Amor Prohibetur Ch. 14


Hello, Mr. Morning Wood

Olivia Southern was a busybody. She was the type of woman who woke up every single morning with a dozen things on her to-do list, all prioritized and organized in her head. What she hated most was when her carefully laid out plans were tossed into the washer and jumbled up together.

That’s what was happening now. The forty-three year old mom had seen her hubby off to work at seven. Now it was nearing eight and her teenage son was still rumbling out snores from his bedroom. Olivia was dressed, and she was ready, and she had her car keys in her hand. In three seconds she could be out the door, taking care of all the things she had it in her mind to take care of that day. The problem was that her lazy son wasn’t up and ready to go with her.

Olivia was staring at the front door as if it were her enemy, because it was still shut and she was on the wrong side of it. The door and her son were conspiring together, she decided, before she turned and trudged down the hall to her son’s bedroom. When she passed the mirror hanging there, she only took a brief glance at her reflection.

The mature woman did not like the way her cheeks were softening up as she got older. Back when she was a little girl, her cheeks were cute enough that everybody in the world wanted to touch them and squeeze them. Now, they looked like ugly pouches of old meat. At least she still had her pretty green eyes, she thought, and her fluffy brown hair. Except for her cheeks, she was aging gracefully, unlike some of her girlfriends who were so eager to retain their youth that they were paying top dollar for cosmetic surgeries and whatever other fads were trendy.

Impatiently, Olivia walked into her son’s room. “Lee, it is time to get up! You do this every single day now! Come on, get up! What are you waiting for?”

Her son could sleep like a dormant volcano. He rumbled louder than even Olivia’s husband when he snored, and he was tougher to budge than a mountain. Olivia had taken to shaking him awake, but even when Lee was sleeping his body could be rebellious. Her son’s body sensed that she was coming to wake him up, so it rolled to the farthest edge of the bed, right up against the wall, where it would be harder to reach.

“Goddamn it, Lee, get the hell up!” She shrieked. “You’re doing this on purpose to me! Every single morning!”

The noise Olivia and her husband made in the morning didn’t wake Lee up. The ringing from the alarm clock didn’t wake him, but it sure annoyed the shit out of her. She even called him on his phone, hoping the distinct ring tone would rouse him. Olivia had tried everything she could think of, short of dumping a bucket of cold water on his face!

“Oh, Lee, you lazy son of a bitch.” She started crawling onto his bed. “I should have had a girl instead of you. You’re just like your father!”

Even when she started shaking her son, he wouldn’t budge. She did manage to get him from his side to his back. Maybe she could drag him off by a leg and dump him on the floor. Irritated, Olivia began pulling at his leg, when she happened to look past his thighs and at Lee’s boxers.

His dick had slipped out of them, she discovered there. His dick had come out to wave at her while she was trying to wake her son up! Olivia’s eyes popped open. It was big and long and round. It looked like a NASA rocket on the launching pad, except it was colored peach and had hairy fuzz at the base instead of ignition flames.

“Well, will you look at that?” Olivia asked.

Unwittingly, she compared her son’s package to her husband’s. Her husband had a dick that curved over to the right like it was trying to make a u-turn. Who the hell had a dick like that? Dicks had to stand up straight so they could see where they were going, didn’t they? They didn’t turn to the side as if cringing at what was coming to them!

But Lee’s dick; that was something special. It was unique in Olivia’s experience. Not that she’d slutted around with half the men in town, mind you, but she’d had a handful of lovers back in the day, back before she got married. To her eyes, Lee’s dick was something women should be drooling over. It was perfect!

When Lee started smacking his lips, Olivia nearly jumped off the bed. She had been staring at that little totem pole so long she thought she’d gone into suspended animation. Very quickly, Olivia tossed the covers over to hide that thing, so Lee wouldn’t catch how mesmerized she’d become by it.

Scooting a few inches toward the top of the bed, she grabbed a handful of Lee’s brown hair and gave it a good yank.

“Ow! Ow! Mom, what the fuck?”

“You get off this bed right this second, you hear me?” Olivia snarled. “Right this second!”

He battered her hands away. “All right, shit! Why’d you have to do that? I don’t even have to go to school anymore!”

“I’m going to the Neighborhood House, and you’re coming with me!” Olivia replied. “I don’t know why you’re even asking, because you already know that! I am not going have you sitting in this house all day playing bursa otele gelen escort video games and smoking weed!”

“Mom, I don’t even smoke weed!”

“Everybody knows that playing too many videos games leads to smoking weed! I’m not having that in my house, Lee! If you don’t get up right now, I’m going to kick your ass like I did to your father when I got him up this morning! Get up, Lee! I’m serious!”

Olivia’s claws went for her son’s hair again. Lee fought her off by wrestling for her wrists, but he knew what his mother meant when she said she was serious.

“All right, I’m getting up!” Lee caved in, like she knew he would.

He must have realized that his ding-a-ling, well, no, that wasn’t right, Olivia considered. It was more like a dong-a-long. Lee must have realized it was out taking a walk around the block from his boxers, because the next thing he did was to make sure his bottom half was covered.

“Can you please get out of my room so I can dressed?” He implored.

“Not if you’re going to go back to sleep again.” Olivia countered. “Don’t you think that I forgot that time you tried to block your door with the dresser!”

“That was way back in junior high! Mom, if you want me to go with you, get out of my room right now!”

Olivia liked when she got Lee mad. He looked like a fierce little rooster with the red crest on top its little head standing up. Her husband had been like that once, fierce, but she’d beaten him into a pile of lumpy oatmeal over the years. All her wimpy husband did nowadays was to hold up a white flag of surrender whenever he saw her coming.

“You have five minutes to get into the living room.” She menaced. “If you’re not there, I’m waking you up with the hair cutter tomorrow.”

Automatically, Lee’s hands went to his head. His father had gone to sleep drunk one night, right after the man had pissed his wife off by leaving the front screen open and letting all the mosquitoes in. When he’d woken up the next morning, he had the sloppiest eighties mullet ever seen in human history.

Olivia saw the raw determination in her son’s face. If she did that to him, he was already trying to think of a way to get back at her. That was so sexy, she thought. Her son was plotting revenge against her. She’d gotten him angry, and how he was trying to pass that anger back on her like a hot potato stuffed with bits of garnish, sour cream and hot, melted cheese. Olivia had always liked engaging in that kind of mental competition with her girlfriends, and she always left them in the dust.

“Five minutes.” She said, evenly.

“I’ll be out in ten.” He growled back. “When I’m ready!”

Oh, she liked that attitude. She liked it very much. Olivia made a face and huffed and snorted like a bull that was ready to charge, figuratively of course. She swung around on her heels stomped out as if she were angry, but at the same time she was giving off all the right signs that an intelligent man would catch. She was pretending to be put off, but past that, she wanted to be chased and dominated by a stud.

And her son had something she wanted.

Olivia pretty much shoved her husband out the door early the next day. She got her things ready for the community center, where she’d cook for the elderly and talk to them and tried to prevent them from remembering how old they were. When Olivia got that old, she hoped there would be somebody around to hold her hand in the same way, because from what she was seeing, getting old was a monumental bitch to deal with.

Lee was doing okay there. He carried boxes of food and gallons of water in from the trucks. He moved tables and chairs around whenever some kind of meeting or talk was taking place. Her son was a slow starter, but once he warmed up to the older men, he’d sit there fascinated as they told him their old war stories and all the weird shit they’d seen throughout their long lives. Most recently, Lee had been asking about the before and after of big disasters those poor people had suffered through.

Olivia had gone through things like that; that’s what made her so tough. She was like a strap of hard leather now.

The strong woman strolled into her son’s bedroom at the usual time. Lee was sleeping way over by the wall, too far for Olivia to see if he had a Mr. Woody or not. She leaned over, pulling his covers off, peering over his lean thighs but not finding what she hoped to. Still, it was time to wake him up.

Earlier, she thought of bringing the hair cutter into the room and just letting it buzz for a while, to see how long it would take for Lee to start squirming. Maybe she’d do that on some later day when he really pissed her off.

Right after Lee rolled over on his stomach, Olivia climbed on the bed with him. She went to straddled his butt, because that’s where his King Dick was, but on the other side of his body. She just sat there, sitting on her sleeping son and wondering what she’d do if he was lying on his back instead of his belly.

Olivia leaned bursa eve gelen eskort forward, putting her hands on Lee’s upper back. She felt like rubbing her body against his, but she was already wearing her senior center clothing. No way she would mess up her clothes and have to change into something else.

Lee was wearing a white shirt and boxers, as he usually did when he went to bed. The shirt was already pulled up by a few inches, showing her eyes his peachy color. She pulled the shirt up a little more, before setting her hands on his bare skin. After decades of washing dishes by hand, and sweeping and doing all kinds of manual chores, her hands were full of calluses and hard skin. Lee, on the other hand, hadn’t grown up in such a tough era. He was soft and gentle for the most part. His life was pampered compared to what Olivia had gone through. She wondered if she should give him a mullet, just for the hell of it. Just to get a rise out of her son so he’d come after her in a hidden way.

Olivia pulled down his boxers, seeing the kind swell of his butt, but not by much because her body was in the way. The elastic band was easy to ply, she found. It would be just as easy to drag aside if Lee was on his back; if she wanted to get another look at his dong-a-long.

She caressed her son’s lower back and part of his butt. When she caught his breaths changing, as if he was waking up, she went into her battle mode and started pushing and bouncing on him.

“What are you waiting for?” Olivia yelled out. “You know what time it is! Get the hell up before I light a match in your ass!”

All that jumping around not only got her son awake, but in a grumpy mood on top. “Why are you on my bed? Get the hell off, mom!”

They started fighting, not play fighting but a real wrestling match right there on his bed. When it looked like Lee was going to get the better of her, she separated from him and made as if to storm out of his room. When Olivia got to the door, Lee flung his pillow at her and smacked her on the back.

With an evil glare in her eyes, she turned back. Lee was sitting up on his bed, still good and ready to tangle with her. That was it. That was the temper she’d wanted to draw out of him. It was staring at her like a magical red aura.

“You’re not allowed in my room anymore!” He menaced his mother.

He didn’t look like a little boy, Olivia contrasted. He looked like a young warrior, the kind that went off to fight in medieval battles with a sword and shield.

“I can go wherever I want to.” She said, turning her back and leaving his room like a queen.

One more day or two, she calculated, when she reached the living room. That’s all it would take for her to push Lee where she wanted him. He would come after her, chasing her all over the house. When he caught up to her, they would fight for supremacy. They would grapple and roll around on the floor. They would get all hot and sweaty and press their bodies against each other. At some point, she would succumb to him. If he had half a brain, he would figure out what she wanted.

Olivia glanced down the hall when Lee slammed his door shut. Maybe she could do it now, provoke him the right way. He sure was mad enough. At the same time, she had her clothes on already. She didn’t want to change for anything.

There would be other days, she knew.

The next morning, Olivia went to stand by her son’s door as soon as her husband’s car slipped out of the driveway. She felt her body go hot when she saw that Lee was on his back with the covers down around his feet. His boxers didn’t look puffed up, but just knowing that only that one, thin stretch of fabric was keeping her from seeing his prize made her woozy.

Because she was bold enough, she strode into the room and took a seat on the bed’s edge. It was way too early for Lee to wake up, and she wasn’t even dressed yet. Olivia had some time to screw around. She leaned over, finding the little flap on Lee’s boxers and drawing his dick out. It wasn’t hard, not yet. By putting her hand around it and making it warm, she figured it would become hard. Olivia held it like that for about five minutes, sending psychic waves at it until she felt it thicken. Lee was snoring lightly, while his mother held his dick and compelled it into growing erect.

Olivia wasn’t sure what to do next. She’d been trying to draw her son out of his room because she wanted to be pursued and taken. That’s what a tough woman like her expected from the men she wanted. It would screw up her plans if she just jumped on him while he was asleep. Olivia didn’t like when her plans were screwed up like that, because she had her specific way of doing things.

For a good fifteen minutes, she kept her fingers curled around it. It stayed rigid the entire time. After that, she left Lee’s room, got dressed and abandoned the house. This time, her son did not go with her to the Neighborhood Center.

Olivia was standing in the doorway the next morning too, bright and early and bayan escort bursa with a lot of time to spare. She had a loose tee shirt on and loose shorts, but she’d left her underwear back in her room. Damn it, she thought. It would be easier if I just threw a bucket of cold water on him.

When she went to sit on her son’s bed, she saw Mr. Woody hiding under his boxers. She drew him out with her fingers. Lee’s dick was so hard it would probably stay that way all morning. The same as the previous morning, she started feeling dizzy just by feeling how big it was, and how excited her body felt.

Lee had been watching her the previous day, after she’d come home from the senior center. He thought his mother was up to something by not forcing him to come along, and he was right about that. What Lee hadn’t figured out yet was that Olivia’s wants had changed very recently. He could build moral character some other time, she smirked, but right now all she was concerned about was Mr. Woody.

Maybe if I hold it with one hand, and fiddle myself with the other, she thought, maybe that will be enough. Olivia began playing with her pussy. She made a big mistake when she poked herself with a finger. Her finger was so small, she compared, to what she was holding in her other hand. She tried two fingers, but that didn’t work either.

“Well, damn it.” Olivia grumbled, as she began moving onto the bed.

She didn’t want to let go of Lee’s dick, but she had to in order to get where she suddenly needed to be. Her legs went over him, and then she was pulling her loose shorts to one side and exposing her inner thigh and pussy. Her son was still placidly asleep.

“Boy, are you about to get one hell of a surprise.” Olivia mumbled.

As she held the dick steady and began her descent, her body went into hot, sweaty bitch overdrive. It wasn’t even in her yet, and she was giving off steam and swooning and feeling all wet down there. Olivia thought she might faint. I should have had myself a glass of ice water before I came in here, she thought.

Olivia was pushing out hot, little puffs of air as her pussy greeted the first of Lee. She was agitated all over, feeling like she was about to lose her balance, with a flash of fever burning up her head. Oh, that thing was really splitting her apart! It overwhelmed her, even, so much that she considered giving up and running out of her son’s bedroom before he got that spark of awakening that would reveal to him what was going on. Oh, no, Olivia became determined; you didn’t come this far only to chicken out now. When I want things done, they will get done!

Olivia brought her weight down, adjusted her legs, and brought her weight down some more. She couldn’t believe how much bigger Lee was than her husband. Lee had a sausage dick, while her not so better half had a skinny, bent Frankfurter. Finally, oh, finally, finally, she got the whole thing in. Olivia let herself rest on it, wondering how the hell she’d managed to stuff so much dick in.

“Give me about five minutes, Lee.” She whispered. “Then I’ll be done and out and you can wake up. Five minutes, that’s all I’m asking for.”

She glanced down at her son’s sleeping face, making sure he was still oblivious and quiet. Next, she shut her eyes and began bouncing her body, really slow so she wouldn’t jerk him around. The toughest part was keeping her mouth shut. Her husband’s dick she was used to. It only rubbed one part of her pussy at a time, and even then it took a while for her to get as bothered as she was now. The biggest difference was that her son was so much thicker. His dick rubbed her entire pussy all at once. Even the slight vibrations she was making were selling her on a money-back guarantee that she was going to have the orgasm of her life.

Olivia was steaming out hot breaths, so much that she felt she was suffocating on heat. Her eyes opened up. She looked down at Lee. He was awake now. He was gaping at her with his mouth wide open.

“Close your eyes, honey.” She said, breathless. “I just need another couple of minutes. Close your mouth, too. You don’t want any flies going in there. Lord knows we have enough of them buzzing around in the kitchen.”

She reached over to put her fingers on her son’s face. That was enough to make him shut his eyelids so she could get back to work.

“That’s right.” She soothed him by caressing his face. “Pretend you’re still asleep, honey.”

Now, Olivia didn’t call just anyone honey. She hardly said that word at all while her husband made love to her. Honey was something she said when her man went out of his way to please her, but in that household, her personal pleasing came by about as often as Christmas.

The good thing was that Lee was awake. That meant she didn’t have to pussyfoot around with him anymore. Now she could pussy-fuck around with him. She smirked. She was going to pussy-fuck around with a dong-a-long. Now, wasn’t that funny?

Olivia went from vibrating to hopping, feeling her insides as hot as an Alabama summer. She opened up her mouth to let all that noise she’d been holding back out into the open. Oh, did that noise come out in bushels! Olivia was so loud she thought the walls were going to come alive and tell her to shush! In between gasps, she heard a similar racket coming from her son. When she looked at Lee, his eyes were still shut, but his mouth was groaning like he had a toothache.

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