First Time for Many Things

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Ok, mwm here, mid-40’s and not getting nearly enough from the wife anymore so started answering some posts on doublelist.

Never did anything with a guy before but saw an ad for a guy offering bj’s… So, I responded and told him up front I was a first timer with a guy and was nervous, he was cool about it and offered to have some porn on for me to watch. I was like, why not?

Went to his place, he led me to his room and told me to get comfortable. I stripped down to my drawers, laid on the bed, and started watching the video, a bunch of chicks sucking and getting facials. I was hard as a rock and already dripping pre-cum, had a growing wet spot on my shorts… he just laid next to me for a few minutes and watched the vid and me…

Once I was really into the video, I felt his hand very gently sliding along my cock. My cock started throbbing immediately… He started squeezing and caressing my cock through my shorts. It felt so good I couldn’t help letting out a few moans of pleasure, he asked if I liked it and I just nodded and mumbled uh-huh. He said he could make it feel even better if I wanted. I didn’t stop watching the video, but just nodded.

He started pulling my drawers ataköy escort down and I just raised my hips off the bed and pushed them down to my knees, he just smiled and slid them the rest of the way off. I was still nervous and couldn’t make eye contact, so I kept watching the video.

I was leaking a lot of pre-cum, the head of my cock was soaked, and I had a little puddle of it growing on my lower stomach. I felt him start to play with the pre-cum, rubbing it around the head of my cock, scooping it up with his finger and rubbing it down the shaft. That just made me drip even more!

I felt him slide down the bed from laying next to me… Next thing I knew, he was licking my cock… He was licking from the tip down to my balls, up and down the whole length, letting his mouth water over it, sucking my balls, licking up all the pre-cum I was dripping. Felt AMAZING! Then he spread my legs and got between them on his knees with his ass up in the air. He grabbed my cock, stood it straight up, I could see the pre-cum and his saliva dripping down it, and he slowly swallowed the whole thing. He started giving me one of the best bj’s I’d ever had.

After bakırköy escort a few minutes, he stopped, got up on his knees and pulled off his gym shorts. He was hard as a rock. I had never seen another guy hard before, not in real life, only in porn. But I couldn’t stop looking. He just looked at me laying there and stroked his cock for a minute or two… I couldn’t help it and had to start stroking mine too. So, we watched each other for another minute or two, then he kneeled closer and took over stroking me with his other hand.

Then he really surprised me my laying his cock right on mine and stroking them together!! I was so shocked I couldn’t even move! It felt so erotic to have our wet cocks rubbing against each other while he stroked them!! I couldn’t stop watching now! Sometimes he’d stroke fast, sometimes slow, occasionally he’d let a long line of spit drip out of his mouth onto our cocks and he’d stroke it in. They were sopping wet with pre-cum and spit!

I guess the slippery feeling and the wet, sloshy sound of him stroking us was too much because all of a sudden, he said he was gonna cum! I was suddenly terrified! topkapı escort Never even saw another guy cum before and definitely never had one cum on me!! I wanted to say “No! Stop!” But really wanted to see him cum too… He just unloaded all over my cock and stomach, it was the most erotic thing I ever felt! I didn’t know what to do so I just laid there as he had his orgasm…

When he was done, he just said “Sorry for the mess, but don’t worry, I’ll clean it up!” And that’s exactly what he did. He went down and licked every drop off of me then went back to sucking me again.

After a few more minutes he looked up and asked me if I was gonna cum soon. I didn’t want to tell him that I had already jerked off the night before and that morning!

So, I just said I could cum faster if I could fuck his mouth. He said sure. So, he laid back on the pillows and I straddled his chest and fed him my cock. I started with long, deep strokes into his mouth, but soon felt myself pumping his mouth shorter and faster.

In like five minutes I felt cum building up and knew there was no holding back… I told him I was gonna cum and he took my cock out of his mouth and started stroking it fast and hard against his face.

I blew three of four spurts of cum over his face, then he shoved it back in his mouth and sucked the rest out. When I was done, he got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When he came back, he said he saw how much I liked watching the girls in the video get facials, so he thought he’d help me give him one!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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