back in.

As the girls were getting face fucked they just sat with their mouths open, heads controlled by the men who were violently thrusting into their throats.

The director gave the signal for them to switch and they pulled out. The girls makeup was already smeared, their eye liner running from the tears and spittle dripping off their chins.

Jay grabbed Hailey’s hair and shove his cock into her open mouth. She gagged as he pushed his cock further in, chocking on the thick member.

“Yeah, baby. Take it take it all.” He said, pushing his cock further in till she slapped his thigh signaling him to pull out. A thin stream of spittle came out, dripping onto her tits as she gasped for air. She opened her mouth to signal she was ready and he shoved it back in, pushing her head down till his balls almost touched her chin.

Rob had Adriana’s head by the top and back, hair clutched tightly as he furiously fucked he mouth.

She gagged loudly as he thrust in out, using her mouth as a cunt. Tears ran down her face and spittle dripped off her chin as he moaned in pleasure.

She slapped his thigh and he pulled out, hands still gripping her hair. She dry heaved and gasped before letting him continue to fuck his cock between her soft red lips.

The director gave them the next signal. The guys pulled out and the two girls, faces messy, laid on their backs, heads hanging off the couch, legs rokettube dangling over the top, their hair falling to the ground.

Rob took Hailey first. He pulled her bra off and fondled her tits, then guided his cock into her waiting mouth and began fucking her unobstructed throat. Holding on to her tits he thrusted violently into her mouth, her throat distending as he pushed in. She closed her eyes again.

“Open your eyes, look at the camera.” The director said.

She did, mascara trekked tears and spittle running down her face into her blonde hair. She spit up a thick white glob that ran down her forehead.

Her throat made soft wet sounds as he fucked it.

Adriana was also on her back, mouth submissively open. Jay gripped her neck and guided his cock inside. Because her throat was unobstructed he could push deeper and he did, forcing his member all the way into her mouth, feeling his cock in her distended throat as he choked her with it.

She violently gagged, the sound muffled by his member, her beautiful eyes were red and teary. Her body spasmed as he pushed in till she slapped his thigh. He pulled, leaving spittle to drip down her face.

As soon as she opened it again he shoved his cock back in, this time pushing even harder till his balls covered her nose. She looked at the camera as she choked, tears running, mascara smeared around her eyes.

This time she slapped desperately and when he pulled out a trail of vomit came out, running down her gorgeous face into her soft black hair.

‘”Oh fuck yeah, that’s a good girl.” Jay said, stroking his cock, lubed in spit and vomit as she gasped for air.

The director gave them the switch signal and Rob went over to Adriana eagerly stroking his cock.

Jay didn’t hesitate to shove his cock into Hailey’s open mouth, causing her to gag porno and her body to spasm as he quickly sunk balls deep into her throat. Her face turned red and spittle bubbled out of her mouth, trailing his balls and running down her face. He pulled out letting her get air then proceeded to fuck her mouth in medium paced thrusts, going deep into her throat as every time.

Rob grabbed the sides of Adriana’s head and started fucking her soft throat, his thrusts quick and violent as she gagged loudly.


Spittle flying out from his cock onto her face as he abused her mouth. She grabbed onto his hips, about to slap him thigh at any moment. He grunted as he felt her soft throat and mouth, face fucking her mercilessly.

The director gave another signal.

It was time for the last position. The girls got onto their knees in front of the couch back to back, the backs of their head pressed together.

Rob stayed with Adriana and Jay with Hailey as they held their heads still and fucked the girls open mouths. Rob moaned in pleasure as he thrust in and out of Adriana’s submissive head.

Both guys timed their thrusts, their cocks slamming against the back of the beautiful girls throats, hitting their heads together as the brutally fucked them.

Both guys pushed their cocks in at the same time, getting balls deep as their cocks pushed down into the beautiful girl’s throats. Hailey spit up, the fluid running from around her mouth onto Jay’s cock.

Adriana’s gags were muffled around Rob’s member.

“Look at me.” Rob ordered. She looked up at him, her gorgeous blue eyes, lined with red as she choked on his cock. The girls slapped the guys thigh’s and the men held for a moment longer waiting for the girls to spasm before pulling out. They both dry heaved before gasping.

The men stroked off, Rob shooting thick streams of cum onto Adriana’s face. Jay blew his load onto Hailey’s tits.

The men left the set and the girls looked into the camera, their faces a mess, their hair streaked with spit, and Adriana’s case, vomit. Both looked exhausted.

“And that’s a rap.”

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