Fornicating Felicia


I am the 33-year old mother of two boys who are 7 and 6. We are left alone at least two weeks out of a month because my husband’s job requires that he travel across the country frequently. We hired a girl from the neighborhood to be a companion/babysitter when needed and to do light housework with me on the weekends.

Felicia lived two doors down and was in and out of here all the time. The boys loved her because she was rough-housed with them. When my husband was away, I loved her, too but in a much different way. You see, I am a very sexual person. I need physical contact. With him on the road so much, what else could I do but pursue my pleasures elsewhere? I pursued Felicia. I wasn’t cheating. Not really, was I? Here’s how it all started.

Felicia didn’t have classes at her high school one Friday this spring. She called to see if I wanted her to work that day instead of the next. I told her to come on over and do the boys’ rooms while they were at school. I hadn’t dressed yet and was having another cup of coffee when she came in.

Felicia was 5′ 7″, fully developed with thick, straight blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. Her full young breasts pushed at the t-shirt that was tucked into her Daisy Duke cutoffs. She made a beautiful, fresh 18-year old package, glasses and all. Her problem was that she didn’t see herself as a pretty young woman. Not a lick of self-confidence emanated from her. No boyfriends either. She rarely looked me or my husband in the eyes, even when we were paying her. She probably saw herself as a gawky teenager, but I saw her as a potential playmate.

Upstairs, passing by one of the boys’ rooms, I noticed Felicia bending over picking up a toy. Her little ass was so cute as it tried to escape the legs of the brief shorts. I started getting wet thinking about kissing it. Yes, I have kissed female ass before. And I’ve done many more things as well.

A few months before I met my husband, I struck up a conversation at intermission with a pretty, forty-something violinist who was part of the little orchestra that was playing in the park during lunch time. Over liquid refreshment, she looked me in the eye and said she’d been watching me as she played. “It’s a good thing my skirt is black because you made me wet my panties. You look like you need fucking, sweet thing. I am just the woman to do it. Conserve your strength. You’re going to need it.” During the rest of the concert I watched her, all prim and proper on stage and thought about what she’d said. About her wet panties. She pressed her card into my hand and told me to meet her in thirty minutes. Even tough I was a somewhat shy virgin, I was still excited that anyone would want me. I took a chance for once in my life and called in sick after lunch. I didn’t resurface for two days. I was eaten, screwed, my orifices inserted with pleasurable objects and kissed all over a million times.

I had been a shy office worker. Practically invisible. I went back to work with my delicious secret and filled with sexual self confidence. My body was covered in passion marks beneath my clothing. My pussy was still swollen, 1080 porno my ass was throbbing from last night’s intense anal fucking and my breasts sensitive to the slightest touch. The woman suggested I wear a pad because she knew I would wet myself when I thought about the things she did to me. She was so right. The girls remarked that they needed to get sick, too. I was practically glowing. My entire body had been fucked by an insatiable violinist. It was the most incredible experience of my life. I owed it to Felicia to indoctrinate her into a sexual life. It’s what she needed to come out of her shell. And I needed pussy again in my life.

I walked on to our bedroom and called her in. “Felicia, come here. I’d like to show you something.”

“Yes, ma’am,” she answered, scarily. She probably thought her job was in jeopardy.

I led her to the free-standing dressing mirror that I inherited from my grandmother. I loved looking at myself–5’8″, 120 pounds, auburn hair, green eyes and always sexually charged–in this mirror. With my hands on her shoulders, I said “Look at yourself, Felicia. Now look at me looking at you. This is how other people look at you. Admiringly. They see a beautiful young woman. You must learn have more confidence in yourself and your looks. Haven’t I always told you how fine and beautiful you are? Why don’t you believe me?”

“No, Ms. Liz. I’m a klutz and I’m too big. I wear glasses…”

I pulled the glasses away and put them on the night table. “See, Felicia, you look beautiful without them. And look at these young, high breasts. Magnificient!” I brushed my palms across the hardening nipples.

“Ms. Liz, please don’t,” she said, shakily.

“Why not, Felicia? Doesn’t this feel good to you? It makes me feel good to touch you this way. Don’t you want me to feel good, sweetheart?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry…”

“Here, let me help you take this shirt off so you can see me touch you. Pleasure is everything. Good. Now let me have the bra.” I rubbed and squeezed her breasts as we watched in the mirror. I was hot and wet. I had to have her pussy today. I placed a few kisses on her shoulders as I pinched the hardened nipples. She shuddered. I unbelted my robe to free my own hard nipples and pressed them against her back. “Do you like what I’m doing to you, Felicia? Do you feel my nipples?” I said as I zipped her shorts down slowly.

“No–Yes, ma’am. But this isn’t right, is it? Shouldn’t I be doing this with a boy?”

“If it makes you feel good, it’s perfectly all right. And you feel so good to me. Believe me, honey, men don’t know everything. Relax now. I’m going to put my hand inside your panties now and touch your nice, young pussy. I need to feel it. Watch me in the mirror as I touch you. Oh, yes, baby!” I caressed her pussy as I lightly rotated my own on her shorts. “Felicia, does my hand feel good down there? Your pussy is so smooth and wet. You’re getting excited at my touch. I love that.”

“Yes, Ms. Liz. I feel all… all tingly.”

“I will make you feel even better in a few minutes. I am going to suck 2 k porno your pussy into my mouth.”

“Really, ma’am? Your mouth?” she moaned as I rubbed her clit hard. She had her first orgasm with a human being while watching the whole scene in a mirror. Her legs weakened.

“Let me taste your pussy now. It will be fantastic for both of us. Step out of the shorts, sweetheart. Hurry.” I gently pushed her on the bed and repositioned the mirror. I wanted her to watch me as I ate her out for the first time. I took her quickly so that so wouldn’t suddenly change her mind. I stuck two fingers in her and got her g-spot. Then I attacked her clit and lips with my mouth. Felicia screamed in pleasure, “Oh, Ms. Liz, I…I feel…” and began to cum. She gushed her sweet girl-juice over my hand and into my mouth. I lapped up every bit, making sure my tongue found all the little folds where her treasure might be hiding. When I pushed my long, stiff tongue inside her pussy and explored her virgin territory, she came over and over as I held her firm with my mouth and hands.This was the first pussy I’d had in eight years.And it was good!

When I rose from between her legs to look at her, she was sprawled out on my bed, sexually spent. Beautiful. She was looking steadily into my eyes for the very first time. Her mouth was open and ready for her first kiss. I was so excited as I devoured her, letting her taste her own pussy in my mouth. I spread her thighs and examined my handiwork– her swollen pussy. Her clit raised its head again. Excitedly, I crawled on top of her and gave her some of my wet pussy. “Baby, feel me,” I mumbled. I showed her no mercy as I rode her hard. Her moans of pleasure were music to my ears as I went deeper. Our breasts touched and our tongues mated as we screwed our sweating bodies to orgasms. I kept her trapped under me and fucked her over and over. Never once did she ask me to stop. I had her.

“You made me feel good, Felicia. Just like I knew you would. Fucking your pussy was incredible,” I said between sucking her pretty breasts. Aren’t you glad you made me happy?”

“Oh, yes ma’am. You did things to me…”

Before I picked up the boys at school, I had licked and kissed every inch of her smooth, soft body. When she laid on her stomach, I crawled onto her back and spent myself screwing her sweet ass. Felicia was an avid learner when I ordered her to go down on me. That head, with its thick blond ponytail, was bobbing between my legs like an expert. Proudly, I watched her in the mirror as I was cumming again. She would be my perfect lover.

Later during the summer, I took Felicia’s virginity with a realistic rubber dick I bought at a sex shop in Las Vegas. He was my special friend when my husband was away. It was secreted away in the back of my own closet in a shoe bag where he would never look. I wanted to be the one to take her virginity as the woman had taken mine. I wanted to see her face as her hymen tore, as the pain faded and she adjusted to the fullness in her pussy for the first time.

Felicia liked me to fuck her with my dick 3 k porno as she watched in the mirror. Her face was lovely and expressive when it was deep inside her pussy. The sweet sounds that came from her throat filled the room. I would rub her pubic bone and her clit and she’d squeeze it inside her. Just the site of her lying there, letting me do these things to her body for our pleasure, was an ultimate turn-on. I would lose my tongue in her mouth, pull her nipples with my teeth or stick my thumb in her ass. Whatever I wanted.

On the day I shoved my dick in her ass, as my lover had done with me, my little lover cried and begged me not to take it out. “It’s too good, Ms. Liz.” I alternately watched her ass as I pumped it full of dick and watched her expression in the mirror. A couple of perfectly timed slaps on her cheeks helped bring Felicia some intense orgasms. Juice from my pussy dripped down my legs as I worked at her ass. The next time I went into the city, I bought a nice strap-on to add to my collection. That way I could have my hands free to explore as I dicked my baby girl.

Felicia’s mom called me a few weeks later, thanking me for giving her daughter a job. She said Felicia’s self-confidence had gone through the roof and she even thinking about dating. “Honey,” I said after clicking the phone off and she’d raised her head from between my legs, “that was your mom on the phone. She’s very pleased with your social progress. I am pleased as well,sweetheart,” I said as I rubbed her head with one hand. “You give great head, honey. Suck me harder. Yes, that’s it. Make me cum, baby,” I screamed silently as I dropped the telephone to the floor. My boys were playing downstairs.

I fucked Felicia until she went off to college later that year. I couldn’t get enough of her sweet body. I was always touching, kissing or fucking her whenever she entered my house. One morning, I leisurely shaved her blond pussy bald as I had done mine. Freaky me couldn’t resist the urge to trib my baby while our pussies were still burning. “I’m sore, Ms. Liz, ” she said, “but please keep fucking me. Please. You feel so good on me.”

Her begging for more of my pussy inspired me even more to give her what she needed. A big dose of me. I sawed my girl’s pussy with mine, as hard and as deep as I could. “I know baby, I know. I love fucking you. I can’t get enough.”

Her mom remarried and moved her new husband into their house. She didn’t keep close tabs on her daughter as she’d done before. Felicia spent a lot of extra time at my house when my husband was not here. Sometimes overnight. On those nights we never slept. We fucked. One night my youngest opened the bedroom in the middle of the night. Still half asleep, he said he heard noises and thought his daddy was home. Luckily, the room was dark because I was on top of Felicia at the foot of the bed getting some late-night pussy. “Daddy’s not… home yet, sweetheart. Go… back to… bed.” I never stopped digging my pussy into hers as I talked with my son. He went back to his room after my assurance that his daddy was coming home tomorrow. But Mommy was still fucking sweet Felicia. I covered her mouth with mine as we were cumming.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my husband and we still have fantastic sex. But I do so love having my share of pussy when he’s away. After Felicia leaves, I’ll have to find a new girl to ‘work’ for me.

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