Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 13


The Pelting

The bucket with our collected poo is outside again and is also quite full. I’m really looking forward to doing something with that today.

I ask Mieke if she has an idea for this. She can oblige me to do something special with it and help me with it if she wants.

Mieke thinks hard and I see her face brighten. Apparently she has come up with something nice.

“I’m going to pelt you with it today. How does that sound?”

It appeals to me. I get the bucket from outside and put it on the heating for a while.

An hour later she orders me to undress and get into the shower. There she takes the handcuffs and attaches my wrists to the hook of the shower head. That is why I can hardly move from my place and I cannot use my hands.

Then Mieke puts on latex gloves again and opens the bucket. But before she reaches into the bucket, she holds her right hand under her and puts a beautiful pile of her fresh shit into it.

She puts her full hand in front of my face and suddenly she pushes the entire content into my face and smears it well.

Then she bends down and grabs a handful of poo from the bucket. From a meter she throws the poo at me and it lands on my chin and neck.

“I have to aim a little better.” She laughs.

The next load lands neatly in my face. And the next too. The poo slowly slides off my face and down my neck.

Then she aims for my chest and then my dick.

It hits the spot and it feels great.

The bucket is almost empty and she smears her last hand of poo in my hair.

Then she starts smearing everything all over my head with both hands. Not a single spot remains uncovered and also the rest of my body works them in this way until I am completely covered with a thick layer of shit from head to toe, from the front and back.

She leaves me like that for fifteen minutes.

Then she takes my dick in her hand and starts jerking me off. The poo is a wonderful lubricant and she uses some spit to make it a bit smoother.

It won’t be long for my volcano to erupt. With heavy shocks, I cum loudly.

Mieke then stuffs her gloves in my mouth and tells me to stay stuck for a while. She will turn on the shower in the meantime. That way, everything is already a bit loose.

After about ten minutes she comes to free me so that I can bayburt escort clean myself completely. With a good bottle of body I quickly manage to get myself completely spic and span again.


On the morning of a cold and windy January day, it seems ideal to stay indoors and do fun, exciting things together. As if Mieke can read my mind, she tells me that I can make myself available to her for another day.

“You can be my personal toilet again all day long. And you will have to drink and eat anything and everything. I’m not going to tie you this time, but I did buy you a nice leather chastity belt.”

Mieke takes out a box and I can open it.

“Take your clothes off and put that thing on!”

With astonishment I look at the belt and see that there is a kind of flap at the front that can be locked with a padlock. My dick is throbbing in my pants and I can’t wait to get undressed and put that thing on.

As soon as I put it on, Mieke puts the valve down and my dick starts to suck a little more to tease me.

Then she lets go, closes the valve and closes it with the padlock.

“If you have to pee, I will take it off for a while, but otherwise you will continue to wear that thing all day today.”

Then she takes a large glass and starts to pee the glass in front of my eyes. The foam is on it.

“You can drink this all over again. Until the last drop!”

I wonder what will happen if I don’t obey, but I decide to wait. I just really want to drink her piss now.

I put my lips to the glass and with small sips I enjoy her nectar.

I let the last drops fall from high into my mouth. My cock is throbbing even harder now and wants to rub my head a bit but of course that is not possible. I can’t reach it now.

Then she orders me to lie on the floor. She takes out a toilet furniture which she apparently also secretly bought. It is a sturdy toilet seat with 4 legs underneath and she puts it over my head.

Then she sits down and tells me to open my mouth.

“Now I shit straight into your mouth and you make sure you swallow everything else you will be punished.”

Now I realize that I am actually curious about her punishments and I also long to be punished as long as there is no pain involved. We both know we don’t want bilecik escort that. But humiliation and discomfort are allowed. And the dirtier it is, the better.

The first hard droppings land in my mouth and I swallow them easily. Then a huge stream of soft shit follows that partly enters my mouth but the rest over my nose and cheeks. I now think to myself that I will never be able to do all of that. At least not in this way. I need the time to relax between bites.

I decide to take my chance and let it come down to her having to punish me.

After a few swallows and my face is still full of shit, I show that I will not be able to do this.

“Aha! That means a good man!” she crows.

“You will continue to wear your chastity belt all day long. I also put in a big butt plug that you have to leave on for 2 days. I don’t care if you have to shit or not. That thing stays there nicely. And as an extra you will keep your mouth shut both days. I don’t want to hear you talk. Gestures are the only thing you are allowed to do otherwise I will have extra punishment for you.”

My face is still full of shit and she loosens the chastity belt. She has already bought a big butt plug and wet it with lubricant. Then she slowly shoves that thing into me. It is painful for a while, but I have often practiced with a smaller model, so in the end I succeed.

Then she puts the chastity belt back on.

She then puts on a long coat.

“I now want you to go out with your face still full of shit and get me some firewood. If someone sees you, you are out of luck hahaha! And so I still have a few jobs for you. You are therefore not allowed to clean yourself all day today. Furthermore, you can only cum tomorrow night when I take out your butt plug.”

I struggle to say nothing but I manage to restrain myself and enjoy watching her enjoy her power. I love to submit.

It’s a punishment but actually a reward because it makes me very excited.

I step outside with my bare feet. I only have on the long coat and a chastity belt underneath. Mieke is standing at the door and tells me to keep walking.

“I don’t care if anyone sees you. Actually, I want you to be seen by a passer-by. Let them think what they want.”

Without too much shame I collect some wood and walk back bingöl escort inside. No one has seen me I guess.

I take off the coat and sit by the fire to warm up again.

In the meantime Mieke pees another glass and gives it to me to drink. Meanwhile she shoves some shit on my face into my mouth and I have to swallow it together with her pee.

The rest of the day goes by and I still have a lot of piss to process.

I remember that this will continue tomorrow and my ul is jumping up again.

I ask if I can pee. She takes out the key to the padlock and takes my cock from behind the valve, holding the large glass underneath.

“Pee in here. Then you can drink it yourself.”

I had not experienced that yet. I have often tasted some of my own pee, but I never drank it completely. Then a certain compulsion and tension is missing. Now there is and now I enjoy drinking my piss myself. The gentle submission just flips a switch in my head.

At the end of the night I have to clean my face to sleep. The belt hurts a bit in bed, but it is bearable.

The next morning I can drink another good glass of morning piss. I have to shit a lot now, but the butt plug prevents that for the time being. The pressure in my intestines accumulates and puts extra pressure on my prostate, which also gives a nice feeling.

I keep my mouth shut. I do all kinds of chores around the house naked and with only the chastity belt and also prepare dinner. I make Tandoori Chicken. That’s pretty much our favorite food.

After we had a delicious meal, Mieke says that I can come and stand in front of her. She loosens the seat belt and then I can turn around. Very slowly she is now removing the butt plug from my ass. Because it is a bit dry it hurts a bit, but with a little pressing it works.

There is poo on the butt plug. With a mean look she holds the plug in front of me and tells me to lick it completely clean. Of course I like to do that.

While I am doing that she takes my cock in her mouth and starts sucking like crazy.

Then she takes a tube of toothpaste and rubs a blob on my head. Then she continues to suck. Alternately very cold and very warm, my glans becomes more sensitive than ever. It just doesn’t hurt. What a thrill!

With a huge bang I cum in her throat and collapse from intense shaking and exhaustion and sit on the floor.

In the course of the evening I can finally poop and that also gives a lot of relief.

“And now you can talk again. What did you think of this punishment?”

“Awesome!” I say. “You do that very well. You know how to get me exactly where you want me.”

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