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This is my first story so i am looking for feedback. I would love to better my writing i don’t really have any experience with writing i just know that i love to write. I am looking for an editor so if anyone would like to just let me know in the comments.


The tears streaming down my face, I run up the stairs to my house and run straight to the bathroom. I turn the water on all the way hot, I need to get the feeling of him off my skin. I don’t know why he didn’t stop, why didn’t he stop? I said no.. I wish I would have never went to that party with Gina. I step into the water and it burns, it burns so badly I want to turn the cold water on but I need to feel anything but the touch of him. He betrayed me, I trusted him I get the soap and dump it all over my body, I feel like scum I scrub and scrub but the groping of his hands, the smell of him on my skin, it won’t go away. I keep reliving that moment I just wish it would stop, I start to sob loudly and I can do nothing but curl up in a ball in the corner of my shower.So many thought are running through my mind, i was going to stay a virgin until marriage i am only 22 with no boyfriend no man is going to want me now. When will this nightmare go away? I know my questions can’t be answered so ataköy escort i try to feel nothing. I don’t know when my brother came in I just remember the water getting icy cold but I can’t feel anything.

“Gabby? Gabs… are you okay?” Bobby asks.

I look up at him but I know that all he is seeing is my blank stare, I look into his gorgeous deep blue eyes and just cry louder, me and my brother are only a year apart,will he look at me differently now after what happened? . He reaches into the shower trying to get and me and I back up farther into the shower, I don’t want to be touched. I hear the sharp intake of his breath as he feels the water he quickly turns it off.

“Gabby, get the hell up. I don’t know what happened to you tonight but I really wish that you would say something… Anything please just talk to me.”

She was really starting to scare me. My proud, confident, beautiful baby sister never let anyone see even the slightest sign of weakness. I remember last year when she fell out of our two story window, when I found her out in the back yard she was trying to get up all by herself even though she had a broken leg. When I asked her why she didn’t call for help her reply ataşehir escort was, I don’t need any of your god damn help. When she was taken to the hospital and they were adjusting her leg for x-rays she never cried, not even one little tear. I know she was trying to keep her tough demeanor up but I wasn’t fooled. Later that night I heard her crying, I walked into her room and held her as she sobbed softly into my chest. She would never say that really happened but we had always been close and I would always protect her after all she was my baby sister.

Despite her whimpers and flailing arms I finally got her up and out of the shower, I grabbed one of our towels and wrapped it around her and just carried her into her room. I lay her down on the bed and went and got some lotion, her body was all bright red I think she burned off the top layer of her skin. I squirted some onto my hand and massaged it into her arms but when I got to her stomach, I could see a little tear trickle out of the corner of her eye. I heard something, I looked up and she was trying to talk to me I leaned down to hear her better, she was saying over and over again.

“Bobby stop, please Bobby stop I will get you all dirty.”

Dirty? fındıkzade escort She had just took a shower, there wasn’t anything dirty on her perfect body. Even though I knew she was in a time of need I couldn’t keep my eyes from looking at her beautiful breasts. I need her to talk to me, I try to coax her out of her state of shock again. I need to know what happened to her.

“Gabs, did something happen to you tonight? Do you want to talk to me about it? You know that you can tell me anything, I won’t judge you. Hell I am in no place to judge you, I am not perfect. I just need you to talk to me.. please I am begging you. Did someone hurt you? Gabby…”

I know I am rambling but I am desperate I think I repeated the same questions over and over for about 15 minutes before she finally said something.

“Bobby, I just need you to hold me can you do that for me please. I just need someone to make me forget, please make me forget what happened.”

“I will hold you Gabs but I need to get you some clothes to wear okay hunny just hang in there.”

I pull out her favorite pajamas and she helps me put them on her. I then crawl up onto her bed and I spoon the back of her, I wrap my arms around her middle and I rock her back and forth. I can hear her saying thank you repeatedly, I just keep whispering shh shh it’s okay Bobby’s here. I don’t remember how long we lay there like that but I soon hear her breathing change as she drifts off to sleep. I know I should get up and go to my own room now but what if she wakes up and needs me? I soon drift off to sleep.

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