“You are going to let me up, right,” said Brian. Becca looked down at him with a mischievous grin, “absolutely.”

“How long have we known each other, since third grade?”

Brian had always cared for Becca. Even when they were funny, skinny kids, their teeth in braces, living next door to each other in the Charleston neighborhood. They had done everything together. They played baseball in T Ball league. They went skinny dipping in the stone quarry when they were ten. They played jacks and skipped rope together. At twelve, they both got grounded, after Brian’s Father caught them playing “doctor” in Brian’s boyhood tree house. Now, after college graduation and Brian returning to his hometown, they had run into each other in an adult erotic bookstore. “Brian, is that you! Becca, you look absolutely fantastic, Brian gasped. Brian noticing the generous feminine curves of his old playmate, questioned, Becca, are you married? Kids? Brian, I’m divorced. You didn’t know him. You wouldn’t want to know him.” How long were you married? Remembering the pain and the darkness, Becca said, it was two really long and painful years. “Brian. Are you married? No, college took all my time. Hey, let’s grab some lunch, okay,” questioned Brian. Brian hoped that Becca would say yes. Man was she gorgeous he thought. Okay, Becca responded, let me pay for my stuff and I’ll meet you outside.” At lunch, Becca told Brian about Phil, her ex-husband. “He put me in the hospital once and that was enough, she said. But that’s all over with. Hey, I want you to meet my roommate. You’ll just love her. Follow me home.”

As Brian was following Becca through the old Charleston streets, his mind wandered at what he had seen and heard at lunch. Becca’s light reddish brown hair was short, cut close to frame her gentile bone structure. It appeared shorter because of her long slender neck. She had worn a frilly halter-top, which accented her generous but not pendulous breasts. A tiny waist and flaring hips capped the obviously strong legs, that Brian saw stretch the beige cotton shorts. A tingle in his crotch reminded him just how sensual, Becca was. He had thought of her from time to time, wondering what she was doing, who she was with. They hadn’t seen each other since high school. What was she doing in the bookstore? he thought. As Becca pulled onto a stone driveway, Brian thought, “I wonder if she’s seeing anyone. She’d have to be, as luscious as she looks.”

“Come on in and grab the sofa, Becca said. I’ll get you a glass of wine and see if Mona is here.” Brian sat down on one end of the sofa and took in the view of the dense woods, behind the house. Even though the entire wall was glass, the tinting gave a smoky cover to the wooded area. The room, like the house was in soft pastels. “Mona’s not here yet, Becca said, as she handed Brian a glass of wine. Brian drank the wine as he drank in the beautiful vision in front of him. Brian, I’ve always loved your eyes, they’re the deepest green.” As Becca traced her finger down Brian’s jaw line, she put her wine glass down and looked into Brian’s eyes. Despite the refrigerated air in the house, both Brian and Becca could feel the heat that was radiating from each other.

“Becca,” Brian whispered as he bent forward, tasting Becca’s lips, ever so slightly. Becca’s hand went around Brian’s head and pulled his mouth tighter on her own, and slipped her tongue into Brian’s mouth. Exploring his teeth and tongue, Becca, inhaled deeply and dropped her hand down mersin escort onto Brian’s leg. Brian brought his hand up, cupping Becca’s firm breast, stroking her back gently with his other hand. As his cock began to grow, Becca unzipped Brian’s jeans and reached in, freeing the member so that it could extend its full length. “Good Lord Brian, I don’t remember this monster,” she gasped as she measured its length with her fingers. She couldn’t get her hand completely around the base, close to Brian’s balls. “Becca, we didn’t get to finish our examination when we were playing “doctor.””

Becca slid down to the floor in front of Brian, unclasped his belt. Tugging, Becca pealed Brian’s jeans and shorts down and off his legs. “Brian, it’s a foot long,” Becca, exclaimed. “Becca, you were never good at math,” he grinned. It’s only nine and a half inches. Becca wasn’t listening. She had captured a large hanging testicle with her lips and sucked it gently into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue. “Oh God” gasped Brian. Becca let the object pop from her mouth and licked her way up and around Brian’s cock until she was at the top. A glistening pearl of liquid was perched on the tip. As she touched it with her tongue and pulled back, the liquid stretched the distance between her tongue and Brian’s dick. Quickly, Becca closed the distance sucking in the liquid as her mouth closed tightly over the tip of the penis in her hands. Sucking and nibbling she heard a deep, long moan escape from Brian’s lips. “Not too much, too soon big boy,” she laughed as she stood up. Pulling down her shorts and panties, Brian could only stare at the prominent mound of firm flesh covered with a thin wispy reddish brown cover. His hands encircled the firm flesh of Becca’s bottom and began to pull her toward him. She held her ground and lifted her top over her head releasing the most beautiful set of feminine breasts Brian had ever seen. Dusky dark areolas surrounded the longest, thickest nipples he had ever seen. Brian’s balls began to hurt under the strain of wanting release. Quickly, he pulled his shirt over his head and gasped, “Where is the bedroom, Becca.”

“Brian, I want to do something with you. I want you to lie down on the bed.” With a quizzical look, Brian lay down on his back; his manhood sticking straight up likes a periscope looking for quarry. Becca reached down next to the bed and brought out the sack from the bookstore. She pulled a pair of glistening stainless steel handcuffs, lined with deep dark violet velvet. “I want to cuff your arms, Brian. I won’t hurt you. If you don’t like anything, just say, “enough” and I’ll let you up. “Please Brian?”

“You are going to let me up, right,” said Brian. Becca looked down at him with a mischievous grin, “absolutely.”

“How long have we known each other, since third grade?”

Quickly, Becca snapped the cuffs on Brian’s wrists and anchored them with leather thongs to the corners of the headboards. Fluffing a goose down pillow behind his head, Becca slipped a stiff foam pillow under his back, as she ordered, “Brian life your butt for me, sweetness”! With silk scarves she spread Brian’s legs and tied each ankle to the footboard and then crawled onto the bed. With a little trepidation Brian looked up and saw his reflection in a large mirror that covered the entire ceiling of the bedroom. Brian covered a substantial portion of the large bed. He watched as Becca crawled between his legs and lowered kocaeli escort her mouth onto his straining cock. Just as Becca started to lick her way down toward Brian’s testicles, “Can I play too,” was heard from the doorway. Quickly Brian strained his neck and saw the most sunning dark haired brunette he had ever seen.

“I’m Mona,” the statuesque beauty smiled. Mona’s long dark, flaxen hair framed a pretty face highlighted with piercing, bright brown eyes, flecked with gold. Taller than Becca, Mona’s body reflected strength yet softness. Long graceful yet powerful limbs; Mona’s body looked like a models. Quietly, as both Becca and Brian stared, Mona unbuttoned her shirtwaist dress, letting it fall in a heap at her graceful, slender feet. Without a bra, Mona’s breasts were full without being excessive, cherry tipped with compact, erect nipples. Quickly, Mona peeled down the soft blue panties and joined Becca and Brian on the bed. “Well, who do we have, Becca. He is pretty and such a very long and thick toy.” Becca. Looking quickly at Brian and then back to Mona looked down and whispered, “Master,” this is my childhood friend, Brian. Mona reached out with slender graceful fingers and grasped a lock of Becca’s hair, pulled her close to her face and kissed her deeply. Pulling back, Mona said to Brian, as she looked into Becca’s frightened eyes, ‘well Brian, while I am happy to meet you, I don’t know if I like how you and “my Becca’ are playing together, without me.” Looking first at Becca and then at Mona, Brian said, in a throaty voice, “Mona, I would love to play with you and Becca together.”

Without a comment Mona, pushed Becca onto her back and pulled her spreading legs toward Brian until Brian’s rigid cock was pushed tight to Becca’s pussy, spreading her love lips with more than half of Brian’s dick standing straight up, above her pussy. “Stay put until I tell you to move,” Mona ordered. Then Mona, straddled her velvet thighs astride Becca’s head and said, “lick me Becca, my pussy aches.” Silently Becca complied tonguing Mona’s sex, as Mona tugged and massaged the large, long nipples that tipped Becca’s breasts. Becca licked each of Mona’s dark shaved outer pussy lips, sucking each one into her mouth and then licking the velvet inner lips, savoring the aroma. Mona sighed and lowered her head. Gently and then with more aggressiveness, she whipped her flaxen hair, back and forth across Brian’s cock. Snapping her head, Mona’s hair stung the soft flesh around the head of Brian’s cock. Small gasps of pain escaped Brian’s lips, each time Mona’s hair rasped across his tender flesh. Mona looked up, smiled with a slight snicker as she noted with approval, the flaming redness around Brian’s cock. “Do not cum in my mouth young man,” Mona ordered. Mona lowered her mouth to the flaming head and sucked in three or four inches. Closing her teeth onto the shaft of Brian’s cock she stroked her head up and down to the same rhythm of Becca’s licks back and forth across Mona’s growing clitoris. Mona reached over to a nightstand and grabbed a tube of toothpaste. Sucking a large glob into her mouth, she licked up and down Brian’s cock, from the tip down to his balls. When she reached his balls, Mona dipped her tongue into Becca’s flooding pussy, sucking her clit deep into her mouth. Both, Becca and Brian, felt the ice and flame of the toothpaste on Mona’s tongue. Little, splinters of flashing icy pain tempered by the warm sensation of Mona’s samsun escort expert tongue started Becca’s thighs quivering. “Becca, you can not cum, yet.” Straining, both Brian and Becca held back the release of the pressures and tensions that Mona had built up in them.

“We need some lubricant on this fine male pole,” Mona stated. Mona stood up and squatted down, slipping the straining mass of cock, just past her outer pussy lips. “Remember Brian. I said you could not come in my mouth; do not cum in my pussy, either”! Slowly, Mona slid Brian’s trapped cock into her pussy, as far as it would go, until her pussy was tight against Becca’s pussy. Then Mona began a slow, circling swaying motion with her bottom, pushing down onto Brian’s cock and against Becca’s pussy, at the same time. While both Becca and Brian strained against the pressure of their release, Mona bathed Brian’s cock with her juices. Quickly she stood up and told Becca to stand up and turnaround. “Straddle his cock Becca.” Becca standing on the bed slowly began to drop her pussy onto Brian’s dick. “No, not in your pussy, my dear,” remarked Mona and began to guide Brian’s slippery cock to Becca’s asshole. Mona wedged the thick cock head, just spreading the tight lips of Becca’s anus.

“Now slowly, Becca, lower your ass,” Mona ordered, and suck my tits. My nipples need to be sucked Becca.” Becca slowly began to push her butt down onto Brian’s dick as she locked her lips onto Mona’s beautifully compact and turgid nipple. “Lick them, harder now,” Mona gasped. Deep moans escaped Mona’s lips as gasps escaped Becca’s lips, as Becca took more and more of Brian thick cock, deep into her bowels. Becca’s outer sphincter stretched easily, but the inner sphincter resisted the thick monstrous intruder. Then Becca felt the “pop” of the inner sphincter releasing its grip and allowing the tremendous cock to slide deep into her bowels until the massively thick base of Brian’s cock was wedged tightly against the outer lips of Becca’s asshole. Brian moaned in pleasure from the tightness of Becca’s ass, gripping his cock and the flaming heat of Becca’s bowels and in pain from resisting the release of his orgasm under Mona’s strict order not to come. Brian feared that Mona would stop the play and Brian would be left without the flooding release he craved.

Mona then sat on several pillows, in front of Becca, between Brian’s feet. “Eat me Becca. Suck my clit. I want to cum now,” Mona ordered. While keeping as much of Brian’s hot thick cock, buried as deeply as she could in her butt, Becca leaned her upper body forward, fastening her lips onto Mona’s growing clitoris. Taking Mona’s clit as deeply into her mouth as she could, Becca sucked as hard as she had ever sucked. Without breaking contact, Becca sucked Mona’s clit into her mouth rocking her head up and down as fast as she could. Mona reached down and pulled Becca’s head as tightly into her sex as she could. Brian began bucking his cock up into Becca’s butt, slamming the base of his cock into Becca’s asshole. Becca pushed her ass down into Brian’s cock harder and harder, all the while sucking Mona’s clit deeper into her mouth. Her legs quivering, her head thrust back, Mona yelled, Oh yes – now you can cum, as her own orgasm violently shock her entire body. Brian’s balls and prostrate let go with a flooding, splashing orgasm which set off vibrations throughout Becca’s groin, causing a flood of orgasmic spasms flooding Becca’s entire being.

Glistening with sheen of perspiration, Mona leaned back, resting against the footboard, she looked up into the ceiling mirror, watching Becca slowly lick the flooded pussy juices from her sex and slowly rotated her butt up and down onto her childhood friend’s cock. With a smile and a wink, Mona spoke to the images in the mirror, “has anybody had enough?”

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