Familiar Ch. 01


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The night is like any other, unremarkable in it’s sameness. If I choose to I can tune out the steady tick of the grandfather clock in the corner, as well as the sound of traffic passing just outside the of window. I concentrate on the papers in front of me. I’m just finishing up an ad proposal. For the past four weeks I had been working like mad on a jewelry campaign. If the clients liked the proposal it could mean a three million dollar deal for my ad company. I had started the business on my own a little less than three years ago and it was almost thriving. Still I was breaking the rules, by letting my work spill over into this night. Our night. We had decided that Thursday nights would be ours and ours alone, but for the past few weeks I had been working every night.

I could tell without looking up that Jenny was in the green recliner with both legs thrown over the arm, One slipper dangling from her swaying foot. The other shoe had dropped sometime ago, hitting the carpet with a soft thud. I could hear the rustling of a turning page as she read the latest James Patterson novel. A selfish thought crossed my mind, I wish I had time to read. I dismissed it almost before it was formed. The only reason she had time to read was because I was working instead of spending time with her.

As a defense attorney Jenny did more than her fair share of work, including pro bono work defending abused woman. She was forever fighting the system and pushing for changes that would help the misused and abused. Even now she probably had case files that needed reviewing. Unlike me she hadn’t broken the rules and bought her work home.

Although Jenny hadn’t said a word an hour ago when I had opened my briefcase, and promised I’d only be ten minutes I knew she was upset. I could feel the tension between us and her eyes had turned cold as she reached for her book.

At the thought of her anger I stood stretching and kneading my lower back. I wanted to run over and kiss her face, hold her in my arms and tell her I loved her before letting my actions prove it.

I could hardly wait to let my hands find her breasts beneath the to big T-shirt she wore, and let my lips caress all the places that made her grasp my head and arch against me as she moaned.

Somehow it seemed unfair, this passion that ran through me. As if now that I was ready she should drop everything for me when I hadn’t been willing to do the same for her. So I stood there letting my eyes caress her body, from the tip of her pink toe nails to the ends of her shoulder length reddish brown hair.

Jenny felt my eyes on her and turned her brown eyes to my face. After five years her eyes still made my heart race. She was the most beautiful woman I knew, of course my judgment was clouded by love. Still I couldn’t see how anyone wouldn’t find her smooth honey brown skin and chocolate eyes enticing. Her full lips seemed to be made for hot wet tongue kisses and although she was lean she was still too well formed to be slim. The curve of her full breasts gave way to a flat belly and smooth rounded hips. All of it was mine if I wanted it, and oh how I wanted it.

She held my gaze and I could tell she was having conflicting emotions. I could see the lust in her eyes but the justifiable anger was there too. I let my eyes caress her body again before returning Casibom her gaze.

Jenny stood tossing the book into the chair and kicking off the lone slipper. Her feet didn’t make a sound as her long legs carried her to the space right in front of me. Neither of us spoke a word as her hands circled my neck, and her fingers toyed with my curly hair. I rested my hands on her hips as our lips met.

It was a gentle kiss that gave way to passion in the space of a moment. Her lips parted as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. I loved the feel of her breasts pressed against mine and I could feel the heat of her arousal on my thigh through her panties and my slacks.

She arched against me sucking my tongue lightly as my hands cupped her ass. We rocked gently against each other as the heat between her legs became more intense. I pressed my leg against her cunt harder as I spread my legs allowing her to do the same. The gentle rocking gave way distinct and purposeful thrusting and grinding. With our lips still pressed in a lovers kiss she climaxed moaning into my mouth. I wasn’t far behind her and after I was spent we stilled.

Jenny pulled away from my lips and laid her head on my shoulder, I let my hands trail over her back before embracing her. After a few moments she looked into my eyes and despite the release we’d both had moments ago I felt my passion building again.

“I’m still mad at you.”

“I know baby.”

And I did know. She had every right to be mad and I knew her well enough to know that sex wasn’t going to be the magic heal all balm for our relationship. I kissed her lips gently. Just pressed my lips to hers briefly before pulling away.

I stepped out of our embrace and started pacing. I was a pacer, good or bad I paced. It seemed to take the edge off my emotions. Her eyes followed me and again we were silent. Not a quiet or still silence, this silence filled the room with it’s sulky mass and got into corners nudging everything in it’s path. When I had worked out my thoughts I stopped in front of her taking her hands in mine.

“I’m sorry baby I know I’ve been ignoring you .You know I love you right?” My words ran one after another with no audible punctuation aside from the ending question. Jenny just stared at me in silence. For the first time I began to really worry about us. She had to know I loved her, if she thought even for a moment that I didn’t or that I had stopped then we really were in trouble.

Still holding her gaze I asked again.

“Jenny, You know I love you right?”

She nodded “I know you love me.” Her tone was resigned and because of that I raised one eyebrow in question. She continued.

“I know you love me Shelia, but I don’t know if you want to be with me. I may as well be a book or a magazine, you only pick me up when you want to otherwise I on some back shelf wanting and hoping to be read.”

Her words stung and tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t believe I had hurt her like this. Was I so selfish and so blind?. I blinked not wanting the tears to fall though I knew she saw them shining in my eyes.

“I do want to be with you. I need you. I love you.” I embraced her pulling her against me and inhaling the clean scent of her hair and skin. There was nothing more I could say, I didn’t have the words to express my feelings for her, I just pressed my body to hers hoping she could feel the rhythm of my heart, and know that every beat was for her.

It took a moment but she returned my embrace. From the way that she was shuddering against me I knew she Casibom Giriş was crying, and struggling to suppress sobs. I let my own tears fall then though I had no right to be weeping. I wasn’t crying for myself though I was crying because I had hurt her deeply enough to make her question the strongest bond in our lives. For the past five years I had known that no matter what happened in my life that I could count on our relationship to be constant. The fact that I had made her question that almost broke my heart.

Our embrace turned into something more as I felt her tongue on my neck tracing hot gentle circles there. I gasped because her lips teeth and tongue were sending waves of excitement through my body.

“Do you want me right now” she whispered. her breath brushing my ear before her teeth tugged gently on my earlobe.

I took her hand and guided it to the place between my thighs. She cupped me through the fabric of my pants and pressing her palm against my cunt. She rubbed her hand against me as I pushed my hips forward.

Jenny kept her lips at my ear as she undid the pants. Her hand slipped inside and she teased me running her long fingers over the crotch of my panties.

“Ask for it baby.”

She wanted me to beg, to let her know how far passion had taken me. Long ago Jenny had taught me to get rid of my inhibitions so I had no problem asking for it.

“Please Jenny please…” I could barely breathe let alone talk

“Oh now that doesn’t sound like you really want to come.” I could hear the smile in her voice as she stroked my lacey underwear.

“Please Jenny touch me. Fuck me, make me come. I want your fingers in my cunt please.”

Satisfied with my begging she did just that. I gripped her shoulders as she easily slid two fingers into my slick cunt. With each stroke she let her palm press against my clit causing a delightful pressure to begin building in the pit of my stomach. I was thrusting my hips with trying to speed up the rhythm Jenny had set. She pulled her fingers back with each thrust of my hips teasing me and keeping me at the height of passion. Finally she stopped teasing and her motions became swift and precise, driving me over the edge. I gripped her shoulders as my cunt gripped her fingers. I was moaning out loud and shaking as she slipped her tongue into my ear. After I was spent I could barely stand. In fact I wasn’t really standing, I was leaning against my lover and she was supporting most of my weight. She eased the both of us to the ground lying next to me on the beige carpet.

I rested my head on my hand and looked at her. She was looking back at me and if she hadn’t been licking the taste of me from her fingers she would have been smiling. She moved her hand I leaned over and kissed her. I could taste my juices on her lips and when I dipped my tongue into he parted lips. I let my hands cup her breasts through her shirt, as I used my body to push her so that she was lying on her back beneath me. I straddled her hips resting my weight on my knees.

Through her shirt I could feel that she wasn’t wearing a bra, I loved Jenny’s breasts they were more than a handful but still firm and soft at the same time. I tugged the nipples through the fabric of her shirt pulling harder that I would have found comfortable. Jenny loved it, She arched against me moaning softly. I moved from her lips and let my teeth find her nipple beneath the cotton shirt. I bit lightly, tugging as her moans grew louder. I teased one nipple then the other as my hands slid over her belly. Casibom Güncel Giriş I found the hem of her shirt and pushed it upward, Jenny helped me pull her the shirt off completely then settled back again. I moved down a bit an let my tongue trace the contours of her belly button before traveling upward to her breasts. Her finger were weaved through my hair as I pulled her nipple between my teeth, running the tip of my tongue over it rapidly. Without looking I knew she had her teeth clenched and her eyes closed.

“Harder …” She moaned pulling me closer. I did as she asked and tugged her nipple harder in my mouth while rolling the other between wet fingertips. I switched from one breast to the other until her nipples were puffy with arousal and slick with saliva.

Moving away for a moment I pulled her underwear from her hips motioning for her to ease up I managed to get them down her legs before tossing them aside. Without preamble I spread her legs and rested them on my shoulders. Her hips were slightly off the ground and I slipped my hands beneath her holding her ass.

I pressed my mouth to her savoring her distinct flavor. I spread the lips of her cunt with my tongue and found her clit. I licked hard and fast. I knew from experience that when she was this aroused Jenny liked a quick no nonsense fuck. I had learned the hard way that if I didn’t give her what she wanted she would get up and finish herself off. My tongue moved with rapid precision bringing her to orgasm in moments. I lowered my head and pushed my tongue into her core. Her insides were hot and though she had already climaxed I could still feel her muscles tensing and pulsing with the little after shocks of a good come.

My fingers found her clit as I swirled and pumped my tongue inside of her.

After the initial release Jenny had no problem with slow leisurely love making. I let my fingers and tongue caress her slowly prodding her toward another orgasm. Every now and again I would let my tongue slip from her cunt to caress her tightly puckered asshole. With my tongue buried inside of her and my fingers caressing the places I loved so dearly Jenny came again moaning my name and thrusting her hips. I kissed a path up her belly, marveling at the smoothness of her. I could taste the light sheen of sweat that covered her skin, I paused momentarily to pay homage to her breasts before kissing her lips.

We lay on the ground, I had one leg thrown across her naked hips and my hand was toying with her nipple. She turned and looked into my eyes smiling as she ran her palm over the side of my face. In the same moment we both spoke

“I love you.”

I felt like laughing and crying all at once as I looked at her she whispered “Jinx”

I did laugh then at the throwback from childhood games. I rose and put out my hand to help her to her feet. With her hand in mine we headed to the bedroom.

I was still wearing my office clothes. They were in marked disarray and there was a stain on my left thigh from where she had ground herself against me in the heat of passion. I pulled of the slacks and tossed them into the dry cleaning hamper. The silk blouse was next. I removed my underwear and stood nude under Jenny’s watchful gaze.

I was a slim woman with surprisingly full breasts. My hips were lean and I barely had enough ass to mention. When we’d first met I’d been envious of Jenny’s full curves but she had shown me a thousand times over that she found my body just as sexy as I found hers.

In fact from the first day we met she had let me know with her eyes that she found me beautiful and as much as I fought against it in the end I couldn’t resist her.

To be continued.

Part two is in the works, if you liked this story let me know. vote, and send feedback hope you enjoyed….

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