Fuck The Rule


“Okay, aren’t you too glad not to have any boys in here?” I asked, sitting on my bed. “Now, with all of the boys and girls separated, there’s no chance of any hanky panky.””Yes, we got the memo, Ms. Gil. You know, even if we both room with either Mike or Carl, how would Riley or I actually have sex without you or Mr. Shannon knowing about it? I mean, really?” Evelyn pondered, going through her duffle bag.”I don’t know, Evelyn, but still, you’re in college now and looking to do it if you get the chance, right? Riley, tell me I’m wrong.””I can’t, Ms. Gil,” she replied, before peeking at me. “Dare I point out the flaw, though?””What’s that, Reily?” I asked, crossing my arms.”Suppose that Evelyn and I are lesbians or Mike and Carl are gay. We’re sharing a bed; they’re sharing one too. So, does the anti-hankey panky policy only applies to straight sex?”I broke eye contact and felt caught completely off guard.”I guess she didn’t think about that, Riley,” Evelyn giggled.”Okay, fine, I guess Mr. Shannon nor I thought about that, but still, it’d be against the rules for same-sex couples as well, happy?”Then they both took off their tops and then their shorts too.”Oh, shit, Evelyn, we’re both ladies, and we can clearly see one another underdressed. Even if we have attractions to each other, we can’t explore them now under Ms. Gill’s watch. We’re on a field trip to Chicago in a hotel, and while we’re here, we have to follow the school rules.”Even when she let out those words, my eyes couldn’t resist, but feast off the eye candy they both presented me with for a moment. “I can tell you’re mocking me, Riley, but yes. There are rules, and we all must follow them,” I warned them, standing. ‘Fuck me; you two are gorgeous. If I were Carl or Mike, I know I’d want a piece of either of you. You’re both just just out there like it means nothing too.'”Ms. Gill, we’re curious; does the rule apply to you and Mr. Shannon too? I mean, suppose all four of us students were busy at the conference downtown and didn’t need your supervision; you two could come back here and be alone. Who is to say something definitely wouldn’t happen with you two?” Evelyn pondered.I stayed quiet for a few seconds and rubbed my face. I didn’t know how to respond to that, but they both seemed to be pains in the ass. I watched them get into their shorts and tank tops to sleep in as I tried to comprehend their words.”I don’t envision that happening, but he’s married. I might be single, but even if it wasn’t a rule that does apply to us too, I’m not gonna bone a married guy.””So, you’re not interested in him? Riddle me this: is there no sex allowed solely because this is a school trip? Even though the school didn’t pay for this hotel room?” Riley pondered.I sighed. “You know what, I’m gonna take a shower; I expect you both to be ready to go to sleep by the time I get okay?” I asked, before I walked towards the bathroom.I didn’t look at them, but sighed again.”Hey, Ms. Gil?” Evelyn asked.I turned my head. “Yes?””Suppose all three of us liked ladies, would you still not let yourself have some joy with us if you got the chance? Even though you have a nearly thankless job?”I didn’t answer, went into the bathroom, turned on the light, and shut the door. “What the hell was that? Were they suggesting I want to have sex with Fred or them? Well, sorry, ladies,” I muttered, before undressing. “He’s married, like twelve Demetevler Escort years older than me, and I prefer pussy, so I’m not against lesbian sex at all. It’s still just a rule, no sex on school field trips, even if you’re in college. It almost sounded like they were baiting me, but for what purpose, though?”I got into the shower and turned on the water. “Wow, those two are the lookers, I’ll give you that. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you knew I’d like girls. You two are certainly young, barely legal ladies. Well, both over seven-hundred days past legal, but still,” I complimented them, washing my hair.After I rinsed, I angled my head back. “Needless to say, I can’t get them off my mind. I didn’t view them as sexual beings before they just showboated their bodies. They both have nice tits and somewhat petite bodies. I mean, damn, they’re like poster ladies because it makes having sex with students just hot enough to do it. Maybe some rules are made to be broken, but of course, some rules are put there for a reason. Maybe like drugs, you get a taste, and you find yourself wanting more, and maybe then I’ll risk getting fired to get a fix. Holy shit, even just thinking about it is making my pussy wet.”I couldn’t even make myself wash myself by then; I pictured those two lovely ladies underdressed and resisted the temptation to feel my twat. I didn’t need to feel it to know they had already infected me.”Shit, I couldn’t get into this shower fast enough; they showed me their bodies, and now what am I supposed to do? Let them woo me further by pleasing myself? That’ll only lead to me wanting to get into their panties. Wow, both of you sported such sexy sets too. Dark green on the black hair chick and purple on the blonde. Oh, what a sight those two decided to give me as they were telling me it was bullshit that they couldn’t fuck in so many words. Yes, you paid for the room and are consenting adults too, but here’s something you should’ve learned by the time you got to college: life’s a bitch.”Then I washed myself and tried to keep myself busy, so I wouldn’t be tempted to let my hand do something else. I took deep breath after deep breath, but sure enough, no amount of restraint was gonna be good enough.”Oh, fuck it,” I whined, letting my left hand on the wall and my other on my snatch.From one second to the next, I crossed at least a mental line and thought of them in that way. I didn’t picture them having sex with me, but just the eye candy they fed me. I had a slight moral issue with it, but I overlooked it for the moment.As I masturbated, I felt my juice running off my hand even with the water running. I moved my hand up and down, and I shook back and forth a bit in the process. Even though walking over that line somewhat sparked my imagination, I didn’t speak.For the time being, I managed to walk that line slightly well. So I did find myself treading lightly, but I knew at the same time; they were two sexy ladies, but with a moral heavyweight I was taking on, though. I just kept picturing them in their bras and panties, but the mystery of what lay beneath them made me melt.I never opened my eyes, but I did find myself biting my bottom lip, though. I knew my mind was gonna make me do immoral things because my pussy demanded it. I knew it would happen even before I felt my cunt, Otele Gelen Escort yet, they tempted me without knowing it.”I’d love to see what you two are hiding in those undergarments. Maybe it’s against the rules, but shit, you two are stunning. Maybe you both didn’t know that you let a crackhead see a huge collection of crack or something. You did it, and now, damn it,” I whined, before hitting the wall. “You two white girls made your black teacher want you, and now what?” I griped, jolting while keeping my hand in place. “Take off those bras and panties, ladies; your teacher demands it now.”I pressured my pussy more and smiled as much as I could. I saw their nude bodies in my mind anyway. Yet, I knew I was just pushing myself towards the same thing: me wanting to break the rule. So, my head and beaver went to war, so to speak.”Oh, yes, I have nice nipples you two could suck. You haven’t seen my jugs, but I think you’ll like them, though. They’re not MILF melons, but I’m sure you’ll still cherish them, though. You can both finger me too. You can do anything you want with me because you two were looking at me, weren’t you? Maybe I wasn’t showing off my body so much, but still, you two would like a piece of me too, right?” I asked, before a gap. “Well, I don’t know for sure if you two like girls or not, but you were the ones asking about same-sex sex still being forbidden. So, that’s gotta mean something, right?”I wasn’t sure, but my pussy still didn’t care. I just let myself off the hook for anything moral as far as just fantasizing about those two. I also had to envision myself kissing them surely setting it up as a sexy fantasy rather than just a lustful one.I felt my heart racing as fast as I could ever remember, but in the end, no matter what effects I got from masturbating, it was still just a watered-down version of actually doing it. Still, the risks and pleasure clashed, and it was just a matter of what was greater.With every passing stroke of my hand on my cunt and drop of sweat that fell off my head, one was getting stronger. I kept my other palm on the wall, but it was getting harder to stay upright, though. I was more than committed to keeping going and loved it all I could.”I came in here slightly curious, but now I more than interested in seeing them both naked and fucking the shit out of them too. How can I not want it now?”I had no idea, but sure enough, it still wasn’t like flipping a light switch. Even if nothing happened, I felt turned on even thinking about the prospect of it.”Yes, you both have bushes too; what’s not to like? You both have to be as sexy; I’m thinking, right? Am I just horny and speculating? No, you two wanted to tease me, right?”I didn’t get an answer, but yet, it just made me want to get it that much more. Over the course of ten minutes, I went from resisting to even envisioning them at all to having them both naked and licking my nipples with my hands on their heads.So, whether I even wanted to admit it or not, I didn’t even have much of a choice in the matter of fantasizing. Needless to say, I still had a choice not to even say a word to them, not even to have the slightest chance of breaking the rule.”They were spouting off about lesbian sex being forbidden too, so… just what the fuck? Were they trying to say something there? Shit, what Balgat Escort if they are interested in me? Would they be? Maybe they’re together and would like to fuck their black teacher. Who the fuck knows, but would it be the worst thing in the world even if we fucked and no one else found out about it? Not tonight, tomorrow, or ever?”I had to look out at the door and lick my lips some more. I found myself getting hotter for them by the second, and just the mysteries of what would happen if something happened and just if they might be interested.I couldn’t help it because it nearly felt like I was eyeballing one giant Christmas present under the tree. I had to know what was in it and come hell or high water; I was gonna find out. I took a deep breath and calmly pushed the curtain back, but I didn’t turn off the water.”So, as far as they know, I’m still showering,” I muttered, closing the gap. “Whether you did it on purpose or not, you planted the idea in my head, and you had it grow into one sexy idea. I have to know: were you baiting me and just what are you doing when you have some time with me out of sight?”I didn’t bother drying off. They had me more than curious, so I went to the door and cracked it open. Truth be told, I couldn’t be completely confident about what they were doing, but once I let my eyes on them, they superglued themselves to those hot young ladies.”Oh, yes, just like that, Evelyn, make me soil our bed as much as you can before Ms. Gil gets out of the shower. I love it when you get between my legs,” Riley moaned.”Holy sheep shit,” I giggled, before covering my face for a few seconds. “It’s true; they do like girls because Evelyn is buried in Riley’s crotch. What the fuck else could she be doing besides eating her out?” I pondered, feeling my snatch.I kept the door cracked a bit, but had to increase it a bit to get a slightly better look at them. I kept the shower running to throw them off my scent, and then I could enjoy the sweetest eye candy I could imagine.I immediately began moving my hand all over my cunt, and I felt my juice blasting out even more. I got to see essentially what I fantasized about in my mind and had to cherish it all I possibly could too. I didn’t get a good look at the actual fucking, but still, the image was hot.”Oh, yes, Riley, massage your friend’s head as she eats you out; it’s the least you can do for her. I’ve had my pussy eaten many times before, so I know it feels, but I don’t know how it feels for one of you to do it. Dare I ask, would either of you fancy doing it for me?”I didn’t get my answer, but I still scrubbed my beaver hard and felt to be sweating my ass off too. So, they had me rather happy at the moment, and the mystery of how long they’d go before wondering about me drove me crazy too.Just like before, I let my hand go up and down on my slit and kept my mouth open as well. I saw it as a work of art, so to speak because I found it to be so hot. I got to see Riley’s glorious tits and her shooting Evelyn one lusty look as well.So, they gave me one sexy treat, and surely enough, I ate it all up. Evelyn showed me that she knew something about licking a cherry, even just from seeing the back of her head. And she was seeing Riley shake around and jolt too, painted the picture that maybe they were a couple.I had no idea, but regardless of their reasoning, it didn’t make the eye candy taste any different. I wanted to get a closer look at them, but I resisted. I couldn’t foresee good odds of giving myself away then, so I stayed back and watched.I swallowed and breathed as heavily as possible. All I did was try to balance pleasure and defense, so to speak. Nevertheless, I wasn’t doing myself any favors by scalding my slit. I couldn’t help it, though.

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