Dawn, Go Away


I wasn’t sure vacationing with my parents was a good idea. The kids love my mom and dad, Dawn and Ronnie, and they get along with my hubby, Rick. I am just worried that seven days and six nights in a beachfront condo will lead to too much togetherness.

Another problem is that my mother and I are both nurses and alpha witches. We know everything, run our households like drill sergeants, and dominate our spouses like submissive cuckolds. Well, maybe, I exaggerate. Yet we are accustomed to being charge and when we are both in the same room, under the same roof, sparks fly.

“Renee, be sure to spray the pan before you cook the eggs.”

“Mom, I’ve been cooking for Rick and the kids all year,” I countered. “I don’t need coaching.”

Dawn shrugged, “Well, you burned the scrambled eggs yesterday and left the pan for me to scrape up.”

My husband and my father flashed us looks of pleading that said, “Don’t fight.”

The real danger of this week of vacationing, however, was about something else. I didn’t realize my menopausal mommy was going through a hypersexual phase. She wasn’t hot for my daddy. Rather, she would try to seduce my husband.

Ricky didn’t react the first afternoon when Dawn kept rubbing up against him while carrying luggage, beach chairs and boogey boards, and bags of groceries, walking in and out of the condo. At one point, my mother pressed her plumb breasts against my husband’s arm and patted one of his butt cheeks.

When Rick looked at her in surprise, she returned a sly wink and a smile.

After dinner, she sat out on the back porch and smoked a cigarette. Ricky had been sitting on a hammock in the backyard, talking balıkesir escort to my father. After Ronnie went inside, Dawn came over. She sat with Rick on the hammock and chatted about the weather, the day gone by, and what we all might do tomorrow.

Her voice was husky, soft, and low. It was like a lullaby. Plus the odor of Dawn’s sweat and tobacco breath were raw and erotic. Ricky barely noticed Dawn’s hand on his crotch. She squeezed his balls and kissed him lightly on the cheek. He pulled away and she laughed.

Later in the evening, after ushering the kids to bed, the grownups made ready to hit the hay. Knowing Ricky would walk past on his way to the bathroom, Dawn left her bedroom door ajar as she changed. Renee could see Dawn’s tits swaying as she pulled off her shirt and bra, and she appeared to drop her pants and flash her ass in the doorway just as Rick was coming down the hall.

That night around 1 a.m., Ricky felt a stirring under the covers. In the dark, a shadowy figure raised her head, hooded by a sheet, and made a shush sign with a finger to her lips.

One thing her husband and mother knew about me was that I slept like a mummy on vacation because I didn’t have to worry about a double-shift or being called into work in a pinch. I breathed evenly and snored despite the third party invading our bed.

“Dawn, what’re you doin’?” Ricky whispered too loudly.

“Ha-ha,” she laughed. “Watch me.” Dawn wiggled down his pajama bottoms and cradled his balls with two hands. He couldn’t help moaning as she slathered his sack with warm, wet saliva.

“Oh, my God, what’re you doin’?” Ricky bartın escort pleaded, his voice cracking.

“Stop oh-my-God-ing,” she scolded playfully. “You know exactly what I’m doin’.” Then she pinched his cock between her thumb and forefinger and kissed it.

Dawn was naked. He couldn’t see her, but felt her tits dangling against his thighs.

“This is so wrong,” Ricky whined. “Adultery, incest, debauchery…”

She laughed and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, sucked on it for a second, fluttered her tongue against the tip while tickling his scrotum. “We’re not really related by birth.”

“Yeah, but…,” Rick uttered as his mother-in-law’s head started bobbing with his cock warm and snug in her insistent mouth.

Not only did he come almost instantly, her son-in-law pumped out more manly juice than ever, or so it seemed. His mature receiver, eagerly gulped and swallowed the load and cleaned up his cock, balls, and pubic hedge with her tongue.

Sated, Ricky thought she was done, but not quite. Dawn straightened up and sat on Rick’s belly, rubbing her wet cunt on him as she cupped her breasts and twerked. She was a true boomer girl, hairy and natural. Then she slid up and presented her vagina to his face.

“My turn, sugarplum.”

Ricky was overwhelmed by her rich, earthy, salty flavor and aroma. She danced on his face and he sifted her fleshy pussy lips between his teeth. She came so heavily he thought she was urinating at first. He thrust his tongue inside her large crease and felt the vibration of her orgasm.

Dawn gave her son-in-law a sloppy smooch and said, “Whatever you batman escort do, don’t wait up Renee and don’t you dare tell her,”

Ricky mumbled, “Yeah, uh-huh, okay.” His wife’s mom left the room, mooning him in the dark with her wide but firm ass.

Next day, as is often the case was clandestine assignations, Ricky and Dawn acted as if nothing had happened between them. Even when no one else was around, they talked about the kids, the weather and what was for dinner.

Only later, a little after eight o’clock, when Ricky went to the bathroom to pee, did Dawn resume her seductive ways. She turned the handle of the unlocked door and came into the bathroom. She came up behind him as he stood in front of the toilet and took his cock in hand as he peed. She pressed her hips against his backside and dry-humped him.

When he finished peeing, Dawn asked mischievously, “Wanna see what a dirty old slut I am?”

Not expecting him to answer, Dawn slid her hand down the back of her son-in-law’s pants and dithered his asshole with her finger. Then he watched as she waved her finger, sniffed it, and slipped it into her mouth with a salacious humming.

In a moment, Ricky’s pants were down around his ankles and Dawn squatted, licking and sucking his dick. “This time you can watch me blow you,” she said, raising her wide-open eyes and smiling with his manhood between her lips.

The sixty-something-year-old cougar deep-throated Ricky as vigorously and exuberantly as an adolescent nymph. He moaned and shuddered in climax as Renee gulped and swallowed loudly.

“Do you come this much with Renee, honey?” Dawn asked, wiping her daughter’s husband’s jizz from her chin.

“Actually, no,” he blurted out truthfully, immediately regretting it. It was bad enough that he was cheating on his wife with her mother, but the lady seemed to have tapped some deeply erotic vein in his libido.

She left him with a kiss and a promise. “Next time we’ll fuck.”

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