The Table That Turns Pt. 04


I awoke in the morning after a night of absolute savagery. My entire life is in shambles and I am feeling the hangover effect in the morning. My wife has now lost all respect for me and is insistent on giving me the cold shoulder. Other than that, there is an obvious glow to her that has never been there before. I make sure to put on the red g string underneath my clothes and I was off to work.

Ashley is there, along with her friend, working at the gate. When they see me pull in they immediately stop my car and run to the window.

“Hey little bitch. How are you feeling today?” they mock and laugh.

“Matt said for us to grab your credit card off of you. He will be by later today to get it.” Ashley says.

“If you’re lucky, maybe he will let you suck his cock again.” Ashley’s friend throws in.

Ashley replies quickly.

“Now, I wouldn’t get my hopes up on that one. He told me that you are not allowed to suck him off anymore. He says you are not worthy of it. I don’t know, but Matt is a really nice guy, maybe if you beg him to let you he might, but I wouldn’t count on it. Anyways…credit card please.”

She holds out her hand as I shuffle through my wallet. I hold out my Mastercard and my Visa.

“Which one does he want” I ask politely. I know that if I don’t treat Ashley right, Matthew will find out, and that would not be good.

“Both of them silly” she sneers as she reaches out and takes them. “Pin numbers too.” she fires at me as I am about to pull away. I write them down on paper and hand them over. Ashley rips them out of my hand and her and her friend are in hysterics as they walk away.

It adana escort is near lunch when I get the call.

“Hey little bitch” goes the voice on the other end. It is Matthew’s cool and calm tone and I can feel the butterflies rising in my stomach.

“You are going to come down to the beach for the rest of the day. I sent you a text pinpointing my exact location.”

I swallow deeply and struggle to say yes, realizing I would have to come up with an excuse for leaving.

“You’re still there” his voice is rising in tone. “That means now, get moving”. Then, just like that, he is gone.

I arrive at the Beach still dressed in my work clothes. It is packed and I struggle through the sand until I get to the pin on my GPS. There I get a glimpse of Matthew, lying on a beach towel, surrounded by about 5 gorgeous young women. I stop and my eyes wander amongst the group of them. Matthew is wearing just his beach shorts and his body is glistening with sunscreen. I notice one of the women has her hand on his leg, while they are all having some drinks and looking to be having the usual good time at the beach.

I approach slowly with my head bowed.

“There’s my little sissy.” I hear from Matthew as he sees me approach. He looks at the women he is sitting with.

“This is the guy I was telling you about. He was my boss…well…for about 10 seconds” he laughs. The women all giggle.

“You see. He continued.”He is one of those guys that’s married and thinks they are straight. I have several others just like him…but all of them went right to their knees as soon as I met them. eskişehir escort Hell…this one I didn’t even have to tell to open his mouth, he already had it open and waiting.”The women were really laughing now, all of them trading glances between me and Matthew.

“Take off those clothes, little bitch!” he spoke at me now.

I am now shaking, looking around at all the people everywhere. Matt and all the girls are watching me, as well as anyone that was close enough to hear the way Matthew had spoken to me. I take it all off…down to my panties, the beautiful red g-string that Matthew had so graciously given me. I am completely exposed to the everyone now. My cock getting hard doesn’t exactly help the situation. I can feel the stares, the overwhelming sense of humiliation.

“Spin around for us now, do a sexy dance” he says.

I close my eyes and begin twirling and gyrating. There is no audible music, but I imagine a slow sensuous song in my head and move to that. I can hear the people all laughing and jeering me, but I am determined to keep going, as long as it makes Matthew happy. This lasts a few minutes before Matthew lets me stop.

“That’s enough” he says. “We can only take so much of seeing your pathetic little body before we want to throw up. Isn’t that right?” He looks deep into my eyes and I feel like melting.

“Yes” I reply quietly. “I am sorry”. I look him in the eye as I apologize, but immediately look down afterwards. He turns his stare towards the girls.

“You see. I have complete power over this one. On call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He will sakarya escort do anything I want sexually, that was a given right off the bat. I knew that as soon as looked him in the eyes. He gives me all of his money and he totally enjoys it. I go shopping and out for nights on the town. I sleep until about 11 am everyday, get up, have an extravagant breakfast. I live a life of luxury as he goes to work everyday. All so that he can give it all to me, every single dime.” There was a pause as the women were looking at him completely awestruck.

“I fuck his wife whenever I want” he continued.

“She is in love with me and told me that she is ready to leave him to be with me but I told her that wasn’t going to happen.” He laughs as he says this.

“Anyways, I am just trying to come up with a new name for him. I’ve been having some difficulty. Perhaps you ladies can help me with that. But now that I look at him, he looks more like a her. What do you all think?”

The lady that is rubbing up on him, who looks like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model answers immediately. “Simone”. The name seems to strike a chord in me and as I looked up to her, she gazed into my eyes.

“I see a Simone in her.” She reiterates.

After some discussion for a few minutes amongst the women, throwing around various names Matthew finally chimes in.

“Simone it is” states Matthew. “I see it too.”

He turns his gaze back to me.

“You better go back to work Simone” and with that turns away and whispers something to the woman he is with.

As I walk away, I look back over my shoulder. There I see the statuesque silhouettes of Matthew and the girl walking along the beach, her arm around his waist. It is a sight to behold, two of the most perfect bodies one could possibly imagine. It comes across my mind how lucky I am to be his bitch.The realization that belonging to him, a man who is better than me in every way, is where I belong.

To be continued

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